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This is Fate on Zee world, Thursday 13th January 2022

This is Fate Thursday 13 January 2022 updates: Sherlin opening the door calls Rakhi but there is no reply, she entering the room once again calls them but closing the door exclaims they are not in the room, she thinks that she has to steal the jewellery today but then wonders why is she getting scared as she has done a lot of such things in the past,s he decides to take it as soon as she can, she starts searching the room but accidentally drops the medicine box, Preeta in her room gets curious thinking she heard something from Mahesh’s room but remembers that he went to the walk with Rakhi, she however thinks there might someone else so leaves to see it for herself. Sherlin is frantically searching the room and is able to find the keys, she opening the locker is relieved to see the jewellery so she places them in her bag, as she turns she sees Preeta walking towards the room so gets tensed, Preeta opening the door is shocked to see Sherlin standing in the room, she question what is Sherlin doing in the room, Sherlin replies she was going to sleep, Preeta asks if she is going to sleep in this room, Sherlin asks why is she always trying to questions her, Preeta replies she feels there is something wrong. Preeta walks into the room trying to search it, Sherlin after opening the door to hide the box asks why Preeta is always inquiring about her as she is a lot wealthier then her and came to talk with Rakhi about something which he doesnot want to in form Preeta about, she leaves so Preeta laos closes the door but is tensed. Sherlin enters her room wondering why does Preeta always follow her as she is constantly questioning her but she did not reply as she desired getting caught otherwise would not have let her leave, Sherlin thinks she would stay in the room for some time as if Preeta was suspicious she would have not left her, she is waiting and getting tensed drinks some water before sitting down, she thinks it has been a lot of time so she can go and steal the jewellery, she prays to god that if she is not able to steal the jewellery then it would be her last night in this house, she walks out of the room. Preeta walking into her room thinks that Sherlin was acting really strange as she for a moment felt Sherlin was trying to steal something, but she is always acting strange, Preeta thinks Karan doesnot deserve to be in jail as he is really a nice person, she vows to do all she can to make sure he is freed. Sherlin once again enters the room and picks the bag, she gets a call from Megha who questions if she would be able to arrange the money by tomorrow, Sherlin says that she would get the money but should not irritate her. Megha asks her to not be so tensed as it would not be good for her child, Shelrin says she doesnot have to worry about her as she is blackmailing her for money, Sherlin asks her to come and meet her at the hotel where Akshay was murdered, Megha at first declines but then agrees, Sherlin calls someone saying she has some jewellery which she needs to fence and must get the money by 11 am. In the morning Karan is waiting, Preeta comes, she is really excited so when Karan asks what has happen, she mentions since she got up in the morning, she has been getting a feeling that something nice would happen, she is sure that he would get out of jail because he is innocent, Karan exclaims he is also feeling that he would be released, Preeta mentions she would inform him when he is released so she leaves. Sherlin enters the room in a hurry, Prithvi also follows her, she questions when he himself said they should not enter the room then why is he entering, Prithvi questions what is in the bag as Pammi saw her and he heard she was talking with Suresh informing him she feels there is something wrong with Sherlin, he once again asks her what is in the bag so she says he can look for himself, he is stunned to see the money so asks where did she get it, questioning if she stole the money from Rakhi Luthra’s locker, she replies she stole the jewellery and fenced it so she got the money, Prithvi in a state of confusion asks if she thought it through as now if Rakhi finds out she stole the jewellery they would be thrown out, Sherlin replies she has a plan as she asked him to make duplicate of the jewellery and he is known for his work, Prithvi is impressed with her, she sits down mentioning that it is because of the stress as she first stole the jewellery then gave it to the jeweller and now has to meet Megha, Prithvi refuses to let her leave saying they will give the money at their own time of choosing. Sherlin insists he give the money but he doesnot agree, she then asks him to take the money however he refuses saying Kritika is taking him to lunch, she gets mad then he says she is sorry because he made her feel guilty as this is her way of saying sorry, Sherlin takes the bag, he asks where is she going, she replies she is going to give Megha the money, he however says he would not let her leave but she asks him to go on the lunch with Kritika, she leaves in anger, Prithvi wonders why is he being tested as on one side there is Kritika but then there is Sherlin who is really clever, she wants to present him as lunch, there is also Preeta for whom he is ready to die. Preeta and Shristhi are walking in the hotel, Shristhi questions what are they doing when the police have searched the entire hotel, Preeta explains that when one thinks alone there are certain aspects which arise, she remembered while working in the hospital in Nasik, there was a road accident but when the police came to question relating to the accident no one came forward, she explains people get scared but there might be someone who may something about Sherlin. Sherlin reaching the hotel texts Megha that she is heading into Akshay’s old room, she enters but is shocked as Megha is already sitting there, Megha reveals she did as Sherlin asked so doesnot care for her plans as they are too complicated, she asks for the money so she can leave, Sherlin in anger asks if she thought she would be able to leave so easily with so much money, Megha gets scared seeing her anger.Preeta and Shristhi both question a waiter asking if at the night of the murder he saw the person in the photo, it is Sherlin however the waiter replies he was not on the duty, they therefore ask him to bring the one who was on the duty. Megha asks if Sherlin thinks she is stupid as if she hands her the proof then would not be able to get the money, Sherlin is furious exclaiming she also belongs to Akshay’s gang so who knows she might not delete the proof, Megha pushes her, so she drops the bag which makes a noise. Preeta and Shristhi get shocked to hear the noise, she exclaims that it is the same room in which Akshay was murdered so how did the rent it out so easily as in such circumstance even the police doesnot allow this, the waiter replies they were forced to because some guests were insisting of taking the particular room, Preeta asks him if he saw the women in the hotel the night Akshay was murder, he however leaves refusing to accept that he saw Sherlin. Sherlin questions why is Megha feeling so irritated as she spoke the truth, Akshay was blackmailing her and made her video with Prithvi, she saw the way he used to treat Kritika as he even twisted her hand but she thought what does she need to care about what happens in his life, Megha asks why does she try to act as if she is pure, Sherlin asks why is he constantly looking at the bag as she has never seen such a huge amount, she asks Megha to take the bag after making sure that every proof which she has against her is deleted, and she would also have to send a text explaining that all the proof which she had against Sherlin were false. Megha takes the bag sayings he is really clever so how can she talk as she will not cut down the tree as she is not so stupid, Sherlin however says that she is not the one to be blackmailed the rest of her lives, she would not give her the money if Megha doesnot delete the proof, Sherlin taking the bag turns to leave asking if Megha is sure to not delete the footage. Preet and Shristhi secretly enter the room, Shristhi is worried wondering how can someone leave the door open, Preeta requests her to not ask the questions as they have to search for the proof, Shristhi questions what proof does she want when her to search, Preeta says she exclaims to be really clever and should search for the proof, Preeta is shocked as she finds the pregnancy report of Sherlin, they both wonder what is it doing in Akshay’s room, Shristhi mentions if she remembers the letter which they found in Sherlin’s room but now they can be sure because of the proof which they have found in his room, Preeta however exclaims they have to be sure and should get the finger prints report from the letter. They hear someone is in the bathroom, so hide behind the door worrying someone is coming out, Akshay’s mother opens the door wondering if Megha has come back but when she goes to the bathroom, Shristhi and Preeta both rush out of the room. Sherlin enters the room in the night, she thinks Rishab has come back but it is Prithvi who questions where did she go as he has been waiting for her but she doesnot want to talk with him however he warns her to not show attitude, he tries to overpower her but she starts crushing his neck revealing he is not her Prithvi, as he is now divided amongst Preeta and Kritika, she no longer needs him because she has to do everything alone, she asked him to help her get the jewellery but he did not and even when she asked him to take the money to Megha, he refused she is strangling him so he stops breathing closing his eyes, she gets scared so helps him sit up. Sherlin gives him the glass of water questioning why did he not fight back, he replies that he was a swimming champion so can hold his breath for two minutes, he mentions he was joking but the only reason he did not fight back because he knows that it was his fault, she can only be angry with him and so knows he really loves her, he only went with Kritika to fill a formality but was only thinking of her, she gives in so exclaims her love for him. Prithvi questions what happened as she went to meet Megha, Sherlin mentions that she refused to delete the footage, Prithvi is relieved that she was able to get the footage, Sherlin asks if he is not listening as Megha refused to give it, he questions what happened then, she mentions she asked her to also write a text to prove that all the footage she had against her was false, Prithvi is amazed that she thought of the future, Sherlin replies Megha was still not ready to hand over the proof, she then threatened her with a gun, prithvi in shock takes it out from the bag asking if she really went with it, Sherlin reveals she forced Megha to send her the text as now Preeta would not be able to tie either of them to the murder and they will be free, while Karan would rot in jail. Mahesh in the night is wondering what would happen tomorrow at the hearing, Rakhi is frantically searching for something but is not able to find it, he asks what she is searching for so she replies she is looking for his injection but cannot find it as it is not at the usual place and even the belongings are all trashed. Sherlin hears them talking so recalls she dropped the medical box, she enters asking what Rakhi is searching for then asks if she looked in the medical box, Rakhi is sure she did not place it in the box, but Sherlin starts searching, Preeta comes with the milk questioning what are they searching for, Rakhi replies they are not able to find the injection, Preeta exclaims she keeps some spare injections in the wardrobe so they can use them, she opens it but they are all shocked as the wardrobe is also ruined, Rakhi questions who would have done it, Preeta looks at Sherlin who is really nervous, Sherlin apologizes saying she was the one because of whom the wardrobe is ruined. Preeta asks Mahesh why he is not drinking the milk, he replies that he doesnot want to so sits on the bed, Preeta assures them that Karan would come back home after the court hearing while the real culprit would be behind bars, Sherlin and Prithvi both are shocked to hear this, they get really tensed, Mahesh says that her words have raised their hopes, Preeta breathes a sigh of relief.


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