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This is Fate on Zee world, Monday 21st February 2022

This is Fate Monday 21 February 2022 updates: Sarla quietly comes out of the room, she reaches the hall seeing them both, they run to catch her. Mahesh tries to stop Rakhi, but she leaves, Rishab coming to him asks what was going on which angered Rakhi and she left, Mahesh replies there is nothing of the sort as he will apologize and it will correct everything, Rishab asks why does he apologize so much even when he doesnot have any fault, Mahesh explains Rishab should follow in his foot steps learning what he is telling him, Mahesh explains he wants to live happily then should learn to apologize to his wife otherwise he would not be able to live a happy life, Rishab then asks why is he so worried, Mahesh reveals that he is trying to call Bharat but he is not at the gate, Rishab requests him to calm down as Bharat might be near papa, Mahesh mentions he never leaves the gate for so long, Rishab replies he is going to call the security agency, Mahesh also leaves to call the inspector if he is not able to reach Bharat.
Rishab is standing, Sarla comes to the balcony screaming, Rishab gets tensed hearing the scream, he is not able to judge who is screaming, just then both of them manage to cover her mouth so she is not able to signal Rishab who also tries to search from where did the voice came, they both pull Sarla behind the pillar, Rishab calls Mahesh asking if he heard that someone was calling his name, Mahesh replies he did not pay any attention, Sarla is pulled from the balcony.

Mahesh notices that Rishab is really worried so questions what happened, Rishab explains how he feels Sarla was calling him, Mahesh says he cannot see her anywhere, Rishab looks suspiciously at the balcony.

Shaka along with his accomplice manage to bring Sarla into the room, Shaka instructs his accomplice to make Sarla falls asleep, he starts singing the songs which angers Shaka then he instructs him to take out the chloroform, they make sure Sarla is unconscious and then plan to tie her.

Sherlin comes searching for Karina, she finds her in the room while she is talking with Sanjana questioning why did she not come to the party, Sherlin taking the mobile says to her mother she would call her after a while, Sherlin explains that she needs to tell something important to Karina as she is the only one who would listen to her in this house, Karina questions what does she want to talk about, Sherlin explains that she came to know Sonakshi loves karan since their collage days, they both might be in a relationship, Karina at once disagrees, replying that Sherlin doesnot know the sort of person Karan was in his collage days, he was really flirtatious, he was not serious with any single girl but had a lot of girlfriends, she explains how he has changed after his marriage by becoming responsible, she leaves scolding Sherlin for ending her call without any reason, she leaves the room, Sherlin thinks she should give it another try.

Sherlin rushes out of the room bumping into Prithvi, she accidentally calls him Bhai, he seeing her explains she should never call him Bhai as it would be better for him to die, she tries to leave but he stops realizing how Rishab said I LOVE YOU, to her, he questions if she has anything to say but Sherlin tries her best to get away, he questions why was Rishab saying I LOVE YOU, to her when Sherlin questions if he is suspecting her, because she never says anything to him when Kritika exclaims her love for him in front of everyone, they both see the two men standing staring at them, Prithvi questions what are they staring at since it is an argument between a husband and wife, one of them requests Prithvi to not fight like this with his wife since she is really beautiful, they both instruct them to run away, they immediately leave. Sherlin says he can think whatever he wants because she doesnot care, Prithvi thinks it is opportune as others only love what is meant for others, saying that Rishab said I LOVE YOU to his girlfriend when he is also forced to be with Kritika.

Rishab and Karan are both taking selfies together, Preeta and Pihu come to the party, Pihu points towards Karan, Preeta going to him asks what has he done, Karan asks what does she mean, Preeta questions why did he leave Pihu alone in the toy room, Karan replies she was not alone as she had Kuku with her, Preeta mentions it is a toy and cannot take care of her, Rishab also starts scolding Karan saying he must not be so irresponsible, Karan says he should not take her side as things have changed, Rishab questions what has changed as they are still a big family, he then turning to Preeta explains even Karan is not that wrong as he admits that not everyone in the house is family but ninety eight percent of those are a family, Preeta still explains it is not right to leave the child alone as she is really young, Pihu insists that Preeta lift her up in her arms, Pihu exclaims that both Papa and Rishab are wrong as papa left her alone in the toy room, she asks what would have happened as if anyone kidnapped her, Rishab says how could anyone take her when they both are here, Pihu then says to Preeta there is nothing to worry about as they both would protect her, she however says her mother is the best then calls Preeta as baby doll, Rishab asks Pihu to come with him as they will give some time to the both of them.

Karan asks Preeta what happened, she asks him to at least stop calling her baby doll now, karan says he is not bothered by what anyone calls her and even doesnot care when Pihu calls her pretty mama but he would not change when anyone comes into their lives, he once again calls her baby doll, she picking up Kiku asks if she looks like her, Karan replies she looks better then her, he asks why does she not wear the clothes like her, Preeta exclaims he is talking nonsense, Pihu coming asks why are they both fighting, Preeta and Karan try to explain how they were just talking but Pihu insists they were fighting, she demands them both to apologize, Rishab says he did not say anything to her as Pihu is really clever, she forces Karan to apologize but he asks her to give him some other punishment, she demands him to kiss but Karan leans to kiss her, she however asks him to kiss Preeta, they both pick Pihu and start laughing, Sonakshi coming from behind wonders how is Pihu bringing them both closer, she mentions how she is grateful that her father gave Pihu for adoption as soon as she was born but had she remained with her she would have beaten her a lot. She mentions now she would find a way to make her place in this house.

Pandit jee asks Rakhi to call everyone for the pooja, Rakhi calls Pihu then asks her to go and call Rishab along with Karan and Preeta, she calls Rishab by her name but then Preeta calling her asks why is she taking his name as he is a lot elder then her, Rishab mentions there is nothing to worry about since they both are friends so they leave for the pooja, Preeta asks Karan if he has seen her mother, he points to the other side but it is just to tease her, Preeta also sees Shristhi so questions if she has seen Maa, Shristhi explains she would also come with her to search for pooja.

Sherlin is walking she once again bumps into the musicians and gets scared, the advise her to not fight with her husband as he is her life partner, they ask the reason she was fighting when Sherlin leaves asking why should she tell them anything.

Sonakshi enters the room where Sarla is tied up, she calls her father mentioning he was right as she thought that she would get close to Karan but now needs another plan, she feels that she should reveal her feelings to him as it would be best thing, he however stops her explaining karan doesnot consider their past to be worthy of accepting but she must make sure she gets a place in his heart, Sonakshi mentions he is right as she must get close to Pihu as only this way would she get karan for herself, she thanks him for always giving her the right advise. He requests her to always call him if she ever feels anything is wrong.
Preeta also enters the room, Sarla calls her but Preeta doesnot recognize her voice however feels she is close by, she then leaves wondering if Sarla is in the pooja.

The boss looks along with his men looks at the family, informing how they must leave with the boxes as quickly as possible because if Mahesh Luthra sees them, he would create a tantrum as he has already asked them a lot of times to leave his house, Preeta going informs Dadi how she was not able to find Sarla, Karina responds they cannot stop the pooja because of her mother and she should call her, Preeta replies she tried a lot times but Sarla did not answer it. Rakhi then asks her to come and stand with karan, they all one by one start performing the pooja, when Karan, Preeta along with Pihu perform the last pooja after which they all bow in front of Ganpati Papa. Rakhi asks Ganesh to bring the boxes of parshad, Rakhi appreciates all the guests that they were able to come to their function and celebrate Ganpati with them since this year Karan and Preeta have become parents as Bhagwan has sent Pihu to be part of their family, they bring out the Parshad when the gang members see that their boxes are being taken one by one from the table, they exclaim how they have to take the risk otherwise their drugs would be taken out of the house, they shout at the guests to stop but no one listens when the boss is forced to stand up the chair with his gun warning them to all to stay where they are, Karan tries to move ahead however Rishab stops him to calm down the situation.

The boss explains they thought of leaving without hurting anyone with just their drugs but now they have made him act in such a manner, Rakhi says that this is why they were singing with such poor voice but even if they had given the audition toi her son he would have not even given them the duty as a worker, The entire family stops Rakhi but she doesnot listen explaining that they are musicians, Mahesh also starts laughing explaining how he knows they are all just musicians and he knows this because they have lost two or three contracts since morning, so are facing difficulty feeding their family, Mahesh stanches one of the gun from them exclaiming how he knows it is fake but even fires it which creates panic, they manage to take back the gun, Mahesh is asked to stand back with his family, he asks why does this gun have the bullets when the one which he showed him had fire, the boss exclaims it is a popular quote to deceive them, they are standing scared when the boss orders his men to take all the boxes from the guests, they open it and are shocked to find the sweets in them, they see it but then get really furious and even snatch Bani Dadi towards them, the boss points a gun at her head warning them all to reveal where are the drugs otherwise they will shoot her, he starts counting when Preeta exclaims he must not harm anyone as she placed the sweets in the boxes.

Pihu enters the same room where Sarla is tied up, Sarla seeing her tries to signal her by hitting the console, Pihu at first thinks she must remain hidden but when the vase falls, she comes out seeing Sarla tied up behind the sofa, she goes to her asking if she is also playing hide and seek, Sarla asks her to come and open the bonds, she makes her sit on her lap.

The boss exclaims that she is the one who switched the boxes, Preeta explains that she suspected them the time when Pihu exclaimed that she saw them stealing something from the boxes, she came after leaving Pihu which is when she saw that they were filed with some white packets, she was sure they are drugs so replaced them with the sweets, Dadi says she should have informed them when she is forced to keep quiet, they all start blaming Preeta asking why did she not reveal the news before, Preeta replies she was worried because had she told Rakhi she would have gotten tensed and if she informed Karan he would have gotten angry and tried to fight them, she knows they have real guns, Karina also blames Preeta saying if she had told them they would have been able to call the police, Mahesh says he would not have let them leave since his friend came just some time ago, Sherlin also says Preeta cannot be right all the time as because of her Dadi is at gunpoint, Sameer questions why are they arguing, Preeta once again tries to explain herself signalling someone to leave the hall, the boss asks Preeta to tell them where the drugs are, Preeta explains they donot have to hurt anyone since all their drugs are in the bathroom of the guest room.

The boss asks how they would know which is the guest room, Shristhi exclaims she would take them all to the guest room as she knows all the rooms of the house, Dadi signals the boss to leave but he sends Peter with Shristhi.

The boss exclaims he is feeling tensed because they all have seen their faces, one of them asks if they can kill them all, Rakhi exclaims there is no need since all they have to do is to sing as after hearing them they would die, one of them questions why are they saying such bad things since they are actually musicians, and they ask the boss to sing who sits down at the car but plays really bad music which the entire family is forced to listen, then they are even asked to clap.

Shristhi takes the gangsters to the guest room and she points them towards the bathroom, Sarla comes out with Pihu asking Shristhi to come as they have to run, they both manage to lock the drug dealers in the room, Shristhi asks what is Sarla doing up here when Preeta was searching for her, Sarla explains that they both tied her mouth and hands, and threw her in the corner of the room, she is glad that Pihu came as she saved her, Shristhi is really amazed with Pihu as she was able to untie Sarla, Shristhi exclaims she loves her a lot, Sarla replies she loves them both. She asks what is happening when Shristhi replies she doesnot know but they have to go down, Pihu insists on coming with them when Shristhi explains Pihu needs to hide in order to win the game so she will make sure Pihu finds a suitable place to hide.

Karan calls Rishab and Sameer exclaiming he needs to talk with them both, Prithvi also walks forward when Karan says he doesnot want to talk with Prithvi, Rakhi is not able to understand so asks Mahesh what is happening, he replies that it is a fake fight, Rakhi then leans towards Karina who replies she knows it is a fake fight in front of the real drug dealers.

One of the drug dealers’ requests Rishab and Karan to not fight with prithvi as he was already scolded by his wife so is really tensed, Karan and Rishab both ask if he had a fight with Kritika when Prithvi asks the drug dealers to not bring out the old matters, as he had not fight with his wife.

Sameer asks them to stay back as it is a family matter, both of the drug dealers point towards Sherlin but then Prithvi quickly himself apologizes to Kritika explaining he is apologizing for any thing which he might have said which made them feel he was fighting with her, Mahesh snatches the gun from one of them, the entire Luthra family rushes to take all of the weapons and over powers the drug dealers, Sarla comes with Shristhi when the boss pulls her placing a knife on her neck which worries everyone.



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