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These streets on zee world, Friday 9th July 2021

These streets, Friday 9th July 2021 update:Rana tells Beauty that he loves her and offers to marry her. She throws sindhoor away and asks him not to talk about love in front of her again. She doesn’t need any man, any relationship. He says she might not need him, but he needs her. He can’t see her like this. She pushes him away asking if he loves her, then why did he save Shaan? Why did he destroy her happiness? Old Beauty is dead now. Now Beauty will love one thing only – money. She seeks revenge with Ravindra’s family. Thakumaa sees all this.

Puchki comes back to Bari. Chanda asks where she was and who brought her there. Puchki points to Arindham. Chanda sends Puchki to sleep. Arindham hugs her and says she raised Shaan so well and that too alone. She says that’s mother’s duty. He says and him

being a father and having all that wealth can’t stop tears coming in his eyes.
Shaan and Puchki miss each other.

Chanda tells Arindham that he’s a good father. He says only he’s responsible for all that’s happening with Shaan. She asks him to have patience and asks him to leave from there. He asks go where? To that home where his wife is just for the name. She troubles Shaan so much. She says it’s not easy to accept step son and asks him to give Nivedita some time. He says he has decided to stay with her now and they will go away from this double standard society. She says she won’t let his family break ever. He says they all live together forcefully. If not for him, then for kids at least. Maa Durga has brought Shaan and Puchki together. They will stay happy only if they are together.

Puchki prays to send Shaan back to her. He’s little stupid and she has to look after him.

Arindham gives divorce papers to Nivedita. Whole family is shocked. Ravindra asks what she has done that he’s giving her divorce? Nivedita says she did something that no woman does. She accepted step-son and he’s making her pay for that. Arindham says he is sure about divorce. She asks why he is so desperate for divorce? Is it just for Shaan or he feels like going back to Bari woman. He asks what non-sense. She says it’s him who spends night with other women, it’s him who make illegitimate child and he’s saying she’s saying nonsense? She runs to her room. Shaan sees her and goes behind her. Ravindra orders Arindham to take care of his marriage for Shaan and Hridoy.

Shaan asks Nivedita to open the door. She says today she won’t listen to him and asks him to promise her that he will look after his younger brother after she goes. He will love him as much as she has loved him. Shaan gets worried. He cries asking her to open the door. She spreads kerosene on her to set herself on fire. He sees this from a hole in door lock. Shan comes in and stops Nevi from burning herself. He says why are you doing all this? She syas I want to die because of you. Shan says because of me? Nevi says your papa wants to divorce me because of Puchki.
The festival starts in bari. Puchki stands with the idol. The chunri falls on her. Everyone does aarti.

NEvi says I can’t take this anymore. I dont’ want to live please let me die. She cries. Shan says please don’t cry mama.
Chanda does Puchki’s arti. Chanda says to Puchki because of you Bhagwan dada is doing pooja here. She says Bhagwa dada always listens to me. Just Shan doesn’t.
SHan says mama I can’t see you in pain. I dont’ love anyone mire than you. Nevi says can you do anything for us? He says yes. She

says promise me something then. He says okay I will. She says then promise me you will leave this house forever. Shan is dazed.
Puchki feels like Shan is in trouble. She says God you made us best friends. He wont tell me but I know he is in pain. Make us friends again.

Nevi says can you do this for me? He says I can do anything for you. I would give my life for you. I will get Ridhoy everything he deserves. nevi says thank you Shan. She caresses his face. Nevi hugs him. She says in heart you will never come back here. I have written darkness in your future.

Scene 2
Puchki wakes up in her room. Chanda comes. She recalls what Aru said. Chanda sits with Puchki and kisses her face. Puchki wakes up and hugs her. She wishes her happy birthday. Puchki says Shan will get me my sweets. I will get ready. He should be coming. He will celebrate my birthday with me like every year. Puchki runs out. Everyone wishes her. She gets ready.
Chanda says to Puchki if I ask you for something would you give it? She says yes bari ma. You are my fav. Tell me what you want? Chanda says forget Shan. Forget this friendship. Forget him forever. Puchki shoves her and says what are you saying. What are you asking for? i don’t have anything else. Not even choti ma. I can’t leave him. Who will I have? Chanda says I will always ne here for you. Puchki says you aren’t my friend. You are bari ma. I wont leave him. Chanda says do you want to see him unhappy and in trouble? Don’t you want him to have a good life? You love, don’t you want is happiness? Please leave him. Forget this friendship. Puchki says no I can’t do this. No one loves him there. I wont ever leave him. she shoves chanda and leaves.


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