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The insolent heart on Zee world, Tuesday 7th December 2021

The insolent heart Tuesday 7 December 2021 updates: The episode begins with, sham says here is my daughter and now she will show u power,and mehar tell ur father in law or else, kuber says this man came to my house to ask for money and when I denied he is doing all this so finish this all, sham says no he tried to kill me, mehar says why did u go to his house, kuber says I will tell u, he came to ask for job for his step son, abeer says dad calm down, kuber says I know sham u want money from me, u and ur whole family is good at it, bua says plz look at ur words and don’t u try any of this word, sham says good sister go on, bua says if u do anything I will drag u to court, u n ur son, abeer says oh what did I do, bua says u dashed my car and the way u speak, I can put u behind bars and what u both want from us, abeer says I made a mistake I shd have destroyed ur car and enough of it I wont hear anymore , mehar says abeer don’t talk to bua in this tone, bua says mehar don’t, abeer says u telling me bua first look at ur brother who always comes asking for money, mehar says abeer stop don’t cross ur lines, theres news abt abeer and mehars new rising love, mehar says see abeer this is also bcoz of u, kuber says mehar I wont repeat the past again, I wont let anyone play with reputation of my family, abeer says dad its between me n mehar, kuber says look mehar end this game or else u will have to face big consequences, mehar says I am not back answering bcoz of ur age as I have answers for all ur question and do take care of ur son before pointing at me, bua says so its done if u don’t control abeer, I will not leave him as well as u, I think its clear, kuber looks at abeer in anger,sham stands beside and smiles. Rati struggling with coffee machine, nisar comes and rati shouts at him sir do something to make ur show very popular, nisar asks popular than abeer but why, rati says just make ur show popular, nisar says why so, rati says bcoz I like ur sings, nisar says thanku and me n abeer are not to be compared, rati says I mean u aren’t any low then abeer and u shd trust urself and know ur better than abeer, and u may find it odd but I just want ur show to be the best,nisar says ok that’s sweet and what abt coffee, rati says sure I will get u, nisar says not this I mean somewhere out if its fine with u, rati says ok. Sudha(shams second wife) crying in front of suman, suman says relax, sudha says i am so worried for him, I mean he is in police station how can I eat anything,tillu says badi mummy(suman)jam is over, suman says I will get u another, tillu asks tunno what are u upto, and let me tell u , u will be like mehar, tunno says I have other plans,tunno gets irritated, suman says sudha calm down, sudha says he hasn’t eaten anything,bua enters with sham and looking at sudha and tillu gets upset, sudha runs to sham and hugs him and start crying, sham says no honey don’t cry, I am fine.sudha says I thought u wont come back,sham says don’t worry I am here, suman asks bua where is mehar, bua says she left for office, sham says just like me and suman some tea plz,sham says I cant stand mehars problem, bua says why didn’t u think abt it before going to kuber, sham says that man is such an,but what to do I asked u for land and money but u didn’t give me, bua says that land is for tunno, sham says why not tillu, bua says look at urself have some shame don’t u ask tunno for anything, sham says enough of ur talks u don’t know anything or have any person, all these people are bcoz of me, u have no relatives of ur own, lets go sudha we wont wait here they don’t respect us, sudha takes sumans and buas blessing and leave, bua feels bad abt shams words, suman says don’t cry he has no sense, bua says he is right I couldn’t have my own family,suman says no that’s not true, u aren’t with us bcoz of him, me mehar tunno we all love u , we are urs, and u are the reason why we are together,and ur name shdnt be devki but yashodha now smile plz, I will make u tea. Tunno opens door and sees mehar, mehar says ur result tomorrow right, tunno ignores her, mehar asks what happened, suman says let him be, suman says ur dad was here with his family, mehar says why do u allow him to do so,suman asks will u have tea, mehar starts helping suman, suman says I didn’t call them, mehar says let me guess they must be here had free food and irritated u all and so must be tunno angry,suman says some things are bad we have to deal with it, and did the matter close, mehar says lets not discuss that. Next day in office, media is here for abeer, sani asks abeer to be in control, abeer says u relax and media lets play coffee with saya abeer news with his new girlfriend has broken so many hearts , abeer says she isn’t new she is old girlfriend, media asks what, abeer says mehar is my divorced wife.abeer tells media that mehar is his divorced wife, media asks abeer for details, abeer says we had some misunderstandings and within 6 months we were divorced, mehar listens this and gets angry, abeer says my ex wife is front of me it does hurt me and must be hurting her too but let me clear theres nothing cooking between us, media asks then why did u save her, that shows concern, abeer says of course I care, though we aren’t in relation now but still u know, I always supported her but one day she asked me for divorce what to do, I had to give to her, as I never said no to her, and I believe couples are made in heaven and a piece of paper cant separate us and the truth is I still love her and will keep loving till my last breathe that’s all so allow me to go, media goes behind mehar, abeer says plz don’t trouble her I cant see her in pain bcoz I still, media says we know u still love her, sani asks media to leave and others to get back to work, mehar walks to abeer and says so u still love me, abeer says honey I had to find a new way and this was what it is, mehar gives him tissue and says wipe of ur fakeness and shd I call media and tell them what the real abeer is and leaves. Madhvi offers tea to kuber, kuber says no thanks, just do one thing ask ur son how long is he gonna trouble us, and to add on it mehar its all her plan to get some more money and her bua is helping for it, madhvi says mehar is working for her family and she has no interest in ur money or my son, kuber says I need no explanation so just shutup. Abeer in his show, when I meet god I will surely ask him why heart falls in love and how much will my heart cry in pain of love and keep calling its love, girls comment poor abeer he is in so pain,we wish mehar mam could understand his pain. Rati listens to all the comments, mehar in her cabin thinking abt abeers explanation to media and says mehar don’t worry abt abeer, rati enters and says mam I know I shdnt speak but abeer sir he still loves u, mehar says rati stop not a word on it and better u concentrate on work, rati says sorry mam and leaves. Suman and madhvi meet in mandir and both are discussing abt their husbands,madhvi says even abeers dad troubles me, its like a faith, in beginning its good but later, anyways see abeer how can he do that to mehar, suman says plz don’t blame abeer, mehar is no less,I hope all gets better, madhvi says sure it will. Nisar walks to rati and asks her what happened u look upset, rati says nothing actually I just said mehar mam that abeer sir still loves her, nisar says what why did u do that don’t interfere into their matter,and I am sorry I shdnt yell at u and anyways did u have lunch, rati says I got lunch for u,nisar asks why, rati says I saw u were working the whole night and day so and I know u don’t have ur family here,nisar says that’s so sweet of u. Jawahar in abeers cabin, abeer says go ask ur bhabhi whats in lunch I am hungry,jawahar ask who, abeer says who am I, jawahar says boss, abeer says no man from heart what do u take me, jawahar says bhai,abeer says good so who will be ur bhabhi, jawahar says mehar mam, abeer says very intelligent go. Jawahar goes to mehars cabin and says mehar bhabhi abeer bhai asking what is there for lunch, mehar asks what, jawahar says shall I take the tiffin, mehar says if u want ur job just leave, abeer enters and says baby don’t get upset on him, jawahar go get me a plate and spoon. Abeer says baby I like ur food so much and takes her tiffin and says I like palak paneer so much and eats it,yummy did mummy make it, bcoz ur food doesn’t taste this good, mehar gets a call from suman, abeer says hello aunty, suman says mehar tunno scored good marks so get ice cream for tunno his friends are gonna be here, mehar says I will get it, suman asks how was food, mehar says good and I will call u later, abeer says come baby, mehar leaves. Mehar go gets ice cream, abeer follows her and says get same for me,and says mehar I like ur habbits after food sweet, I so like u,mehar gives him cold look and tries to ignore him, abeer says here have ice cream may be like a breakup party or a reunion party, mehar takes her parcel and leaves she dashes a guy and says sorry I will get u a new one, the guy says what sorry what do u think of urself do we look like beggars that u will get us new one, mehar says plz I am saying sorry don’t cross ur lines, they try to get touchy with mehar , abeer comes and hits them.


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