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The insolent heart on Zee world, Wednesday 1st December 2021

The insolent heart Wednesday 1 December 2021 updates: The episode begins with, abeer in his show, says stay tuned for what happens next, mehar enters recording room and says guys its very imp so I need to talk to abeer so plz, all leave, mehar closes the door and says abeer u cant do this, abeer says what, mehar says u cant bring personal details and dare u tell what happened that night, abeer says no one knows its our story only we know it, mehar says my whole family watches this show, abeer says wow they still love me, mehar says abeer dare u do that, abeer says I will tell it, how miss topper got carried away and baby how u and me alone in that room whole night, and remember the way I was insulted in front of my dad similarly u will be insulted in front of ur family. In college farewell party, sasha comes and asks abeer what u two are doing, abeer says nothing u say, sasha says when will we drink, abeer says later , sasha says ok lets go dance, abeer goes with sasha and starts dancing, mehar drinks the cold drink and starts feeling sick, sneha asks mehar whats wrong with her, mehar says my head its just, I will go out and have fresh air, sneha says ok when u need me do call me, mehar leaves, abeer and sasha dancing, mehars head aching, abeer sees mehar is not in party and asks nisar where is miss attitude, nisar and abeer start searching her. Mehar all drunk starts behaving like mad and walking alone searching hostel and laughing, she lies on a bench, sneha sees that mehar hasn’t come back and drinks her cold drink and says oh god its alcohol in glass. Mehar starts behaving like she is driving scooter, and sits down and says petrol over , where is my hostel, abeer and nisar are stressed on not seeing mehar, nisar says look what u did abeer, abeer says god I am worried abt her safety I don’t want her to be in some problem, nisar and abeer leave party to search mehar. Mehar in front of hostel searching hostel, abeer and nisar find her, abeer says thank god she is going to hostel, and then realize mehar has gone into boys hostel and run behind her, mehar goes in front of watchmen, but he is busy listening music, mehar passes him and goes in, abeer and nisar run behind her , the watchmen stop them, abeer bribe the watchmen and go in, they miss mehar and start searching her again, mehar goes to rooms and starts banging doors and sees a door open and enters into a room, abeer says god where is she one thing is good that hostel is empty, abeer says may be in that room with open door, they go to that room and see mehar dancing like mad on music, abeer and nisar try control her but she keeps behaving like mad, she picks a shirt and start undressing, abeer and nisar run out, nisar says this is all bcoz of u abeer. Abeer and nisar, nisar says go see what she is doing, abeer says I wont u go,nisar says we will go together, abeer says no u go, nisar says abeer plz, abeer and nisar close eyes and go in the room, abeer opens his eyes and sees mehar sleeping in white shirt and keeps looking at her, nisar picks a bottle and says I will go get water. Abeer in show, so the friend goes to get water and then what happens next. Mehars aunty switches off the tv, tunno says I want to see the show, aunty says no go study, tunno says ok I am sleepy and leaves, mehars mom says don’t worry mehar we don’t want to know what happened chill, mehar gets angry on seeing all looking at her with suspicious looks, mehar says ok see the show I will show u and puts on the tv. abeer in show says so, in college hostel, abeer looking at mehar lying on bed, he puts blanket on her,nisar comes and says see what u did, she is a girl in boys hostel and now what to do, abeer hears guys entering hostel drunk, both sneak and watch them , the guys enter the room, abeer and nisar stand in front of mehar and hide her, nisar says u cant come here go, abeer says go man nisar is abt to vomit, all leave, nisar closes door and asks now what to do, abeer says after three all will go to sleep and then we will leave her back to her room, at 3 nisar says lets go leave her, abeer says wait for an hour more, nisar says ok lets put an alarm for an hour and then wake up and go, abeer says good idea, nisar picks his mobile and both go off to college, abeer wakes up and sees its morning and wakes nisar and says its 8, nisar says what now what to do, abeer peeps out and sees there are many boys in corridor, abeer says we will manage don’t worry, mehar wakes up and sees nisar and abeer front of her and asks what are u doing in my room, abeer says madam u are in my room since yesterday, mehar says that drink oh god, u gave me that drink what did u mix in it and I wont leave u I will complain and goes out, everyone sees mehar in a shirt, rector asks mehar what is she doing here and asks her to get ready and come to chancellor’s office. Sneha says mehar don’t worry I saw abeer giving u drink tell the truth I am with u, mehars friend tells her that her mom has called her, mehar picks her call, her mom asks where were u yesterday, mehar says mom I have class will call u later, she says ok take care. Sneha says sorry mehar this is all bcoz of me, mehar walks to chancellors office, abeer and nisar outside the office, mehar looks at them, abeer and nisar ignore her, nisar says what will happen now, chancellor asks mehar what were u doing in boys hostel, mehar says sir yesterday someone I mean I drank a colddrink and alcohol was mixed in it and so by mistake I went to boys hostel, he says mehar every year many students get carried away but u were a surprise, yesterday u were the best student and now alcohol, rector says lets restigate her, mehar says plz sir plz I worked hard to come here, this is last mistake plz give me a chance, he says ok u have to tell me the boys names who got alcohol orelse ur scholarship will be cancelled, mehar says I don’t know who brought alcohol,sir asks who gave u the drink, mehar says sir I don’t remember who gave it, plz give me one chance sir plz, sir says since u are a bright student we give u a chance and this shdnt be repeated leave now, mehar leaves. A peon from cabin tells abeer that mehar didn’t take his name, abeer goes to mehar and asks why did u do this why didn’t u take my name, mehar says bcoz I don’t have a rich dad, he would save u, but what abt me I don’t have one and if this news reached my house my mom and aunty would lose trust on me,so plz leave me alone do whatever u wish but plz don’t trouble me. Abeer in show, so this is how the girl was double standard instead of saying thanku, she delivered a filmy dialogue and went away making the hero feel guilty, that hero who let her sleep on his bed and and gave her his shirt,lovely tells sani what a story how interesting, I just hope that it kills his hatred, sani says hatred does turn in love and this story will also have that turn, nishi comes and asks what turn, lovely leaves, sani looking at lovely says a turn that may change everything, nishi says how dare u think of lovely, sani says nishi I was thinking abt abeer and mehars hatred, and I love u, sani says abeer and mehar were clg friends and after she joined the channel u saw what all happened, so this signs something fishy. Abeer and sasha together, sasha says mehar does matter to u, abeer says she doesn’t, sasha says oh look at urself what have u done to urself have this story and all, abeer says she came to my channel and try to boss me and so I am repaying it, sashsa says abeer don’t lie, abeer says I have moved on and she is nothing to me, sasha says then how do u remember every detail of ur story and u aren’t lying to me but urself think abt it and sasha leaves, abeer gets angry and drinks alcohol and says mehar purohit I don’t love u I have moved on. Mehars mom trying to do something on laptop, she says tunno look at this laptop its hanger, tunno says plz mom its hanged, mehar says tunno leave this mobile and study , tunno says no I wont I want to be like abeer jiju and not u, mehar and tunno fight on it, mehars phone rings, tunno says see ur phone ringing go get it.mehar sees its abeer calling, she picks it, abeer all drunk and says I want to meet u, mehar says are u mad, abeer says I am not far away just below ur house, mehar says abeer u are drunk and its 12 so I shall meet u tomorrow, abeer says come down what if i had done same way in nisars case when u called me at night, mehar says that favor is equal, abeer says right and its new case where I trouble u more and so get ready and come down or else I will be at ur door , mehar asks where are u, abeer says in ur heat that corner with hatred and so come before my countdown finishes or else I will be at ur door, mehar runs down to abeer.mehar goes to abeer, abeer says wow that was quick, I didn’t know u were so dying to meet me, mehar says abeer what are u doing here, abeer says u are trying to take everyone away from me, nisar sasha and now my peace, mehar says abeer get out, abeer says first answer me how do u do it, why did u come to my channel, mehar says I will answer but tomorrow, abeer says no now tell me now, mehar pushes him in lift and says u go now, abeer doesn’t go and says mehar u shd leave my hand and plz leave my life, plz, mehar says u are drunk go now, abeer pushes mehar and goes close to her, and says I have forgotten u and moved on, trust me, u and me are over, mehar says enough lower ur voice and go, abeer shouts I have moved on and falls on mehar. Kuber says to abeers mom I wish I could bribe to give me ur life next time, she ignores him and puts on tv and sees its abeers show, she tries to change, kuber says let it be and says this is our son why change the channel, abeer narrating his story, they hear it, kuber says so he is telling his love story on the show so this is what was left, she says if u feel so bad abt it go talk to him, he is ur son too but u always taunt him and do nothing, kuber says madhvi I tried 15 yrs back, I told him to join family business but u took him to that music school and abeer life is mistake now and its bcoz of u, madhvi says he is doing on his own talent, he has reached heights on his own talent look at him, the world loves him but u just criticize him, kuber says fantastic, u do one thing, keep doing what u are good at, madhvi says u go to room I will get u ur tablets. Mehars mom sees that abeer is drunk, she says mehar lets take him in neighbours are getting disturbed, suman asks mehar whats wrong with him, mehar says he is drunk and as usual a big trouble, tunno wakes up and says jiju, suman says slowly ur aunty if she wakes up , mehar says tunno don’t call him jiju, mehars aunty comes and mehar tunno and abeer hide behind curtain, mehars aunty asks suman what is the noise, suman says no nothing, why didn’t u sleep, mehars aunty says just headache good night and leaves,mehar says I will through him out, tunno says plz he is my jiju, suman says yes let him stay look at him god knows even if he ate anything, mehar says do as u wish, and I am calling mummyji I mean abeers mom, suman says I will talk u don’t, she says mehar looks like number has changed and since last 8 yrs I didn’t talk to her and so let him be here, tunno says not my room, but I can on one condition, u have to permit me to work with him, mehar says u go I will handle my problems, suman says mehar take him to ur room he is ur husband, mehar says mom enough as u think nothing such will happen, suman says see if he stays here ur aunty will see him so take him to ur room, mehar takes abeer to her room. Mehar says abeer u cant come back in my life, abeer in sleep talks I have forgotten u, mehar looks at his leg and says abeer shoes on bed u still and memorizes an old incident where she sees abeer with shoes on sofa and asks him to take it away, abeer gets up and says wow u are looking very beautiful and hugs her and says I love u, mehar smiles. Abeer on bed saying I have forgotten u and mehar sitting and crying looking at abeer talking all this, abeer says mehar why u came to my life, I have no feelings for u, go back don’t come day abeer wakesup and says someone close the curtain , pinto plz close curtain, where are all atleast bring tea, abeer goes to bathroom and says god this head ache he picks the toothbrush, and starts brushing his teeth, mehar enters and says hello what are u doing here and my tooth brush, abeer says what are u doing in my house, mehar splashes water on his face and says this is my house, abeer says oh crap what am I doing in ur house did u kidnap me, mehar says u don’t know how u came, stupid u came here last night all drunk, abeer says and u took advantage of me oh god, mehar says shutup abeer and leave now, suman comes and says abeer dear here is tea have it and come breakfast is ready and sees mehar looking at her in anger and leaves, abeer says here is ur towel and here is my shoe, mehar says get out u wont stay here, abeer says offcourse I wont my servants quarter Is better than ur house,abeer leaves and says aunty cant stay for breakfast my boss is getting upset and opens door and sees mehar aunty at door and smiles at her.


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