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The insolent heart on Zee world, Sunday 5th December 2021

The insolent heart Sunday 5 December 2021 updates: The episode begins with, abeer gets mehar off the pool and says are u mad when u know u cant swim why did u go to pool, mehar sees all clicking her photos, sani and nishi come and ask her is she ok, mehar says i am fine, sani says let me leave u home, mehar says i am fine sir, i will go by my own and looks at abeer in anger, nishi says look at u mehar let me leave, mehar says thanku and leaves with aching foot and says this is all bcoz of abeer,she stops a taxi but finds that the driver is drunk and asks him to leave, mehar walking alone, abeer stops and says mehar sit in the car, mehar says i wont never, abeer says mehar come sit stop acting foolish , mehar says i wont, abeer gets off the car and picks mehar and puts her in car, mehar says let me go, and why is this door not opening, abeer says childlock it wont open and shutup i am doing this bcoz i respect ur mom and wont let her be with a daughter with one foot, mehar says shutup, abeer says baby be quite and sit and its 12 and ur bua must be showering in anger, mehar says stop all this nonsense. Suman and bua waiting for mehar, bua says looks like she will come at breakfast time, suman says i am trying to call but, bua says she didn’t want to go but u forced her, do u have her boss number, suman says i don’t have his but we can take it from abeers mom, bua says no lets not disturb her and since 8 yrs we haven’t spoken to her, suman says its for mehar so lets take chance. Mehar checks her phone and finds its not working, mehar says drop me here i will go by my own, abeer says shutup till i leave u home after that do whatever u wish to do, abeer sees fuel is getting over and says bcoz of u my all money is wait so need to withdraw money from atm,mehar says theres something called cards don’t u have them, abeer says baby the petrol pump nearby accepts only cash and all thanks to u its wait. Suman calls madhvi and acts as if she is talking after long time, madhvi says oh looks like bua is around u, suman says yes and i need help can i have abeers i mean mehars boss number actually mehar isn’t home yet, madhvi says don’t worry abt mehar i had just received a call from sani and he told abeer will drop mehar,bua says whaat happened wheres the number, suman says abeer will drop here so no worries lets go to bed now. Abeer says keep quite and sit here i will get money and its childlock wont open unless i open it so and leaves to atm, mehar opens driver sits door and gets out of car, abeer sees that and runs to her and says get in, mehar says u don’t need to think abt my safety, abeer says sure and slowly takes her to door and says careful mehar and sees its lock and says foolish girl u have locked the doors, it starts raining, abeer and mehar go to atm, the atm machine doesn’t work, abeer and mehar miss the board out written out of order, the guard shuts the shutter and mehar and abeer get locked in. Abeer and mehar try calling for help but no answer, abeer looks at mehar in anger and says how wonderful, mehar says abeer do something, abeer tires to call, mehar asks any answer what to do now, mehar tries calling for help, abeer says quite mehar we have to stay here whole night, mehar says i cant stay here whole night, abeer says why u want to pee but baby theres no washroom here so control, mehar says abeer how can u talk nonsense all the time, abeer finds a landline and both call the call centre, abeer says we are caught in atm, the colaba one so shipra can u help us, shipra says sorry sir ur complaint is being recorded and we need 48 hrs to take action, mehar says what how can u i need to get out right now, shipra says what can i do mam,abeer says shipra get us pizza some drinks, mehar says go to hell. Mehars head and foot start aching and says i am hungry too and this is all bcoz of u abeer.abeer sees water feeling in atm, abeer says mehar waters getting in i need to go out, abeer starts pancing and jumps over the machine, abeer says mehar something will happen we all will die, mehar says relax abeer its just ur claustrophobic thing relax nothing will happen, remember the lift we got out safelyabeer says no we wont get help for 48 hrs this room will be filled with water and then,mehar says to herself we need to get out or else abeers health will get worse i need to do something. Mehar says to ditract abeer,abeer ur song mere nishan i so boring, abeer gets down and says whole world is mad abt it, mehar says may be but i hate it i like ur clg song, abeer says whatever i like mere nishan, mehar says can u dance on it, abeer says sure, mehar takes his phone, abeer says how can u take my phone without my permission, mehar says similarly the way u locked me, and abeer u have become very boring if the old abeer was here now he would have asked me for dance but this new rockstar abeer is fattuu, abeer says me fattu and drags mehar towards him.

mehar and abeer locked in atm, mehar says if old abeer was here he would have asked me for dance but this rockstar abeer is so fattu, abeer says hello I still have the charm, mehar says I don’t think so its not ur cup of tea, abeer pulls mehar towards him and starts dancing with her, and forgets abt the water entering the room, mehar gets scared by thunderstorm and hugs abeer, abeer says this shows that I have proved that I still have the charm, mehar says yes u did, u proved but just look down and its just ur phobia and nothing else, mehar sees a ac and says abeer we can get out from here, abeer says yes u are right, abeer opens the machine and both get out of the room, it starts raining and both go take shelter below a tree, mehar says I didn’t want to dance with u , I did this to save u, abeer says oh thanks, mehar says abeer there isn’t a age to learn manners so u could say sorry, abeer says and u shd learn to thank, mehar asks why so, abeer says today we saved eachother so, mehar says so its equal u saved me ones and I returned the favor so its all equal now,mehar falls off to sleep, abeer closes his eyes too, mehar rests her head on his shoulder and abeer on hers.

Next day, abeer and mehar wake up, abeer asks how is ur leg, mehar says its better, the guard opens the shutter of atm, mehar says lets ask him for help. Mehar reaches home, bua looks at mehar and asks her is this time to return, where were u whole night and why were u with abeer, I was so tensed for u, whole night I was on sofa waiting for u, mehar says bua I am tired, let me freshen up and then we shall talk,mehar leaves, bua grabs the newspaper and sees mehars pic with abeer, where abeer is holding her in his arms, mehar comes and sees news, rockstar abeers new love his boss mehar, mehar says bua all this, bua says mehar I was worried abt this and so I didnt want u to work there,suman asks what happened, bua shows her news, suman says lets calm and ask mehar, bua says mehar this is all ur fault, suman says plz calm down, bua says abeer comes home drunk and then look at this news, suman says but mehar isn’t at fault, bua says why did u let her go, mehar remembers abt last night and is in tears, bua and suman are arguing abt it.

Abeer looks at the news too and says god shit what is this, kuber comes and says so I think I will have to sign a new cheque for mehar and her family,what an achievement atleast u are in news, abeer says when u crack corers deal u are somewhere on 12th page but see even if I am in a tank people put me on page 3 so theres definitely a charm in me, even my little coughing is a news.

Mehar gets ready and comes for breakfast, mehar says ma and bua I need to talk to u, mehar takes her seat and says I have to tell u something, before marriage during college I used to stay with abeer, hostel was damaged and we had to look for our own accommodation and we had financial problems so I shared place with abeer sasha nisar and sneha, bua gets angry, mehar says bua I am sorry I hide this but I am telling u today bcoz last night abeer black mailed me that he will reveal this on show and I told u bcoz I dont want to lose to him, bua says mehar it’s a past but yesterday and now news, so why did u go to his company, mehar says I did this to win over abeer, I was broken when abeer left me but I knew one thing I didn’t want to live life mom lives, and I didn’t want abeer to take decisions over me, as dad does over mom.

Mehar says I didn’t want to cry over past, and wanted to do something on my own, I moved on and then I had this job offer and I accepted it to show abeer that I can be without him, he had left me and his dad signed a cheque for us and this month I will sign his cheque and prove him and the world who take girls as a need and leave them when there need is over and this job for my own peace and mom this is how u shd be with dad and abt someone in life I have my ma and my bua who always stand for me, mehar hugs her bua and mom and cry.


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