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This is Fate on Zee world, Wednesday 12th January 2022

This is Fate Wednesday 12 January 2022 updates: Prithvi starts searching in the hall he is not able to find Karan so wonders where might he have gone as he said he needed some fresh air, he only desires the police see Karan as they would then arrest him so he would be back in the jail, otherwise if he partners with Preeta then would surely plot against him which he cannot have as it might ruin his plan.

Prithvi sees Karan walking so he hides and tries calling the police but when Karan walks past beside him he stops Karan questioning if he has freshen up as this is what he said, karan questions if Prithvi realizes that he is ignoring him as he is a waste of time, Prithvi objects saying it is a disrespect and he should not say, Prithvi responds he is really bad for Karan so if he decides then can even ruin him, Karan raises his hand to just warn Prithvi to live respectably with Kritika, warning that he should not get any complain otherwise he doesnot know what he will do to him, karan mentions the only reason he is resisting him is because he married, Kritika otherwise he would have beaten him if he stepped foot in the house, Prithvi after Karan leaves thinks he would now head back to jail with an additional charge, he wishes that it be played on every news channel that Prithvi Malhotra has sent Karan back to jail and protected the country, he exclaims when police would take him back to the jail and throw him in a cell, is when he would realize that Karan has lost the battle against him, he after some time wonders how much does he talk to himself so leaves to see when Karan is taken away after being arrested by the police.

The constable assures that Karan is not in any of the rooms, Karan walks from the front door, the inspector reveals they were waiting for him, he agrees to leave with them but insists on talking with Mahesh before so he asks him to pay the hospital bill. Inspector questions why did he come back just to reveal this little information, Shristhi tries to explain but Karan stops and says the jeep which was transferring him got into an accident while the constables got injured so he took them to the hospital but did not have any cash or his mobile so had to come back to his house, the inspector blames him for lying saying they got the information that Karan was trying to run away, he mentions that if his family was involved they would have send him out of the country, inspector replies that they got a tip that Shristhi was the most involved however karan refutes these claims, the inspector mentions he doesnot like the celebrities because of their position but he believes Karan is an honest person as he did not leave the constables to die and is even honest, Preeta and Karan thinks the time when they both planned that Karan would surrender to the police, she mentioned how she used to think differently of him.

Inspector mentions he came filled with anger and thought he would arrest if the entire family was involved in breaking Karan however, he turning to Rakhi exclaims she has given her children really honest upbringing, Rakhi while crying accepts they have made a mistake, but Karan stops her from saying anything further, Prithvi is furious that his plan backfired as Karan was supposed to be humiliated. The inspector ordering the constable to bring Karan to the jeep.

Karan starts meeting the family to say his final goodbye, Shristhi is not able to live without hugging him after which he turning to Preeta assures he would come back and there is no need to worry, Rakhi also hugs him, he stops seeing Prithvi who asks why he came back but he leaves the house.

The entire family is sad that Karan was arrested once again, Preeta follows him when he says he is glad that she came to talk with him, she mentions he would be glad that karan was arrested but she explains it is not nice that he was the one to call and get Karan arrested, Prithvi questions why does she always have to talk about Karan as he only desires to be with her and doesnot care of anyone else, she mentions she doesnot think he is really worthy of living in this family and must not think they are stupid as it is not the case, she warns him to not think he is really clever and so must stay away from her, she turns to find Sherlin standing there and even warns her before leaving, Sherlin coming to Prithvi says she feels that Preeta would create a big scene in the court hearing as her intentions do not seem nice, Prithvi assures her there is nothing to worry about as he needs some time to be prepared for their enemies.

In the night Preeta and Kritika are standing when Rakhi is hurriedly walking out of the house, Preeta questions where is she going, she responds she has left the medical box of Mahesh ion their old house, she might have forgotten it because of the hurry so is going back there, Preeta stops her offering to go but Rakhi is tensed asking if she would go alone, Kritika offers to be with Preeta, Prithvi also calls them from behind mentions the car is ready, Preeta however says that they can go with the driver but Kritika seeks permission from Preeta to allow Prithvi, Sherlin also asks Rakhi to go with them but Prithvi declines saying she must rest however Sherlin insists on going with them, Rakhi allows advising that she come back and must not get tired, she agrees then Preeta asks Prithvi to come, Kritika tries to talk with him but he leaves so she feels he might still be angry with her.

Karan is in the cell thinking of how he promised Preeta to return quickly, she also requests him to not leave her, he sitting down is really tensed when the inspector comes, Karan greets him, he says he is coming from the hospital, Karan inquiries about the condition of the constables when the Inspector says they are fine, he even appreciates Karan for his help, Karan however stops him saying that he felt he got late in helping them but the inspector assures that he was right on time and now the constables would surely be fine.
The inspector apologizes mentioning he thought sincere Karan was really wealthy and also a star he would only think of himself but now after knowing him, he has realized his mistake, he mentions how he thought Karan would run from the country but he did not do it, Karan assures he would not have done it when the inspector says he has realized it, he has started to believe that Karan is truly a genuinely person and he has now believed that the upbringing of Karan was done in a good family, Karan exclaims he has got a new fan, the inspector reveals he is a fan of the good human being but not a cricketer, Karan exclaims he is just joking but the inspector is not explaining he would always be there for Karan but not as an inspector, instead as a good friend.

Preeta is walking down with the medicines when she gets a call from Rakhi, Preeta exclaims she has taken the medicines and would come back as soon as possible, Rakhi stops her saying she must not leave the Luthra Villa as they did not see the news, there is a red alert in Mumbai because of the cyclone, so she must stay in the house, Preeta agrees to follow the advice of Rakhi.

Prithvi in his room is wondering how he offered to help Preeta and even brought her to the Luthra villa, she did not even think of him, he has been trying to do all that he can to make sure she starts noticing his efforts however Preeta doesnot care, she is instead trying to ruin Sherlin, he wonders why he is not able to do anything because Karan even after being in the jail is working against him which he cannot bear, he also thinks how he would be able to make sure that Sherlin and Preeta are able to work together when they are constantly fighting but Kritika is friends with Preeta so she would be always be nice with them while living with him. Kritika knocks on the door and entering apologizes for not believing in him however Prithvi questions when did it happen as he was not angry with her, he inquires if she trusts him to which she assures him, he explains that if she ever feels there is something so must first question not give a shock like this ever again, she hugging him assures nothing like this would ever happen again, Prithvi is relieved, he explains that he is really proud of Karan as he is his brother in law but she must not worry of their relation, he then advises her to go and sleep otherwise there would be dark circles, she leaves when Prithvi is relieved she is fine but Shelrin would be in trouble as she is trapped from both sides, Preeta and Megha are all after her, she would be trapped only the money of Rishab can save her, he prays for Sherlin.

Sherlin is sleeping in her bed when someone starts knocking on the window, she opening the blinds is shocked to see Megha standing there, she questions what did Shelrin think would happen after she send Prithvi to steal the proof from her house, she warns her to never again think of such an idea, she has just come to demand the money, Sherlin accuses her but Mahira pays no heed to her words and only requires her money. Megha exclaims she has no intention to tease her but still posses the video of Sherlin with Luthra, she can just as easily walk into the Luthra Mansion, she then clarifies she will use the money for her business and the care of her child while giving Ruchika her share, Sherlin is shocked, Megha asks if she has not heard the quote” the enemy of my enemy if my friend”, she gives Sherlin the limit till noon the next day otherwise they would show the video to the Luthra family including her husband Rishab, Shelrin assures that she would get the money by noon the next day.

Sherlin walks into the room calling Prithvi, he exclaims he was just thinking of her, she orders him to not still think of her, he asks what has happened as she seems tensed, Sherlin mentions that Karan accepted he murdered Akshay in order to save Preeta so what can he do for her, he asks what does she mean when she questions if he will accept he murdered Akshay, Prithvi at once denies, he clarifies that he meant he can do anything for her but will not do it, because of the law as it can certainly find out the truth about who the real murderer is and they are eventually arrested, he wonders what has he stated talking, Sherlin questions if he believes she will not love him as she is not like him and is selfless, she then mentions that Preeta got released because Karan accepted he murdered Akshay, she then is worried of what he said that law is able to get the proof against the murderer, she then asks him for money but he refuses to help her saying he doesnot have even a penny, she questions why did he then say he flies in a chartered plane, he accepted he was lying but she vows to steal the jewellery from Rakhi in the night, Prithvi mentions that Sherlin has lost her mind as she believes Rishab will help her, he is better then him but in frustration he decides to talk with Sherlin after reaching the house.

Preeta is in the room weeping, she standing beside the bed thinks of how she used to fight with Karan over the pillow, she lies after keeping her head on it while crying, the wind flows, she is not able to sleep so sitting thinks she has not informed anyone about Sherlin but once she is able to prove that Sherlin murdered Akshay, she will forget she is pregnant and would do anything to save her husband.



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