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The Insolent Heart Starlife: Full Story, Cast, Plot Summary And Teasers

The Insolent Heart Starlife: New musical romantic Star Life The Insolent Heart premieres tonight (26 November) at 22:00. It will replace Broken Hearts which ended on Thursday.
The Insolent Heart is a story about Abeer Malhotra, a successful and charming rock star, as well as Meher Purohit.

While in college Abeer has his sights set on a straightforward, intelligent and attractive girl, Meher and they marry in a young age, after which they divorce.

Eight years ago, Meher returns to his life as the chief executive for the channel that he sings for.

Abeer decides to share their love story in the very first season.

The Insolent Heart
The Insolent Heart

The Insolent Heart Starlife Full Story/Plot Summary:

The plot revolves about Abeer Malhotra, a successful and attractive rock star, and Meher Purohit. In the time of college Abeer is attracted at a simple, intelligent and attractive girl, Meher and they marry in their early twenties and divorced. After eight years, Meher returns in his life as the chief executive of the music network that he sings for. Abeer chooses to write the story of their love in the very first season.

Their animosity begins to disintegrate as Abeer is forced to stay at Meher’s home to protect herself from a group of gangsters. But after Meher is injured, Abeer is frightened and sits at her side to care for her for 2 weeks as she’s unconscious. There is also an instant memory flashback, where it is revealed that they split up. Meher was a woman who worked who wanted to help support her mother and aunt financially, but Abeer’s ego was hurt because he believed that he didn’t have the respect he deserved because he wasn’t earning that time , and that they were working side by side Abeer’s aunt and father brought more fuel to the conflict since Meher aunt was one of the witnesses to the crime committed by Abeer uncle. He was imprisoned, so they plan to destroy the relationship between Meher and Abeer to get revenge . The story continues to the the present, and Meher is saved by Abeer’s love. He makes a proposal to her time, but she refuses the proposal. It’s disclosed to Abeer that Meher was not a part of the alimoy shape Abeer .So Abeer decides leave the house of his father .

Abeer is a singer for Meher and then proposes to her again at the office, but she declines and informs Sattu sir that she’s leaving the position. As Abeer will try to win Meher’s affection for the second time, Akshat, a new man in Meher’s life , is introduced to her. He stood by her throughout the past 8 years until Meher was devastated and now would like to get married. Abeer attempts to prove that he is superior to Akshat by enlisting the aid of his best friend Appendix and his adoring fan Aliya. Abeer is able to challenge Meher to prove that akshat isn’t a perfect person to get married. He observes Akshat having a child and informs Meher about it. Akshat proposes to Meher. Meher claims she is aware of that child Ishaan and then smears that he’s the son of Akshat.

But it’s confirmed it is revealed that Ishaan has been identified as Meher the son of Abeer. Meher is engaged with Akshat. On the day of their engagement it was discovered the fact that Abeer as well as Ishaan both have an allergy to Kiwi, but they took a kiwi punch. Abeer took Ishaan into the medical facility, and she is admitted to the same hospital. Abeer’s mom Madhavi is able to spot similarities between Abeer and Ishaan and Meher is forced to reveal to Meher the real story. Abeer is set to wed Sasha but upon coming to know that the truth is out, she decides to call his wedding off.

The Insolent Heart
The Insolent Heart

In the past couple of episodes Abeer along with Akshat are trying hard to please Ishaan and seduce Meher. Abeer is also beginning to notice the similarities in ishaan and his. He attempts to create Ishaan more like his by teaching him how playing guitar and making acquaintances with females etc.one morning, ishaan was bullied by a of his classmates. ishaan phone calls akshat and informs him of the incident, but instead of helping him, He starts yelling at him and then telling him to report their teacher. Ishaan was terrified as the child claimed that if he tells about it to his teacher, the teacher will beat him even further. Abeer is supportive and boosts his confidence. Their friendship becomes more enduring. Abeer and Ishaan became close friends which made Akshat uneasy. Akshat and Abeer began to fight for Ishaan. Ishaan then assigned them the task to take each hands and the one to quit first would lose. The person who was the winner would love the other more. However, when Abeer realized that Ishaan’s hand is hurting, he took his hand. Ishaan admits that it was a an attempt to determine who was more loyal to Meher. She asks him what makes Abeer love him more because there was a time when he fought with Meher a lot. One day Akshat broke Ishaan’s instrument given by Abeer in frustration. In a state of anger, he travels to Abeer’s residence for a few hours, where Abeer informs him that Abeer has divorced. He discovers Abeer’s wedding album hidden in his closet in order to find out the reason he was more in love with him and is shocked the fact that Abeer was married to Meher were married, and that Abeer has been his father. Kuber discloses to Rati the full truth behind Nisar’s sudden disappearance . He repents of his errors. Rati apologizes to him. Ishaan after discovering the full truth, asks Meher to apologize to Abeer. In anger, Akshat fights with Abeer and then tells Meher that she loves Abeer and then leaves. Devki is as well attracted that, thanks to Suman as well. Ishaan, Suman and Devki are in agreement with Abeer and Meher’s partnership. Meher is also in agreement and the show closes on a an optimistic note.

The Insolent Heart Starlife Cast & Real names Starlife Tv:

  • Pearl V Puri  ==>Abeer Malhotra[4][5][6]:Meher ex husband, Kuber and Madhavi ‘s son and Ishaan father.
  • Asmita Sood  ==>Meher Purohit/Meher Abeer Malhotra[7][8][9]:Abeer ‘s ex wife , Suman and Shyam ‘s daughter ,Devki ‘s niece , Tarun ‘ s elder sister and Ishaan ‘s mother.
  • Suyyash Rai  ==>Nissar Malik[10][11][12] :Abeer and Meher ‘s friend
  • Payal Nair  ==>Devki Purohit[13]:Meher ‘s Aunt
  • Charusheela Vachhani ==>Abeer’s Taiji[14]
  • Ayub Khan  ==>Kuber Malhotra [15][16][17]:Abeer ‘s father
  • Anjali Mukhi  ==>Mrs. Madhavi Kuber Malhotra:Abeer ‘s mother
  • Nivedita Saraf  ==>Suman Purohit:Meher mother
  • Roshni Sahota  ==>Rati
  • Vindhya Tiwari  ==>Sasha : Meher ,Nissar and Abeer friend
  • Krish Chauhan ==>Ishaan Malhotra:Meher and Abeer son
  • Shivamm Sengar ==>Tarun Purohit (tunnu) :Meher Brother
  • Abhishek Sharma ==>Kenny
  • Amit Dhawan
  • Indresh Malik ==>Satish Sahni (sattu sir): Meher and Abeer ‘s boss
  • Ashlesha Sawant  ==>Nishi Satish Sahni
  • Rahul Kumar  ==>Tillu
  • Parul Chaudhary  ==>Lovelyn
  • Santoshh Kumar ==>Madhusudhan
  • Dibyendu Bhattacharya  ==>Pinky Bhai: a don in season 2
  • Arjun Singh ==>Akshat : Meher best friend

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