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These streets on zee world, Tuesday 13th July 2021

These streets Tuesday 13th July 2021 update: Shan comes to the airport. Neel says airports are sad places right? Rest here. I will get the paper work done. Neel goes. Shan sits there. He recalls puchking shoving him out. Puchki and Chanda come there. Shan you here? She says I want to talk about something important. He says you asked me to leave. Now i am leaving. what is up now? i am leaving forever. Away from all of you. We don’t have anything to talk about now. Puchki hugs him. She says make friendships your power not weakness. Shan was dreaming all this. Puchki is nowhere. He says Puchki were you here? He sees another girl waving at her. It is someone else.

The thugs are looking for Puchki and Chanda. They hide in a dhaba. They ask the waiter but waiter says no such people are here. The thug says nevi madam

asked to look for them asap. He steps on chanda’s hand. She stays silent.
Nevi calls the thugs. He picks up and says we are still looking for them. He says don’t worry we will find them. Nevi says shut up. Why are you not able to find them. I want that girl dead or alive.
The thugs look for her. They say lets go to airport. They must have reached the airport. Nevi’s car is stopped due to durga pooja. Driver says we can’t go forward. Nevi shouts and says driver move the car. A girl wearing durga costume comes an sayd dont’ be so hasty. That’s what a devil does. Nevi says go from street do something I have reach the airport. She says in heart I can’t lose in last round of the game. Puchki can’t meet Shan. People go. Driver takes the car towards airport.
The owner of dhaba asks Chanda and Puchki to come out. She says thanks for saving our life. He says God saved you. This girl looks very blessed. what can I do for you? Pucki says we have to reach the airport. We have to tell him a lot of things. if we don’t reach on time he will go forever. Everything will be over if i don’t meet him. He says but you would need passport to enter. puchki says God will tell us the way.

Shan is praying in the airport. Neel sees him. Neel says are you okay? Shan says yes. Shna says will I be able to forget Puchki? A baba comes and says you can’t do this. He says tell me openly what’s in your heart. Shan says I can’t forget people. Heart stays at the same place. Like it can’t move forward. Why do people selfish. Baba says God gives you problem when he know you can endure it. You have to write your fate. Baba gives him blessings. He says I can ready faces. Shan says someone close to me has asked me to go forever. Baba says people who love you never ask you to go. You are going to come back. they will ask you to come back. The face you are trying to solve will come in front of you all the time. Shan leaves.

Puchki is at the airport. They check passports. Puchki stands with an old man. Puchki says dada ji let me get you water. she goes in with that old man.
Chanda is outside. She sees rana and hides in a car. They look around for her.
Neel says shan you are going to start a new life. Live with focus. Forget all that happened and start anew.
Shan says I can forget the bad part but how do i forget the good part? Neel says do you miss puchki? Shan cries. Neel hugs him.
Puchki comes inside. Puchki is running on the airport. Neel says to SHan take it easy. Puchki looks for Shan. Shan feels like she is around. A policeman asks Puchki who are you with? She runs. Shan recalls his moments with Puchki. Puchki looks around. Puchki says please take me to San God. She sees Shan and runs after him. Jamai stops her and takes her outside. Nevi comes there. Puchki says you can’t stop me. I will tell him everything. Nevi takes the phone from her and breaks it. Puchki screams Shan.. Nevi says quite. Go from here. Or we can get shan killed. Puchki says you are a devil. Nevi says I am mother to my son. Jamai says do you wanna get shan killed? Nevi says if you stay away from him he will be safe. Decide if you want to stay here and get him killed or want to see him safe? Puchki

says I want Shan safe. Promise me he will be safe. You will own him. If you hurt him every after that I will come back. Nevi says just go away from this city. Puchki says okay.
Shan goes in. Puchki says to Nevi you have to take care of Shan. Promise me? Nevi nods and says okay. Shan runs out of the queue. Neel says Shan stop.
Nevi says to Puchki go now. She shoves Pucki. Puchki leaves the airport. sHan looks for her. Shan comes to the temple and sees rashugulla (sweets) there. He says did puchki leave it here? He says no I wont meet her.

Puchki comes out and hugs Chanda. SHe says I couldn’t meet him. He has gone forever. Puchki cries. Puchki says nevi didn’t let us meet. He is gone forever. Chanda says don’t cry I am here with you. God will protect him. Puchki says we are not livin in this city anymore. They sit in the car. Rana comes there and shoves the dhaba owner. They hit him. Chanda says stop. Chanda says don’t beat him please. Rana runs after chanda and puchki. they run from there. Chanda and Puchki come near a temple. Chanda and Puchki cross a bridge. Chanda shoves puchki in the water so rana and his thugs don’t see her. SHe says you have to stay alive even if I die. The thugs stop chanda and tell Rana pucki jumped in the river.

Jamai and Nevi come to Shan and say you might have known.. Your real mother chanda has died. She is no more. SHan says what.. He sits down in tears. Jamai says I know this is very sad. Chanda and puchki were running Puchki left chanda there to die. She ran.
Puchki is drowning. Nevi hugs Shan and says please dont’ cry. We will miss you. Chanda’s death shouldn’t stop you from going. We know you wont back off from your promise. Jamai says that girl left your mother there to die. Neel is in tears. Neel says he has right to be here for funeral. Shan says no. I will go as per my promise. Nevi is my mom.

Puchki is in the river. Nevi says he shouldn’t stay here with all these people. shan says I am going and I will never come back. I don’t wanna be where Puchki is. Shan leaves. Nevi smiles. She says my son will have all the name and respect and money. The end of shan’s story. Puchki is drownin. SHe falls on an idol. The idol floats up.



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