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This is Fate on Zee world, Tuesday 8th February 2022

This is Fate Tuesday 8 February 2022 updates: Sonakshi reveals she thought she would let the past remain in the past and not force it to come to her present life, when after so long she came to Mumbai, the car which drove by her belonged to him, her father then arranged her marriage so she thought of inviting all her friend but she did not know that if they would come to her wedding it would mean inviting her past into her present, she knows that Karan had not fault in anything and so going to Preeta apologizes assuring that she did not have any fault, Rajat exclaims he has not seen such a liar in his life and doesnot know if the story which she has just revealed is the truth, Karan shouts at him warning that he should remain quiet. Rajat exclaims he has had enough of it and is glad that he was saved from marrying this girl, he is leaving her, Chacha jee also says that they are glad Rajat did not marry Sonakshi, Archala jee explains she is going to advice Preeta to believe in other people but not to the extent that it causes problems in her own life, she leaves exclaiming it is just an advice. Harshvardhan exclaims he asked Sonakshi to reveal the name of the father, but she refused to listen, had he known Karan was the father of her child he would have got them both married, in that case they would have been saved from such humiliation. He walks up the stairs Karan sees that Preeta is really tensed so going to her tries to reason, she shuns his hand saying that they should leave for Mumbai, she orders Shristhi to place the bags in the car as they are packed, Preeta leaves the hall. Sarla wakes up in her room saying the name of Preeta, she is really tensed wondering what has happened so goes out, she is shocked to see that the door is open and closes it, she sees that the Diya in the Mandir is not burning so tries to light it but she is not able to, Sarla is worried what might the reason be that she is not able to light it, she realizes that something might be wrong with Preeta. Ganesh opens the door and welcomes Karan along with everyone, he exclaims he has prepared delicious food for them all, Preeta hurriedly walks up to her room, seeing which Karan is tensed so he also walks after her. Rakhi says to Dadi she cannot understand how Preeta would handle it all as she is pregnant, Karina says she cannot understand why they all went to the wedding of Sonakshi as she has created a scene in front of them, Mahesh advises Rakhi to go and talk with Preeta, Dadi stops them saying that it is a matter between husband and wife soi they would sort it by themselves, Kritika agrees with Dadi explaining they all were really happy with the news but now are really sad, she fears what sort of problems their family is going to suffer. Prithvi mentions do they think Karna would have hidden the truth from them, they all get tensed when Prithvi reveals he is just taking the side of his brother-in-law because Karan is family. Sameer asks Ganesh to bring water for everyone, he explains they should all worry for Preeta because she is pregnant and they need to take care of her, Rakhi says she is really angry with Sonakshi and wants to slap her, what was the need to go to her wedding as she has caused a storm in their family, what was the need to come into their lives after all that happened in the past, she sits down weeping while Sameer tries to calm her. Preeta enters the room, Karan also follows her, she rushes into the bathroom without even talking to him, he is left standing there not knowing what he should do, Preeta standing in front of the mirror starts crying, Karan recalls when Sonakshi revealed he is the father of the child, Preeta not able to control herself sits down on the bench, wondering what has happened in her life, Karan is also not able to understand what he should do, both of them are really stunned by the events that have come to life in the past twenty four hours. Dadi advises Rakhi there is no need to be so broken as she should remain strong, Rakhi explains she knows what happened in Sonakshi’s wedding was wrong and it can harm the relation of Karan and Preeta, she mentions that after so long they were happy because Preeta announced she was pregnant but even then because of Sonakshi’s past there might be problems in the life of Karan and Preeta, she is worried that there might be problems in their lives. Karina tries to assure Rakhi everythinbg would be alright, Rakhi asks how would it be asking if she has seen any way, she knows Karina is just saying it to keep her calm but it is not possible and if she was the mother of Preeta then would have taken her away from this house as what is the need of her to stay in house when her husband has cheated her, she leaves crying, Mahesh goes after her. Karina also asks Dadi to come with her and rest, Kritika also asks Prithvi to come but he refuses to come saying she should go and rest as he needs to handle the US clients so would be awake all night, Kritika mentions he can even work from their room but Prithvi explains he doesnot want to ruin her sleep because their would be discussion all night as he has suffered a loss so she would be disturbed. Kritika agrees to leave, Sherlin is also happy. Prithvi while walking in the hall think that it is night and people tend to sleep but now, he only needs one thing and it is to end the relation between Karan and Preeta, he is only waiting for the time when the storm comes to ruin their lives. Karan is waiting when Preeta comes out of the bathroom, she picks up the blanket to leave when he questions what has happened asking where is she going, she mentions she is going to the guest room, Preeta receives a call from Sarla who asks if she is okay, she knows it is really late but she was feeling worried, she forgets that there is no need to worry for her as she is with Karan who is always there to protect her but she is her mother so tends to get worried. She calls her whenever she feels tensed, she asks if everythinbg is alright then exclaims she might be getting mad as she knows Karan will always be with her and will protect her, she is mad as she slept without closing the door and it is a blessing that the guard was there otherwise the crooks would have entered the house, she is missing Shristhi as when she is present then she is not worried otherwise whenever she gets tensed so decides to call her. Sarla asks why is she not saying anything, Preeta replies it is because she is tired so Sarla suggests that she should rest as she might have gotten tired at the function, there is someone at the door which worries Sarla, Preeta says that it would be Shristhi and Janki aunti because they have also just arrived so she should open the door, Sarla ends the call advising Preeta to take care of herself while she would open the door.Karan calls Preeta, his phone rings so she leaves the room, he follows her calling his name but she doesnot respond, Sherlin standing in the corner is really happy. Sarla exclaims that she is coming so opens the door, Shristhi walks in the house and is really tensed, Sarla questions why the long face because they went to the wedding, so she asks what has happened. Karan is following Preeta, but she doesn’t listen to him, Prithvi while walking sees them so think he wished for the storm to come and it has already arrived, this means his prayer is being listened so now Preeta ji is going away from karan and very soon their romantic love story would end after which his story with Preeta je would start. Karan is following Preeta however she doesnot listen and enters the guest room, Karan exclaims he wants to talk with her but she doesnot respond, Prithvi thinks this is really amazing, Karan once again knocks on the door saying he wants to talk however Preeta replies she doesnot want to, Karan leaves, Preeta once again lies down on the bed. Sarla asks if everything is fine, Shristhi and Janki do not respond then Sarla once again questions asking what has happened because she talked with Preeta who said that she was fine but she felt that something is wrong as she woke up because the door was open and even the Akhund Jhot was not lit, Shristhi recalls when Preeta said that she must not tell anything to Sarla she even asked Janki to lie because Sarla would even know the truth. Shristhi exclaims everything is fine, Sarla threatens to slap her saying that she is lying and how can it be that after coming back from a wedding she is not laughing and kissing her, Janki exclaims that Shristhi just entered the house and she has started scolding her, she then asks Janki why is the reason she is crying, Shristhi exclaims it is because she just returned after not telling her, Sarla thinks she gets mad without any reason so they must not worry and go freshen up while she would make something for them to eat, Shristhi and Janki leave for their rooms. Sherlin is in her room thinking that it is really amazing to see Karan and Preeta fighting as they are now moving away from each other, she thinks that even now they are not fighting like she wants so she wants that Preeta leave while Karan starts to act like a Devadas, she wonders how it will happen then vows to do it herself, she plans to call Sarla and tell her that karan has deceived her daughter, she would come to the Luthra house to fight as she is always ready to stand for her daughter, this would cause problems between both the families. Preeta in her room think how Sonakshi exclaimed that she is the mother of Karan’s child, Karan also thinks about Preeta, she in her room picks the mobile, Karan’ mobile rings and he answers it exclaiming he knew she would call him, Sonakshi says she called to apologize to him, Karan says that she has ruined his life and should not even call him anymore, Sonakshi is crying exclaiming she is really sorry for what she has done to his life. Dadi in her room asks Karina why is she worried, Karina exclaims she is tensed about Preeta because she is still pregnant and fears if she doesnot go to her house, she is because of a middle class mentality and might go to her mother’s house, Dadi making her sit exclaims that there is nothing of the middle and upper class, these differences have been created by them but she feels if Preeta desired to call her mother then would have already done so but she did not do anything for the sort so this means she wants everything to be normal otherwise would have called Sarla by now, she feels that had it been any other girl then Preeta she would have gone back to her house till now, she even thought of calling Sarla by herself but then thought that it is a matter between a mother and daughter, Sherlin thinks Sarla would know the truth after some time as now her mobile has ended in battery but it would recharge very soon, Sherlin walking in the room asks Dadi if she can take her charger from her purse, Dadi agrees so Sherlin leaves. Sherlin entering her room thinks that she is really happy and prays that nothing that causes her happiness should not come to her, Sherlin calls Sarla who wonders who is it at this time, Sherlin exclaims that she knows Sarla is really angry with her and there is always a fight between them but she knows Preeta really needs her, Sarla asks Sherlin to shut up because she knows Karan would really take care of her daughter so knows nothing wrong would ever happen to her, she asks Sherlin to say it clearly, Sherlin exclaims that Sonakshi is the mother of Karan’s child, Sarla in anger calls Shristhi. Shristhi comes asking Sarla what happened at the wedding of Sonakshi, Shristhi replies nothing wrong happened when Sarla warns her to not lie because she knows the truth and just wants to hear from their mouth, she knows the truth as Sherlin told her everything but she still doesnot want to believe them as Sherlin is not that kind of a person, if what has happened is the truth then why are they both in their house as they should be with Preeta, Sarla exclaims she would ask Preeta herself. Sarla calls Preeta but she doesnot answer and is thinking about the moment when Sonakshi accepted that Karan is the father of her child, Sarla exclaims that she is not answering her call, Shristhi tries to talk with her but Sarla says that she should not even try to talk with her and if she wants to talk then should reveal the truth otherwise should not dare, she going into her room closes the door, Janki and Shristhi both request her to open the door exclaiming she is the strength of their family and how would they be able to face this situation without her, Shristhi says tat Preeta warned them to not say anything to Sarla but she got mad and is now not opening the door, Preeta and Sarla both are crying in their rooms.


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