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This is Fate on Zee world, Tuesday 1st February 2022

This is Fate Tuesday 1 February 2022 updates: Sonakshi exclaims Preeta is really good but why does anyone want to hurt her, Preeta asks what does she mean, Sonakshi replies someone really wanted to hurt her and was there when she said she would make the drink for Dadi, Sonakshi saw Sherlin so mentions someone purposefully left the knob of the gas open, Preeta replies that it was not a big fire that she gets suspicious someone tried to hurt her, Sonakshi asks her to think then realizes she saw Sherlin so replies it was someone but a girl, Sherlin. Rakhi comes to Dadi asking where everyone as the lady is has come but they are not even dressed, Dadi replies that she is going through the book which has patterns for pregnant women too, Rakhi exclaims they should bring Preeta and see what design she would select, Dadi inquiries about Sonakshi because it is her Mehndi, but she cannot be seen anywhere, Dadi asks the worker to keep the books while they bring Preeta. Sonakshi asks Preeta to think why Sherlin would try to harm her, mentioning she was also there when Preeta said to Rakhi that she will make the drink, she even stopped Sonakshi from going into the kitchen saying that Preeta was not there, she even saw Sherlin at the kitchen, but she did not come to save her, Rajat’s mother comes questioning why is Sonakshi not ready because he function is about to start so she should come down, Sonakshi replies she will come within ten minutes as Preeta will help her, she leaves, Preeta asks her what sort of dress would she like to wear, Sonakshi is state of tension questions why can she be so normal, asking does she what would have happened if the fire got out of control, Preeta assures her she would handle it in her own way, Sonakshi exclaims there is only one difference amongst them both, it is that she doesnot let anything wrong happen to her, Sonakshi pulls Preeta to question Sherlin. Karan and Rajat meet Karina, they are not able to find Sherlin, Rajat exclaims how can it happen as he saw her being pulled from here, they think someone might have taken her away, Karan says she did not see anyone in the parking, Karina decides to call the police, Preeta comes down with Sonakshi, Dadi comes to help her touching her hand, Preeta screams when they all ask what happened, she shows the burn, Sonakshi mentions she will tell them, she was going to take the opinion of Preeta who was in the kitchen but when she went there no one was there not even a single chef beside only Preeta and it caught fire, Dadi is worried, Sonakshi assures it was just a small fire, asking them to think what could have happened if the fire got out of control, she assures that the fire was small but explaining she saw Sherlin standing behind them but she let, Karina exclaims it is not possible because Rajat saw her being kidnapped, Preeta is tensed, Karan explains Rajat saw someone kidnapping Sherlin, Sonakshi is sure she saw her at the kitchen. Karan exclaims the main point is that how can she be at two places at once, Karan decides to once again look for her in the room. Karan opens the door, they are shocked to see Sherlin is tied in the chair, Karina rushes to her when Dadi instructs her to also open the bandage, Sherlin wakes up when they ask how did it all happen, Sonakshi at first questions why did she throw Preeta into the fire, Sherlin is really worried asking what happened, Preeta questions how did it all happen, Rajat reveals he saw someone with a hoodie kidnapping her, Sherlin realizes that while she was walking someone pulled her into the house, it was Prithvi but she asked him to leave when Prithvi said that he saw her hurting Preeta but even Sonakshi saw her so this why he used Rajat as a tool to kidnap her so when everyone would come to question her, Rajat would take her side, she got relaxed when he said that he helped save her, so after asking her to sit and act as if she was unconscious, Rajat reveals that he saw Sherlin was being kidnapped, Sonakshi once again questions why did Sherlin not reveal who tied her and who kidnapped her, Sherlin reveals that her jewellery is missing and someone must have kidnapped her to steal the jewellery. Karina questions Sonakshi if she has something to say even now, Rakhi asks Karina to let it go as everything is sorted, Sherlin then apologizes to Preeta asking how is she feeling, Karan explains there is something wrong as Preeta was hurt while someone also tried to kidnap Sherlin, Rajat exclaims he also feels someone is trying to target them all, Karina mentions she has called the police, Dadi orders them to forget about everything, look at Sonakshi because she is the bride but is not even ready, they all leave to get ready, Sonakshi looks at Sherlin thinking she knows Shelrin was acting, she vows to never let her harm Preeta. Preeta is walking, Karan pulls hugging her, she asks why he is crying as everything is okay, he asks her to take care of herself at all times, Preeta sees Sonakshi so walks away, she comes hugging them both praying that they do not get any problem in their life. The function starts when Preeta comes with Sonakshi, Rajat’s mother asks why she got so late, Sonakshi replies that se was busy in some work, Archala jee explains there is nothing to be worried off, she must not sit to get the Mehndi applied, Archala jee also asks Preeta to sit with her, Rakhi advises her to first select the designs as Dadi is really excited about the designs for Pregnant women, Preeta gets worried realizing what the doctor said that she might not be able to become a mother. The waiter comes with the milk, Rakhi replies it seems he has not placed any of the dried fruits in it so must take it back to add some more of them, Archala jee instructs him to video call Rakhi from the kitchen so that she is satisfied, Rakhi laughs at her joke explaining that when she was pregnant Maa would also give her the milk because of which Karan and Rishab are so healthy, Dadi asks her to also give Preeta the milk, Kritika sees Prithvi coming from behind to attend the function, she goes to hug him which worries everyone.Kritika hugging Prithvi question when did he come back, Prithvi exclaims how could he have not come when she missed him, Karina exclaims he has given a pleasant surprise, Prithvi replies this is what he desired and did not even inform Kritika as she cannot keep a secret, he then seeks the blessings of both Dadi and Rakhi, Kritika introduces him to Sonakshi and Rajat, Prithvi shaking the hand congratulates Rajat and Sonakshi on being married, he then congratulates Karan, also saying the same to Preeta, then the entire family. He asks Sherlin if she is okay, she is recalling how he came to save her exclaims she is fine. Archala jee asks asks Kritika to come and have the Mehndi applied so she leaves, Shristhi coming is shocked to see Sherlin exclaiming she thought someone has taken her away so they would be free from her but she is still present, Dadi calls Shristhi to come to her. Ganesh opens the door when the delivery boy comes saying that the pregnancy report of Preeta has come, Ganesh decides to call Preeta so exclaims he cannot hear her but doesnot know Sherlin is on the other end of the call, she herself calls Ganesh exclaiming Preeta cannot talk with him as she is busy so wants him to send it to Lonavla, he agrees then she instructs him to send it as quickly as possible saying she will also send the name of the courier company which he should use, she says she would also transfer the money but he says she can give him the money after returning, she ends the call and is walking, Prithvi pulling her aside exclaims she is really happy so what is the reason, Sherlin mentions that she has found out that Preeta is not pregnant and also got hands on the proof which she has decided to bring to Lonavla, Prithvi is really happy saying it is really good news, Sherlin questions why is he so happy, Prithvi replies that after hearing the news entire Luthra family would be in shock, especially that Karan Luthra who will not be able to bear it and will divorce Preeta, it would be easy to divorce because when there is a child, parents are forced to live together because of the child but there is no child coming so Karan will react with anger because of which Preeta will divorce him because she is really old fashioned so will leave him. Sherlin replies he desires Preeta to leave Karan so that she comes to his life, Sherlin replies that he is a really idiotic person, Sherlin exclaims he also thinks of Preeta, Prithvi questions her to be on one side as she sometimes talks of Preeta or Karina, Sherlin replies that Kritika is her enemy because he married her but he always thinks of Preeta, Prithvi replies she still is thinking wrong of him, mentioning she is the only one in his heart as he saved her when she tried to kill the child of Preeta and her child, he also saved her when she was trying to burn the kitchen so he is always there for her but she only thinks wrong of him, had he not saved her she would have been thrown in the jail, he exclaims that it is not right and he is leaving her just like she tried to breakup with him on the phone, she stops him saying that he also knows she only loves him, they both hug each other, Mahesh comes with Mr Harshvardhan, they both are shocked to see the scene. The Mehndi function is progressing, Rakhi thanks the waiter saying it seems now he has put the dried fruits in the milk, she takes it to Preeta but is worried how will she drink it as she is having the Mehndi applied on her hands, Karan says there is nothing to worry about as his hands are free, Shristhi exclaims if he feels like helping Preeta drink then should sit and do it properly, Rajat says after what Karan is doing now it would be really difficult for him to impress Sonakshi even after he is taking the advice from him, Sonakshi signals, he apologizes exclaiming he made a mistake as he should not have revealed it openly that he is taking advice from him, Sonakshi would now always scold him, Karan assures nothing of the sort would happen, he must ask her to make circle tortilla which he is sure she would mot be able to do, Sonakshi asks karan to wait till her Mehndi is dried as she will then show him she can make round tortilla. He would be left stunned, Rajat questions if she can make it, Sonakshi asks him to wait and see as if he can take lessons from karan then she would also learn from Preeta, Sonakshi asks Preeta if she would teach her but Preeta replies she would surely teach her but not today as it will ruin her Mehndi, Sonakshi assures it is no big deal as she will not make it for her husband all her life, she just needs to prove a point, Preeta agrees to teach her tomorrow, Sonakshi warns Karan and Rajat to wait and see but Karan replies he knows she cannot make it, Dadi exclaims the boys are really optimistic but do not know Sonakshi can do it all, she is just like Gold, karan asks if she is his girlfriend or her. Rakhi says Preeta is a really good teacher so can teach anyone, Kritika mentions Preeta is surely really amazing as she has taught her a lot in life and even the kitchen, Shristhi exclaims then she is her sister, Kritika says that this idea would not always work. Shristhi is standing when she sees Shrikant so thinks he is really wired so knows something which the entire family should know, she thinks Rajat seems nice but is he really like Karan or the copy of Prithvi who is only good from the front, but she thinks she felt Prithvi was bad from the start however it is not the case with him, she decides to test him. Shristhi greets Rajat who accepts Karan advised him to take her help, but she did not answer his calls in the night, Shristhi replies that these talks are done face to face, Shristhi says that he would have to pass her test if he needs to get her tips, Sameer exclaims he is stuck but Rakhi stops him, Rajat asks what would he have to do, Shristhi says she will not ask him to do the work of a labourer but would ask some question, she asks if he is really honest, Rajat replies that he sometimes lies that do not cause any sort of harm, he clarifies that he sometimes lies if he wants to leave the party, they exclaim he is a mama’s boy, he mentions it would be good for Sonakshi as he will also treat her with the same respect, Kritika replies he is right as Karan is the same so treats Preeta with the same respect and love. Mahesh is with Harshvardhan when they question what both are doing, Sherlin immediately hides, Mahesh is shocked thinking he is alone, he then advises Prithvi to be careful as it is a resort and public place, Prithvi apologizes exclaiming they both know how much he loves Kritika, so they were not able to resist after seeing each other, Harshvardhan leaves with Mahesh. Karan asks what sort of questions if she asking as it seems he is being questioned, Shristhi replies she is just asking what is in his heart which no one knows, Rajat accepts he also has a secret and exclaims he would not hide it but will reveal the truth today in front of everyone.


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