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This is Fate on Zee world, Wednesday 2nd February 2022

This is Fate Wednesday 2 February 2022 updates: Rajat replies that since Shristhi has asked him a question so he would surely reply it as no one has ever asked him such questions before, he will surely reply it, Preeta asks Shristhi to stop making it so weird for them all, she requests Rajat to not take anything seriously, Shristhi mentions she is really serious, karan also asks Rajat to not be worried because it is just a question, Preeta asks why is he taking Shristhi’s side, Rajat replies that he will surely reveal the secret explaining they all think he is a really nice person but he had a secret and it was that he was not worthy of Sonakshi so three years ago he saw her coming out of the hospital in London, he fell in love with her so tried his best to make himself worthy of her so he worked hard to further his business empire then after being successful and winning the business man of the year award, he sent the proposal to her father through their common friend, he is still trying to win Sonakshi’s heart, the entire family is really moved with his love story, Karan exclaims Shristhi managed to make him reveal the secret which was in his heart, Rajat replies that it is nothing to be worried about but they all have to be careful of Shristhi as she knows what is in everyone’s heart so they would have to be careful of her, Shristhi thinks he has told a secret but it was not that which she desires to hear as that secret is still hidden. Shristhi sees uncle leaving and so follows him, Preeta is asked what would she name the child, Dadi and Rakhi suggest the name but Karan also suggests a name, Kritika requests to just as he thought the name to write it on her hand, Sonakshi also asks Rajat to write the name thinking that it would be nice when she searches for his name while he would search for her name, Harshvardhan je enters with Mahesh and they have brought the band with them, suggesting that since it is a Punjabi wedding then there should be dance. Shristhi is following the uncle and secretly sees that he is meeting with someone and also gives him an envelope, Shristhi asks the uncle who the person he just met but he categorically denies even meeting with anyone, Shristhi is sure that he met with someone but the uncle warns her to no interfere in his matters as she doesnot know him at all so should not worry about what he does, Sonakshi comes to Shristhi, seeing her the uncle leaves, Shristhi asks if Sonakshi feels Rajat’s uncle is strange, Sonakshi doesnot feel the same, she asks Shristhi to come and have the Mehndi applied on her hands. The entire families are dancing and really enjoying themselves, Preeta also joins the dance with Karan, Prithvi seeing the opportunity goes to her forcing her to dance with him, Sherlin gets mad seeing him dance with Preeta who is also not comfortable so she hits him hard in the feet, Prithvi is not able to stand still, Kritika manages to hold him asking what has happened, he looks at his feet and sees Preeta dancing so leaves making an excuse that he has to make a call, Preeta continuous to dance with Karan. In the night Prithvi is on the mobile with the employees scolding them asking why can they not do any work by themselves and call him on every problem, he asks them end the call so he will send the quotation, Kritika coming from behind questions where is he going he replies he is going to their room, she mentions he is going at the wrong direction, she takes him to the room where he is worried, Kritika assures him it is their room, asking him to see her mehndi, he replies without even looking, she making him sit replies that the first letter of his name is hidden in her mehndi since they were not able to do it at their wedding night, it is a really tradition which implies the husband always knows what is in the heart of the wife, Prithvi replies if this is the case then he would surely find the letter so starts searches the hand, Kritika asks what is he doing as it is really tickling, Sherlin walking outside the room gets really mad seeing them both smiling, Sherlin texts Prithvi to come and meet her otherwise she would enter the room of Kritika, Prithvi gets really tensed seeing the message so tries to make an excuse but Kritika is not at all ready to let him saying insisting that he should talk with her by his aside, he replies it is really difficult to talk with them, he sometimes has to yell at them which he doesnot want her to see, Kritika explains she is really impressed with his skills to convince others. She agrees to let him leave. Karan mentions he lives in this room with Preeta but he doesnot know where she is when his parents want him to take care of Preeta and even feed him milk but they don’t know where she is, Rajat replies she is with his wife Sonakshi as he knows that no one is able to convince her so she is with Preeta, he throws the ball, Rajat turns to pick it when Preeta enters with Sonakshi, she asks Preeta to tell Karan the line which she told her, Preeta replies that when the colour of the Mehndi is so dark it means the future husband would love her a lot, Sonakshi also replies she feels Rajat will really take care of her, Rajat from behind explains that he will promise it, Preeta is stunned when Rajat comes to take Sonakshi’s hands, karan is shocked that she is feeling shy exclaiming she was never like this, Sonakshi asks him to see her Mehndi, Karan doesnot understand, she says he told her she will never get any good husband, Sonakshi then asks Preeta if they should leave, Karan asks where are they going, Preeta replies they are going to the roof as everyone is playing the games there, Karan asks Rajat what game should they play, Rajat advises they should play a game of carrom. Kritika is in her room, Shristhi comes asking her to come with her because they are going to have a lot of fun on the roof, Kritika requests her to let her stay as she will come with Prithvi jee, Shristhi asks her to call him, but Kritika replies that he is not answering his calls. Chacha jee signals them to the room, Kritika wonders what he is doing in Sherlin’s room.:Kritika mentions she is not abl to call, Chacha jee signals them so they are shocked, he mentions he was sitting so saw him, she asks if he is sure as it is the room of Sherlin, Chacha jee replies they are their rooms so they should know about it all. Sherlin jee in anger brings the rod saying that she must place his hand over his heart exclaiming he only belongs to him, Prithvi asks why is she so angry, Sherlin replies she will not live in that room so would go to the Luthra house and say that the deal would be finalized with the American client so when there is day in America it is night here, Prithvi is shocked saying this means he would have to work the entire night, she replies this means he would in the morning sleep in the guest room and not in Kritika’s room, Prithvi exclaims what sort of plan is this because he after a lot of efforts got to be the son in law of this house, Shristhi and Kritika suddenly walk into the room, Sherlin is the only one standing there so questions what has happened, Kritika replies she was saying Sherlin should also come with them, She questions where, Shristhi mentions the terrace, Sherlin agrees so leaves with them while the Chacha is worried, so opening the door wonders where did Prithvi leave as he is sure that Prithvi came into this room, prithvi standing exclaims he is the person because of whom his sweet wife and that Shristhi came into the room with the aim of catching them red handed but there is one thing he doesnot know is that his name is Prithvi Malhotra. Janki asks the waiter to serve them something to eat, Karina appreciates Dadi that she made a good plan as they all are enjoying, Rakhi asks Janki to sit but she says that she is waiting for the game to start, Mahesh explains what game Janki is talking about, Kritika also comes exclaiming she has come, Shristhi questions where is Karan and Sameer, she asks Sonakshi about Rajat, Archala jee replies she saw them downstairs so will call them, Janki stops her mentioning they should get the game ready while she will call them. Kara is playing carrom with Rajat, Sameer and Shrikant, Janki asks them to come upstairs, but Karan says it is a girls game, Shrikant replies he is tired now, Janki then explains she came because Preeta was missing her, hearing this Karan immediately leaves, Janki taunts the others saying they should also come. Karan comes exclaiming he heard they were missing her, Mahesh replies indeed they all were waiting for him, Janki says to Dadi they were not coming saying they don’t want to play the girls game, Rakhi asks then how she asked them to come, Janki mentions she said Preeta was missing him so he came running along with everyone, Karan ask if this means Preeta was not missing him, Shristhi replies she always misses him but can they now start the game, Harshvardhan exclaims that he is tired, Dadi taunts that those who are really old tend to back out from the game, he is then adamant to play the game, they start passing the pillow as the song starts, it finally stops when Janki takes it, they all ask her to act as she exclaims she is a really good actor, Janki agrees to act, they all clap for her, they once again start the game then it stops to Harshvardhan, he exclaims they should not ask him to dance or sing, Sonakshi exclaims she knows each and every thing about him, she gets an idea so asks if there is anything which he has not told her, Harshvardhan is really worried but says there is nothing which he has hid from her, after the dare he exclaims it is enough so he will from now on watch them. Janki once again starts the song, it stops at Karina, Dadi exclaims it is really exciting as she has never given her any punishment, Dadi asks her to tell the Gaitri Mantar, Mahesh replies it is really difficult and he knows she would not be able to do it, Kritika replies he must let her try, Prithvi also claps for her, she then recites the complete Mantar, Karina asks Dadi why did she not know this about her, she taking the remote exclaims she would now surely want to make sure Dadi gets the pillow, she gets angry with Karina. Rakhi holds the pillow when the song stops, Karina is not happy as she tried to do ti with Dadi, Mahesh coming to her questions her to reveal the one situation thinking of which she still gets nervous, Rakhi asks him to remember the time when she accidentally called him Brother, Mahesh is stunned explaining it was before their marriage, Rakhi responds even then she gets nervous thinking she called her husband as brother, Mahesh returns to his position then the game starts, it stops at Dadi who says it is cheating, Kritika asks her to perform for them, she mention she needs a partner Shristhi agrees to accompany her and they both start acting as Veeru and Basanti scene where Shristhi is acting taking the side of Veeru explaining to Mousi they both should really get married. Dadi then starts hitting Shristhi with the dupatta, Mahesh appreciates them both for their acting, Sonakshi also praises Shristhi, they once again start the song, it comes to stop while Sherlin is passing it to Kritika, they both fight for who will get the chance, Sherlin suggests they should do a duet, Kritika questions what would they do so she mentions they should do the dance of Dola Re Dola, Kritika and Sherlin both dance really well on the song and so when they once again start it, it stops at Preeta however Dadi stops them, saying Preeta would not do anything, Rakhi mentions then she would win without even participating so karan suggests that she can participate even while sitting by looking into each other eyes, the person who will blink them first will lose, Mahesh replies he needs a chance to get romantic but Sherlin and Prithvi both are really frustrated.


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