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This is Fate on Zee world, Wednesday 9th March 2022

This is Fate Wednesday 9 March 2022 updates: Sarla is with the women who gives her the photos of the boys which she has brought from her home for Shristhi to select from, Shristhi comes out yelling what has happened as she has just come when Sarla exclaims she is never this frustrated but Shrishti asks why is Sarla telling a lie as she is always like this, but Sarla asks Shristhi to come and sit down to select the boy from the photos, Shrishti sitting asks Sarla to select it by herself so she starts searching for the right match, then closes the journal asking Sudha to leave it with her as then she would go and consult Preeta first, after that they will reach any final decision, Sarla asks if Sudha would like to have some tea, Shristhi is however insisting that Sudha should not leave before having some snack, she asks for some samosa which Sarla tries to order Shristhi to make but then seeing her mood thinks she might have to do it herself, she stands up when Pihu rushes into the house calling Sarla, she greets her asking who come with her, Shristhi immediately takes the name of Sameer, Sarla sees Sameer and Rishab have come after a long time, Preeta and Karan also come after them, Sarla is really glad to see them all coming.

Sarla mentions how she is really glad they have all come, Preeta explains they were going on a long drive so thought of coming to say hello, Sarla exclaims how she just forgot to introduce them all to Sudha, she sits with them all mentioning how she was really tensed so called Sudha who has come with a few proposals and they all should have a look at them, Rishab takes the file from her hand mentioning how she must not worry as they will take care of everything, Sudha asks if Rishab is the brother of Karan, she asks for his photo as she has some proposal for him, Rishab after laughing exclaims she got a little late as he is already married, she apologizes. Sarla even asks Preeta to take a look at them, she replies that she first wants to have tea and samosa which she makes, Sarla gets up in a hurry exclaiming how she forgot after seeing them all, she immediately leaves handing Preeta the file, she places it on the table explaining how she first needs to talk in private with Shristhi.

Rishab takes the file in his hand asking what type of relations have come for Shristhi.

Sonakshi is in the room when Mr Harshvardhan comes, she questions why has he called her here as she needs to ask what does he want to talk about, Mr Harshvardhan explains that she is his daughter so he doesnot need any excuse to talk about, Sonakshi explains she is getting really mad seeing how he tricked her into coming to the suite, Mr Harshvardhan explains that he cares for her so knows about any problem that comes her way, he explains the wedding anniversary of karan and Preeta is coming, he called her so she should not face them and stay in the suite in the hotel. Sonakshi gets really tensed.

Preeta enters the room with Shristhi asking what is wrong with her because she is refusing all the proposals which maa has arranged for, Preeta questions why she not told her and informed Sameer because she got to know this from him, Shristhi replies that she got to know about this really late and so did not want to disturb her and Karan. Preeta questions if she is interested in Sameer which is why she doesnot want to get married with the proposals that Sarla has arranged, she pressurizes Shristhi to reveal the truth about her intentions with Sameer as only then would she talk with Sarla, Shristhi stopping her explains she doesnot love Sameer but considers him to be some more then just a friend, she asks Preeta to understand by herself, she even teases Shristhi, who requests her to just make sure Sarla doesnot consider any proposal send by Sudha aunti, Preeta advises her to think clearly about her relation with Sameer, as if she feels he is the right match then should take a step forward otherwise, she should think of something else because she cannot keep him waiting for much longer, she leaves assuring she would try to do something, Shristhi wonders why did Preeta say she has kept him waiting, as she would only reveal anything if he sends a positive signal.

Sherlin is standing in the lounge of the hotel thinking Sonakshi doesnot know who she has meddled with because now she will prove what is really going on, she stops a waiter saying they have mistaken in ordering as he should take this to room 505, the waiter knocks on the door when Mr Harshvardhan is with Sonakshi, she asks how does he know that the anniversary of Preeta and Karan is arriving, he replies he knows what is happening more then she knows. Sherlin is standing in the corner when she sees Mr Harshvardhan comes when Sherlin explains that she knows Sonakshi had come to meet him, she prays that he should also call her to ask if she ordered the food.

Preeta taking the file selects a proposal of the boy who has his own gym, she explains that he seems fine when Karan snatches the file mentioning he has a more nice personality then him, Rishab questions if he thinks they have come for him, he sends Karan to go to Sarla otherwise she might get tensed knowing what they have actually come for, Karan goes to Sarla who is cooking, she asks why has he come because she was just about to finish the cooking, Karan replies he thought she would be getting bored but Sarla replies she is glad they all have come to stand with her in deciding the proposal for Shristhi but she actually believes she would never be able to find someone like him as her elder son in law really takes care of her daughter, she still prays to find someone like him, he gets fumbled, then tries to leave praising the samosa, she asks him to take one if he likes.

Preeta looking at the file rejects the proposal of the doctor, Sudha aunti asks the reason, Preeta replies that doctors are like the image of Bhagwan so she doesnot want that Shristhi insult them because of anger. Karan comes taking the file from Preeta exclaims he really likes the proposal as the boy is quite handsome, he even asks for th name, Preeta gets tensed so pulls Karan aside, Shristhi even takes Sameer, Preeta questions if he has gotten mad since they have come to end the relation, this way Karan would end after getting her proposal fixed, Karan replies Maa likes her and so even he has the responsibility, Rishab apologizes saying it is his mistake since he got emotional after meeting Sarla, Rishab then advises him to sit and drink tea if he cannot do anything, Rishab sends Sameer to Sarla, Preeta also asks Karan to remain quiet.

Sameer goes to Sarla in the kitchen offering his help, She replies there is no need since she has done most of the work but he insists so she asks him to open the box, Sarla explains his friendship with Shristhi is really good, she sometimes felt his relation with her was more then just friendship but she is glad to see that he has also come with Karan and Rishab to help in her marriage proposal, she replies that whenever she got the idea she would think of not getting her married to him, he asks why did she thought like this when Sarla replies it was because of Karina as she thinks really differently from her. Sameer gets tensed so turns when Sarla requests him to take one plate of Samosa and the sweets.

Sameer sitting with everyone starts looking at the proposals when Rishab questions what he is doing, Sameer replies that he thinks they should start looking for a suitable proposal for Shristhi, Rishab questions what is he saying when Sameer replies it because of Karina bua.

Rishab getting tensed thinks of going by himself, but Shristhi stops him explaining it is because whoever goes to meet Sarla ends up finalizing her marriage, he comes back listening to her.

Sherlin is anxiously waiting for Sonakshi to come out, Mr Harshvardhan asks if she ordered the food, Sonakshi comes out informing she doesnot have any sister, the waiter apologizes leaving them, Sherlin in the meantime has managed to take a photo of both Sonakshi and Mr Harshvardhan thinking that now she has gotten trapped in her plan. Shristhi pulls the hand of Rishab, seeing the photo of the boy explains he is a lawyer, Karan exclaims they can finalize the person, Sameer mentions that they can arrange the marriage if his bua is not Karina bua, Rishab asks how can they get him married to Shristhi because they know she is not so calm and would start arguing that he will not be suitable for her because the fights would really soon lead to a divorce, Sudha aunti exclaims they all are just picking problems in the proposals which she has brought, Rishab while smiling tries to explain there is nothing of the sort, Preeta replies that Sarla is their mother, she wants that Shristhi get married but she is her sister so knows she would not be able to adjust with all three of them then this would create problems for her, Sudha aunti exclaims there is nothing to worry about so she can take the photo of Shristhi and find some more suitable relations for her, she goes to take the photo from Pihu, Preeta calls them all close explaining they have to do something that will make her stop bringing the proposals, Karan exclaims they should tell her Shristhi likes the girls, they all get stunned when Shristhi exclaims that he is trying to ruin her image so should keep the plans to himself.

Sudha aunti asks them all to tell her if there is anything which they cannot tell them, because she sits with the children, they all should tell her if Shristhi has any affair, Rishab has an affair with Shristhi, when he in amazement exclaims that she has a relation with Karan, he scolds Sameer asking what is he saying since he is her Jiju, they then put the blame on Rishab but Sudha aunti exclaims she knows Rishab is married, Preeta asks Shristhi to reveal the truth, she asks Sudha if she has any proposal for her of a girl, Sudha aunti suddenly leaves.

Sarla comes with the refreshments when she is worried where did Sudha go, they all exclaim that they did not like any of the proposal so she left, Sarla exclaims there is nothing to worry about since Sudha will come back with more proposals, Shristhi explains Karan favoured the doctor but she thought that she would fight with him, then Rishab jee accepted the lawyer however she thought she would even get in the argument with him which would ruin the relation, Sarla exclaims she feels that even the body builder did not look good, Karan accepts explaining he comes to his gym, Sarla mentions he has his own gym when Rishab explains Karan goes to his gym.

Karina is sitting in the room thinking about how rudely Preeta talked with her at the table, Bani Dadi comes saying she must not think so much about the incident but Karina replies she is not able to take it out of her head and is constantly thinking of it, feeling that she was slapped in front of everyone, she mentions how did Preeta forget that she was able to become a mother because of her as she brought Pihu into her life so how could she say that she is the only one who has any right over her, she is still the elder of the house and should be respected, Rakhi walks into the room, Dadi standing mentions whatever happened at the breakfast table was wrong, Preeta should not have talked this way with Karina as she is her elder, Rakhi defending Preeta mentions that if Karina talked with her in this manner she would have reacted in the same way, Dadi warns Rakhi to not defend her as she is wrong, Preeta should know if she makes a mistake they would scold her and correct her, Dadi sits down while Rakhi is embarrassed, Dadi asks her to bring some water for her.

Preeta is with Shristhi asking her to reveal whatever she feels in her heart as if Sudha aunti comes back with some more proposal they would not be able to handle anything, Sarla calls them both to come, Shristhi hugs Preeta thanking her, the neighbour comes greeting Karan, she asks for some tomato, Sarla replies she knows that she has come because of her son in law, Sarla takes her inside when Shristhi replies she even came yesterday for three onions, Shristhi thanks Preeta and Rishab and even hugs Karan, she also exclaims her love to Sameer which worries everyone.

Sarla comes back with the neighbor handing her the tomato, she clicks the photo of her with Karan, then gives Pihu the Shugun as she has come to her house for the first time, Karan leaves wearing the glasses when Pihu insists that Rishab hold her, Preeta replies she really likes Rishab, Sameer also leaves thanking them all. Sarla asks Shristhi to close the door and help her take care of everything.

Sonakshi enters the bathroom from the window an walks out with the stick when she is shocked to see Sherlin sitting on her bed, she questions what is Sherlin doing in her room, Sherlin asks why does she have her purse as she came from the bathroom, Sherlin says what is to hide from her but Sonakshi refuses to say anything, she explains she got suspicious as Sonakshi left the hall, she came to wait outside her room but saw her make a big picture, Sonakshi says Sherlin has so much free time to make such picture and should use it for something important, Sherlin explains she got suspicious form her since the first day but wanted to know what game is she playing, she knew Sonakshi is not like Preeta because she cares a lot about her family and would get rude to protect them but Sonakshi is not a good women, she mentions she doesnot need any certificate from Sherlin so she should get lost, Sherlin asks if she got hurt after knowing that Preeta is a good women, Sonakshi asks why would she be tensed as she considers Preeta her sister so why would she get jealous from her.

Sherlin explains if she would have acted in front of anyone else then they would have believed her but she should not give such a poor performance in front of her, she reveals that she got to know the truth about Sonakshi, Sherlin reveals the photo which worries Sonakshi, Sherlin replies she knows what kind of a person Sonakshi is but she says that the photo is old, Sherlin laughing questions if she wants her to believe that she wears old clothes, Sonakshi replies it is because she keeps them all in a great condition, Sherlin asks her to look at this mentioning how she came after her to the hotel and then clicked the photos from the register as it is clearly written who did she go to meet and when, Sonakshi asks if she would now go to reveal the truth to Preeta, Sherlin replies she would also go to Karan, Sonakshi takes the mobile when Shelrin asks her to delete the photos as she has already saved a lot of them, Sherlin mentions Sonakshi is right as she is the evil person and if she wants to live happily then should leave the house, Sonakshi stops Sherlin, she closing the door asks what happened, Sonakshi asks what does she want throwing the walking stick away, Sherlin replies she needs ten crore rupees, Sonakshi gets stunned hearing this demand.


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