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This is Fate on zee world Wednesday 1st December 2021

This is Fate Wednesday 1 December 2021 updates: Karan says that Preeta is right and he is a masterpiece, he was not able to understand her after the marriage even when she has understood each and everything, Preeta explains this was the reason he was getting mad and angry as there is nothing to worry about because there is a big room with her favorite pillow and sweet dish if she gets hungry. Karan exclaims that he is glad he got married to the stupid girl otherwise if there was any other girl she would have shouted at him, Preeta says she is also really angry and will shout at him after she comes back to the house as she knows that there is a restriction on shouting in the jail, Karan gets nervous, Preeta reveals she was just joking, he explains that he thought the court hearing was today however it is tomorrow, Preeta reveals then what is the worry as she would get the time to sleep with any problem, karan also says that he would sleep without her, they both start weeping and hug each other. Rakhi asks Kritika to come and sit down, she explains even after what has happened to her and Akshay blackmailing her is a matter in itself, she is also at fault because she hid the truth from them all knowing that they are her elders and have the experience of living their life, and would have found a solution, Rakhi asks Karina if she is correct in her assumption, Karina also agrees with her when Kritika says that even after what has happened she was wrong to talk rudely with Sarla, Karina explains she has apologized to her, Rakhi and Karina both hug her. Sameer and Shristhi are following Mahira, he reveals there is a problem because the fuel is low in the car, Shristhi getting mad asks why did he not check it before questioning what would have he done if he needed to reach some place important, Shristhi asks him to stop the car, they see that Ruchika and Megha are both fighting, Shristhi wonders what they might be fighting about, she open the window to hear and listen that Megha is forcefully pulling Ruchika, who says that she is the reason Akshay is not in her life so pulls her aside, Shristhi and Sameer plan to follow them in order to find the truth. Preeta and Karan are in the jail, Preeta asks why did Kritika tell the truth even when she asked her to not say anything, Karan reveals she did it because her mother came to their house, she got into an argument with Karina, hearing which Kritika might have thought that all the blames were being placed on her so she informed the truth, Preeta wonders why was Shristhi not able to stop her because she was sent after Sarla, karan says that she was not even present at their house, Preeta wonders what might be Shristhi doing, Karina calls Preeta from behind and she has come with Kritika. Shristhi and Sameer hear Ruchika fighting with Megha in her house, they both get in a struggle and Megha pushes her away, Ruchika throws her out of the house and when she is about to close the door, Shristhi and Sameer stop her from closing it, they demand she reveal the truth about the quarrel with Megha, Ruchika however insists that they leave her house and even calls the police demanding that they come immediately however Shristhi says that she knows Ruchika is acting as if she had actually called the police they would go to jail along with her, she explains that she knows that Ruchika is hiding something and must inform the truth. Karina along with Kritika enter the room, Preeta immediately hugs Kritika, Karina calling her explains that she has apologized to Kritika however she said that had she known the truth she would not have behaved in such a rude manner with Preeta, she misbehaved with her and would have come to meet her early if she knew the truth, she has really wronged her, Karina says that everyone desired to help her but she stopped them and did not even want anyone to meet her, knowing there is no one in her family to support her, meaning there is no gents in her family, she knew Karan was angry with her and even did not try to calm him, Karina apologizes saying that she is sorry for the wrong which she has done. Preeta holds the hands of Karina, Kritika also apologizes saying that she was not able to fulfil the promise and informed the truth because she was not able to see her in such poor conditions, Preeta explains there is no need because she was never alone and even if Karan was not with her she knew he cared for her, even Mahesh papa came to meet her and even if he doesnot remember everything from the past, he knows that she is his daughter, Karina once again apologizes to Preeta saying that she did a lot for her daughter in her time of need even when she was so rude with her, Preeta mentions there is no need because she knows everyone in her family has a different way of expressing love and anger, she is blessed that she has no one but two families who care for her, Karina exclaims she has now come to realize how much Preeta cares for them as a family, Kritika hugs her from behind and starts weeping, Karina also praises her.Karan is amazed with how Karina is getting close to Preeta, he exclaims that she is getting friendly with her so it might cause a problem, Sushila comes in forming that their meeting time has ended so they must leave now, Karina and Kritika leave the room, karan advises her to take care of herself because it is only a matter of some hours, he hugs her when Sushila comes back to give the reminder, he exclaims that she can sleep on his bed and moves away but she holds his hand, he signals her to keep smiling before leaving. Shristhi asks Ruchika why she is making things complicated as if she hides the truth then it would eventually come out one day and cause a lot of problem for her, Sameer says that the police have arrested Preeta on suspicion of murdering Akshay, Ruchika exclaims that she would have indeed murdered him, Shristhi asks her to not say such things regarding her sister because she is not a killer and Akshay is not even worthy of her slap, Ruchika tries to leave but Shristhi stopping her says that she can see how she is trying to run away which strengthens her suspicion even further, Ruchika however says that she doesnot know of anything and if they do not leave the police would come and still if they stay, she would upload on the social media that some people are harassing her in her own house after which they would not be able to live peacefully, she threatens to also involve Karan in this whole scenario. Karan rings the bell and Janki opens the door, she is amazed to see Karan who takes her blessings and even that of Sarla, he exclaims that he is really angry with her because she doesnot consider him as her son, she lifts her hand to bless him but he gets worried so she explains she is not trying to slap him, she mentions that she knows he doesnot know how to express his love but Preeta along with Sarla know he cares for her and she also feels the same, Janki explains that he was he one to send the faluda and pillow for her even when he tried to keep it a secret, Sarla explains that they both love each other a lot, she explains he should have at least informed her about the truth, Karan exclaims that he will inform her if she is insisting, he says that he will stand with Preeta under any circumstance so she must not worry because Preeta would be freed after the first hearing, Sarla starts crying so he pleads with her to never worry about Preeta. Shristhi texts Karan demanding his help when Ruchika has called the police and they arrive in the house, Shristhi immediately tries proving her innocence but Ruchika convinces the police inspector doesnot listen to anything which Shristhi is saying and orders his constable to arrest her when Karan enters from behind saying that they cannot arrest Shristhi, the police inspector asks why is he trying to instruct them on how to perform their duty, Karan says that it is all a misunderstanding and the only reason Shristhi was trying to attack Ruchika was because she might have instigated her when Ruchika would have threatened to harm the reputation of Karan so it might have angered her, the inspector then orders to arrest Ruchika however Karan says that they have not filed any complain besides the inspector would have a lot of important cases to solve, they leave the house, karan also signals Shristhi to follow him., Mahira questions Prithvi asking how long it would take to fix the car, Prithvi gets angry saying that he doesnot know as he is not a professional, Mahira asks if she can take his car as she is in a hurry but Prithvi refuses to allow her saying that he is only helping her because he owed her for the last time she helped him otherwise he only works for his own benefit, Mahira is worried when Prithvi after some time says that her car is fixed, she questions why did he not say it before, he once again says that he is not a professional, he explains that she must thank him for his help instead of questioning. Sameer asks Karan how did he know they would get in trouble and the police would also come to arrest them, Shristhi reveals that it is because of her because she texted Karan when Ruchika was trying to blackmail them informing him of the entire situation, Sameer praises Shristhi who says that she is not any usual girl, Karan questions what were they both doing, Sameer mentions that they saw Megha and Ruchika fighting in the market and it was not any usual fight but regarding something really important so they followed them both, Shristhi then explains the entire situation, Mahesh comes in the car, Karan gets worried asking what is he doing here as he was about to call him, Mahesh says that he has asked the lawyer to come at the house and he must also hurry as they would discuss the case, Karan orders the driver to drive the other car while he would sit with Mahesh, he leaves advising Shristhi and Sameer to be careful. Prithvi is able to fix Mahira’s car, she turns to get in when he asks why is she in such a hurry , Mahira explains that she also has a meeting just like him, she leaves and Prithvi sits in his own car which breaks after moving a little further, Prithvi getting furious exclaims that had he known his own car would break he would have never helped Mahira, he looks at the back seat and thinks of a plan.


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