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This is Fate on zee world Monday 15th November 2021

This is Fate Monday 15 November 2021 updates: Karina speaks to Sameer what he is doing. Kritika comes behind him. Prithvi whispers to his mother to take care of Kritika for a while. His mother goes to indulge Kritika. Prithvi rushes to Sherlin’s room. Sherlin complains to Prithvi that Rishab is back, still he is calling her to meet in her own room. He will take Kritika from here after marriage, but there will be problems in her marriage. Karina goes to check if Sherlin is ready. Prithvi tells Sherlin Shrishti is planning against them and after flopping their plan. It was Shrishti who disliked him from the time he was marrying Preeta. Today again she deterred to snatch his laughter and is planning against them. Sherlin wonders how to find out what is going on in Shrishti’s mind. Sherlin was afraid Shrishti can throw him out of Luthras house. She will unveil his true face in front of anyone, what if he is unable to protect his repute then. Prithvi says he cannot do this. Otherwise, his revenge from Rishab Luthra will remain incomplete. Shrishti asserts it is their revenge. Prithvi trembles in a shock, as he is determined not to lose in any case. Sherlin hugs Prithvi to calm him. Karina opens the door then.

Preeta was happy to see the proof. She asks Shrishti why they did not get the proof. Sameer comes to the room complaining Shrishti gave the surprise to Preeta on her own. Shrishti confesses that in excitement she alert Prithvi that they have a proof against him. This is the only proof which can bring his true face to everyone. Preeta was in a deep thought. She thanks them both, as now they can save Kritika from Prithvi.

Karina questions what was happening in the room. She was in a state of shock that Prithvi and Sherlin were hugging each other. Mahira overhears this. Karina shouts at them to shut up, she will tell Kritika, everyone and even Rishab. She herself saw them hug each other. She complains that she considered Prithvi a nice guy, but he is not worth her daughter. She can break his marriage to her daughter right away. She will not accept him at all, as she only believes in weddings that are accomplished in front of families. And after witnessing all this, she would have broken a finalized wedding as well. Her decision is clear, Prithvi cannot marry her daughter. Shrishti tries to speak to Karina but Karina did not want to listen to her. Prithvi was determined not to let Karina fail him in his revenge, no matter someone loses a life. He holds a knife from the table and thinks Karina must die. Everyone will get the news of her death but only after his engagement to Kritika. Sherlin stops Prithvi’s silent attack at Karina. Mahira also comes to the room. Karina was silent as she enters. Mahira gives a glass of water to Prithvi. She tells Karina that when they found Prithvi he was extremely tensed, trembling and crying; he said he couldn’t marry Kritika. Prithvi confessed that he made a number of mistakes in life, he believes he was comfortable marrying Preeta because she belonged to middle class. But Kritika… Prithvi gulps the water and explains Karina that he feels he is not worth of Kritika. Karina replies it is no problem at all, she can break the wedding right away. Prithvi stops Karina and assures he will improvise in future for Kritika. He promises to always keep Kritika happy. Sherlin silently slides the knife in fruit basket. Karina silently walks out. Sherlin and Prithvi were relieved. Mahira cheers that they are a team, she had to come. Prithvi was still afraid of Shrishti. Mahira and Sherlin tell Prithvi to go and get engaged to Kritika right now, they will take care of Shrishti.

Karina thinks guys get nervous before weddings. But Prithvi is not the kind of guy. He makes others nervous. She should speak to Kritika. Preeta asks Sameer and Shrishti if someone saw them? Shrishti and Sameer argue the guard saw him. Sameer says it was the guard who saw him. Shrishti argues that Sameer had applied shaving gel on his face and was unrecognizable. The guard felt it was Prithvi. Preeta senses the loopholes. She says guards never come to the bedrooms. It seems to be pre-planned that Prithvi had instructed his guard to follow any stranger into his room. Moreover, no one keeps empty albums at home like the ones they found in his room. Shrishti and Sameer ignore all these facts. They were sure Prithvi’s truth will soon be revealed. Sameer decides assaulting Prithvi.

Kritika was getting ready in her room. Karina comes to her. Kritika was excited. Karina seems extremely tensed and asks Kritika what she liked in Prithvi. Kritika says she likes whole of Prithvi. Karina was doubtful and asks what is so special in Prithvi. Kritika says for a girl, her self-respect is most important. Akshay never respected her, he did not value her love, their relationship. Prithvi always respects her, he values her choices, her wishes and that is the best thing. In fact, Prithvi did not pressurize her even on their first night of wedding. He understands her mind-frame and supports her. He believes no girl wants a marriage the way they did. She is extremely happy to marry him. Karina was troubled that her daughter has fallen for Prithvi. It is no easier to break this marriage. She must find out everything about Prithvi before engagement today.Preeta is relaxed that they were able to attain the proof against Prithvi, she exclaims that they can now inform the family members what kind of a person prithvi is, Shristhi asks what is the reason he is trying to take the revenge, Preeta reveals that he is doing this because of jealousy because she was married to Karan even when she was about to marry him however Sameer explains that he doesnot feel the same, Shristhi also says that she feels that the revenge is not a new one but is really an old quarrel.

Rishab is standing, karan teases him from behind, Rishab exclaims that he can sense from the touch that Karan is actually behind him, Karan responds that this is because he has the most importance in his life and he is even more comfortable with Rishab then their father, Karan further mentions that Rishab has become like his stepmother as he is always a little strict, Rishab pleads with him to not be so emotional otherwise he would start crying, Karan places two of his fingers in front of Rishab demanding that he choose one, Rishab selects the finger so Karan exclaims that they would party at night because the engagement is about to be broken, Rishab however doesnot believe him.

Dadi advises the Pandit jee that he should start the rituals just when the time is appropriate, Kritika comes handing him his mobile exclaiming that she is going to get the Mehndi on her hands, Kritika inquires from the pandit jee is there is some time left however the Pandit jee explains that the time is almost auspicious so he is going to start the pooja, Pammi comes mentioning that she has gotten the Mehndi applied and Kritika would get it done after the Mehndi as the professional is applying Mehndi to the guests because both the daughter in laws are not present, Dadi says that they would be in the kitchen and they all head to start the ritual. Prithvi along with Kritika get on the stage when Kritika asks if he plans to run as he would not be able to so should forget even thinking anything about it, Prithvi exclaims that he is ready.

Preeta inquires if Shristhi really feels that the quarrel is from the past which worries Preeta so she starts thinking who the person might be which led to Prithvi coming in their house, Preeta exclaims that this is not the time because she has the proof and must reveal the true side of Prithvi. Preeta heads out of the room, Sherlin is standing around the corner of the room, she gets tensed and decides to inform Prithvi about the desires of Preeta because they would have to stop her from reaching the hall.

Prithvi sees that Sherlin is calling him, she requests Kritika to allow him as it is a really important business call, he picks the mobile and requests that they hurry because the engagement is happening, Sherlin explains that he should hurry up and perform the engagement as Preeta is coming with the proof, Prithvi explains that she would have to do each and everything because he cannot do anything now.

Shristhi wishes that Preeta be able to reveal the truth about Prithvi in front of the entire family as now they cannot lose and would surely win.

Sherlin wonders what she can do so decides to hit Preeta from behind with a vase, she is running after her however bumps into Mahira, then she explains that Preeta has gotten her hands on a proof against Prithvi, they both try to hit Preeta however Mahira sees Dadi coming so distracts her so that she cannot see Sherlin hitting Preeta, Shristhi comes out of the room and is able to stop Sherlin, she hits the vase on her head before taking her in the room, Shristhi is tying her hands on the chair when she wakes up, demanding that Shristhi stop this and let her leave however Shristhi also restricts her mouth, mentioning that she along with Preeta and Sameer know that she ahs been married to Prithvi long before her marriage with Rishab and she has proof against them, the only reason she has tied her is because she knew that Sherlin would try to stop Preeta from revealing the truth about Prithvi.

The engagement function is progressing, Prithvi requests the Pandit jee to speed up the mantar, he then asks them both to stand up for the ring wearing, Prithvi hurriedly stands up which annoys Karina, Prithvi takes the ring and places it on the hand of Kritika however he is about to place it on the wrong hand, Pandit jee also asks Kritika to make him wear the ring, she takes out the ring when Preeta comes forcing them to stop, she then requests Karina to come with her, everyone gets shocked when Preeta takes Karina with her.

Shristhi mentions that she would not tell her anything and is only waiting for the time when she would be able to reveal the truth about her relationship with Prithvi and they would not be able to do anything that can stop her, Shristhi then leaves the room however forgets to lock it, Mahira immediately enters the room, she starts helping Sherlin break free when se is constantly trying to call Prithvi however it doesnot connect, Mahira forces her to call him again as it is really important that he knows what is happening.

Dadi questions Rakhi what is Preeta up to because Karina was not able to fulfil the engagement of her daughter, Rakhi exclaims that the odd thing is that she went with Preeta leaving the engagement party of her own daughter.

Kritika standing with prithvi realizes that he is tensed, she asks why is he so worried because even when Preeta tries to instigate Karina against their relation, she is always going to stand with him and would never leave his side, she mentions that Akshay broke their marriage and Preeta did not have anything to do with it, Suresh also praises Prithvi for being the one to save the family and he on behalf of the entire Luthra family is thanking, Prithvi explains that there is no need since he is also a part of the Luthra family.

Sherlin exclaims that prithvi is still not answering the call, Mahira says that if he doesnot answer then Sherlin and Prithvi would not be able to achieve their goals.

Kritika hands Prithvi his mobile, she sees that the caller id is listed as mom, this worries her because his mother is standing beside them, Kritika asks Prithvi how can his mother call him when she is right beside him, Prithvi thinks that he is now going to lose because he has saved Sherlin’s name as mom, he questions his mother how it can happen and looks at both of them in a state of confusion wondering that Sherlin would be in dire need of his help otherwise would not be calling him.


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