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This is Fate on Zee world, Sunday 13th March 2022

This is Fate Sunday 13 March 2022 updates: Preeta is sitting with a long face, she is scared by Shristhi from behind who comes and hugs her, Shristhi exclaims she has done a great job, Preeta asks what has she done because no one else knows about this other then her, Shristhi asks what is the problem as she should then go and reveal it, Preeta questions how would she be able to prove it as she doesnot have any evidence, Preeta mentions she made a video but it got deleted, she curse the mobile saying how it just a useless tool as anyone can access it and erase whatever they desire.

Shristhi questions why does she need any proof as Rishab jee believes her without anything else, she asks Preeta to recall the time when she came to the Luthra house for the first time as the Psychotherapist, Rishab jee was the only one who believed her, he was always with her and even kept her secrets so she must not be worried, Preeta replies the problem is that Shelrin and Prithvi have made him realize that she is just lying, Preeta explains when one gets married it changes everything and she would always be an outsider, Shristhi questions if this means she would lose hope, Preeta mentions that their actions have even made her more adamant and she will surely find a way to prove how hideous people are them both. Shristhi whistles, Preeta questions why she is whistling, Shristhi replies it is because Preeta was really strong when they came to Mumbai but after her pregnancy incident, she changed but now Preeta is her same old self. Preeta asks Shristhi to know why she called her, she asks Shristhi to bring a device which can record anything, and no one can even delete it, Shristhi while smiling agrees to bring a device which will solve all of her problems.

Preeta is waiting when Karan comes, he asks where is Rishab, Preeta replies he was here but has gone somewhere, Karan decides to call him but realizes he left his mobile in the car, Karan leaves but then comes back to hug Preeta, he questions what happened, she says he hugged her so should be worried, Karan mentions he hugged her as she seemed worried, Preeta assures she is now fine, because of his hug, and is blessed to have such a great family and a life partner, Karan mentions it is because of her that this family is together.
Kritika comes with Dadi to the house, Dadi exclaims they got really tired because of the traffic, Preeta takes the bags from her, Kritika asks what happened as she seemed worried, Preeta replies it was just because she woke up so was tired, Dadi leaves for her room mentioning how she would come to Kritika’s room, she even asks Preeta to come and see her gifts because who else who see them.
Rishab secretly enters Kritika’s room with the gifts, he quickly places them all in the wardrobe thinking how he desires she should have the best birthday, he is about to walk out when he sees the ear ring in the jacket, Rishab recalls when he told Sherlin she lost one of her ear ring, he places it in his pocket and inspects the jacket to realize it belongs to Prithvi, he also comes to the room asking Rishab what happened, he questions if Rishab wants to blame him for something else, Rishab in anger takes him by the collar, he hears Kritika coming, she after entering the room exclaims how she knows she teased him a lot but she wants just a last favour, she requests him to ask the DJ to play the classical songs which she likes, Rishab assures everything would be just as she likes, he leaves when Kritika asks Prithvi if he also noticed that Rishab was tensed, Prithvi replies he is even more tensed, Kritika doesnot believe him as he is smiling, Prithvi mentions he has the ability to not show any tension, she asks if he is getting jealous of Rishab Bhai because she loves him more then Prithvi, he thinks that she can love anyone she wants, Dadi comes asking Kritika what happened because Rishab passed by her but did not even noticed her, Kritika mentions how she also let that he was a bit tensed but it would be because he was worried about her birthday, Dadi questions then why did she not change, Dadi advises her to change her clothes when she will come back after five minutes.

Rishab enters the room calling Sherlin, she questions what happened, he asks where is the ear ring when Sherlin replies that she found it and placed them safely, he taking out the ear ring asks if it belongs to her, she accepts when Rishab replies this is what he wanted to hear, he questions why did she lie to him, Sherlin mentions it is because she never wanted him to get tensed because of an ear ring, Rishab shouting says that he is talking about Prithvi, she is constantly lying to him of having a relation with Prithvi, Sherlin says that he is talking because Preeta filled his minds with wrong about their relation, Rishab assures it is not Preeta, Sherlin is the one who is responsible for it all, she asks why is he not trusting her just because of an ear ring, he asks if she wants to know where did he find it, she replies eh might have found it in the kitchen, Rishab explains it was in the pocket of Prithvi, she gets stunned so he explains he went to Kritika’s room to place the gifts which is when he saw it in his blazers pocket, he questions how would she feel if she was in his place and his wife’s ear ring was in someone else’s pocket, Rishab says this is the end of their relation as he has had enough of her, he doesnot want to see her face in this house, she tries to stop him but he replies he will tell everyone he doesnot want to live with her, she will be dropped off to her mother’s house by his driver after which he doesnot want to see her face, Sherlin once again tries to convince him but he orders her to shut up saying that he has had enough, he is the proof and his family would believe him.

Rishab walks down when Preeta stops him, he explains that she is the only one whom he trusts the most in this house, she asks if Sherlin accepted the truth, Rishab questions since when do such people accept their lies but he found out and she broke his trust, he explains how he was about to go back to London but she forced him to stay back and then broke his trust, Rishab appreciates that she was the one who told him the truth otherwise he would not have believed anyone, Rishab requests her to not say anything to the family as he would himself be the one to reveal anything, he apologizes to her for shouting because he did not want to break the family of his sister but now would not let such liars live in their house because they always tend to break their trusts, Preeta explains how she tried that they mend the ways but was not successful, he assures how he would stand for his family and the business because they all need it but he might not be able to trust anyone ever again.

Rishab is about to leave when Karan comes asking where was he as he was alone and Rishab is a deceiver but Rishab says a lot of people are deceivers in the lives, Rishab hugs him when Karan mentions he would not go back, Rishab asks him to not be worried and stay here as he will handle everything, Karan asks him where is he going, Rishab explains he is going to the event, and leaves so karan questions what happened with him as he seemed tensed, he explains he would ask Rishab himself, Karan leaves after asking about Pihu, Preeta thinks she only wanted the truth to come out but never thought that it would have such an effect on Rishab. Sherlin walking in the hall thinks she would have to tell Prithvi that Rishab knows about their entire truth, she enters the room calling Prithvi but is shocked to see Kritika, she all of a sudden exclaims that she thought of coming to ask Prithvi jee if she came back, Kritika asks what is the reason, Sherlin replies she was feeling like having tea so also wanted to drink it with her, she asks Prithvi if she can borrow the charger so going to him explains how they are in a big problem, Dadi also entering the room calls Kritika, even she is amazed to see Sherlin here, Dadi request her to call Ganesh, Sherlin questions if everyone came back, Dadi mentions she got tired so came back but Pihu is really loving there so everyone is still their, Sherlin leaves but after reaching outside the door signals Prithvi to come, he also assures he would come to her.

Rishab is very sad while he enters the function, Rishab recalls the moment when Sherlin exclaimed she fell in love with him after seeing him the first time and she also talked about starting a family with him, he wipes off his tears then recalls when he found her ear ring in the pocket of Prithvi, Rishab alone sits down on the table, he places his hand thinking how Sherlin tried to deny she had a relation with Prithvi based upon the ear ring and also blamed Preeta for making him think this way, Rishab is sitting when his friend comes and greets him, Rishab also asks him to have a seat, Sanjay questions if Rishab had a fight with his wife, then explains that these women have a way of loving them and also making them feel sad, he offers Rishab to have a drink but he denies however Sanjay assures he would forget his problem after drinking, Rishab while walking towards the bar exclaims he is feeling really awkward, Sanjay however orders one peg for both of them, Rishab once again tries to leave but is forced by Sanjay to sit with him. Rishab has the first peg, he immediately starts coughing, Rishab exclaims he feels he has had enough but Sanjay orders one more peg without listening to what Rishab is saying.

Sherlin in a hurry enters the kitchen and hides, Prithvi also comes questioning what is she doing when he told her that they both cannot be seen together, Sherlin exclaims he is not understanding the urgency, Sherlin explains she cannot make any excuse since Rishab found her ear ring in his pocket, Prithvi asks why did she not make an excuse and mould the truth, Preeta opening the door exclaims that their time in this house has ended and now would be forced to leave this house, she explain Rishab jee would reveal the truth in the morning so finally their truth would come out in the morning, Preeta explains Kritika would be hurt but after knowing their truth the same Kritika would slap them both for what they have done with her so that their remaining dreams would also be shattered. Preeta leaves from the kitchen while they both are still standing, Prithvi is in shock after hearing Preeta, Sherlin looks at him in a state of tension.

Dadi in the room exclaims even this gift is nice, Kritika brings a beautiful sarree for Dadi, she asks Kritika what is the reason, but she replies she knows it is her birthday and everyone would give her gifts but she wants that her beautiful nani look even more beautiful, she asks Dadi to not say it is weird since it is alright and she loves gifts, Dadi mentions she also loves the gifts a lot, Kritika explains she bought a necklace for Maa but doesnot know if it is her type, she requests Nani for an opinion so rushes to the wardrobe to bring it but accidentally drops the box, she is stunned to see the gifts in her wardrobe, Dadi mentions that prithvi would have placed it but Kritika explains she knows it is the work of Rishab Bhai, Dadi questions how does she know it, Kritika replies he is her brother so she knows what does he think, she rushes saying she would come back after meeting him, Dadi advises her to calm down mentioning she has gotten mad in excitement.

Rishab is constantly having the drinks with Sanjay, Rishab explains that Sanjay said that he would forget it but he still remembers everything, Sanjay explains Rishab has expensive walnut and this is why he did not forget even after drinking so much, this means that his memory are filled with such hate that it is really strong, Rishab replies his pain is indeed strong but the problem is when he would go back to his house and open the door, his mother would open it and seeing his condition would ask why did he drink, she would then make him promise to not drink ever again, Sanjay apologizes to him, Rishab assures he doesnot have to apologize, mentioning he loves his parents so would feel bad when they scold him, he even loves his brother Karan and even they love him a lot, he explains Karan would smell from a distance that he drank and if he talks on the mobile, karan is able to recognize he is in some trouble, Rishab has another peg, exclaiming it is enough for him, Rishab says he got even more active with the drink and never forget anything, Rishab stands to leave, Sanjay asks if he can give him a driver but Rishab says he would teach the driver how to drive, and leaves apologizing.

Kritika rushes to Preeta asking if she saw Rishab because he is not in his room, Preeta thinks she is feeling sorry for Kritika as she would have her heart broken, Kritika once again asks the question, Preeta explains that Rishab jee went to the function, Kritika explains something amazing happened as she opened her wardrobe and saw all those gifts, she immediately knew at the moment that it was because of Rishab because he is the best brother of the universe, even Dadi said that it was because of Prithvi but she knew only Rishab bhai can do something like this as Prithvi doesnot have the personality, Preeta exclaims she ahs something which she wants to tell her, she then mentions how Karan wanted the water and if she doesnot go, he might get angry, Kritika leaves happily asking Preeta to come after giving water to her brother as she knows he gets angry easily, Preeta leaves after wiping off her tears.
Rishab is driving the car in the night, he thinks when Preeta revealed the truth about Sherlin and Prithvi, she did not even had the video, he in anger hits the steering wheel, and then recalls when Sherlin suggested they should start a family, after which he found her ear ring in the pocket of Prithvi, Rishab is not able to see it clearly and feels dizzy, he remembers how he felt really nice after Pihu came to their house and even expressed it to Karan, Rishab is not able to control the car so puts the break, he hurriedly walks out looking if someone got hurt because of him, he wonders why he felt if someone got hurt, he wonders if he got really drunk but is relieved that no one got hurt.

Rishab sits in front of the car when he receives a call, so exclaims it is Karan his brother, who asks where is Rishab when he replies even he doesnot know where he is, Karan asks if he drank, Rishab replies that Karan should not drink ever in life because when the heart breaks it really hurts, this is why he never had anything to drink, Karan is not able to connect, he feels worried wondering why did Rishab drink as it is his first time, Karan once again calls Rishab questioning where is he, but Rishab replies he doesnot know but karan should not be worried as he is not high and would come by himself within five minutes, Karan exclaims he feels something is wrong so would go to bring Rishab, Preeta also agrees to go with him.

Rishab starts driving and reaches the home, he knocks calling Karan, the worker tires to help him but Rishab insists only Karan would help him, he helps Rishab to lie down on the sofa, and tries to send the worker away but Rishab calls him saying that he should prepare the guest room as he would sleep there, Karan asks why did he drink, Rishab apologizes but explains they all said he would forget everything but he still remembers even after drinking six pegs, Karan questions does he not know it is against the law to drink and drive, Rishab requests him to not scold but Karan vows how he would scold Rishab a lot, he stands up explaining he is the elder brother and is actually fine, Karan is holding Rishab who apologizes to even Preeta before walking away with Karan, Preeta’s eyes fill with tears


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