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This is Fate on zee world Sunday 7th November 2021

This is Fate Sunday 7 November 2021 updates: Preeta applies the medicine when she suddenly stops so karan asks what has happened however she tries to mention how there is nothing but he says how she cannot even properly lie so asks her to first apply the medicine as they can talk about any other thing later, he mentions how he is also hurt in the back and when she starts applying the medicine he felts really nervous, she looks him in the eye when he explains how he has missed her a lot, he leans forward trying to kiss her however she stops him and tries to walk away. He pulls her closer causing the medicine to be applied on his face, he then also applies it on her face before wishing her a happy Valentines day, she also replies so they both touch their heads and try to live in the moment when suddenly his mobile rings however he cancels it mentioning how it was Rakhi, she asks him to answer it however he says that he would talk later. Preeta insists when Karan asks if this means she doesnot want him to be with her, she inquires if it were a question when he agrees asking her to answer, she mentions how he has to leave as it is the room of Shristhi and her however he mentions how he would not leave and stay with her.Rakhi opening the door enters the room of Mahesh, she presenting him with a rose flower wishes him a happy valentines day and starts crying, she explains how she is not crying because he is not able to present her with a gift but is crying because ever since Preeta left the house, karan has stopped smiling, he has not shared any of his feeling with her but she feels he would shared his feelings with his father, Sameer sees her talking with Mahesh in the room, Rakhi mentions how he has rested a lot but now his family needs him for which he should wake up, she starts crying so Sameer leaves the room.Shristhi is sleeping in the hall when she gets a video call of Sameer, she thinks that he might propose so ends the call, she cancels asking why does he want to talk in the night, he wonders what has gotten into her, he mentions how it is urgent when she is not able to comprehend so he say how she is mad, Shristhi in anger calls him when they both in anger start fighting and he says how she has not helped her remove the misunderstandings between Karan and Preeta and he has seen Rakhi talking with Mahesh and she was crying because of the worry for Karan and Preeta’s relationship, Shristhi says how she would not tell him anything then mentions how Karan and Preeta has ended the problems and she would also not tell him that he is in the room of Preeta. Sameer says how he loves her for the news which she has given and is glad that Karan and Preeta have removed all the mis understandings, he inquires if she saw him with her own eyes however she explains how she knows it and feels that there are going to celebrate the Valentines day, he mentions how the entire family was really tensed, Shristhi says how if they both had to patch the relation then why did they create such a scene, She mentions how she would go and tease them because they have also caused a lot of problems. Karan tries to lie down when Preeta inquires if he is really planning to sleep with her when he explains how she has a shirt of his and he would come back from the front door wearing it so everyone feels that he has come back, Preeta mentions how she has a better idea, and it is that he should actually leave and come back the next day however Karan explains how he no longer likes to live in the room as now he is accustomed to see her in the room so when he is not able to see her then it gets weird, Preeta mentions how she is always the first one to wake so how did he see, he explains how he got used to seeing the couch messed up, Preeta once again disagrees however Karan mentions how they would talk straight and if she is not in the room then he would also not live in the same room. Preeta and Karan both sit together when he pulls her closer and she resist her head on his shoulder he even kisses her forehead when Shristhi suddenly knocks on the door, Karan mentions how her family member have planned to break one of his bones, Preeta mentions how it might be Shristhi and karan immediately hides, Shrishti enters the room and lies down on the bed saying how she is not able to sleep on the sofa as it is really small however Preeta tries to send her out of the room however then Shrishti after making an excuse of taking her pillow is able to see Karan so she finally leaves the room, Preeta immediately closes the door. Shristhi reaches the hall when Sameer is calling her and he immediately pleads with her to not disturb Karan and Preeta as they should have time to spend alone, then Shristhi mentions how she has come to know that he is with her however Preeta was looking really nervous and she could see the love which she had for Karan, Sameer also says how her voice changes when she is happy, she then mentions how he should not come to propose then realizes how she might have said the wrong thing, Sameer mentions how she should not worry because he will never propose to her as she is not his type. He ends the call when she wonders why he said she was not his type; she thinks of sending an apology however refuses to do so.nSameer in the room thinks why he is feeling so bad as they both are not even boyfriend and girlfriend so he then thinks of how he must propose to her on the valentine’s day and she would not be able to say anything. Preeta asks Karan to come out, he asks why is she not busy to which Preeta replies how she has seen him and now what would he do because in the Luthra house she used to sleep on the sofa, karan asks where she would sleep now, she mentions how it is her room and she would sleep on the bed, he also lies down with her, she asks if he would sleep with her so he replies how he is her husband and if she is worried that something might happen, Preeta gets mad asking why does he has to talk like this, he replies how it is the only way she can remain quiet, they both lie down together on the bed. Preeta and Karan are both in the bed, Karan taking the hand of Preeta places it under his head, she asks what he is doing to which he says how he is used to because before marriage he used to sleep with Rishab and would take his hand, Preeta however tries to take her hand but he doesnot let go, he inquires if she wants him to go away however she explains how she did not say anything, he then coming near says if she wants him to be near her however she still refuses then when is not able to say anything, she acts as if she is sleeping, she opening her eyes touches Karan but just as he opens his eyes she immediately acts as if she is sleeping, he once again places her hand under his head, then he moves his hand over her other shoulder when she also takes his hand in her arm before clinging it, Karan kisses her on the forehead when she also places her hand over his shoulder but suddenly screams after seeing a lizard, Shristhi wakes up from hearing the scream, Karan asks her to be quiet. Sarla also comes out from the room then Janki also says how she also heard the scream, Sarla says how the thief might have come into the room of Preeta and Shristhi then is shocked to see that she is standing behind her when she basks what is she doing to which Shristhi mentions how she was in the washroom, Shristhi tries to convince how she was screaming when Sarla explains how she heard the scream from the room and it was definitely Preeta, they all enter the room.Preeta says how she is fearing what her mother would say if she saw him, karan exclaims how nothing would happen as he is her husband however Preeta mentions how she would feel bad because she asked him to come in the morning so would feel as if he has hurt her respect.Sarla along with Shristhi and Janki enter the room, they all both start searching it while Shristhi and Preeta stand in front of the door to hide Karan, Sarla threatens to call the police however it doesnot have any affect on Karan who doesnot come out, Janki then calls out exclaiming how she has found the thief but when she realizes that it is Karan who is pleading with her to not tell anyone, she immediately changes her stance explaining how she was asking if they have found the thief, Sarla responds how she thought that Janki has found the thief however both Janki and Shristhi then exclaim how they should leave as there is no one in the room, Sarla leaves, Preeta thanks Janki for helping her, she mentions how she knew that Karan was mischievous but never knew he would do something like this however she has liked it, Shristhi tries to tease Preeta however she gets angry Shristhi runs from the room. Preeta immediately closes the door, karan sits on the bed so Preeta asks what they would do now, karan exclaims how they would sleep now however Preeta disagrees and points to the other side of the room. In the morning Janki is walking with the newspaper when she hears the doorbell so immediately opens it to find Karan standing there, he hands her a rose after wishing happy Valentines hearing which she is shocked, he then hands everyone a rose after which he sits on the sofa then Preeta asks why he got so late. Sarla mentions how when she went to get the milk which is when Sharma je mentioned how he saw that a car just like Karan’s was standing in their society the entire night, Shristhi mentions how the car belonged to Karan, then she explains how the car might have belonged to someone else and then Shristhi asks Sarla to send Preeta as they both are in a hurry however Sarla scolds her saying how she should not talk in between after which Karan also says how he also has to leave for the office, Sarla mentions how she also has made a lot of things for him however Karan insists after which Sarla agrees and they both leave, Sarla mentions how Karan should wish happy valentine to the person for whom he came to their house. Karina is with Dadi and Rakhi in the sitting area when Dadi asks Karina if her friend from London has come back, Karina mentions how she has come but is in depression and needs a doctor, Rakhi asks what the matter is because she might be able to help as she knows alot of the doctors, Karina exclaims how she needs a doctor for her lip but Rakhi explains how she doesnot know anyone but will make some calls, then there is a ring on the door to Ganesh is asked to open it. Karina is shocked to see that Karan and Preeta have come back to the house when Karina stops her, asking Karan why did he bring her because she was the reason her daughter’s marriage was broken, Dadi stops her saying how she should not worry because if a wife stays at her mother house then people start talking so she might have asked Karan, he however says how she did not call and he himself went to bring her back, Rakhi asks them both to go onto their room meanwhile she will send a tea for them, Preeta after taking the blessings of both Dadi and Rakhi goes upstairs while Karina exclaims how she has ruined the life of her daughter so she would not let her live happily. Sameer also bumps into them while they are in the hall, he exclaims how he knows everything about the night because he was in contact with Shristhi however he is joyed that such a beautiful couple came together on Valentine’s day before leaving as Dadi calls him. Mahira going to Sherlin explains how Karan has brought Preeta back, Sherlin is shocked mentioning how could it happen as Mahira told her that he went there to fight with her, Mahira tries to explain however Sherlin says how she has no interest in hearing her saddening conversation, she explains how this is what Mahira said to her, she then turning away says how she is not like Preeta who has a kind heart as she even forgave her because of the pregnancy rather her heart is like a stone so if Mahira is nice with her then she would be nice and if she is bad then she would be a lot bad then her. Ganesh after bringing tea for Karan and Preeta is smiling, Preeta asks the reasons to which he says how they all missed her and even Karan sir had stopped smiling, Preeta responds how she also missed them all, karan coming out of the bathroom asks if she missed him, Preeta also asks the question and they both argue over who would answer it first which is when Karan asks her to reveal what was in her heart, Preeta then inquires why he is so dressed as she thought that he was just making an excuse however Karan exclaims how he has to go on a meeting instead of Rishab and he never lies. Keep visiting for fastest updates

Preeta and Karan are in the room when he asks what she was about to reveal, Preeta exclaims how he is now going outside so they will talk when he will come back, karan pulling her closer exclaims how he would not go if she doesnot want to and he really feels nice when she says that she misses him a lot, Sameer then comes from behind and asking Karan if they can leave for the office now, karan exclaims where did they have to go, Preeta then mentions how he doesnot want to leave, Karan once again comes back saying how he would not leave if she doesnot want him to because he knows she wants to reveal what si in her heart and that he has a plan which would ensure that she doesnot miss him so he would call her every half an hour and the first time he calls she should reveal what is in her heart, he is really not ready to go to the office however leaves after thinking that he has all the responsibilities now that Rishab is also not present, he presents her the gift mentioning how he brought them all and the blue Sarree is his favourite so she should wear it, Preeta then gets nervous.

Karan and Sameer are in the car, Sameer is laughing which worries Karan who asks the reason he explains how he saw Karan smile after a long time and knows that it was because of Preeta, karan also doesnot deny it but doesnot exclaim it openly and when Sameer teases him he threatens to throw him out of the car after which he would have to walk to reach the office, Sameer asks him to just accept that what he is saying is the truth which Karan also accepts.

Preeta wears the sarree which Karan brought for her, she gets really nervous remembering all the moments spent with Karan and how he even tried to kiss her but she ran away, she starts laughing then even picks up the rose which he brought for her because she felt really loved and even Karan is smiling in the car, Preeta starts to play with his ball remembering the first time she threw the ball at him however then she hurts herself, just then there is a call and she immediately picks it stopping the person to not even say a word as she thinks that it is Karan, Preeta exclaims how she has started to love him and she did not like that his female fans waved at him however she also feels the same for him now and she loves him a lot, prithvi also exclaims how he also loves her and that she is going to be his valentine, Preeta is shocked to see that it is Prithvi, she gets worried asking what is he saying because she did not know it was him and was saying all those things to Karan, prithvi exclaims how Karan came in between them even before and is still ruining their relation because he was not able to live without her and is now coming for her because he knows she also feels the same.

Karan reaches his office and after sitting on the chair realizes how he has forgot to call Preeta, he is shocked when her mobile is busy then gets angry thinking why is he not answering the call even when he asked her to attend his calls.
Preeta gets mad at Prithvi saying how he doesnot talk to her like this and she would not show him what she feels because she thought that he was karan, Prithvi then ends the call which irritates Preeta.

Karan is sitting in the office when Sameer comes asking what the matter is, Karan explains how he is irritated because he asked Preeta to answer his call but she is busy and he was not at first able to express his feelings however now when he wants to she is not answering, Sameer laughs mentioning how some days ago Karan was not even ready to listen her name and now is dying to talk with her, Sameer exclaims how they should first finish the meeting and leave for the house after which he can meet Preeta.
Preeta is in her room when she gets another call, she answers it and is worried but then asks why did he call her again even when she informed him that she doesnot want to even talk with him, Prithvi explains how he cannot even think of living without her so he is coming to meet her in exactly half an hour because when he has loved her then there is no worry and he is not even scared of any Luthra.

Karan explains in the meeting how is not a businessman and Rishab has always attended the meeting while he is a cricketer so was loved by his fans and the cheerleaders, he retracts from his comment saying how he is now a married man but the company requires the signature of a Luthra so he will only fill the formality relating to the signatures and they should all work to further the company, he leaves asking Sameer to take care of the rest, Sameer tries to stop him then thinks how excited he was to meet Preeta and then Sameer mentions how he would take It from here then explains how they have the targets and should work to meet them.

Preeta is in her room when she gets a call then after taking a sight of relief she answers the call of Shristhi mentioning how she is relaxed that it is her, Shristhi then asks who was irritating her, Preeta explains that it was Prithvi who threatened to come to the Luthra house and her life once again, Shristhi mentions how she knows what Prithvi is thinking because he is trying to ruin the first Valentines day of them as a couple, Preeta however explains how she felt that Prithvi was saying the truth because of the way in which he was talking.

Shrishti asks Preeta to not worry and if she is really that uncomfortable then she would come to her and then there would nothing to worry about as she would teach him a lesson, Preeta explains how she really wants that Shristhi come to her however when she would leave the house then Sarla would be worried and she should not worry as she is the daughter of the brave mother and also has a husband with her so nothing would happen, Preeta clams down explaining how she is also now not worried because she would not feel uncomfortable because of that heinous man, Shristhi also feels calm then advises Preeta to drink some lemonade.

Preeta ends the call then she sits down on the bed where she starts hearing the drums beating so she picks up the stumbs of Karan and is about to hit the person at the door because she thinks that it is Prithvi however when she opens it Karan is standing there with roses, he gets shocked to see her however then Preeta hugs him, Karan asks what is the matter because she was about to hit him and now is hugging him, he asks what is the matter as he feels that it is her new year’s resolution then explains how they should first go inside the room as someone might see them, he asks why was she not attending his calls the entire day and who was she talking to, Preeta responds In a worrying voice taking the name of Prithvi.

Shristhi is really tensed, Janki advises her to not worry as she would be able to celebrate her Valentine, Shristhi mentions how it is not that but Preeta is really worried of what has happened, Janki asks when did she talk with her and upon realizing it is recent exclaims how she knew that the Luthra’s would not treat her well, so they must bring her back, Shrishti stopping her mentions how there is nothing of the sort and that Prithvi has once again started teasing her, Janki then sees Sameer coming on the door with the flowers so mentions how Shrishti is a liar and was just making up a story to leave the house, as she wanted to meet her lover, Shristhi asks who is she talking about and asks who is it, Janki asks her to turn back, Sameer then sits down asking if she would be his Valentines.

Karan mentions how if it was a joke then he is not happy, Preeta mentions how she is not joking and he really was calling her when she thought that it was actually him, Karan sitting with her pleads how she should only think about him as he has dressed up for her and even brought the flower saying how they should go out for dinner, Preeta once again tries cleaning her ears after hearing the drums beating, karan asks what has happened, She responds how she has been irritated so feels that someone is really beating the drums, Karan says how he is also hearing the sound so they should check, Preeta stops him and they finally leave holding each other hands.

Shrishti exclaims how she might have said it and he is mistaken that she would be his Valentine, Sameer also standing says how he actually brought the flowers for Janki and she when takes them from him, Janki asks Sameer to sit explaining how the love is successful when there is acceptance as she also loved someone, Shristhi asks who she loved and they both are shocked to hear the name of Amitabh Bachan, she explains how everyone knows what he ahs said, she then asks if she should prepare some tea for him before going into the kitchen, Shristhi also leaves when Sameer is worried about why did he ask Janki to be his Valentine.

Everyone in the Luthra house is tensed to hear the beating of the drums when Rakhi also says how she feels that it is some nearby, the drummers enter the house so Karina questions who they are and why are they coming inside which is when they stop, they once again start beating the drums after they are ordered, the Luthra’s are shocked to see Prithvi coming inside the house, Karan goes downstairs in anger and tries to hit Prithvi when he threatens saying how Karan should only shower flowers because he is also a member of the Luthra family because he is married to his sister, Pritvhi then asks her to come inside, everyone is shocked to see Kritika coming dressed as a wife and she comes to stand beside Prithvi,

Shristhi coming to the kitchen asks why is she acting differently, Janki mentions saying how she is the same however feels she is jealous, Shristhi explains how it is not the case, Janki then says how she is aware of the fact how much Sameer loves her and this is why he has brought the flowers for her however she started blaming him, she explains how Shristhi should talk politely with him, Shristhi then hugs her but is shocked to find Sameer standing behind her which is when she asks him to wait as they are preparing the tea.

Sameer is sitting outside when Janki comes asking him to give the flowers for whom he brought them. Shristhi then comes with the tea and Janki leaves in the room and when he is about to ask her to be his Valentine, Sarla comes back calling Shristhi then immediately says how he has brought the flowers for Janki, she then taking them explains how Sarla is thinking that he came to propose Shristhi however this is really a joke, then both Shristhi and Sameer leave the house.

Prithvi exclaims how they have been married, he sends the drummers away which is when he is worried asking why are they so quiet, they both then go to Karina and taking her blessings he questions what should he call her as mother or mother in law, Sherlin is not able to bear it so asks Kritika to say that it is all just an act, Karan mentions how he would show him and is about to throw Prithvi out of the house when Kritika stops Karan saying how he is really her husband.


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