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This is Fate on Zee world, Monday 14th March 2022

This is Fate Monday 14 March 2022 updates: Karan helps Rishab on the bed who requests him to call him as soon as everyone arrives because he needs to talk with them, karan forces him onto the bed, Rishab questions what is he doing since he is the one who does such things, Karan takes off his shoes forcing him to sleep, Karan even prepares his bed for him, Rishab asks him to also go and sleep along with Preeta je, Karan says he would tell him in the morning, Rishab questions why is he once again scolding him, Karan turns off the lights leaving with Preeta.

Karan closing the door turns to Preeta exclaiming Rishab is tensed about something, Preeta mentions he is worried because of Sherlin, karan asks her what did she do but then exclaims he knows she always does something wrong, Preeta explains this time she did something much worse, they both hear something fell down in the room so rush, Karan asks why did Rishab sit up as he must sleep, Rishab replies he was not able to but now that Karan is with him he is fine, karan exclaims that now he would sleep with him, Rishab hugs Karan mentioning that he must never trust anyone with a closed eye but explains that Preeta je is out of this list, he can trust her without any worry, karan mentions he would stay with Rishab who happily moves away apologizing to Preeta je, she assures she never had any problem so leaves the room, Rishab asks Karan if they can go to London, he tries to explain he once drove somewhere from Birmingham but forgets where he went, karan asks him to also sleep now since it is really late.

In the morning Rishab wakes up walking in the hall, he is sitting down on the bed sits recalling of the time when he found the earring of Sherlin in the blazer of Prithvi.

Preeta is in the kitchen preparing the breakfast when Sherlin in a state of tension walks into the kitchen, Preeta sees her walking in.

Rishab sitting on the sofa exclaims for how long he would bear this all, he holding his head exclaims he cannot bear it anymore so then shouts thinking it is enough.

Kritika is getting ready in the room when Prithvi walks out after dressing but before he can say anything, Rishab in anger calls Kritika to come out, Prithvi seeing her leave thinks that it is the end of his time in the Luthra Mansion.
Preeta and Sherlin are also in the kitchen when Sherlin hears his voice, Preeta asks her to go since her end is calling her.

Karina is with Mahesh in the room saying since it is the first birthday of Kritika after marriage, so she is thinking of gifting her something else, Mahesh asks her to gift anything she wants to Kritika, Rakhi brings Tea for Mahesh, he thanks her explaining he wants to buy a gift for Kritika. They all hear the voice of Rishab so get worried wondering why he is shouting since he never speaks in such a high voice.

Rishab is sitting when the entire comes asking what he wants to say since they are really worried. Rishab thanks Preeta mentioning she was the one who opened his eyes otherwise he would be still living in a lie, he goes to hug Kritika explaining he knows that what he is going to say to her might ruin her birthday but she must reassured that he always desires the best for her, Rakhi pulls him questioning what is he trying to say, Rishab explains they have been deceived by the one whom they all trusted so much yet she was the one who wronged them while the other person they brought by themselves, the entire family asks him to speak it clearly since they cannot understand what he is saying, he is about to reveal the name of the person when the police calls him from behind.

Rishab along with the entire family turn, they explain how he is going to be arrested for attempt to murder, Rishab is shocked, he questions what is the inspector trying to imply, Karan says they are mistaken since his brother is not capable of doing anything, inspector getting mad asks if Karan thinks he came because of a misunderstanding, because is Rishab not the son of Mahesh who lives in Juhu and is the owner of a business empire. Preeta explains what her husband meant to say was that Rishab jee is not capable of murdering anyone.

The inspector explains that the complaint filer mentioned that while he was coming back from work, he was hit by a vehicle and just after some time Rishab jee came to his house, Sherlin thinks this is the time to cast her chance, she explains that Rishab jee is innocent since he was at the event and never returned last night, Karan and Preeta also try to explain but Sherlin insists that he is innocent, Prithvi thinks that Sherlin has made the right choice and has cast the best thing to come in the good books of Rishab.

The inspector replies he is not just talking but has the proof because he himself saw the footage from which Rishab Luthra came out and sat at the corner, he then talked with someone on the mobile, after which he once again came back to sit in the car. Mahesh explains that the police cannot blame Rishab because he is not that kind of a person, Dadi also asks them to leave but Rishab questions about the person who got in the accident.

The police is with the person in the hospital who questions why is the police not arresting Rishab Luthra because he is of an elite family so they cannot take any action against him, the inspector warns him to behave when the complainant mentions that he is the witness so they should arrest him.

Rakhi asks Rishab if he knows the person. Rishab explains he used to work in his office but he fired him last year because he was a deceiver and used to sell their confidential details to other companies, when they got suspicious his accounts were seized so they found tens of millions rupees after which he called the manager to threaten him, who would not get mad hearing such things, Inspector explains this is why he tried to kill him so they are now going to arrest Rishab.

Sameer tries to defend Rishab assuring his brother is not capable of doing anything of the sort, Rakhi also asks the inspector to listen to what Rishab is trying to say even when they believed Sandeep, Karan also asks the inspector to listen what Rishab said that Sandeep is a fraud so how can they believe him, Rishab also requests them to work on the details once again, inspector asks him to say it all in the court, Dadi also requests Mahesh to do something because he is such a big businessman, the police try to arrest Rishab but Karan and Sameer both do not let them, Preeta stops Karan who questions why is she stopping him, Preeta mentions they will talk with the lawyer and go to the court, the inspector says they would not be able to go to the court since it would be closed for two days.

Rishab asks for some time, he turns to hug Kritika questioning why she is crying, he apologizes for ruining her birthday, Rishab even apologizes to Karina, she replies there is no need, Rakhi then hugs Rishab saying it is all wrong because she knows he would never do anything of the sort. Rishab explains he is innocent so will come it, it is just a formality which they have to fulfil and now he will come back, Rishab assures there is nothing to be worried about, Rishab calls Sameer asking him to take care of everyone as Karan will get frustrated and take his decisions in anger, Mahesh sits down holding his chest, they all rush to him and try to calm him down, Karan leaves in anger when Mahesh asks Preeta to go after him as he left in anger so might do something wrong, Preeta stops Karan questioning where is he going, he explains he is going to the police station, Preeta asks what is he doing because the court is closed for two days and they might not be able to do anything, Preeta explains she has a plan and they will go to the hospital to find out the truth, she says that she has a plan.

Karan and Preeta enter the hospital, she asks him to not be angry and remain calm otherwise he would ruin everything, Karan in anger says that he will beat the person after he comes out of the jail and not now, Preeta requests him to not do anything of the sort as they are just going to talk with Sundeep to find the reason why he filed the case, Karan smiles saying they would question him to find out what kind of a person he is, Preeta requests him to control his anger otherwise he would make the matters worse, Karan agrees, she immediately pulls him behind the pillar, Karan smiling asks if this is her way to stop him then he doesnot have any problem, Preeta requests Karan to remove any such thoughts which he has because if she had to stop him then she would never have chosen this way, she brought him to the side because the police is standing outside the room, Karan goes out to see the police, Preeta once again pulls him asking if he saw, Karan says that they are not thieves and he has not even done anything wrong, Preeta explains they will not go and only she will be the one, Karan questions why can only she go inside when Preeta explains that it is because she is the doctor and if is stopped then can show them the license, Karan agrees saying he will take care of the outside matters while she can go in the room, Preeta agrees explaining she will go and change in the doctor scrubs, Prithvi tries to enter the room wearing the scrubs when he is stopped by the constable who tries to stop him saying he is not allowed, Prithvi asks then who would save the patient, explaining that he is in critical condition and if is not given the proper treatment in time then it might get difficult for them all, the constable allows Prithvi to go inside.

Karan receives a call from Sameer who explains that Mahesh has gotten ill, Karan advises him to call the doctor and leaves in panic.
Preeta tries to enter the room when she is stopped by the constable, Preeta questions then who would treat the patient, he explains a doctor already went inside, Preeta smiling menntions he would be her junior.

Prithvi goes to Sundeep and tries to act as if he is checking his pulse, Sundeep greets him when Prithvi takes off the mask, Sundeep gets worried seeing him but Prithvi asks him to stay quiet and questions how would he feel if someone gives him twenty lac rupees as then he would not need any medicine, Prithvi explains he desired toi get ten lacs from Rishab but he will give him twenty lacs however there is a condition Sundeep would only do what he desires, Prithvi hears someone talking from the outside so he immediately hides.

Preeta entering the room is shocked to see that the room is empty even when the constable said that someone was treating him, Preeta greets Sundeep asking how is he, Sundeep explains that there was no one inside, Preeta wonders then why did the constable say there was someone treating him, Preeta explains she is a doctor but not assigned to him and her name is Preeta Luthra, Sundeep starts screaming calling the constable but Preeta explains that she is trying to talk something that will benefit him, Sundeep sends the constable away, Preeta tries to explain that Rishab might not have intended to harm him, Sundeep explains then why did he hit him, Preeta assures it might be an accident, Preeta then questions what if she gives him fifty lacs, Prithvi gets worried hearing that she has offered him fifty lacs, he thinks it is the last chance.

Preeta walks out of the cabin, she calls Karan explaining how she talked with Sundeep and seeing his reaction it seems if they offer him money then he would take back his complaint, Karan thanks Preeta but she says that it is not the end as she just thinks but now a nurse came so she was forced to come out but she will go back in, Karan explains how he called Shristhi and she will arrive soon.
Prithvi wonders why the nurse has not left, he sees the opportunity and threatens Sundeep saying if he accepts the proposal of Preeta, he will kill him, Sundeep gets scared.

Shristhi mentions this is really great as now everything would be sorted, the nurse comes out when Preeta says now she will go back in, Shristhi asks if she can also come but Preeta stops her saying that she will go alone, Preeta goes to Sundeep, but he warns Preeta to not come back as he got in the accident and if she tries to offer him money then he will file another case.
The entire Luthra family is sitting in the hall when Kritika brings some food, she requests Nani to have something to eat but she refuses saying she will not have anything until Rishab comes back, Karan comes down the stairs, Rakhi asks about the health of Mahesh, karan mentions he is stable but not well, Sameer comes explaining that he got all the medicine except one, karan advises him to go and tell the doctor, Rakhi questions Karan of how he felt when Preeta was questioning Sundeep, does he think that he would accept the money. Sherlin standing thinks while she was practicing to act, she got the call of Prithvi, and he mentioned how he has made sure that Rishab would not be able to get the bail and will rot in the jail. Sherlin thinks this will not happen because if Prithvi said it then he would have done something.

Preeta enters the house with Shristhi, Sherlin thinks this is the chance so immediately goes out calling to Rishab, she then rushes to Preeta questioning why she not brought back Rishab even when she promised, she asks if Preeta has seen how everyone is feeling, why did she make such promises which she was not able to fulfil, Shristhi stops her saying that she is talking as if Preeta filed the complaint against Rishab, Sherlin apologizes saying she is not able to think clearly ever since Rishab went to jail, she sits down crying, Karina comes to help her.

Preeta goes to sit beside Dadi asking why she is not having any of her medicine, Dadi replies she will not eat anything until Rishab comes back, Preeta asks her to wonder how hurt Rishab jee would get when he comes to know she is not having the medicine because of him, Dadi replies even she feels hurt and starts weeping, Preeta wiping off her tears assures that she will be the one to bring back Rishab jee.

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