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The Frontliners Saturday update 16th October 2021 Starlife

The Frontliners saturday 16 October 2021 updates: The Episode starts with Ishani, NV and Rahil checking on Sid. She says I hope procedure went right and Sid gets fine soon. NV says of course. She sleeps on NV’s shoulder. The hospital staff talks about Sid. Its morning, Ishani wakes up and sees NV sleeping. He also wakes up. She says sorry, I think I didn’t realize it. He says its fine, I didn’t disturb you. She says I need to talk. He gives her a chocolate to have it and then talk. She says thanks and I m very sorry to misunderstand always, thanks for bearing my misbehavior and protecting me. He says I didn’t do anything. She says no, you have shown me the dream, which became fear for me, I could have not reached here. He says I just ended your fear, you worked hard. She says you compelled me to workl, you brought me out of the mes, you exposed Rishabh’s truth, you stood by me, what did I do, I didn’t do any duty of being married, you have kept all the seven vows, my thanks is too small, I don’t know what to say. He says don’t say anything. She says I don’t like to have sweets. They eat the chocolate. Rahil comes and checks Sid. He says congrats, vitals are stable, it was tough surgery, you handled the team well, good job. Sid gets conscious. Ishani asks Sid what’s his name. Sid says Siddhant Mathur. Ishani asks where are you now. Sid says Sanjivani. Rahil asks where were you before returning here. Sid says America. Ishani asks were you enjoying there, you didn’t think of Ishani, the girl whom you left in marriage mandap by messaging me not to wait for you, why did you do this, you never loved me, why did you cheat me, no call and message for three years, you forgot everything when you came back, why. Ishani says I will not trouble you, but I want an answer, why did you do this. Rahil says he just got conscious. Ishani says I wanted him to face truth, I got the answer. NV consoles her. Sid turns away and cries. NV says Sid just got conscious, think as Dr. Ishani again. Rahil says patient needs time to say anything. Ishani says sorry, Rahil you observe Sid, my answers have to wait. She goes. NV asks Sid not to think about it, take rest. Rahil asks how did you cheat Ishani. Sid asks how can anyone believe so. FB shows Roshni explaining Sid to marry Ishani. Sid says yes, I can’t let Ishani’s Mama and Mami do this. Roshni and Guddu go to some temple. Sid waits for them. He says bride is waiting for me, what shall I do. Some men come and pull him out of the taxi. They beat him up. Sid fights them. Guddu tries to save Sid. FB ends. Sid says some goons attacked me and I slipped in coma, Ishani wasn’t annoyed with me, but now I can see her pain, I m the reason for her pain, I couldn’t tell her the truth, its not like she is thinking. Rahil says I understand, if you recall everything, then recall who were the goons, so that we can catch them. Sid recalls and says they attacked on my head, I got injured, I don’t remember their faces or words. Rahil says its okay, don’t stress. He gets a call. Sid recalls Vardaan. Rahil asks what happened. Sid says maybe I know who did this, Vardaan, he wanted to kill me and Ishani, maybe when he failed, then he tried to ruin our love. Rahil asks are you sure, Vardaan is in jail. Sid says he is a clever man, he would have done this. Rahil says maybe someone else who isn’t happy with you and Ishani. Sid says Ishani’s Mama and Mami, when they came to meet, they insulted mum. Rahil says no, they had come in mandap to bless you and Ishani. Sid says who can it be, I had thought of many things, when my memory has come back, I didn’t know my problems will get high, its impossible to find the culprits. Rahil says tell Ishani what happened to you, you can win her heart. Sid says no, I can’t tell her, she has waited for the answers, if I tell anything, it will increase her pain, promise me, you won’t tell her anything. Rahil promises.with Sid watching news of Sanjivani’s success and Ishani-NV. Rahil makes coffee. They drink it. Sid says I hate to say this, but I feel NV is right life partner for Ishani, he has supported her and unconditionally loved her. Rahil asks him to talk to Ishani. Sid says I think this is good for everyone. NV comes to Bebe and finds her sad. She says I m ready to go home, but Ishani is ready to leave from our house. Ishani cries and sees the house. She recalls NV and Bebe. She says I have to move on. NV says Ishani wants to move on in her life, without me. Bebe says you think so. Bittu comes and asks Ishani what is she thinking. She says congrats for Sid’s surgery. Ishani says very sorry. Bittu says you should say thanks, not sorry. NV says I had this deal in love and now I will keep it, sorry, I can’t listen to you. Ishani says sorry to hide about NV and my marriage. Bittu says I knew that something is wrong, Bebe used to stop me, any ways, don’t cry, I m glad you shared your feelings. Bebe asks NV to tell Ishani how much he loves her, why can’t he agree, time is passing, this time won’t come back again, forget the divorce. Ishani says matter has reached divorce, I have no complains with NV, he has always supported me, he never had any expectation from me, he never expressed that he is helping me. He says I can’t express it, he will think its a favor, not love. Bittu says NV doesn’t know expressing thing, don’t you want to end the differences. Bebe asks him to end the differences, burn the divorce papers in holika dahan. Bittu asks Ishani to burn bitterness in holika dahan, loving is easy but keeping love is tough, one who keeps love is true lover. Ishani says you are right, NV has kept love in true sense, thanks, you solved my problem, I will cancel my divorce deal with NV and try to have a fresh start. Bittu smiles. NV says heart wishes for anything, it dreams anything, my heart has a habit to break, but I won’t let her heart break, if she wants freedom, then I will sign the divorce papers and give her. Sid sees Ishani’s pic and says I fought with life and death for three years and returned for you, I will live with your memories. He thinks of them. He gets sad. Rahil comes and says Ishani and NV has a divorce deal, the day when she makes you fine, NV will divorce her, I heard this from NV. Sid asks what. Rahil tells everything. Sid worries. Rahil says I know, marriage, divorce is tough, you take the advantage of fate and tell truth to her. Sid says maybe its true, Ishani talks to NV formally, if this is true, then I have to tell her the truth that I love her, when NV ends his relation with Ishani, I will make a new start with her, this relation will just have love, not any pain and hatred. At NV’s house, Ishani stops NV for a talk. NV says your Mama and Mami are coming, meet them, then we will talk. Bebe calls her. Rahil and Sid come. Sid says I want to say thanks to you, Ishani is the reason that I m on my feet and you are the reason for supporting her, thank you so much. NV says I m just happy that you are fine. Mama and Mami come and praise NV. Sid greets them. Mami says glad to see you fine, did you thank Ishani. Sid says I didn’t get a chance to say thanks, but I will surely say. Ishani looks on. Mami asks did you talk to Sid. Ishani says don’t ask me anything about my past, I will just come. Mama says she is upset with Sid, it means Sid didn’t tell anything to her, we had sent goons on the marriage day. FB shows Mami saying Ishani has to marry Mr. Singh, then we will reap benefits, we have to break Sid and Ishani’s relation. Mama pays the goon and says none should know that we paid you to kill Sid. FB ends. Mami says we won’t let Sid know. Rahil says NV will divorce Ishani today. Sid says I will tell the truth and propose Ishani. Mami says he is planning something. Mama says we got Ishani in a rich household, now her divorce talks is going on. Mami says if Sid identifies the goons, we are gone. Rahil asks Sid to tell everything to Ishani, she will trust him. Ishani says I want to promise NV that I will always support him. She smiles and goes to NV.


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