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Twist Of Fate on zee world,Monday 26th July 2021

Twist Of Fate Monday 26 July 2021 update: The Episode starts with Pragya coming to the café and thinks why Rhea haven’t come till now. She thinks may be she is stuck in traffic. Manager asks Pragya to sit and asks waiter to clean the table. Rhea comes there and sees Pragya there. She gets emotional seeing her and comes to her. She wipes her tears. Aaliya thinks of Rhea’s words and thinks she can’t meet Pragya, I should have stopped her. She thinks if Rhea and Pragya get together then they will come closer. She says I won’t let this happen. She calls Rhea desperately and gets upset when the latter doesn’t pick her call. Servant comes and asks if she has any problem. Aaliya asks him to just be the Servant and throws the tray table. Pragya doesn’t see Rhea behind her and attends Sarita behen’s call. Sarita behen tells that Ranbir is shying away. Pragya says if I had stayed there then would have felt shy more and tells that I accepted there relation early. Rhea gets shocked and upset. Pragya says I will come home fast and looks at Rhea standing behind her back. Rhea runs away from there. Pragya runs behind her.


Sarita behen thinks every mother wants life partner like Ranbir for their daughter. Ranbir and Prachi are talking. Shahana comes there. Sarita behen tries to take Shahana from there, but she refuses. Prachi tells that her mother says that she makes nice tea. Ranbir says my mom says that I boil water nicely. Shahana says wow. They all come to kitchen. Sarita behen comes to kitchen and takes Shahana away from there. Shahana asks what happened? Why you are troubling me. Sarita behen tells that Prachi and Ranbir might be having so much things to talk and asks her to let them spend some time. Shahana says she asked them to spend some quality time and tells that she will try to hear them secretly. Sarita behen stops her.

Ranbir tells Prachi that her enemy is his enemy. Prachi says I asked you not to talk to her. Ranbir says I didn’t tell anything to Chief, I had talked to Rhea just. Prachi says you are mad. Pragya asks Rhea why did she call her, if she don’t want to talk to her. Rhea says I am so sorry for wasting your time. Pragya asks her to say. Rhea tells that if I talk then I will remember everything whatever you told me in hospital. Pragya says I was angry and didn’t know that if I can forgive you or not. She says I can’t understand why I didn’t handover you to Police, don’t know what is my connection with you. A mother can get angry, but can’t punish her child. She says she wants to see her happy and jovial always.

Rhea says you are lying and tells that you don’t want to send me to jail as you want to see me upset outside, as you don’t want Prachi to get lose her job. Pragya says you are again having a misunderstanding. Rhea tells that she wants her share of love. Pragya says you will get your love when you see everyone with love sight, even Prachi. She says Prachi doesn’t want anything from you. Rhea tells that at one side is Prachi’s mom, who stands with her always and my mom who left me after my birth and never looked back at me. Pragya says sorry. Rhea says don’t be. She says Sarita behen said that if my mom had stayed with me then even Dad would have been upset with me. She asks if I am so bad. Pragya says you are not bad, but you have done wrong. Rhea asks if you can bring my mother and make her give me love.. Pragya says your mother might be helpless to leave you and asks her to think about the problem, because of which she had to stay away from her daughter. She says even she would have cried a lot. Pragya recalls Aaliya telling her that her daughter hates her. Rhea says if she had cared for me then she would have come, but she didn’t come. She says Meera aunty gave her mother’s love, but she is not her mother. Pragya says your Papa had given love to you. Rhea says she didn’t want to come as she don’t love me. She recalls Aaliya’s provocative love.

Pragya says she might be waiting for the right time. Rhea says you have defended my mother beautifully, but what about the daughter whom she had left. She says I used to wait after school for my mom to come and pick me, but she never came. She says my friends used to tease me and I used to hate myself at one point. Pragya tries to pacify her with a hug, but Rhea pushes her. Pragya says I am sorry. Rhea says don’t be sorry. Pragya says there might be a big reason that she had to go away from you. Rhea says I am sorry, but I can’t trust you now. Pragya thinks she hates her mother so much, when she meets her then she will express her hatred. She thinks she has to make her believe that she loves her. She thinks Mr. Mehra understands my daughter, but doesn’t understand his own daughter. Rhea goes to a room and calls Abhi. She asks Abhi why her mom left her. Abhi says it was for some reasons and she was not wrong. Aaliya comes there and takes the call. She says I am talking infront of your dad and tells that your mom took your sister and left you. She says she never loved you and was a selfish woman. Abhi hears a bit and asks what is she doing. He takes the phone, but Rhea ends the call and thinks Buji was right, mom never loved me.

The Episode starts with Rhea thinking Buji is right as she told everything infront of Dad, Mom doesn’t love me and that’s why left me. She thinks nobody forced her, she went with her wish and left me. Pragya asks her to open the door and talk to her. She asks her to open the door else she will call the manager. Abhi asks if you was making her understand or provoking her. Aaliya says you will realize that whatever I have done is right and asks him to mark her words. Abhi shouts Aaliya and calls Rhea, but the latter doesn’t pick his call and goes out. She tells Pragya that no mother can leave her child and if she does that she is a selfish woman, who thinks about just her and not her child. Pragya says ok, we will not talk about the reason, but your family and I love you.

Rhea says please and asks her not to talk about love, says you are not a mother, but a joke on motherhood, who had left her newly born. Pragya is shocked. Rhea walks away from there. Pragya recalls the incident and thinks how did Rhea know this. Abhi comes to Aaliya and asks why did you talk about Pragya and provoked her infront of me. He says Rhea will think that whatever you said was right. He asks I need answers. Aaliya asks are you sure that you want m to? She says you tells me and Rhea that you love her the most, but if this is true. Abhi asks her to say the truth. Aaliya says Rhea feels that Pragya left her as she thought her unlucky and chose her other sister. She says Rhea asked me why Pragya didn’t come to their house and met Rhea. Abhi says we had changed the house. He says when she came here on lohri day, you told Pragya that Rhea hates her and when I went to take her home, she refuses saying she will not come until her daughter accepts her. Aaliya says Rhea has lost her mother in childhood and tells that she started feeling of losing you, as you didn’t talk to Vikram about Ranbir and her alliance. Just then Vikram calls Abhi and he goes.

Ranbir makes tea and asks for the biscuits. Prachi says she is bringing. Ranbir says pot is so hot as he touches it. Prachi holds his hand and blows on it. She says I will not hold your hand again. Ranbir says but I held it. Inteha song plays…..He touches the utensil again and shouts, says it is very hot. Prachi keeps his hand in cold water bowl, scolds him for being irresponsible. She says your help proves costly and asks him not to come to kitchen again. She says don’t tell this to Pallavi aunty else she will think that I am getting you do kitchen work and calls him Baklu. Ranbir gets mesmerized to hear her and asks her to hold his hand for some more time. Inteha song plays….Shahana gets happy seeing them together.

Shahana gets excited to watch them. Sarita behen comes to her. Shahana shouts. Ranbir says its tea time, we made tea for you and asks them to come. He serves tea to Sarita behen and Shahana and asks how is it? Sarita behen tells that it is good. Prachi asks them to taste first. Shahana takes a sip and says nice. She asks Ranbir to sit and drink tea.

Rhea sits in her car and is crying. She recalls Aaliya’s words that Pragya doesn’t love her and snatched her love from her and gave to Prachi. Pragya comes there and asks Rhea if she knows something about her daughter. She asks her to tell and says I need to know. Rhea thinks what will you do after knowing, thinks it is too late and thinks forget it. She thinks bye forever and leaves in her car. Pragya falls down on the road and cries, asking about her daughter. Rhea sees her fallen on road while leaving. Pragya recalls Rhea’s words that she is a joke on motherhood. Pragya gets up.

Ranbir comes to Prachi and tells that he needs her help. Prachi says I don’t want your help. Ranbir asks her to apply ointment to his hand and says sorry. Prachi says I knew what was your intention. She holds I love you card. Ranbir asks did you read it? Prachi nods no. He says I can read your face and asks what is she hiding from him. Prachi says nothing. She applies ointment to his hand. Ek din kabhi jo….plays…..



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