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The frontliners on Starlife, Wednesday 6th October 2021

The frontliners  Wednesday 6 October 2021 updates: The Episode starts with the doctors demanding NV to punish Ishani, Sid would have lost his life. Rahil says everyone needs justice for Sid. Ishani says I accept the punishment. Rahil says no doctor should think that he can play with patient’s life and get saved. Rishabh says I agree, you are the reason for Sanjivani’s fresh start but Ishani is the reason for the wrong happenings. The doctors say Ishani is wrong, he should punish her. Rahil coughs. NV gives him a glass of water and says if you want your voice to reach us, then have it. Rahil says don’t fake sympathy for us. Rishabh says Ishani is behaving as she has no tongue in her mouth, why doesn’t she say something. NV says wait Rishabh, when you all have asked me so many things, then I will give an answer, its a formal event and Ishani is here as a doctor, not my wife, let me complete, this car and fund was a reward, not any bribe. The man says NV has bought the cars and got the papers too, you can check. NV says keep it there, I m a reason to start the hospital again, it can’t run without good doctors, I just wanted to have a good term with the employees.

He says Rishabh and Ishani were in OT, none knows about it, you said Ishani didn’t follow the instructions, you said she was scared and she wanted revenge on Sid. Rishabh worries and asks what do you mean to say. NV says you are sweating, there were no cameras and microphone, if I say you did the mistake, since you have enmity with Sid and Ishani also, then what would you say, if I shout, then will this be true, she is your competitor, don’t worry, I m not favoring Ishani, Rahil did you see me saying that Ishani is right and Rishabh is wrong. Philo says you are right. The doctors agree. NV says nothing can be proved, so we won’t say who is right and who is wrong, Rahil is right, I m biased, you are not biased, I favor the ones I like, why didn’t you think that Rishabh can be wrong, you know both of them. Rahil says sorry Sir. NV says its alright, person tells anything in anger, I just know that anyone can make mistakes. Ishani thinks thanks Mr. Ratan, you aren’t so bad as I think.

NV says if anyone in our family is ill and need help, we don’t leave him, like we are supporting Sid, Ishani is my family, she is one of those doctors who never leave patients midway, she will be with Sid in his surgery, we will check about the overdose, no doctor can step back from his doing, be it Rahil, Rishabh or Ishani, its late now, everyone has to go to the hospital, have dinner and then leave, thanks for your time. Rahil says sorry again. Philo thanks NV and Ishani and leaves.

NV asks Ishani to rest. Ishani holds his hand and takes her to room. She says how long will you cover my mistakes. He says you become wife suddenly, you hear just the people, not me, Rahil should have not drink that much and say too much, he had thrown the gift box. He gets angry and says we don’t leave family again, you are my…. Ishani says I hurt everyone to whom I get related. She recalls Sid and cries. She says Sid is fighting with life and death because of me and then you… and your family had to bear this insult because of me. He says no. She says you are a good boss and a good person, Bebe treats me like a daughter, Bittu talks to me nicely, what am I doing with you, I m just hurting you, I can’t forgive myself. He says you know what you are for me, how shall I see you like this, I swear I can see anything, but not this, what shall I do, tell me. She gets away from him. She says let me free, I have to go. He says this doesn’t matter, don’t worry, let the people talk, I will handle anything, but I can’t handle this. She says give me a divorce, I want a divorce, I gave you a wedding gift on the day of our marriage, divorce papers, think about it once please. He gets shocked. She goes.with NV recalling his meet with Ishani. He says I will introduce myself, I don’t have parents like you don’t my superwoman Bebe has raised me. He talks. She looks on. He gets the divorce papers and recalls her words. FB shows Ishani saying this marriage doesn’t matter to me, why did you marry me knowing I will never love you, when you understand this, you sign the divorce papers and I have already signed. He says I didn’t marry to divorce you, but to support you, if I feel I don’t deserve you, I will sign it. She asks won’t you listen to me, why are you doing this, free me from this marriage. She goes. He says Lord has to see it now. FB ends. NV smiles seeing the papers. Ishani comes to the room and sleeps. Its morning, Bebe dances and works out. She gets a call and says yes, Sid will be fine soon, I pray for him. She asks Banwari about NV and Ishani. He says they left early, they didn’t take breakfast. She says they didn’t tell me.

Rahil says Sid’s vitals were stable at night, he may get conscious any time. Rishabh says where is Ishani, NV said she will never leave her patients, I was worried for Sid and came here, Ishani doesn’t care for him, maybe NV took her for a drive, they won’t come today. Sid’s health starts getting fluctuation. Philo says he is getting conscious. Rahil asks are you hear me, open your eyes, please. Rishabh asks him to have patience.

Ishani thinks where is NV taking me when he is always in hurry to go to Sanjivani. He asks did you say anything. She says no, where are we going. Sid says Ishani… Rishabh and Rahil say Sid doesn’t care for Ishani. Rishabh asks him to be practical, if she doesn’t come, he will go in coma again. Rahil says yes. Ishani says you didn’t let me answer the phone, your phone isn’t ringing either like always, where are we going, tell me. NV gets down the car. Sid says Ishani… Rishabh says NV has switched off his phone. Rahil says both of them aren’t here knowing Sid is going to get conscious today, you will be fine Sid, if anything happens to Sid, I will forget Ishani was my friend.

NV goes to the Gurudwara and cleans the shoes. Ishani also sits and does the same work. Bebe says I m worried, where did they go. Philo says Sid is critical, he is taking Ishani’s name. Bebe asks how is he now. NV says someone had stolen my shoes once, I had hidden everyone’s shoes, I was much angry. Ishani says I know. He says Bebe explained me that if anything does wrong, then leave it, just goodness can kill evil, who are we to do bad, hatred is useless and toxic. Ishani says how shall I get rid of this hatred, Sid did wrong with me. NV says annoyance shouldn’t be called hatred, if the relations are true, they get tied up again, its my belief, have some courage and believe my belief, I want to encourage you, its my promise.

She thinks my hatred fails seeing his goodness. He gives her the cloth of Gurudwara and asks her to keep hope, everything will get fine. Maula maula…plays… Bebe comes to ask about Sid. Rahil says NV talks big things that Sid’s life is precious, we are family. Rishabh says sorry to say this, its shameless thing, NV and Ishani knew Sid is getting conscious, they are missing. Sid says Ishani…. Rishabh says Sid is sinking, ask Ishani to come here and talk to him. Rahil asks where is Ishani. NV says Ishani is here in Sanjivani. Bebe smiles. They look at NV and Ishani. Ishani sees Sid and cries. Sid says Ishani…..

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