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The insolent heart on Zee world, Tuesday 30th November 2021

The insolent heart Tuesday 30 November 2021 updates: The episode begins with, mehar in her house, lies on her bed and thinks of abeer and how in pain was he in studio and his words of thanking her, she goes to her cupboard and removes a violin, she plays the violin. Mehar in past college days trying to play violin, abeer says mehar hold it properly and teaches her and asks her to be gentle with it, mehar says stop disturbing me let me try, atlast abeer holds her and violin and teaches her how it is to be played.mehar and abeer come close to eachother and everyone clap for them, dsouza sir says abeer this is fantastic u teach very well, u know abeer I was scared to teach at first in this college and when I heard abeer is in this college I was so relieved, and so abeer u will join me from tomorrow and help me teach these students, mehar says sir can I have some other teacher and not abeer, dsouza says mehar don’t worry he abeer is grt in music, he is born genius. Mehars friend says u are so lucky abeer taught u violin. Abeer comes and tells ,mehar petrol prices and says remember u asked me, mehar says this library stop disturbing, abeer says u know people like me are genius and u book worm, mehar says stop following me and be quite, abeer says do u remember what sir said abeer is born genius. Mehar in her room smiles and says born genius, mehar gets a call from abeer, she picks it, abeer says two things u wont tell anyone in office that I cried and u wont take advantage of this, u know I have rockstar image and rockstars don’t cry, mehar says ok and next, abeer says don’t think that I cried so I gave up our fight is still on and cuts phone, mehar says so like a dogs tail. Nisar in office tells mehar that he needs some more time, mehar says ok u may but still be a little quick I have pressure from sani sir, nisar says I will surely tell soon. Mr sani and mrs sani in office, she gives sani boiled food and forces him to eat, mehar comes and says oh sorry,sani says come mehar plz tell me good news, nishi(mrs sani) says don’t get annoyed by him, sani says mehar plz hurry see the 9 slot what will I do with it be quick, and nisar he didn’t give any answer how can u play such big risk with that nisar, sani yells at mehar. Abeer comes to office and sees tunno, he goes to him and hugs him and asks how come here, tunno says I have some work and need ur help and I don’t want mehar to see us,abeer says ohk come with me.mehar sees tunno and abeer together. Abeer takes tunno to café and asks him what he wants money, tunno says no money I want to become like u, I mean I want to work with u, mehar comes and says tunno, what are u doing here, tunno says I came to meet abeer, abeer says he came to tell me ur secrets, tunno says I am here to work with abeer, mehar says we will talk abt this in home come, abeer says I have opening in band ur sister did it, how abt it boss, mehar says tunno lets go and takes him along with her, abeer follows them, and mehar says stop following me, abeer says i need to go out gor fresh air and lift is only way to go out and goes behind them in lift. In lift, abeer asks tunno any gfs, no beware chose the right one or else whole life u know an head ache,abeer starts irritating mehar by playing mouth organ, mehar and tunno get out of lift and abeer follows them. Mehars car comes and she asks tunno to go home , tunno leaves, mehar goes back to office and abeer follows her, mehar says abeer u wanted air right, abeer says its not tasty will come later, mehar says disgusting and leaves. In lift again abeer starts irritating mehar, the lift breaks down and abeer panics, mehar starts smiling, abeer very scared tries calling but no range, mehar says abeer relax it will be fine, abeer says don’t smile , u are boss do something, abeer starts chanting hanuman chalisa and sits down scared.mehar looks at him and smiles, abeer stands up, mehar says u still get scared in lifts, abeer says u know its phobia, the lift starts abeer gets out of it and starts yelling at jawahar, he looks at mehar and says it happens sometimes stop showing ur teeth, mehar starts laughing.nisar goes to recording room and looks at the chair where abeer sits, he sits on that chair and looks around, he picks the mic and tries to rehearse, and tries to encourage himself do it, he tries sing as well but doesn’t get it, and says abeer is only the suitable one I cant he is a rockstar. Mehar goes to cabin and finds flowers and a thanku card, she calls rati and asks her who gave these, rati says I don’t know I didn’t see anyone keeping it, mehar gets a call, she leaves,abeer and nisar in recording room and sani listening them, abeer trying to teach nisar how to sing and perform, sani says to mehar listen to this, see this nisar he can just be behind abeer he will spoil everything, he cant do without abeer, sani starts insulting nisar in front of mehar, the mic gets on by mistake and abeer and nisar listen all that sani says, sani says I want abeer not nisar, get that straight , sani leaves. Nisar feels bad, abeer gets angry, nisar says abeer its fine calm down, abeer says how can he do this to u.mehar goes to her cabin and says rati I know nisar he has the fire in him but, rati asks what happened, mehar says nisar doesn’t wanna move without abeer, I think I was wrong, rati says no mam ur decision is right ,me and many others in office know nisar is good, very good, infact he sings really well and writes well too, mehar smiles and says so the thanku card was by u right rati, rati says yes mam, mehar asks so since when do u love him and what abt nisar, rati says he doesn’t even remember my name and plz don’t tell anyone, mehar says relax rati sit, have water, mehar says I know nisar past 12 yrs and I just cant believe he can have someone like u, he was such a shy guy and was always scared to talk god, I cant imagine that he can have anyone and smiles. Mehar in her college library, her friend says wow so lucky u are abeer gives u so much attention, mehar asks her to concentrate, nisar comes and asks can I join u, her friend says yes sure, nisar says to mehar do u have notes from class, see I am not here to trouble u, I am nisar, mehar doesn’t look at him, mehars friend says I am sneha, nisar asks u are from Bhopal right, mehar says yes and goes to book shelf, nisar follows her and says my aunty stays in Bhopal too I like Bhopal, mehar still ignores him, nisar says I hope u aren’t upset with me, actually we just have fun abeer is very good at heart just is little childish, nisar says ok I will go and yes tell me if u need something I will always be there for u as a friend,sneha says wow mehar tell em which god u worship even I will start worshipping bcoz u are so lucky all boys are behind u. Abeer sasha scold nisar for going to mehar, nisar says I didn’t go to her for any date think, just went to talk, abeer hits him and says she is our enemy, sasha and abeer hit him with chalk, mehar tells sneha that she has faced lot of hardship and her aunty and mom have worked very hard to get her here everyone isn’t as lucky as abeer to born in rich house and she wants to make her mom and aunty happy give all leisure’s of life,abeer torchers nisar for talking to nisar and says that topper girl don’t ever talk to her, mehar says sneha I am just here to study and not make friends, even if he is as cool as abeer or as good as nisar. Mehar in her office smiles thinking abt college days.sani auditiong for 9 pm slot, mehar asks him what all is this, sani says I told u this channel is all that I have, mehar says stop getting hyper sir, sani says see ur nisar plan is flop so I am trying on new talent and if this doesn’t work abeer will be back to 9pm and so plz respect my decision as I respect urs, the new singer starts singing, the singer is very bad, everyone around starts laughing, mehar closes her ears, sani scolds him and asks him to leave, mehar goes out, and says rati if sani sir selects anyone inform me, rati says I will but mam what abt nisar, mehar says what to do, rati says plz mam do something. Mehar in her house, rati calls her and tries her to convince on nisar case, rati says I am sorry but I don’t know what to do, the new singer sani sir selected isn’t any where to nisar. Sani calls mehar and says I have selected a new singer and now if nisar doesn’t say yes I will consider the new singer or u want abeer back at 9pm, mehar says no use ur new singer at 9 pm, mehars aunty comes and says is abeer the stress again, mehar says for a change its not abeer,aunty says surprising I didn’t think anyone in office could be so stressful other than abeer and leave bcoz abeer is good only at troubling others.mehar says god who will help me in nisars case and looks at her contact list and says may be abeer

mehar thinks of abeer to convince nisar, and calls him. Next day mehar reaches office, jawahar doesn’t allow few guys for audition, mehar ignores the scene and goes to recording room, sani says see my new talent he is very good and he is better than abeer look there palash, sani says palash start ur singing, palash sings a song, abeer joins him and sings along with him and makes everyone realize that palash has robbed the music from old song, abeer says this song is from movie train and music by R D Burman, u need to have originality, u shd study them and not rob their master piece, abeer calls nisar in the recording room, nisar enters, and abeer says people have questioned ur talent its time answer them and show ur talent and make sure its rocking, sani starts yelling at palash and asks him to get out, abeer looks at mehar and smiles, jawahar pushes palash out of the office.

Nisar begins his song, rati hides and listens to the song, nisar sings very nicely with full emotions , abeer goes to sani and asks him to see nisar sing on the screen, nisar sings song yadein teri, rati blushes seeing nisar sing, everyone in office enjoy nisar sing, everyone applaud when nisar finishes his song, lovely asks everyone to go back to work, abeer says sani sir never under estimate anyone, sani says ya ya and leaves.

Nisar introduces himself on his new 9 pm slot and says I will try very hard to plz u and so this is me nisar and u will hear me now onward s at this slot. Rati says nisar he sings very well, nisar says thanku rati, rati says u shd sing love songs u will be better, nisar says ok sure, rati says u sing very well even better then abeer sir, nisar gives her flower and says thanku rati and leaves, rati is very happy.

Abeer goes to mehars office, and looks at her and smile, and says its so hot here, and goes near mehar, mehar says what u want, abeer says talk like yesterday plz,I just couldn’t handle the sweetness plz, mehar says these habbits make u very nonsense and it was professional and not personal, didn’t u see sani sirs choicee and so for company benefits I took ur help, did u want someone like palash to sing on ur slot, abeer says ya ya this is for company I know, but plz talk sweet for company sake plz, mehar says plz abeer help me for company sake and convince nisar, abeer says mehar these have no emotions cmon, mehar says go away abeer, abeer says now we are equal, mehar asks what, abeer says u helped me in Elton sir case and I helped u in nisar case so favor equal and if sani had chosen anyone like that palash it was u who would be at loss first so it means I helped u and so we are back on track mam,rati comes and says nishi mam has called everyone in conference room for celebrations.

Mehar congratulates nisar, everyone at office celebrate nisar as their new singer and gets cake for nisar, nisar waits till abeer comes and when abeer enters he smiles at nisar, nisar cuts the cake, nisar gives first piece to abeer, abeer hugs him, nisar says thanks bro, nisar gives sani cake, sani says congratulations nisar, nisar gives mehar cake, abeer looks at mehar and gives wicked smile, nisar gives everyone cake except rati, rati signs mehar, mehar gives nisar a heart with his name and stars and says nisar a very big fan of urs gave u this , nisar says wow who , mehar says find by ur own.

Sani says sorry to nisar and abeer, abeer says sir mehar mam taught me company first and then issues, right.College days, mr malhotra, abeers dad is welcomed for a function in abeers college, he addresses the students there, and says I am from this college too and have achieved a lot in my life thanks to this college, his dad insults the trustee their saying he is my old friend and always awaits for me to donate money and smiles and says kids business is very tricky, he starts his speech and abeer mimics it and says god I have been hearing this since years, his dad says my record of 94% has been broken after 24 years by a student amongst u and this student is mehar purohit who broke my entrance exam result and abeers dad congratulates mehar and asks her to be on stage and gives her his card and says people await for this card and since u broke my record its urs and kuber malhotras one call is urs make best use of it. Abeer says to nisar that I have it without studying, this number I could give her why study so much and laughs. Abeers dad says mehar I hope to see u sparkling unlike other kids who waste fathers money and looks at abeer.

Truste invites kuber to party, kuber says I have my son in this clg he will attend on behave of me and abeer come here, and calls mehar too and says abeer look at her learn something from her she scored 97 % without any luxuries and u with all luxuries u score nothing, have some shame and mehar give him tuitions in ur free time may be he pass and I shall leave now.abeer looks at mehar in anger.

Abeer in front of nisar makes fun of mehar, nisar and abeer drinking, nisar says chill bro, abeer says how can I my father is a evil, he insulted me in front of whole clg, nisar says every dad is same so don’t u worry, see its history no dad makes name its sons who make names and achieve all success, abeer says u are right,but that mehar did u see her, she was having fun seeing me in that situation and now u see what I will do, in party I will mix alcohol in her cold drink and then I will see her and so miss mehar beware.

In party everyone having fun, sasha dancing on crazy kia re song, abeer looks at nisar and asks him did he bring bottle, nisar shows him, abeer says hide it, nisar says think again bro, abeer says I am not doing anything wrong just making things equal, sasha sees bottle and asks what is it, abeer says its returning favor,sasha says oh alcohol give me I will have it, abeer says patience girl go dance first, sasha leaves, abeer waits for mehar.

Mehar at hostel her friend asks her why isn’t she ready, mehar says sneha I never party I like studying and since all are out its so silent here, sneha requests her. Abeer mix alcohol and cold drink in a glass, mehar and sneha enter the party, nisar show abeer that mehar has come, sneha says god no guy has asked for dance and mehar who would u like to dance, mehar says plz sneha I am just here to give u company , abeer comes and says mehar I thought u wont come but my heart said u will come and see u are here grt anyways will u gals have something,sneha says so sweet, mehar says no I am fine, abeer says what mehar forget the fights and after dad made me realize I really think I can learn a lot from u and so let me get u something, sneha says god mehar he is so cute and drink whatever he gets don’t deny, abeer offers mehar the drink, she doesn’t take, and abeer says sneha tell ur friend, sneha says mehar cmon he is being so sweet take it, mehar takes the glass.

Mehar drinks it, she finds its taste bad,nisar comes and asks sneha for dance, sneha goes with nisar. On dance floor nisar sasha and sneha start dancing, abeer says to mehar u have something in u, u are very impressive and u struggled a lot to come here and u will reach stars for sure and u can also praise me I wont mind,mehar starts feeling giddy, abeer says wow mehar good percentage I really appreciate and my dad made me realize all this.

Abeer in his show, so keep tuned for what happens next, do they fall in love or the hatred is continued, signing off abeer.


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