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This is Fate on Zee world, Wednesday 15th December 2021

This is Fate Wednesday 15 December 2021 updates: Hemand advises Astha to hurry up while he takes out the car from the parking, Preeta calls Astha who asks her to take care of prithvi as she has handled the situation but some people are trying to get him in his senses, she asks her to go and be with Prithvi, Hemand calls her when karan also come praising her for their help then Astha asks Karan to be vigilant around Prithvi, Shristhi immediately rushes inside, Hemand also comes asking what is taking so long when Preeta explains that she doesnot know a lot about her but would surely like to watch her story, Astha says that then they should watch it on Balaji, karan exclaims that she is talking about the married women, Astha leaves exclaiming that they would also be able to know about her life, Hemand along with Astha leave after wishing them happy Holi, Preeta exclaims that she is really a nice girl, Sherlin and Mahira both exclaim that they would surely watch the story of Astha. Karan enters the room when Suresh asks him to come and sit with his father, he is feeling pain, Dadi says that he has gotten old, Karina also says that Mahesh is looking younger then him and Suresh explains that she would surely joke because she herself is really hot and beautiful while he is getting old before his age, Suresh then asks him to stand on his feet once more, Mahesh after a lot of struggles is finally able to stand and starts walking, Shrishti after coming is also really amazed then asks Mahesh to come as they would jog, Mahesh says that they would surely jog but after the function of Holi, they all are laughing when he mentions that there is nothing to be worried about, Pammi sees Sherlin in the window then asks Suresh to look at her because she feels strange as Sherlin is the only one who is not smiling, Sherlin understands that they might get suspicious for her actions and leaves. Mahesh is on the bed; the doctor advises the nurse to perform a final check-up and asks them to not try to force him remember as it might harm his condition, Mahesh advises them all to leave and play the Holi which he would also celebrate, he asks Rakhi to make jalebi and also orders Karan to get ready the Bhang which he likes, Preeta is shocked but he asks them all to go while he also gets dressed, Rakhi stays with him and he thinks that he would not ruin their function but would reveal the truth about Sherlin after the function of Holi. Sherlin thinks that she must go and check if Mahira has made the drink because they have to get Prithvi out of the influence, Sherlin explains that she has made a mistake by leaving him alone, Mahira also says that she made a mistake, Sherlin explains that she only did it because of Mahira because she always walks like a princess and doesnot know where anything is in their house, Mahira inquires what is she saying because if she had not helped them Prithvi would be in jail and not unconscious, Sherlin also says that Mahira is only in the Luthra Mansion because of her help and so they are even, Sherlin walks and Mahira follows her, they both are shocked to see that the door is closed, Mahira mentions that Shrishti might have done it as she her with some keys, Sherlin asks then why did she not take it, Mahira gets furious asking what is the problem because she doesnot like when she does something or vice versa, Sherlin calms down then instructs her to bring the injections however Mahira reveals that they do not have any more, Sherlin wonders what they would do now, Mahira reveals that Prithvi is unconscious and would not say anything until he wakes up after which there would be no problem so they have to take care of Mahesh who is awake and talking. Sherlin after thinking explains that she would not let Mahesh talk and would play Holi, Mahira doesnot understand and asks what is she saying because everyone has colours on their face as it is Holi, Sherlin mentions that her brain is a lot smarter then her, she mentions that because of the colours no one would recognize them so they would be able to kill Mahesh easily, Mahira is impressed with her idea exclaiming that her mind is more clever then Prithvi, Sherlin says that she is the one to give him the ideas and so would be smart, they both plan to finalize their plan and kill Mahesh. Preeta is cooking in the kitchen when Shristhi comes with the keys explaining how she has locked the door of Prithvi, Preeta praises her then Rakhi comes asking if she saw Ganesh because she send him to the market however he has not come, Preeta asks her to not worry then take the jalebi for Mahesh which she has made, Rakhi says that she always felt bad after Mahesh got ill but now is feeling really happy, she asks Preeta to look at the preparations, Shristhi says that there is nothing to worry about because they would look at the preparation while she should go and celebrate Holi with her husband, Rakhi mentions that she sometimes feels that Mata Rani has blessed her with two daughters as they are with her, Rakhi after blessing them both leaves, Shristhi and Preeta reveal that they both love her a lot, Ganesh enters the kitchen, Shristhi asks Ganesh if he doesnot want his Preeta Bhabhi to enjoy Holi, Ganesh orders her to go and enjoy the Holi because he heard the entire conversation of Rakhi so would look after the preparations, Preeta reveals that she has finalized everything and he must just check them. Sherlin and Mahira cover their face with colours then plan to kill Mahesh Luthra because he would reveal the truth about their desires, they enter the room however are shocked because Mahesh is not in the room, they hear that he is in the bathroom so immediately hide, thinking to surprise him however Karan comes when he is just about to come out of the bathroom, karan asks him to not walk inquiring about the nurse, Mahesh says that he is fine and himself send the nurse because her boyfriend was calling, Mahesh says that he must let him walk by himself as only then would be recover but should be with him if there is any problem, Karan explains that he brought good colours however someone stole them even at Holi, Mahesh asks him to not feel bad as it is Holi and they must always clear their hearts. Mahesh advises that they should play Holi, karan reveals that everyone is waiting for him, so they both head downstairs, Sherlin and Mahira coming out wonder what would happen as he would now say the truth about them, Sherlin handing the injections to Mahira advises her to kill Mahesh and be careful while she would go and calm down Prithvi.Shristhi explains she read the message on Mahira’s mobile but she did not know that they both have the same mobile and the blackmailer was blackmailing him, Karan explains that he is the murderer which is why he went to meet the blackmailer, Prithvi explains the only reason he went to meet the blackmailer was because he desired to see his face and prove that he is the real murderer of Akshay because he is also being framed, Karan questions why did he go to the hotel, Prithvi answers that he got to know Akshay was blackmailing Kritika but she did not say anything to him because she might be afraid so he went to confront Akshay, Prithvi thinks that he is hiding some facts and revealing the others, Shristhi whispers to Karan they cannot trust Prithvi, she along with Sameer leave in anger. Prithvi asks if Karan is feeling bad because Preeta is in jail, he reveals that he is also feeling bad because he knows that Preeta is innocent and would do all he is able to save her, Karan exclaims if he is telling the truth then there is no problem but if there is a anything which is not the truth, he would not leave him, Prithvi rejoices that he has once again walked free from all the troubles. Shristhi is walking in the hall remembering what the guard told that the person was wearing a black hoodie, she recalls that she saw it in the house of Ruchika and also recalls that she was wearing the bracelet which she found in the factory, Shristhi exclaims to Karan that she is sure Ruchika is the blackmailer and is the one who murdered Akshay, Karan getting mad leaves to confront Ruchika and Shristhi also follows him. Ruchika is in the house, there is someone on the door and when she opens she is shocked to see Karan, Shristhi and Sameer standing there, they ask permission to come in and she allows them, Shristhi hold her hand asking where is the necklace which she wears on her hand, Ruchika explains that she lost it but Shristhi raking it out says that she has come to return it saying that she was in the factory, Karan mentions that the bracelet is the proof against her because of which his wife is paying the price for her crime, Ruchika questions what punishment is he talking off, Shristhi reveals that she in anger murdered Akshay because he did not marry her ,Ruchika reveals she was in love with him. Karan exclaims she actually loved him, Ruchika reveals they also have a son but he for the sake of money desired to marry Kritika but Preeta, Shristhi and Sameer found the truth about him so he was forced to end the marriage on the Mandap, he knew that if he did not end it she would come to the function and she also came but after the separation with Kritika, Akshay changed and also started drinking a lot, he also held an affair with Megha but she found out and confronted him, he promised to leave her and started blackmailing Kritika because they needed the money after which they were planning to leave for Dubai but Megha found out and killed Akshay in the hotel room, she reveals that Megha is the one who murdered Akshay. Prithvi is standing when Mahira questions then what happened, Prithvi reveals that he was told them repeatedly that he did not murder Akshay, Mahira is really worried asking what would happen because if Prithvi is arrested they all would be ruined. Prithvi asks her to stay out of the family matter but Mahira gets really mad asking if he considers them his family but what about her who has always been with him, she threatens him saying that if he gets into any kind of trouble then they would all have to pay the price, Mahira warns saying that if he gets into any trouble this time, she would not be able to save him, Sherlin coming to Prithvi asks what will he do about the blackmailer, Prithvi reveals that he has called him and they would meet tomorrow which is when he would see his face. Sherlin prays that the blackmailer turns out to be the killer as then they would be freed. Rakhi is on the call with Sarla, she mentions she is really happy that Karan came to meet her, Sarla answers she is also happy but is more delighted that Karan went to meet Preeta because when a husband is with her wife, she gets a lot of strength which Preeta would have also gotten, she is glad because Karan took the pillow without which she cannot sleep and also the sweet dish for her, Rakhi exclaims she did not know about this, Rakhi explains she did not have a daughter but Sarla has given her the happiness of the daughter, Sarla also reveals that she has given her the blessings of a son as Karan has become a part of her family. Rakhi explains that she is not able to wait for the time when Preeta would come out of the jail, she would celebrate it with a party because Mahesh jee was not able to attend their wedding so they would have a lot of fun, she explains that this time Sarla would have to come and there would not be any excuse, Sarla also says that she would come without any hesitation. Rakhi explains there is also another news because when she came to their house Karina got mad at her but after she left and Karina came to know the truth, she personally went to the police station and apologized to Preeta so they would also celebrate the fact that Karina has accepted Preeta as the member of the Luthra family. Ruchika is crying, Karan requests her to give the statement in favor of Preeta at the court hearing however Ruchika refuses as she is scared for her life, karan asks who is she scared off, Ruchika takes the name of Megha mentioning how she threatened to harm her and if she dies what would happen with her child, she is also worried about her life because Megha even came to fight with her in the morning which Shristhi and Sameer heard, Shristhi explains that Ruchika is still free because of Karan as she was about to be arrested and he saved her, Sameer also explains that she was able to see the true face of Akshay because of Preeta so demands that she help them, Ruchika thinks for a moment then questions Karan asking if he would fulfil his promise of protecting her life and that of her child, Karan assures her of keeping his promise, she asks for the time of the hearing assuring them that she would come in favour of Preeta.


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