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The Insolent Heart December Teasers 2021

The Insolent Heart December 2021 Teasers Starlife: Abeer’s aunt tells Kuber about her plan to separate Abeer and Meher. When Kuber comes to know about Abeer’s ill health, he purposely sends him on a business deal. After informing Meher, Abeer leaves the house. Meanwhile, Abeer’s aunt performs a puja at the temple.

The Insolent Heart December 2021 Teasers Starlife
The Insolent Heart December 2021 Teasers Starlife

Wednesday 1 December 2021

Episode 11

Meher finds a ‘Thank You’ card on her office desk. Nisar hears Satish criticising about his talent to Meher. Meher finds out that Rati kept the card on her desk. She learns about Rati’s feelings for Nisar. Satish tells Meher about giving away Abeer’s show slot to a new artist.

Episode 12

Abeer makes Satish realise that his new artist is a plagiarist. He gives Nisar a chance to sing. Satish is impressed by Nisar. Nisar thanks Aarti for praising him. Abeer tells Meher that he helped Nisar to return her favour.

Thursday 2 December 2021

Episode 13

Abeer tells his story to his viewers. He shares how Kuber Malhotra, his father, had met Meher, the college topper and how he had then insulted Abeer in front of her. Abeer remembers how he had got Meher drunk at a college party.

Episode 14

Meher enters the recording room to stop Abeer from sharing their secret. Abeer continues with his story. Left with no other alternative, Meher watches the show. Devaki prevents Tunnu from watching Abeer’s show.

Friday 3 December 2021

Episode 15

Abeer panics as it’s already morning and Meher is still in his hostel room. Meher wakes up and is shocked to find herself in Abeer and Nisar’s room. The principal finds Meher in the boy’s hostel. Meher does not expose Abeer before the VC. Sasha asks Abeer whether he still feels for Meher.

Episode 16

Abeer reaches Meher’s home drunk and creates a scene there. Kuber criticises Abeer and his TV show. Meher, Tarun and their mother look after Abeer after he passes out. The next day, Abeer forgets that he is at Meher’s house!

Saturday 4 December 2021

Episode 17

Meher’s bua, Devki is furious to see Abeer in their house. She enquires with Meher about him. Meher’s colleagues congratulate Nisar on the launch of his new show. Abeer’s mother meets Meher and Abeer at their office. Abeer warns Meher about impressing his mother.

Episode 18

Abeer’s mother, Madhavi, shares her grief with Meher. Meher feels an unbreakable bond with Abeer. Madhvi calls Suman and expresses her concern about Meher and Abeer. Nisar celebrates his music launch party. Abeer chalks out a strategy against Meher.

Sunday 5 December 2021

Episode 19

Abeer challenges Meher to a dart game. Meher accepts it. Meanwhile, Nisar learns from Rati about the rumours about Meher and Abeer. He informs Abeer, who seems disinterested. Later, Abeer defeats Meher in the game and has a dance with her as a reward.

Episode 20

Abeer finds his name tattooed on Meher. Nisar tries to make Abeer realise his mistake. Meher breaks down remembering her relationship. Rati tells Meher about Nisar and Abeer getting into a fight. Madhavi questions Abeer seeing the bruises on his face and asks him to respect Meher.

Monday 6 December 2021

Episode 21

Satish asks his staff about the altercation between Nisar and Abeer. They lie to the staff of their company. Abeer leaves no opportunity to tease Meher. He warns her so that she agrees to go to a party with him. Meher hits Abeer in a fit of rage. Nisar rebukes Abeer for irritating Meher.

Episode 22

Madhavi receives the dress that Abeer sent for Meher. Meher decides to tell everyone about her secret before Abeer does. Satish visits Meher with his wife and asks her to go out with them for dinner. Meher realises that Satish has brought her to the event that Abeer wanted to take her to.

Tuesday 7 December 2021

Episode 23

Meher is bound to accompany Abeer to the event. Abeer asks her to come on the stage and hand him over the music award. Later, he sings a song on request. An irritated Meher storms off the party. Later, Abeer saves her when she accidentally falls into the swimming pool.

Episode 24

Meher refuses Satish’s help. Abeer forcibly takes Meher to his car, to drop her home. Suman calls Madhavi to ask about Meher. Meher gets out of the car and forgets the car keys inside. Abeer and Meher get locked inside an ATM. Abeer panics.

Wednesday 8 December 2021

Episode 25

Meher mocks Abeer seeing him scared. Abeer and Meher find a way out of the ATM. They spend the night under a tree. Devki questions Meher seeing her photograph from the party with Abeer . Kuber criticises Abeer. Meher tells Devki and Suman about staying with Abeer before marriage.

Episode 26

Kuber ticks off Shyam for failing in his plan. Abeer gets into an argument with Meher and tells her that he is leaving the house. Kuber calls Meher late in the night and asks her to meet him. Devki accompanies Meher to Kuber’s house. Kuber criticises Meher and asks her for Rs 60 lakhs.

Thursday 9 December 2021

Episode 27

Meher and Devki learn the truth about Tunnu from Kuber. Meher meets with an accident and is taken to a hospital by Devki and Abeer’s aunt. Abeer’s aunt calls him and informs him about Meher’s accident.

Episode 28

Devki slaps Tunnu for his mistake. Tunnu pleads for forgiveness. Devki restricts Abeer from seeing Meher. Suman slaps Abeer for lying about the money. Suman prays for Meher’s life. Meanwhile, Nisar comforts Abeer.

Friday 10 December 2021

Episode 29

Abeer confronts Kuber. Tunnu asks Suman for forgiveness. Abeer’s aunt tells Kuber to stay calm about the incident. Meanwhile, Abeer pleads with Devki to let him see Meher. Abeer has a flashback of his life with Meher.

Episode 30

Abeer recalls the times he spent with Meher. Meher’s condition worsens. Abeer is afraid of losing Meher. Meanwhile, Kuber and Abeer’s aunt are happy about Meher’s condition. Kuber recalls a few incidents of the past.

Saturday 11 December 2021

Episode 31

Abeer’s aunt tells Kuber about the advantages of marrying a girl from a poor family. Later, she fires their maid for insulting her. Meher and Abeer express their love for each other. Madhavi and Abeer welcome Suman and Devki, while Abeer’s aunt is shocked to see Devki. She recalls the car accident.

Episode 32

Abeer’s aunt learns about Suman’s separation from her husband. She agrees to the marriage proposal. She reveals to Kuber her plan of humiliating Meher’s family. Suman and Devki financially struggle to fulfill the engagement list.

Sunday 12 December 2021

Episode 33

Abeer’s aunt insults Suman. Abeer and Meher get engaged. Meher gets worried when she sees Suman upset. Suman shows Abeer’s aunt’s second list to Devki. Devki decides to tell Meher about it; Suman stops her.

Episode 34

Meher tells Abeer about his family’s demands and that her family cannot afford to fulfill them. Meanwhile, Abeer’s aunt assures Kuber that she will stop the marriage. Madhavi is shocked when Abeer talks about postponing the marriage. Sasha tells Meher about Abeer’s accident.

Monday 13 December 2021

Episode 35

Meher, her family and Madhavi meet Abeer on learning about his accident. However, Abeer surprises them with his proposal to marry Meher in a temple. Meher and Abeer get married. Kuber is livid seeing Abeer in wedding clothes. Abeer tries to convince his aunt.

Episode 36

Abeer apologises to his aunt. His aunt asks Kuber to welcome Meher. Later, she gifts a necklace to Meher. She tells Kuber about her plan of ruining Abeer and Meher’s relationship. Abeer’s aunt destroys the gifts brought for the wedding.

Tuesday 14 December 2021

Episode 37

Abeer’s aunt pretends to care for Meher. She eavesdrops on Abeer’s conversation with Meher. Later, Madhavi informs Abeer’s aunt that Meher took good care of her. Abeer tells his aunt that Meher will continue her job. Abeer’s aunt gives the house keys to Meher. She decides to ruin Meher’s life.

Episode 38

Meher apologises to Abeer’s aunt. Abeer’s aunt asks her to stay away from Abeer, until they do the puja. Meher tells Abeer about the same and requests him to cancel their honeymoon trip. Nisar tries to make Abeer realise his mistake. Abeer apologises to Meher.

Wednesday 15 December 2021

Episode 39

Abeer’s aunt finds him in Meher’s room. Meher agrees to sleep in Abeer’s aunt’s room for the next seven days. Meher sweeps the glass deliberately broken by Abeer’s aunt. However, Abeer’s aunt keeps a piece of glass and later, rebukes Meher when Abeer cuts his feet. Meher has a video chat with Abeer.

Episode 40

Abeer’s aunt tells Kuber about her plan to separate Abeer and Meher. When Kuber comes to know about Abeer’s ill health, he purposely sends him on a business deal. After informing Meher, Abeer leaves the house. Meanwhile, Abeer’s aunt performs a puja at the temple.


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