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The Frontliners Tuesday update 12th October 2021 Starlife

The Frontliners 12 October 2021 update starlife: The Episode starts with Ishani trying to fix the torn cushion. She fails to thread the needle. She sits restless. She says you aren’t able to do anything, and you want to do a complicated surgery, how, you have a quality that you never lose. She looks at herself and wipes tears. She says you have to stop crying and try again, show NV that I deserve to do this surgery, we will start with basics tomorrow. She tries again and threads the needle. She fixes the cushion. NV looks on and thinks you deserve to do this surgery, but you have to prove it to yourself, all the best. Ishani comes to meet Sid. She says we have to make you strong before the surgery, I have made a diet plan for you, you have to follow physio exercises. He says I have to plan a lot. She tells his diet. He says I will do as you want. She says I have to go for round up, Dr. Rahil, get his physiotherapy done. Sid asks won’t you be with me. She says I m bit busy. Rahil says she needs to prepare for your surgery. Sid says she has done a lot for me. She goes. Rahil helps Sid. Sid says if I have a friend like you and partner like Ishani, I m very lucky, listen to me, I m planning something, I want some items, helium balloons, blueberry cake, red roses. Rahil says fine, but why. Sid says its a special day after three days, I had proposed Ishani, I want to give the same moment to her. Rahil says how shall I say that Ishani is married. Sid shows the card. He says this is for Ishani, I missed Ishani, her memories have kept me alive, I m missing her a lot, so I want the proposal anniversary to be special. Rahil says you should focus on yourself, Ishani also wants you to get fine, I can’t do my work, I want you to arrange this for me, please arrange it. He gives the list. Bebe asks Bitto why did you come to Sanjivani now. Bitto says its NV and Ishani’s first anniversary. Bebe says you should have told me about it. Bitto says I will wish them. Bebe thinks if Sid knows this, then it will get spoiled. Bebe asks her to come. Bitto says all of them are normal people, just come. Rishabh sees Ishani practicing stitches on a banana. She says I need to ask you something, can I give stitches to that ward patient. NV comes. Rishabh says we need to take permission from you. NV says you are right, Rishabh, Ishani you won’t treat any patient now. Rishabh goes. She says I m practicing, I wish there was some practice to lessen your stubbornness. NV says for that, you have to know me, it will need courage for that, its my belief. Bebe and Bitto come and congratulate them. Bebe blesses them to be happy and together. She says don’t know how I forgot this, its your marriage anniversary today. Bitto gives them a surprise. Ishani sees a coffee mug with Navisha written. Bebe worries. Bitto goes with Bebe. NV goes to Bebe and thanks her. He says you know the situation, Ishani is in pressure, else how would I forget this day, its not the right time, if Bitto knows about Sid, then we have to explain everything, don’t plan anything, I will explain Ishani. Rahil says Sid wants to propose Ishani and make the day special, so he asked for my help, I thought to tell you. NV says Sid shouldn’t know about me and Ishani, lets maintain that, do me a favor, just keep pre occupied today, I will make sure Ishani is with him, whatever he wants to do and say, so that he recovers soon, thanks. Rahil goes. NV breaks off the door knob.with Ishani asking what’s happening. NV says I really forgot, but they remembered it, lets do this for their happiness. She says lets make a deal, let me do the sutures and we will celebrate then. He says I can’t upset you on our anniversary. He breaks his shirt button. He asks her to stitch it without shaking her hands, then he accepts the deal. He says I got my answer, practice more, you need time, there is difference between practice and perfection. She takes the button from him to stitch. She stops. He repeats his words and says time and hardwork…. Sid comes and greets them. Ishani breaks the cup and asks how did you come here, you had physio session. He says why are you worried, what’s this mug, Sidisha is written right, I will make a new one. Rahil comes and takes Sid. He asks Ishani to handle the new patient, he needs sutures. Sid goes. NV picks the broken cup and goes. Ishani thinks its good Sid didn’t see or hear anything. Bebe and Bitto take Ratan and Ishani outside. Bitto says its the second surprise. She shows the bike and asks them to go out for a ride. NV says we are busy in the hospital. She says you will always be busy, at least get some pics clicked. NV sees Ishani. Sid and Rahil come. He says the bike is so cool. Bitto says this is for Ratan and his wife, I m his sister. Bebe stops her and takes her. Rahil says Sid wanted some fresh air. Sid asks did you know that NV is married, where is his wife. NV says she stays far from me. Sid says okay, I have a small request, can you take Ishani and my pics on this bike, I will be thankful. NV says why not. Sid and Ishani pose. NV clicks pics. He gets sad. Ishani says let me do the sutures. NV says no, you still need some time. Bitto shouts surprise, happy anniversary. He thinks what’s Bitto doing. Ishani asks what’s this. He says I didn’t know, else I would have stopped him. Rahil asks where is Sid, I asked you to stop him. Doctor says he went to meet Ishani. Bebe asks Ishani and NV to cut the cake. Sid says I will give her this miss you card today, where is she. He asks nurse about Ishani. Nurse says she is in the cafe. Sid says it means her break is going on. NV says happy anniversary, until we are together, I can call you Mrs. Singh. NV and Ishani are going to cut the cake. Sid looks on shocked and bursts the balloon. He cries and sees their pics. Rahil comes and worries. Sid says wow, what a tuning. Ishani says listen to me. Sid says don’t come ahead. He scolds NV and Ishani. He tears the card. Bitto asks who is he. Bebe stops her. Ishani says I was going to say. Sid says you didn’t wait for me. NV says you are misunderstanding me. Sid says no, I couldn’t identify your true face. NV signs Rahil to hold Sid. Sid makes everyone away. He says Ishani, you wanted to move on in life and career, you have moved on a lot, you are with a much successful man, I m still standing here and waiting for you, it was better to die, I don’t want anyone’s sympathy, just get out. He cuts the cake and eats. He throws it in anger.


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