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Twist of fate on zee world, Monday 13th September 2021

Twist of fate Monday 13 September 2021 update:  Later Pragya gains consciousness in her house. Shahana comes there. Prachi asks her to be careful while sitting. Sarita behen asks if she is fine? Pragya says yes, where is he? Sarita behen says Mr. Mehra must be in his house. Pragya asks why he didn’t come here? She asks if he is fine. Sarita behen says that Mr. Mehra is fine and tells that Doctor told that it was a miracle that he got saved. Pragya says why I am here? Sarita behen says we brought you here, as you was in coma since 2 days. Pragya says we shall go there and shall be with him. Prachi says we had gone there, but Aaliya didn’t let us meet him. Shahana says even Mitali didn’t let us meet him. Sarita behen says Aaliya insulted us and didn’t let us go. Pragya says she has to go there now itself. Prachi says we will also come there. Sarita behen tries to stop her. Pragya locks the door and goes.


At Mehra Mansion, Mitali calls Rhea and asks her to have breakfast. Rhea says can you digest this food? She asks Dadi, if your love is truthful or fake for Dad. She asks Aaliya, how can he careless for Dad. She asks did anyone of you see him or out and tells that why will you go? She says you all make your health and don’t care for Dad. Aaliya asks her not to overreact. Rhea says I will be more concerned for Dad as I am his daughter. Aaliya asks her to stop. Rhea says I don’t want to talk to you guys…Prachi asks if Maa returned? Sarita behen says no. Shahana says Maasi is alone and that Buji is so bad. Sarita behen says Aaliya will not let her meet him. Pragya says I know that Maa will meet Papa, nobody can stop him. Sarita behen says we shall think good. Prachi says we shall think how to welcome them together. They think to make food so that when Abhi comes, Pragya can spend time with him.


Dadi feels bad. Mitali asks Aaliya, how we will hide this from everyone. Tai ji says we have to hide, can’t bring out this truth infront of everyone. Aaliya says bhai is not the same, his secret shall be a secret, we shall change all Servants and asks Tai ji to call the girl from village. Pragya comes there. Aaliya asks her to stand there itself.




Aaliya stopping Pragya from entering inside. Pragya says today nobody can stop me from meeting my husband. Mitali asks Pragya to agree to Aaliya’s sayings.


Twist of fate 12 September 2021

Pragya says what to accept, tells that even if she breaks her relation with him, but Abhishek Mehra will not break our relation. She says our love brings us together. Tai ji asks her to go, as they are going through a rough phase and not to trouble her. Pragya asks what happened to you. Mitali says we are in a problem since 20 years and asks her to leave. Pragya asks if he is fine. Tai ji asks her to go. Pragya asks them to say. Dadi asks them to tell truth to Pragya and not to hide anything from her. Aaliya stops Dadi and asks if she wants her help or not. She asks Pragya to go.


Pragya calls Abhi and asks him to come and meet her. Aaliya pushes her down. Pragya says sorry and asks her to let her meet him once. Aaliya says I am not handing her over to Police, as you are pleading infront of me. Pragya asks her to let her see him once. Aaliya pushes her out. Pragya asks Aaliya to open the door. Dadi asks Aaliya to open the door. Aaliya opens the door and tells that Bhai didn’t come hearing you as he has realized that you are bad luck for him.


Pragya says no, he didn’t hear me. Aaliya says he heard your voice, but has understood that you are not good for him. She says Pandit ji said that you both can’t stay together and asks her not to separate Bhai from her. Pragya asks what you are hiding, please tell me. Aaliya says it is not important to tell you. She closes the door. Dadi cries and says you people are stone hearted.




Vikram asks Ranbir how to make him understand. Ranbir says I didn’t understand your logic. He says why can’t I meet chief? Pallavi asks him to understand. Ranbir says why can’t I meet Chief, this is a dictatorship. Vikram raises his hand on Ranbir and stops, says you can’t meet Abhi. Ranbir asks why I can’t meet him. Vikram says as your father said. Ranbir asks why nobody is telling me anything. He says Rhea is not in her senses for half of the time and is unavailable.


Aaliya buji don’t let me meet her. He says you people are hiding something from me and goes. Pallavi asks Vikram to make him meet Abhi. Vikram says when Ranbir goes to meet Abhi, then he will see someone else and then will question, what we will say.


Prachi and Shahana make food. Sarita behen says Pragya will be welcomed grandly. Prachi says my mother is a superwoman and very strong. Sarita behen says yes, truly. Pragya returns home sadly….Sarita behen asks did you meet Mr. Mehra? Pragya walks inside the room crying and locks the door. Shahana says it seems they didn’t let Maasi meet Mr. Mehra and that’s why she is sad. Sarita behen says Pragya seems to be broken…Pragya goes to the bathroom and cries, thinking of all the happenings and Aaliya’s words.


Pragya comes out of the room and asks Prachi and Shahana, you are still here. Prachi hugs her. Pragya says everything is fine. Shahana also hugs her. Sarita behen asks if you are fine. Pragya says yes, I am fine. Sarita behen says we know that Mr. Mehra is fine, but Aaliya is not letting you meet him. She says why he doesn’t want to meet you. Pragya says there can’t be any reason that he don’t want to meet me. Sarita behen says I can understand Aaliya, but why Mr. Mehra is silent. She says Prachi called him many times, but he didn’t pick the calls.




She says once Aaliya picked the call and asked her not to meet him again. Pragya says I know how to meet him, I waited for him 20 years and will not wait anyone to get him. Rhea comes home drunk and falls down on the sofa. Rhea says yes, I am drunk. She says you care for me, but not God. Aaliya says I am helpless and can’t bring your dad. Rhea asks for the drink. Aaliya asks Mitali to take Rhea to her room. Mitali and Bahadur take her to room. Tai ji tells that Dadi is crying since Pragya left.


Aaliya says Bhai is not here, don’t you understand. Doorbell rings. Tai ji opens the door and finds Pragya standing. Aaliya asks Tai ji to close the door. Tai ji is about to close the door, but Pragya stops her and enters inside. She says nobody can stop me from meeting my husband. Aaliya says if an animal is kicked then it don’t return, but you…Pragya says there is a difference between animal and human and says I am neither speechless or helpless. Some women come from NGO and ask about Abhi. Pragya says she has called them as she needs their help.


The NGO woman asks Aaliya to let Pragya meet her husband. The other woman asks if she is married and asks how she will feel, when someone stops her from meeting her husband. Aaliya says but Pragya is not married to my brother. Pragya says I am married to him and have two daughters with him. Aaliya says your marriage was broken and tells that she has proof that Pragya is not his brother’s wife. Pragya is shocked.




Aaliya telling the NGO ladies that this woman Pragya is not Abhi’s wife. Pragya says we are married and have two daughters, everyone knows. Aaliya says now I will tell my truth with proofs and asks Mitali to bring something. She says I know you will create circus, so I was prepared to be ring Master. She shows the divorce papers brought by Mitali to the NGO workers. She asks them to check their signs. NGO workers look at the divorce papers and says it has sign of Pragya.


Aaliya says then what type of relation is this, tells that bhai knows that she brings badluck to him and that’s why he don’t want to meet her. Pragya says I didn’t sign with my consent. Aaliya says you have signed with your consent. Pragya says you can’t stop me from meeting you.


Aaliya asks her to get ready for something interesting and calls Police. She then threatens the NGO workers and asks them to leave, if they don’t want to get arrested. The NGO workers tell each other that Pragya is wrong. Pragya says we got married just three days back. They all have shown our marriage on the mobile. Aaliya asks Tai ji and Mitali, if they saw her marriage happening. They refuse. Aaliya asks what is the proof? Pragya cries and says I just want to meet him once, let me meet him. Aaliya says if you go now then you will go home, else you will go to the PS, where there is no hope.


The NGO workers leave from there, after apologizing to Aaliya. Pragya tries to stop them, but in vain. Aaliya asks her to go. Pragya says I didn’t come to return. Aaliya says Bhai don’t want to meet or see you.




Prachi tells Shahana that she is thinking why everyone is rude to Maa, excluding Baljeet Dadi. She says why Papa is not talking to her. Shahana says may be he has some helplessness. She says we should have gone with her. Prachi teases her and tells that Pragya is her mother and don’t need anyone, as she is strong. Tai ji asks Pragya why she is getting stubborn and asks her to understand. Pragya says it is clear who will get in problem, if Police comes here.


She says Police will see what they are hiding in this house. Mitali says we are not thief to steal anything. Pragya asks why you are not looking at me then? She says something wrong is happening in this house, and says this can’t be possible, that I call him and he don’t hear me. She asks Dadi not to listen to them and tell her the truth. Aaliya says Bhai don’t want to listen to you and asks her to go. Pragya says let Police come. Aaliya says I have called the Police. Police comes there.


Aaliya says this is Pragya Arora. Pragya says I am Pragya Mehra after marrying Abhishek Mehra. Aaliya asks why you want to get yourself insulted. Pragya says you have done something wrong with my husband. The lady Inspector asks Pragya to leave from there and says your husband don’t want to talk to you. Pragya says I want to hear this from my husband. She says I just want to see him once. Aaliya says he is not your husband. Pragya says ok, but he is the owner of the house. She says something wrong is happening with him, asks Inspector to go and see him. Inspector asks lady constable to go and check him. Pragya shows Abhi’s pic. Aaliya asks Mitali to make the constable see him. Mitali says Doctor said that he is unwell and needs to rest.




Aaliya asks Mitali to take her. Pragya thinks now she will know what they are hiding. Mitali asks the lady constable if she is scared of ghost. Constable says no. Mitali opens the door. Lady constable finds someone attacking her with the ball. She shouts and runs out. Mitali gets shocked and closes the door fast. Pragya asks did you see him? Constable says I have seen him and he is fine. Pragya says then why did you shout? Aaliya asks her to go. Inspector asks Pragya to go else she will arrest her. Pragya says I will go and will not trouble them. Lady Inspector asks Pragya to go. She asks Aaliya to call her if needed. Pragya asks Dadi to tell what they are hiding. Aaliya warns Dadi. Dadi asks Pragya for everyone’s betterment.


Pragya goes out of the house. Tai ji says if Meera would have been here, then it would have been good. Aaliya says it would be bad, tells that very less people shall stay here to hide Bhai’s truth. Pragya thinks what Aaliya was telling Dadi. She thinks Dadi would have never asked me to leave me and thinks the matter is very serious than I thought. She thinks of their moments and thinks to go inside through kitchen corridor. She goes to kitchen corridor and hears Mitali talking to the Servant and telling that he don’t like food, so I have to make food now. She says she shouldn’t have come here and goes.


Pragya breaks the window pane and gets inside. She hears Aaliya talking to her Manager and asking him/her to be with Purab, as he is in shock. Pragya thinks why Purab is in shock. She comes near Abhi’s room. Tai ji comes there. Pragya manages to hide from her. Tai ji says she is scared much due to that room and goes..




Pragya knocks on the door and asks Abhi to open the door. She finds the door locked and tries to open the door. Aaliya finds the window glass pieces on the ground. Mitali comes there and says food is ready. They rush towards Abhi’s room. Aaliya tells Tai ji that Pragya is here. Pragya is about to open the door, but Aaliya calls Police and takes Pragya down. Lady Inspector comes there and tells Lady constable to arrest her. Pragya says you shall arrest Aaliya, for locking my husband in the room.


She asks did Aaliya give her money? Lady Inspector shouts at her. Aaliya tells that she can show the doctor’s report in which he told that Bhai shall rest. Pragya runs to Abhi’s room and knocks on the door. Lady Inspector and constable takes her out, while Pragya is still pleading infront of them. Aaliya looks on. Pragya asks Lady Inspector to let her see her husband again. Lady Inspector says your husband is fine, my constable have seen him, he is fine. Pragya says she wants to see him once. Lady Constable tells that she can’t do anything.


Sarita behen thinks how can anyone loves someone so much. She prays to God, asking him to make her meet Mr. Mehra once. She thinks how to help her and thinks to call Baljeet ji. She thinks why she didn’t help Pragya yet, thinks to talk to her and asks her. She calls Dadi, but the latter rejects her call. Sarita behen finds her number blocked and thinks there is something big, my daughter is fighting alone.




Lady constable tells Pragya that the food is ready. Pragya tells that she don’t want to have food and tells that she wants to meet her husband. The lady constable asks her to tell everything. Pragya tells her everything. Lady Constable tells her that Aaliya don’t want her to meet him. She says she reminds her of her daughter who is dead now and asks her to promise that she will not go again. Pragya promises her. Lady Constable talks to the lady Inspector.


Lady Inspector lets Pragya leave after the latter promise her that she will not go again. Digvijay talks to someone and tells that Abhishek Mehra’s company is finished, as he is dead. The guy says he is not dead and brought back from death, but something bad has happened with him. Digvijay gets shocked and calls Killer. He asks Killer if Abhishek is alive, and if he is alive then kill him. Killer says someone must have joked. Digvijay asks him to find out and kill him. Aaliya thinks of Pragya’s words. Mitali comes there and asks her to have food. Aaliya refuses.


Mitali says Rhea didn’t want to have food. Aaliya says Rhea is suffering because of Prachi and now due to Pragya. Mitali says until when Pragya will be in lock up as she didn’t do any crime. Lady Constable comes to Sarita behen and drops Pragya. She tells her everything and tells that she has promised that she will not go to Mehra house again. Sarita behen offers her tea. Lady constable refuses and goes. Aaliya tells that all the responsibility came on her. Mitali says I can help you.


Aaliya says you can just help to make tea etc. Raj Bhaiya don’t come home and Purab…is in his own world. She says all the responsibility came on me. Mitali goes. Aaliya thinks Pragya didn’t do any crime, but entering here is not less than a crime. She asks how dare she? She thinks she can come out of lock up as it is not non bailable offence.




Killer comes to Digvijay and says I am ready to do my work. Digvijay takes his gun and tells that how can anyone survive when someone is shot on his forehead. Killer says why Manager will die? Digvijay says if he is not dead, then he has to die tonight. Killer says why you want to kill him. Digvijay says he has ruined many in business. He says I will not tell until my work is done and says Abhishek Mehra has to die tonight.


Sarita behen calls Pragya. Pragya says I am going to Mehra Mansion and tells that she didn’t see him, but felt his presence there. She says he must be angry with me. Sarita behen says you shall not go now. Pragya says what to do? Sarita behen says everytime there will be no lady inspector who leaves you with a warning. Pragya says I have to meet him. Sarita behen asks her to understand and reminds of her promise. Pragya says I lied there. She tells that she will go there and meet him anyhow.


Aaliya thinks Mitali gives her tension and also problem. She calls Lady Inspector and asks until when Pragya will be in jail. Lady Inspector says we have left her. Servant brings tea for Aaliya. Aaliya throws the tray and says get out. She shouts at Lady Inspector and asks why did you leave her? Lady Inspector asks her not to shout at her and tells that Pragya is a simple woman and she has not done a crime. She says we can’t lock her in the lock up for this and tells that she would have called the lawyer and get freed. She says I have just saved her lawyer’s money. Aaliya shouts at her and ends the call. She calls Security and tells that the woman (Pragya) shall not enter inside. She asks them to beat her. Lady security guard says she can’t beat her. Aaliya shouts and asks her to say louder. Lady security guard says I will beat her. Aaliya thinks she won’t let Pragya come inside. 


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