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The frontliners on Starlife, Tuesday 5th October 2021

The frontliners Tuesday 5 October 2021 updates: The Episode starts with Rishabh saying Sid’s state is getting worse. Rahil says if anything happens to Sid… Philo says think positive. Rishabh says we have to stop his brain swelling, Ishani are you listening to me, you know I can’t do this procedure alone, I need your help, time is running out. Ishani says I can’t do this. He says Rahil is not here, Sid may die if we don’t do this. Ishani says no. He says he will die, do you want this, come on, you are a doctor and know result of delaying, his ear is bleeding, just follow my instructions. He asks her to focus, Sid will die, they can’t lose him. She says I can’t risk his life. He says we can do this, he is having a nose bleeding also, he may get brain dead, get me a driller fast.

She assists Rishabh. He asks her to put the mask. Rishabh treats Sid. She gets hurt. He asks her to concentrate. He says you can’t even do a small thing, you are goo for nothing. She heals her wound. He asks her to check Sid’s ears for bleeding. He injects something in the saline. The machines beep. She says Sid is getting seizures again, do something. He thinks I overdosed Sid by mistake. He hides the syringe. He thinks I made a big mistake. She asks him to do something. He thinks my career will get ruined, I will blame Ishani if anything happens to Sid, this won’t matter to you, its your husband’s hospital. He puts the syringe in her pocket. She asks what did you do. He says you did this, you have given me 30ml dose instead 20ml, its overdose. She says no, you said 30ml. He says fine, you have kept it, check it. She checks and says this can’t be in my pocket, no. He says you did this, check Sid, I will prepare antidote. Rahil and Philo come. Rishabh asks her to get saline. Ishani cries. Philo assists him. Sid gets stable. Rishabh says Rahil, thanks for coming, Ishani refused to operate Sid, then she agreed, she gave heavy dose, this happened because of it, we don’t know the effect of anti dote. Rahil gets angry. Rishabh says Sid’s life was going because of Ishani. NV comes and asks what.

He asks Ishani to answer him, is this true, did this happen because of her mistake, she can’t be silent. Ishani says I don’t know how I gave 30ml instead 20ml, I followed what Rishabh said. Rishabh says you didn’t follow you, tell the reason, you did this for revenge, well done. NV shouts enough, just I have a right to ask her. Rahil says seriously, brilliant team, Philo, there is so love limits and hatred limits for them, Ishani plans and NV protects her. NV says I don’t expect this from you, stay out of it. Rahil says sorry, Ishani made a mistake, I don’t find any difference between organ sellers and Ishani. Ishani gets shocked. NV says just leave.

Rishabh thinks I got saved. He says I will shift Sid to ICU, we will keep him under observation, we shall know the effect of overdose, he shall get conscious by morning. NV asks Ishani to go home. Rahil says Sid would have died. Rishabh says I know you are hurt. NV says I have organized a dinner at my home for senior doctors, you all have to come. Rahil asks do you celebrate when a patient falls in risk, I will be with Sid, I won’t come, your wife will be there. NV says its an order, you all have to be there. Rahil asks are we doctors or his slaves. Rishabh says relax, we should go and check what are they upto. Rahil says there is a point, we have to keep enemies closer, Ishani did wrong. Rishabh says Sid is our friend. NV smiles and thinks the party will be memorable Ishani recalling Rahil’s words. Bebe gets coffee for her and cheers her up. Ishani says Sid’s life fell in danger because of me. Bebe pacifies her. She asks Ishani to think of the party, NV is throwing a big party. Ishani says tell him not to force me, I can’t do this. Bebe says you should go there, NV is a sensible guy, you have to be there, you said I m like your mum, how will you refuse to me, I will make you a Pari today. She laughs and asks her to drink coffee.

She makes Ishani ready. She says NV will lose his senses today, he will leave the party and take you on a date. Sanjivani doctors come in the party. NV greets them. Bebe and Bittu greet. NV says thanks for coming here, I was bossy today, I learnt that from you, bitter medicine should be given for good health, you have to wait for the surprise, enjoy. Bittu thinks what’s the matter. Bebe thinks it should happen as NV wants.

Rahil thinks what does NV think of himself. He takes a drink. Ishani comes there. NV gets mesmerized. He goes to her and asks her to check his fast heartbeat. Hawayein…plays… He holds her saree end and gets her close. They dance. He romances her. His imagination ends.

Ishani greets Philo. NV thanks Philo and others by praising their good work. He says I want to inaugurate a fund for Sanjivani’s doctors, it will be for your family, I want to look after you all, I hope you always support us. Everyone gets the gifts. Philo says no one did this in Sanjivani. Rishabh says yes, its good. Bebe asks what’s the reason for the party. NV asks them to open the gift and see. Everyone gets car keys. NV says its a small thank you, this is just a small way to say thanks. Rishabh says thanks. NV says I have a small wish to progress, along with you all. Ishani says thanks, everyone deserves this reward, but I don’t, I m not suitable to become part of Sanjivani, I can’t call myself a doctor, I m ashamed, you all are angry on me, I can understand, I m leaving Sanjivani and don’t accept this gift, thanks and very sorry. Rahil finishes the drink. He throws the gift box at her. NV catches it.

Rahil jokes on NV and says you have everything, Ishani too, you are giving us funds to make our mouths shut, to cover up Ishani’s mistake. Philo asks him to stop it. Rahil asks Ishani to tell everyone what she did. Rishabh says don’t create a scene. Rahil tells everything. He says NV is overcompensating us to cover the overdose mistake, if you all care for Sid’s life, then you can’t ignore Ishani’s mistake, you can’t take the gifts, we have self respect. Rishabh thinks he is drunk and made me lose the car. Everyone keeps the car keys back. Rahil says this party was for us, rectify the wrong, get justice for Sid, you take action against your wife.


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