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These Streets on zee world, Monday 13th September 2021

These Streets Monday 13 September 2021 update: Asmita sees drugs on the counter. She says what are they doing against Shan. She runs towards Paro. Paro gives the milk to Shan. Asmita comes running. Shan is about too drink it. He drinks it. Beauty says now the game will be our favor. Asmita says I have to be careful. I don’t know what asmita and paro are upto. I have to keep and eye on them and Shan

Paro says why should the anniversary end so fast. Lets party. Shan is numb. Ridoy says I have an amazing plan. He says my brother is here why do we need another. He says Shan is coming to dance and make this evening even better. Shan says but.. I am dizzy. Mousmi says shan it would be fun. Paro says do it please. Ridoy says please. Asmita wonders what is beauty upto. Ridoy says asmita you will dance too. Paro says you are ready to dance all the time. Ridoy says please asmita. Nevi says please asmita. Asmit agrees..


Beauty says once this match fixes asmita will be out of this house forever.Shan starts beating drum. He looks at Asimita. She and Paro both are dancing. Shan gets up and goes to Asmita. He comes close to her. He comes to Paro thinking she is asmita. Asmita wonders why is he dancing with par. Shan picks her up. Everyone claps. Asmita says wow you dances do well. Nevi says it was fun. Come lets have food now. Shan says to Paro it was you.. Why do you come near me. Ravindra says are you okay? He says yeah sorry.


Ridoy says to Asmita lets go have food.Shan is drunk. Asmita takes him to a room. He says I have to tell everyone the truth. Se says no we will tell everyone on right time. He says you asked me to do this. San pulls her close on bed. Asmita says shan someone will come. He says I love you. You are my wife.Lights turn off in the house. Shan comes close to asmita. Paro says there is a camera in Shan’s room.




Paro says I added a camera in that room. We will record everything that’s happening there. shan comes close to asmita. Se says you are not in senses. Shan says you asked me f I love you. I love you so much that I will die if I don’t become yours. I am so happy that God made you my wife. ASmita says God wants us to be together. No one can part our ways. I am your Puchki.Ridoy looks for Asmita. Bua says someone bring the light. Paro says I am sure she took advantage of the dark and is with Sahn.


Nevi says enough. You keep accusing asmita. She says I accuse people wit proof. I have proof of how characterless she is. She is trying to be close to my husband. Nevi says enough. Beauty says we will show you the reality. Beauty says my Paro can’t be mistreated in this house like this. Ravindra says enough. She always created this drama. Asmita comes downstairs. Beauty says look at this proof I have of what she was doing in our room.


She plays a dish. It has the proof of her cheap things. Asmita already found the camera.In the video shan is sleeping alone. Paro says this is a lie. She might have replaced the video. Paro says shut up. If you dare saying a word against her I will kick you out of their house.Ridoy says why are you being accused every time? I went against everyone for you. People laugh at me but I love you. You don’t care about me because I can’t do all this. What is your relation with Shan? Why people keep blaming you. did you go to his room?


She says I went to his room just to check. It is very easy to accuse. You can accuse anyone. It is my fault I thought i should be trusted.

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