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These streets on zee world, Thursday 8th July 2021

These streets Thursday 8th July 2021 update;Beauty is shocked seeing Shaan and Puchki. Nivi also gets worried. Arindham and Ravindra are very happy seeing Shaan. Arindham thank you Puchki. Nil gets out of mandap immediately. Ravindra asks Moushmi to take kids upstairs.

Ravindra then insults Beauty and says she doesn’t deserve to be anyone’s daughter in law. Ravindra and his whole family pretend as if marriage never happened and asks her to prove if she can. They throw her out of the house and put mud on her face. Beauty curses them they will get daughter in law from Sonagachi only.

Later, Puchki reveals to Shaan that it was Nivedita behind getting him kidnapped. He loves his mother a lot, but she doesn’t love him. Nivedita hears it and was going to confront Puchki, but Arindham stops her. Puchki tells Shaan that Rana told her. Shaan gets mad and asks Puchki not to say anything against his mother. Nivedita storms in and scolds Puchki for telling lie. Arindham asks Nivedita not to threaten Puchki and asks Puchki if she has any proof. Puchki says Rana showed her all messages on phone that Nivedita sent to Beauty. Nivedita gets nervous. Nivedita raises her hand at Puchki calling her a liar, but Arindham blocks her. Puchki says she is not lying, he can ask Shaan. Arindham presses Nivedita’s neck in anger. Shaan makes him release her. Nivedita says he can check her phone and provokes Shaan against Puchki. Shaan requests Arindham not to fight. Nivedita cries and says how Sonagachi people are behind their happiness. Arindham asks her to stop her drama and asks her to give phone. Nivedita says because of that girl, he’s doubting her? He snatches phone and checks it. He finds nothing in it. Before he checks more, Shaan snatches the phone saying no one will check her phone. He trusts his mother. Puchki asks Shaan to listen to him. Shaan says enough and drags her out of his home. Nivedita is happy. She follows the kids. Arindham

thinks he saw truth in Puchki’s eyes.
Dejected Beauty returns to Bari. Murli asks who did that to her and gives her water to clean her face, but she says let it be. Let everyone see what their respect is outside Bari. Beauty walks to Thakumaa and asks how she feels. What her Shaan’s family did to her.

Puchki pleads Shaan to listen to her. He drags her and throws out of his house and says, get out. She says if he doesn’t want to believe her, then it’s his choice, but his mother is liar, betrayer. He says enough. If he speaks another word, then he won’t see her face ever. He asks her to go back to Sonagachi before he does something that he doesn’t want to. Puchki gets up and asks him what he will do? He will hit her? She asks him to go ahead. For his new mother, he will break their old friendship. He calls driver and asks him to drop Puchki to Sonagachi. She says she doesn’t want to make him more upset, so she will go. They can talk once he’s cooled down. Both are sad recalling their sweet memories. She’s sure he will come back to her one day. He cries out loud after she leaves. Nivedita smiles seeing him and wishes differences between Shaan and Puchki keeps increasing.

Beauty tells Thakumaa that she must be very happy today seeing her in this condition. She had cursed her and today it proved to be true. All her dreams are shattered today. Thaakumaa says they don’t blame destiny in their business. They live by taking off their dupatta / clothes. Dupatta belongs to family women. It was her choice to be one of them and now she should pay for it. Thakumaa leaves. Beauty breaks down crying.

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