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Twist of fate on zee world, Friday 10th September 2021

Twist of fate Friday 10 September 2021 update: Abhi and Pragya are still in the car. Killer’s brother is about to throw a knife at Abhi and Pragya, but his leg gets stuck and feels pain. Abhi says enjoy. Aaliya, Purab, Sarita behen and Dadi are in the car.


Twist of fate 9 September 2021

Aaliya blames Pragya for the risk to Abhi’s life. Sarita behen says you don’t know what Pragya has done for Mr. Mehra and tells Aaliya that she is not a good wife, sister, daughter etc. Aaliya asks Purab to stop the car and make Sarita behen get down. Purab stops the car and asks Aaliya to get down. He says he is although stressed and don’t want to hear her old story. He asks her to sit silently else leave. Aaliya says ok and thinks she wants to see Sarita behen crying, because of whom Purab gets upset with her. Abhi tells Pragya that he feels that the shooters will come from another side also. Pragya asks him to say positive. The other shooters see them and follow them in the tempo.


Abhi realizes and tells that even truck goons are behind them. He says all companies are behind us. The truck hits Abhi and Pragya’s car, but Abhi manages to drive fast. The passerby father and son see Abhi and Pragya in the car. The Killer takes the help of the father-son duo so that they can move the jeep and save his partner’s leg. The father-son duo helps them. The father asks the killer to go carefully as the truck hit a car on the way. Killer asks about the car color and realizes it is of Abhi and Pragya. He drives the jeep and the tyre ran on the old man’s foot injuring him. He drives off.




Abhi tells that it seems all the shooters are after them, they have to die. Pragya asks him not to talk like that and says she wants to talk about life and he is talking about death. She says she doesn’t want to say anything which separates them. She says sorry for scolding him on the first day of marriage. Abhi says I love you. Allah wariyan plays….He asks her to say I love you too. Pragya says I will not say, and says I love you so much. He asks her to say what to take, left or right. Pragya says right. The Shooters in the tempo think which side to take and stop on the way.


They get down and check for the car wheels, before taking the route. Killer’s brother wearing Inspector’s uniform takes on the father-son bike and tells that he will check. He sits on the bike and speeds off. The father-son duo is shocked. Purab sees the shooter biker about to hit his car and manages to handle the car. He is stopped by the old man’s son who tells about the truck hitting Abhi-Pragya’s car and tells that the killer smashed his father’s foot before running away. Purab calls the ambulance for his father.


The tempo shooters hit on Abhi and Pragya’s car and their car is on the cliff and is about to fell down. The shooter tells that they have good news and bad news for them. Good news is that they are saved for the time being and bad news is that they will fall down in the valley. Abhi asks Pragya not to look up and just look in his eyes. The shooter says even your dead body will not be found. Abhi says help us, I will give you money all life. The shooters tell that they shall leave from here and leave in their tempo.




Abhi asks her to look at him and asks her to go back, being the less weight. Pragya thinks of her sindoor wiping and asks him to listen to her. She asks him to go to the back seat and then take her. Abhi agrees. Just then killer and the goon comes there. The killer says your car will fell down in the valley. Abhi asks the killer to help them. The killer tells that he will save them. Pragya and Abhi thank him and asks him to save them. The Shooter says I will do something. Pragya says it is good that he came to help her and changed his mind.


Abhi says how did he changed suddenly. Pragya says let him help us. Abhi says we shall do something. The shooter hits their car. Abhi asks if he is mad and tells that nothing shall happen to his wife. He hits Abhi and Pragya’s car again. Abhi asks what are you doing? Car will fell down. He says I will give my money and everything. He says if you have enmity with me, then kill me and leave my wife. The killer asks Abhi to hold his ears and apologize to him. Pragya asks Abhi not to apologize to the killer.


Abhi asking the Killer not to punish his wife due to him. The killer asks him to hold his ears and apologize to him. Pragya asks him not to apologize to him. Abhi holds his ears and apologizes to him. Killer asks what is in your wife that you are apologizing to me for her. Abhi asks him to talk to her. Killer says I am Killer bhai and can kill anyone. Pragya asks him not to apologize to him and says we will die together. The killer says I will hit your car. Pragya says you will save me, don’t plead infront of him. Abhi tells Pragya that he will go back and then will take her. The killer sits in his car and reverses his car. Pragya asks him to get down from the door and take care of Prachi and Rhea. Abhi says we will die together if not saved. Pragya comes to the back side.




He jump out from the car before the car falls from the cliff and blasts. The killer thinks they are dead, but find them hanging to the tree branch. He gets saw from his jeep and tells that he will give them painful death. He tries to cut the branch. Abhi asks Pragya if she loves him. Pragya says she loves him so much. Abhi says if not here, then we will stay on the sky forever. The killer cuts the branch and they both fall down in the valley.


The killer calls DigVijay and tells that the work is done, they are dead. Digvijay gets happy. Dadi asks Purab to stop the car, seeing black cat. Purab stops the car. Aaliya says people keeps the black cat as pets. Sarita behen says it is good that they stopped the car. Purab drives off. The killer thinks he couldn’t see Abhi and Pragya, what will I show when boss comes here. Digvijay comes there. Killer shows that their car fell down in the valley. Digvijay says I gave you contract to kill Abhishek Mehra and says he wants proofs of his dead. He asks him to go down and click the dead body’s pic and says if you bring his wife’s pic too, then you will get double the money. The killer says ok. Abhi gains consciousness and recalls everything.


The killer comes down on the valley in jeep and thinks to search them by walk. Abhi asks Pragya to gain consciousness and tells that she is breaking their promise. He says I am alive, nothing can happen to you. Pragya gains consciousness and asks what happened, why are you crying. Abhi says you? Pragya asks if you are crying as I got saved. She cries and says you loves me so much that you can’t see my eyes closed. Aakhiri baar plays…..Pragya says lets go from here. The killer thinks Snake killed Varsha getting angry. He shouts. Abhi and Pragya see him. Abhi says I will not leave him. Pragya asks him not to fight with him and asks him to promise.




Snake also comes there. Killer asks why did you kill my hunt. They start fighting. Pragya asks Abhi to come from there and gives him promise. They start walking from there. Digvijay call Killer, but they are busy fighting. Digvijay fumes in anger. Killer stabs Snake and kills them. Digvijay looks at Abhi and Pragya running away and killer killing snake, through the binoculars. He calls Killer and tells that they are alive and running. He asks him to kill them else he will kill him. Killer says I will complete the contract. He thinks how they can get saved after falling down from the cliff.


Abhi and Pragya are running in the jungle, when they hear car sound. Abhi says the way is there. They see Purab’s car and calls him, but he doesn’t listen and drives off. They see the killer’s jeep there. Abhi says if you had called him, then we would have gone with him. He tells that he didn’t want to put their lives in danger. He romances with Pragya. Pragya says she is hungry. Abhi says there is a water there. They sit down to drink water. He makes her drink water. Pragya says you will get food, first drink water from my hand. She makes him drink water. Abhi drinks and says his hunger also went and tells that he is nothing without her and she is nothing without him.Pragya says she has noticed this, 20 years ago. She laughs and says even your make up was much. She cleans his face with her dupatta. Aakhiri baar plays…..Sarita behen coughs in the car. Purab asks if she is fine and stops the car. Just then the killer comes there in his jeep and rings the horn. Purab gets down and tells the killer that the lady is unwell in his car. He asks him to go from other way. Killer says there is a landslide on the other side. Aaliya gets down from the car and drives off the car and stops at some distance. Purab looks at the killer’s face. Killer says I am in a hurry else would have shown you what I can do. Purab realizes that he is the same contract killer, who is behind Abhi and Pragya. He sits in the car. Sarita behen says may be this is the same guy, about whom that guy talked about. Purab thinks he is a killer. He hopes to find Abhi and Pragya soon.



Abhi tells that there is something which she is not saying and asks her to say. Pragya asks him to promise that he will not interrupt her. Abhi promises her. Pragya says if I die today. Abhi asks what are you saying? Pragya says you promised that you will not interrupt. She says if I die then you shall remarry…Abhi says I will not remarry. Pragya says yes, you shall not remarry. Abhi says I will remarry. Pragya says if you remarry then I will scare you as ghost. Abhi says you are so cute and tells that nothing will happen to us. He lifts her in his arms and says it is just her superstition, nothing will happen to them. Digvijay watches them running through the binoculars and calls killer, informs him that they are going towards the cliff. Killer stops his jeep. Ashok and other shooter comes there. Ashok says Varsha and cries. Killer says first Pragya will die now. They all sit on the bike and go inside the jungle. Purab sees Inspector and stops his car. He tells him that he has seen the same shooter here. Aaliya asks if they were the same killers who wants to kill bhai. Inspector and Purab go inside the jungle on the bike. Abhi and Pragya hear bike coming and calls for help. They see the killer, Ashok and other shooter and gets shocked. Purab and Inspector get inside the jungle and call Abhi and Pragya. Killer is about to shoot Abhi, when Abhi kicks mud on them and runs away with Pragya. The killers hear Purab and Inspector calling them and go to see them. A thorn gets pierced in her leg. Abhi takes it out.


Pragya asks him not to fight with the goons. They reach the cliff. Pragya asks what are you doing, we might fall. He says he is looking at how deep it is. Just then killer, and other shooters come there. Ashok looks at the Inspector and says you are alive. Inspector asks where is Abhi and Pragya? Purab beats Ashok and asks him about them. Ashok snatches Inspector’s gun, but Purab beats him and ties his hand to the bike and ties other shooter’s hand to the bike too. He asks where is Abhi and Pragya. The shooter misleads them and sends them to the wrong location. Ashok appreciates him for his lies. Abhi fights with killer and the shooters and beats them. Killer comes from behind and hits rod on his head. Abhi sits holding his head. Pragya snatches rod from killer’s hand and says if you try to even touch him, then I will break your hand. She takes Durga Maa’s avatar and keeps her leg on the shooter and is about to stab rod in him. The killer pleads infront of her to forgive her. Pragya says if you touch my husband then I will take Durga’s avatar and kill you. Other shooters look on shocked. Abhi keeps his hand on his head ,while Pragya is fighting heroically for him. Pragya stepping her leg on the killer and threatens to kill him taking Durga Avatar, if he even touches her husband. The killer and other shooters tell that they can see Durga Avatar in her and run away. Pragya hugs Abhi and says I won’t let anything happen to you. Purab and Inspector find losing the way in the jungle. Aaliya comes there in car with Dadi and Sarita behen. Sarita behen says you was on motorcycle. Purab says bike stopped working. Dadi says we will search him until the car goes. Just then Abhi and Pragya see the killer returning there with many shooters. Pragya says they are the same goons. The shooters go towards them and surround them. Pragya asks them to let them go and asks whose saying, you are doing this? Digvijay comes there with mask on his face and says on my sayings. He says he has enmity with Abhishek Mehra. Abhi asks who are you? Digvijay says time is finished to know me. He asks the shooters to kill them. The shooter is about to hit him, but Pragya hits the shooter with the rod. The killer is about to shoot him, but recalls her Durga Avatar and drops the gun. Abhi hits another shooter and makes him fall down. Digvijay says you both are useless, can’t shoot a single bullet. Abhi throws something on Digvijay’s hand, but he moves back and says first she will die and then Abhishek Mehra. Pragya comes and stands infront of Abhi.



Digvijay shoots the gun. Abhi makes Pragya move from the way and takes the bullet on side of his forehead. He is falling and his hand wipes her sindoor from her maang. Pragya gets shocked to see him falling down from the cliff. She shouts no and recalls their marriage and moments. She recalls his promise that he will never leave her. Pragya promising that she will not let anything happen to him. Abhi telling that he will take the decision of life asking her. Pragya comes down to the valley and finds Abhi fallen on the grass unconscious. Digvijay sees her crying and removes his mask smilingly. Pragya says no and asks Abhi to open his eyes. She imagines Abhi calling her and telling that he don’t want to see her in white clothes, without kumkum. Pragya asks him to return and give back her kumkum. Imagination starts….Pragya asks abhi to take her with him, if he don’t want to see her in white clothes. He says our togetherness is till here in God’s notebook. Pragya says I will change it and says how can you take the decision now, I don’t give you a chance to take the decision alone. She says this red color is my life and I don’t want to live alone. She says I will give you life and we will stay together. He throws the kumkum plate and it fall….Imagination ends.


Pragya says if red color is our life then return it to me. She asks him to return as kumkum is her life. She cries and says why only wife shall fight with yamraj always, this time you have to fight for me. She asks him to do overwriting on God’s book and return back to her. Digvijay reads some mantra to get moksh and says whoever goes to God, then don’t return, so there will be no overwriting, says Abhishek Mehra will get Moksh from everyone and you. He will have peace. Pragya asks him to close his mouth and says your goons have to read this mantra for you. She picks the gun and shoots at him, but Digvijay brings his shooter infront of him and the bullet hits him. Pragya tries to shoot again, but the bullets are over. Digvijay escapes.


Pragya tells Abhi not to worry, she won’t let anything happen to him. Banjar hai…..She takes him on the hand cart. She manages to pull the cart and take him to road. Purab tells that they have to continue searching them. He gets his client’s call and tells him that he can’t come. Pragya cries and hears a car coming. She stops the car and asks the guy to take her husband to the hospital as he was shot. The guy thinks if she is dacoit. Pragya tells that he is thinking wrong and tells that her husband is Rockstar Abhishek Mehra. The guy says I will help you. He takes Abhi in the car. Pragya also sits in the car. The killer informs Digvijay that Pragya sat in a car and left. Digvijay says if she reaches the PS then will get you arrested. He asks him to bring Pragya to the warehouse, says he will kill her also and will tell her why he killed her husband. Killer says ok.Aaliya asking Purab where is your Pragya di? Purab says she must be in some problem, as she is not here. Aaliya says her intentions were not good and that’s why she left bhai here on a stretcher. Purab says Di called me and informed about him. Aaliya says Pragya doesn’t want to see my bhai alive and that’s why she went from here. She asks where is your Pragya di? Purab shouts at her. Aaliya says she has left him, as her revenge is completed and brought him in this condition. She says she married him for revenge. Dadi and Sarita behen shout at her. Aaliya asks if you are feeling bad? Sarita behen says she is feeling pity for her thoughts and says you know well that someone wants to kill Mr. Mehra and Pragya. Aaliya says your Pragya, Prachi are bad. Purab shouts at Aaliya. Aaliya says you are taking Pragya’s side even now and asks Dadi if she will support her even now. Dadi says Pragya didn’t do this. Aaliya says did you hear what Doctor said. Nurse says he is critical. Dadi gets worried for him.



She prays for Abhi seeing Doctor pumping his heart. The doctor asks the Nurse to call the senior doctor, says if he takes out the bullet then complications will increase. The nurse comes out to call the senior doctor and tells them what Doctor said. Pragya is still captive by the killer and finds her bangles broken. She asks the killer to let her go. He asks her to be quiet and be here until the boss comes. He calls someone seeing light flickering. The goon says it is a voltage issue. Pragya thinks first her kumkum is wiped and now bangles…She thinks nothing wrong shall happen with him. Rhea comes there with Mitali and asks where is Dad? She walks inside the OT and sees Abhi on a ventilator. The nurse asks who are you? Rhea says he is my dad and asks him to open his eyes. The nurse asks her to go out and asks why don’t you understand. Purab comes inside and asks her to come out. Rhea cries and says Dad will open his eyes seeing me. Purab takes her out. Rhea asks what happened to Dad. Aaliya says Bhai is unconscious and will ask you after gaining consciousness. Rhea asks what Doctor is doing, and asks what are they hiding? Aaliya says Doctors are doing their best, nothing serious. She hugs her. Rhea asks what happened to Dad? Purab says he is unconscious, you can meet him when he gets fine. Mitali asks what do you mean? She looks through the window pane and asks what happened to Abhi. She says Abhi and Pragya were together and asks where is Pragya? Aaliya asks Purab to reply. Rhea asks where is she? if she is fine. Pragya thinks to cut the rope with her broken bangles.


While the killer and the goon are checking the light, Pragya cuts the rope and manages to hide from their sight. The killer asks the goons to search her. Another goon says she is not outside. Killer says she shall not run away, else I will shoot everyone. Pragya hears them while hiding. A goon comes there. Pragya goes from there. Aaliya smiles. Rhea asks did I joke? Aaliya says I am not understanding if you are all blindfolded and says I will tell what Pragya has done. Dadi asks her to be quiet. Aaliya says Pragya succeeded to stop Meera and Bhai’s marriage, as she wanted to take revenge on him. She says she got succeeded in her plan and called us, telling us that they are here, but when we came, she was not here and Bhai was abandoned on the stretcher unattended. She says Pragya had left him here as her aim was fulfilled. Rhea says this can’t be true. Aaliya says when someone hates someone then do this. She says Pragya can do anything and tells that she had left Bhai when Kiara was born, when you both were born. Prachi comes there and says my mother can’t do this and says she didn’t leave hope to meet papa when she was away from him. She tells that if she is not here then there must be some reason. The senior doctor comes there and tells them that he will check him. Doctor says survival chances are 50-50, if we take out the bullet then…Senior doctor says chance is just 5 percent and tells that if we don’t take out the bullet then the chance is zero. He asks the doctor to ask his family to talk to his family and asks them to pray for him. The doctor comes out and asks them to pray for him. Rhea says nothing can happen to Dad. The doctor tells that his organs are failing and the brain is nearly damaged. Purab says survival percentage. Doctor says just 5 percent. They all are shocked.


Pragya hides from the killer still. Killer also walks silently, to catch her. Pragya sits behind the drum and thinks she will go out in few seconds. Some waterdrops fall on her head and her kumkum is about to be wiped. She thinks nothing can happen to him. She goes out. The killer hears the door sound and asks the goons to catch her. Pragya sits in the car trunk parked there. The killer comes out and asks the goon to tell him if he sees Pragya. Goon says he is going to give some stuff to someone and asks him to see in the trunk if the stuff is right. Pragya gets tensed.



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