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Twist Of Fate on zee world,Wednesday 28th July 2021

Twist Of Fate Wednesday 28 July 2021 update: The Episode starts with Tai ji telling Abhi that Rhea has locked the room. Abhi asks what is happening and asks them to tell. Aaliya says what they will say, only I know. Abhi says just now I talked to Vikram and Pallavi. Aaliya says you got late to talk to them and tells that Rhea came home as a dead body. Abhi asks her to be quiet. Dadi says there is surely something and asks him to go and see. Aaliya says she tried to talk to her and asks him to go before she does something.

Prachi scolds Ranbir for talking about death and asks if you will propose me this way. She asks him to propose her and asks him to say. Ranbir asks why are you scaring me and asks her to listen to him. He says this is my heart…Prachi says you are getting nervous and tells that they will order the cold drink. She says you have sent waiter out and tells that even water is not here. He says wine is here, but you don’t drink. Prachi says you are nervous and asks him if he told at home that he is taking her for a romantic date, will play guitar and propose her. Ranbir says I didn’t tell anyone. Prachi says if something happens to us, then? Ranbir says I should have told my family and promises her that he will tell next time. Shahana hears them and thinks even guys get nervous. Prachi says I trust you. Ranbir says finally..and thanks God. Shahana thinks they are cute and their Jodi is best.

Rhea brings kerosene oil can to her room. She thinks nobody loves me then why shall I be alive. Abhi comes there and knocks on the door, asking her to open the door. Aaliya comes there and asks her to open the door. Abhi says we love you Rhea and asks her to open the door. Rhea thinks of Abhi and Ranbir’s love for Prachi. Aaliya asks her to open the door. Abhi asks what is she doing and goes to check from window. Rhea holds the kerosene can. Abhi says don’t do that and says I love you. Rhea says you don’t do and says sorry. Rhea pours kerosene oil on herself. Abhi shouts asking her not to do this. She tries to light the match stick. Abhi comes to the door and pushes the door to break it. Rhea throws the match stick on the floor and its flame is about to catch her. Abhi gets inside the room and covers her with blanket. Rhea says it is burning and faints. Abhi brings her out and asks her to open her eyes. He lifts her and takes her to hospital.

Prachi says if you don’t tell your family next time, then I will tell them. Ranbir says you are not letting me propose you. Shahana asks them to talk for what he has come and tells that Prachi’s anger is a lie, she wants to hear what you want to say. Ranbir says what a good acting and tells that now he used to talk to her and be with her, he will handle papa’s business and also her. He says I didn’t bring flower, but something for you. He shows the ring and tells that this is not engagement ring, it will be from mom and dad’s side. This ring is from my side. Prachi says I can’t take this ring.

Vikram and Pallavi come there and see Abhi taking Rhea to the hospital. Aaliya tells Pallavi that Rhea tried to commit suicide. Abhi rushes her to the hospital. Doctor says let me check her. Abhi asks why did she take such a big step and feels anger on himself. He says I am angry on myself for not knowing what is in her heart. Aaliya says Rhea is betrayed badly in this small age. Abhi asks what? And why you didn’t tell me? Aaliya says you wouldn’t have believed me. She says you knew that Rhea likes Ranbir. Abhi asks who has betrayed her? Aaliya says Prachi. She says you knew that Rhea likes Ranbir. Abhi says yes, Pallavi and I knew about this. Aaliya says Prachi doesn’t like this and tells that Prachi and Rhea had issues in college and wanted to take revenge from her. She says she came closer to Ranbir and trapped Ranbir in fake love and emotionally hurts Rhea. Abhi doesn’t believe her. Aaliya says Prachi used to fight with Ranbir for this reason. Vikram confirms this. Aaliya says Prachi played Maya’s card and used her against Ranbir. She says Maya is her friend. Pallavi, Beeji and Abhi don’t believe her. Aaliya says she was doing drama to come in your good books so that you don’t doubt her. She tells that she had gone to Maya’s house with her friend and shows Maya’s fake confession. Everyone watches this shockingly in which Maya tells that they were friends, and Prachi did all that to marry Ranbir and snatch him from Rhea. Aaliya tells that Prachi pretend to be great and tells that Rhea knows that you will not believe her and that’s why she thought of suicide. She says Rhea tried to kill herself because of Prachi, thinks I didn’t know that Rhea will take such a step and thinks she gave money to Maya and her boyfriend, made fake video so that they trust her. She looks evilly.

Aaliya telling Abhi that Rhea thought of committing suicide, just because he don’t listen to her and blames Prachi. Abhi asks why did she do this? Aaliya says I showed this video only to Rhea and she felt as losing Ranbir and took this extreme step. Nurse comes to Abhi and asks him to come to get his burnt hand bandaged. Abhi goes with him. Ranbir looks at Prachi while the song Intehaa plays…..Prachi plays with the soap bubbles falling on them. He comes near her and asks if she knows why a guy makes a girl wear ring on this finger. He says as its veins goes to the heart and asks her to understand that his love reached her heart, when he makes her wear ring. He asks her to say something and asks shall I make you wear ring. He says change your habits…and asks again. She thinks all veins are going to her heart and says in her heart asking him to make her wear it. Ranbir tells that he will never let his love gets less and never break her trust. Shahana thinks Ranbir is so cute, who will refuse him? He is about to make her wear ring, when Pallavi calls him. The ring falls down from his hands. Prachi goes to bring it. Ranbir attends her call and gets shocked. Pallavi asks him to come to hospital fast. Ranbir says I am on the way. He ends the call and tells Prachi that Rhea attempted suicide. He says his second attempt left incomplete too and tells that he will come back and will never let the birds fly. He promises to return to her and goes.


Pallavi feels Rhea’s pain and tells that she is having angry behavior since childhood, but we didn’t know that she will take such an extreme step. She says what she must be feeling that she took such a step. She blames herself and tells that she knows about her feelings then why did she keep quiet. She thinks she should have told everyone so that Prachi wouldn’t have got close to Ranbir. Beeji asks Pallavi what is she saying and tells that they all know Prachi and how is she? She says she always helped us and asks how to believe Maya? Pallavi asks if Police records wrongly. Vikram says Pallavi is right. Beeji takes Prachi’s side. Pallavi says if she was right then why did she sit on the mandap with Ranbir. She says she didn’t tell us, as she wanted to marry Ranbir. She says if Maya had not come then Prachi and Ranbir had got married. Ranbir comes there and hears her shockingly. He asks Pallavi if Maya and Prachi are friends then why did she stop Prachi’s marriage. Pallavi says Prachi must have refused to give her money. Ranbir shouts and says they are not friends. Vikram shouts at Ranbir. Ranbir says sorry. He says he can’t hear against her. Pallavi blames Prachi for ruining her home. She says Rhea attempted suicide because of Prachi and you.

Abhi gets emotional and thinks of his moments with Rhea. Nurse comes out and says she is fine. Abhi says if she is fine then why she didn’t talk to me, why is she lying on bed. He asks Nurse to call the doctor. Aaliya asks Abhi to calm down. Tai ji tells Aaliya that if she had told them before then this wouldn’t have happen. Dadi says Abhi’s pain is big, let him think about Rhea now. Mitali says he got angry on Nurse. Dadi asks her to see Abhi’s pain and says we can discuss later if Prachi is good or bad, but first we have to concentrate on Rhea. Aaliya says she was about to lose Rhea because of Prachi and tells that she won’t keep quiet. He thinks why did you think that I love Prachi more than you and thinks I love you sweetheart. He hugs Dadi.

Shahana asks Prachi what is she thinking? Prachi says why did Rhea do this? Shahana says you shall not have any sympathy for her and tells that if she attempted suicide then she would have done this with proper timing so that people rescues her on time. She tells that it is rich spoilt brats doings. She says she is sitting on your kundali and ruined your moment. Prachi says may be there is problem in her life, then only she would have taken this step. Shahana says her life is fine and asks did you ever ask me about my life problems. She tells that she will make sandwich. Prachi hopes that Rhea shall get what she wants and thinks to ask Ranbir, but then thinks that he will call her.

Ranbir asks what are you saying? Pallavi says you will not meet Prachi from now onwards, as our and your relation is over with Prachi. Ranbir is shocked and says no…

Sarita behen and Pragya come back after buying sweets for Kohli family. Sarita behen asks if someone has diabetes. Pragya says no. Sarita behen teases her. Pragya tells that Prachi told that Pallavi has BP. Sarita behen asks if Prachi and Ranbir had love in their heart from before. Pragya says she didn’t talk to Prachi about Ranbir and thinks to hear from her.

Ranbir tells Pallavi that until yesterday, they used to like her and now she is saying this. He says I thought you will take…He says I …Pallavi asks what do you want to say? Beeji asks him to come from there. Ranbir says if I don’t say today then I can’t tell you. He says I love Prachi, want to marry her and she is my life. Pallavi gets angry and slaps him hard.



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