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This is Fate on Zee world, Saturday 22nd January 2022

This is Fate Saturday 22 January 2022 updates: Karan exclaims even he desires to have a baby but the reason that they need it to make up for the loss is not right, they must give it some time, Preeta tries to explain but Karan mentions he just wants to give it some time, Preeta replies she is not saying it but also desires to have a child which would after coming to the house will fill it with joy, Karina and Dadi both also want that they both have a baby. Karan insists on leaving and having a conversation with Karina, Preeta stopping him says this is what she desires but now wants to know what he feels like, he holding her arms brings her closer, hugging her, she even closes her eyes resting on his shoulder, he recalls the first time when he hugged her after the marriage, she remembers he was always their for her so is not leaving him, he remembers that she used to tease him by wearing his clothes, he is worried but keeps on hugging her. Mahira is lying down in her bed, Prithvi knocks open the door, she sits up and is tensed, he asks her to come and meet Sherlin as the entire family is with her, he exclaims she is the one to always say that Shelrin is her friend so must come to meet her, Mahira replies she is not well, prithvi locks the door from the inside, he asks if she is feeling cold or has any injury so then says they used to give such excuses in the school but they are not students anymore. Prithvi in anger comes closer to her questioning why is she lying, Mahira questions why did he touch her, she assures she did not say any lie, Prithvi replies when he called her and she said she was at her mothers house when she was actually at the accident site, he vows to burn the entire world if she even lies to her, he vows to not let her leave so easily because he is himself the law so doesnot care for anyone, he replies she is hiding when should go and see how pain Sherlin is feeling and the anger, he exclaims it is because she was pregnant and their was a life in her stomach, which she killed before the birth. Prithvi hits the decoration which falls, he replies he cannot end the pain of Sherlin but can reduce it by making the person who ruined the life of Sherlin pay, Mahira exclaims she doesnot know what he is saying, he asks if she is trying to confuse him as when he is puzzled, he hits the person in the head, Prithvi warns her to not lie because he knows she is the one who pushed Sherlin in front of the truck, he vows to ruin her life if she doesnot reveal the truth but if she speaks it, he would make sure she suffers the rest of her life and is even alive but doesnot worth living. Mahira warns him to stop saying everything that comes in his mouth, she asks why did Sherlin had to make such a plan and what was the need to hire the contract killer because it is all her fault, Prithvi exclaims he did not think she is such a stupid person because she herself accepted that she was at the accident site and saw the accident, he warns her to accept the blame because he is the only one who can save her, if she speaks the truth he will protect her but if she dares to lie, he would make her pay, Mahira warns him to stop as she would not accept anything and he can do whatever he desires, Prithvi replies that he will now go and inform the entire Luthra family she is the one behind the accident of Sherlin. Rakhi in her room is crying remembering when Mahesh informed that Sherlin got in an accident, Karan coming from behind calls her, she doesnot stop crying, he making her sit exclaims she must control herself as who would then take care of Mahesh, Karan says they can bring back what was lost, Rakhi questions how can it happen, he replies that she also has Preeta and him, Rakhi doesnot understand, he replies he and Preeta desire to be parent, Rakhi immediately feels joyed so she turning to Preeta kisses her hand while also hugging Karan, she is joyed and calls Preeta who also hugs them, she is constantly crying while also laughing. Mahira asks why he is constantly threatening her, she would not become a murderer if he keeps on saying it, she promises to do a thousand times worse if he tries to ruin her, he cows to open the door and reveal the truth, Mahira exclaims she would first go and reveal why did Sherlin actually go their as she planned to kill Preeta, she would also reveal who the actual murder of Akshay is, she will then mention that the child which they are crying for is not actually of the Luthra family. She asks why he thought she cannot do anything because she is capable of standing for herself. Prithvi warns her to pack her belongings because she should leave, she will have to pay for what she has done, she would now see what Prithvi is capable off, Mahira leaves before he is able to, calling Karina, Prithvi is worried if she reveals the truth. Dadi comes greeting both Sarla and Janki, Sarla replies she heard about the unborn child of Rishab and Sherlin so felt really bad, she decided to come and meet them, Dadi exclaims she felt really nice because Sarla came to visit them. Karan takes her blessings, and she blesses him, Rakhi comes so Sarla asks if she is well, she mentions it is not the way because whenever there is sadness the happiness also follows them, she must rest assured as the house would once again be lit with happiness, they are standing when they hear the call of Mahira, everyone is worried but Prithvi also following her exclaims she needs to stop, Mahira reveals it is the right time, Karina coming down asks what does she have to say, Mahira replies she knew everything since the past few days but now has to reveal the truth, Mahira reveals that Karina allowed her to stay in the house saying their was no need to go to the hostel so how can anyone ask her to leave, Prithvi says she is the one behind the accident of Sherlin before Mahira is able to complete her sentence, Prithvi insists that he is telling the truth, Mahira exclaims it is all a lie, Prithvi replies he can prove that Mahira was the one behind the accident, he asks Rishab if he doesnot want to know why she tried to kill his wife, Rishab asks Mahira what is he saying, she replies it is all a lie, he is sure he can prove it is the truth and has the evidence, Shristhi thinks they all are on the same time so why is Prithvi against Mahira, Preeta is also worried seeing them fighting.Prithvi asks why are they all quiet, if they do not want to know why Mahira tried to take the life of the daughter in law of the Luthra house, Sarla asks why would Mahira do anything like this, they all know she is a real close friend of Sherlin so why would she try to harm Sherlin, Prithvi reveals that she is just a deceiver and has ruined the life of Sherlin. Rishab asks what is she saying, he warns Prithvi that if it turns out to be a lie, he would not spare her, Mahira turns to Rishab asking him to just listen to her because she has a lot of secretes to reveal, she exclaims that the biggest secret is his closeness with Shelrin, Prithvi replies she can tell the truth, she desires to say that he has an affair with Sherlin, Prithvi mentions she is just trying to spice the situation, he mentions he would prove she is the one who tried to kill Sherlin, Prithvi replies they all know he saved Sherlin a few days ago when she was having breathing problems but now she has become his friend, Prithvi warns that she would lose if she tries to expose him, he exclaims he has the proof and it is the CCTV footage of the area where they can see her pushing Shelrin and also the truck is present their, he asks Ganesh to bring the laptop and then exclaims he will show the video which proves Mahira is the real culprit. Prithvi shows that Mahira pushed Sherlin, Rishab asks what is the meaning of this as it can be clearly seen that she pushed Sherlin, Mahesh also questions why did she ruin the house which provided her with roof where she can live in, Mahira exclaims that she is not at fault, it is all the plan of Prithvi because he knows she is aware of his plan so is trying to throw her out of the house because she knows the truth about him, Rakhi slaps Mahira before she can say anything else. warning that she must not try to justify herself, Sherlin exclaims she has killed her child, Rishab helps her come to them all then exclaims that Mahira started hating the family when Karan got married to Preeta, she told her a lot of times that she would take revenge from them all, but she did not think that Mahira would kill her child because they all started loving the child and were waiting for his birth but she ruined the dreams of everyone and has destroyed her life, she sits down crying, Rishab without listening to any explanation asks her to leave the house, he even orders Ganesh to bring her bags, Mahira turning to Karan asks if he also doesnot trust her even when she is his childhood friend, Karan replies he doesnot believe anything that Sherlin and Prithvi say but what about the video which he saw with his own eyes, Sarla asks him to not believe her because Mahira said that she loves Karan and when she met her at the mall, Mahira exclaimed she would do anything to get Karan. She feels that it is time for Mahira to leave. Sanjana also says they must throw Mahira out of the house, she is a killer who has taken the life of her Grandchild, Mahira must leave the house otherwise if she stays then Shelrin would not live with them, Dadi asks why is she trying to take Sherlin with them when she is their daughter in law, the only person to leave would be Mahira, they have realized her truth so she must not stay anymore, Sarla exclaims she came to the house as a guest and they are only suitable to live if they stay for a small time, when the stay is prolonged it tends to cause problem she must therefore leave now, Mahira shouts at her asking why does she have to talk in her matters, Karan exclaims she is his mother so has every right, he asks her to leave the house with her self esteem otherwise the family would call the police, Mahira turns, Prithvi also signals her to leave the house. Kritika standing appreciates Prithvi for revealing the true face of Mahira, Prithvi replies what is she thanking him when he considers them to be his own family and would do anything to safeguard their interests, Mahira was creating problems in the house, she would ruin the house, he will not let anyone harm the family, Kritika hugs him saying that he is a really nice person. Rishab also sits in front of Rakhi who is crying, Sherlin exclaims she knows they all are really tensed about what has happened and knows they might not be happy but there is a way, they should get Prithvi and Kritika married as it is the only way, Dadi also agrees with Sherlin, she referring to Sanjana and Sarla mentions that Rakhi wanted to personally come and give them the cards but was not able to, she asks Preeta to bring the cards from the room, she will also see it and give them both the cards. Preeta is walking in the hall, Mahira comes saying she would be really happy to see Mahira is leaving, Preeta replies that she doesnot have any time to fight with her so Preeta mentions she doesnot know what is the reason Prithvi and Sherlin went against her but if she has actually killed the unborn child of Sherlin, she should be glad they are just throwing her out of the house because had it been any other family she would be in jail, Mahira vows to come back and take revenge from each and every one, Preeta questions why is she still talking of taking the revenge when she would not be allowed to come back to the house, Mahira vows to destroy the lives of Shelrin and Prithvi after which she would target Preeta, Shristhi coming asks why is she threatening her and should do what she feels, Mahira turns to leave, Shristhi makes her fall, she then helps Mahira stand exclaiming that she would come back. Mahira reaches the balcony and is looking while crying, Prithvi coming from behind says that he warned he would ruin her dreams after what she has done to Sherlin, Mahira exclaims it is not the end and she will come back to ruin their lives, Prithvi asks if she still doesnot understand that they are destruction in themselves she cannot do anything wrong with them, Mahira replies that nothing has changed as she is still associated with them, she will ruin their lives, Prithvi advises her to take her bag and go downstairs as he ahs called an auto for her, Mahira turns to leave thinking her story is not finished, she will return to destroy the lives of Prithvi and Sherlin.


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