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This is Fate on zee world Sunday 14th November 2021

This is Fate Sunday 14 November 2021 updates: Karina exclaims that she doesnot care what Preeta does while being with Karan however there should not be any problem in wedding of her daughter, Preeta exclaims that she even stopped but then recall that she asked Karan to come and they met Rishab, she explains that she desired that they both have a dance performance, Karan gets irritated when Preeta explains that she is aware they might be mad with her however she wants them to perform for the sake of their only sister because she has already been married and the function is just for the society so why can they not be happy at the function because this is what Kritika deserves, Karan asks Rishab to talk some sense into her, Rishab agrees with Preeta, he explains that everyone would love to see Karan dance because he is a celebrity and this would really improve the function. Suresh mentions that he would now surely dance, Janki exclaims that she also desires to dance and advises Karina to also trust Preeta now, Pammi agrees and leaves so Suresh also follows her.

Rakhi says to Karina that they are a family and would never play the game of divide and rule because they are a family so are able to be happy in each other’s happiness, Rakhi asks Preeta to come with her and help in the kitchen, Karina wonders how she can trust Preeta because she did not like Akshay and now also doesnot like Prithvi.

Shristhi is applying the facial cream on Sameer’s face, she pleads with him to act like Prithvi as only then would they be able to find what they came looking for, Sameer asks her to apply it so she covers his face till the nose with the cream before pushing him out in the room, Sameer orders the guard to leave the room and go out because he is busy but the guard remembers that when he met Prithvi before performing the duty and he gave him some extra money, when the guard was looking at his ring Prithvi warned him to be extra careful in the night, the guard asks Sameer if he doesnot like to wear rings, Shristhi thinks that the guard might know something relating to the ring which is worrying him, she thinks that if Sameer doesnot make the guard leave then they would be in a lot of trouble, Sameer then sends the guard away, Shristhi comes out mentioning that she thinks the guard might suspect them so they must find the proof, the guard thinks that the person is trying to fool him which cannot happen as he knows that the person is an imposter so he decides to call Prithvi.

Prithvi is in the party with his mother and Kritika when he gets a call from the guard, Prithvi makes an excuse saying that he has to attend the business call, he is about to answer it when the mobile drops as he bumps into a waiter, he is about to pick it up when someone else hits it with his feet causing the mobile to go and hit the vase, Prithvi is about to slap him however is shocked to see that it is Shubham who says that he knew there is only one Prithvi Malhotra in the world so he had to come, Prithvi exclaims that he also did not forget him because he broke his nose in collage, Shubham replies that it was because of Sherlin and they both also got married, Kritika comes to them, he ask Prithvi if he did not tell her anything, Kritika asks what is he saying. Prithvi replies that they were the best friends in collage, and he was always mischievous.

Prithvi also introduces Sherlin to Shubham as his sister in law, so that Kritika doesnot come to know the truth, Shubham asks Kritika that Prithvi has not told her anything about his life, Kritika answers it is because of his second wife that he doesnot have any time, Prithvi and Sherlin are both shocked however she clarifies she is talking about his mobile because he is always busy and doesnot have any time to share any story with her, she then shuts off the mobile informing that she would keep it with her until the function, Prithvi pleads with her mentioning that he has a really important call to attend, Kritika exclaims that those who care for him are already present in the market, she says that those are not in the party do not care for him, Prithvi exclaims that it is a business call so is able to take the mobile from her.

In the Party, Preeta requests everyone’s attention, mentioning that they all know it is the engagement of Prithvi and Kritika and even when she feels Prithvi is not the right match for Kritika but Kritika is really happy and that is all which her family cares about so in order to make this a memorable function for Kritika, her brother Karan would perform, hearing this Kritika is joyed then runs to hug Karan who is not at all interested in performing.

Shubham asks Prithvi what the matter between him and Sherlin is as in collage they both were in love and their stories spread like fire but now he is introducing her as his sister in law so what is the matter, Prithvi pulls him explaining that he will show him, Prithvi slaps him asking if he has relived the collage moments, Shubham threatens him of a revenge attack at any time because for now he has to leave the city but assures Prithvi that he will be back.

Sameer and Shristhi are both really tensed after witnessing the proof which they have found, Sameer exclaims he is really happy because now Karina would listen and believe what they are saying so she says how they must not let anyone see the proof before Karina, she explains that she has now understood why Rishab jee always used to say that he had seen Prithvi somewhere in the past.

Karan is pulled on the stage, he is left tensed not knowing what to do, he then starts the performance and coming to Preeta also pulls her on the stage after which they start the performance, Mahira and Prithvi cannot bear the sight that they both are dancing and Prithvi even closes his wrist in anger, he walks pushing Mahira to the front then leaves after smiling at Sherlin, everyone is shocked to see that Mahira has come close to Karan and is standing with him on the stage.Karan and Mahira are dancing with each other. Preeta stands in a corner hiding her annoyance. Karan finally leaves Mahira’s side and goes to Preeta bringing her in dance floor. Preeta was happy to dance with him and asks if he enjoyed dancing with Mahira. Karan says she is a jealous wife. Preeta says she is happy at least he progressed from calling her a ‘psycho-fan’ to a ‘jealous wife’.

Prithvi whispers to Kritika that Karan and Preeta are bring cheap and are extremely close to each other. Their whole family is here. Preeta seems to make him jealous, but this all does not suit their class. Kritika must speak to Preeta not to dance so closely, at least in front of the guests. He thinks to himself that Mahira is a real loser who couldn’t glue Karan on the dance floor, away from Mahira.

Mahira deliberately twists her food and falls. Karan runs to her along with the rest of family. He helps Mahira to the room. Pammi asks Dadi what Ramona’s daughter is doing here, her engagement with Karan broke already? Dadi promises to narrate this long story some other time.

The guard comes to the room behind Sameer but could not find anyone. He thinks surely the guy fled, but whoever it was; he surely wanted to harm Prithvi.

Kritika comes to Prithvi and asks if he is fine. Prithvi holds her hand, exclaiming he is much better now. Rishab and Suresh comes to Prithvi. Suresh thanks Prithvi as he brought good omen for the family. Mahesh’s senses are reviving progressively with Prithvi’s entry in the family. Prithvi was disturbed at the news. Pammi takes Suresh along. Kritika holds Prithvi’s hand. Rishab wanted to speak to Kritika, but Kritika wanted him to speak in front of everyone. Rishab apologizes Kritika, he shouldn’t have slapped Prithvi. Prithvi intervenes that he should not have. Rishab blesses Kritika to always remain happy. Prithvi interferes once again that he wants to keep Kritika always happy. Kritika hugs Rishabh. Shrishti and Sameer come to the event. Prithvi notices her smile and wonders what this smiles signals at. He goes to find out the matter.

In the room, Mahira sends Karina outside to attend her daughter’s function. Preeta asks Mahira to let her apply the ointment. Mahira thinks Preeta will find out at once where the injury is. Karan applies ointment by then and goes to wash his hands. Mahira asks Preeta if she is angry that she got the injury and got everyone’s attention. Mahira says she cannot see Karan and Preeta together and is helpless. Preeta was in a disbelief that Mahira has not changed. Mahira stands and says she is still the same, but Karan’s behavior for her has changed. Karan comes outside and was shocked to see Mahira standing. Mahira says Preeta is a very good physiotherapist, she fixed her injured nerve. Preeta wanted to speak to Karan. Mahira says ‘ouch’ once again. Karan comes to help her. Mahira sends Karan away otherwise Preeta would be jealous. Karan assures Mahira Preeta knows him so well that she cannot be jealous.

Sameer and Shrishti speak to each other. Prithvi comes to them. Dadi goes to take Sameer for work. Prithvi complements Dadi. Shrishti murmurs she cannot tolerate useless people around her for long. Prithvi inquiries what is going on in her mind. Shrishti winks that he got to the point today. But one thing has to be clear, it is surely trouble for him if she is enjoying something. She is digging a grave for him. Prithvi works his mind to find out what is going on in her mind. He decides to take Sherlin’s help. He looks around and was irked that Sherlin is not here right now. Sherlin comes to Prithvi and was angry that he is taking her name, standing all alone. Prithvi alerts Sherlin against Shrishti’s planning. Rishab calls Sherlin to meet some guests. Sherlin was in a hurry. Rishab tells Sherlin to answer all the questions of Pammi regarding their wedding. They go to Pammi. Pammi asks Sherlin everyone wants to know how they met, and how their relationship reached Mandap. Sherlin tells Pammi it was a totally arranged marriage. She met Rishab as Karina’s friend’s daughter.

There, Prithvi spots Shrishti coming to the hall. He looked tensed. Karina notices his changing expressions and asks if he is fine. Rishab asks Sherlin why she looks nervous. Sherlin was worried about Prithvi’s warning. Rishab offers to drop her to the room, she looks tired. Sherlin does not move and tells him not to be over-nice. Sherlin thinks why Rishab poses to be a nice man when he is not. He is a bad man. It was because of him that she and Prithvi lost everything. She comes across Rakhi, Dadi and Karina.

Prithvi tries to follow Shrishti. Karina stops Prithvi and asks what the matter is. Prithvi says he is a little nervous. Karina stops Rishab but Prithvi takes a leave, saying he will be right back. Kritika thinks Prithvi is still not comfortable with Rishab.




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