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The frontliners on Starlife, Thursday 7th October 2021

The frontliners  Thursday 7 October 2021 updates: The Episode starts with Sid saying Ishani…. Ishani cries. NV gives her Gurudwara cloth and asks her to go. He takes her to Sid. They keep the cloth over Sid’s hands. Sid opens eyes and sees them. He says Ishani…. NV leaves her hand. Rishabh asks her to be with Sid. Rishabh checks Sid and asks can you feel anything. He says Ishani, he will respond to you well, please ask him, we have to know, if his senses are working. She sees NV. She asks Sid can he feel any sensation in his legs and hands. Sid holds her hand. Rishabh says I saw a movement, nurse Philo check his BP, Ishani keep talking to him.

Ishani says I have asked him. Rahil says he is just seeing you, please, Sid needs you. NV nods to her. She examines Sid. She asks Sid how many fingers can he see. Sid doesn’t say. She says it will take time for his peripheral vision to come. Rishabh says he is getting conscious, overdose didn’t affect his body badly. NV says Sid just got conscious, you are expressing enmity, this is ICU, maintain the decorum. Sid holds Ishani’s hand. She gets up. Bebe takes NV aside. She says when Sid got conscious, then why Ishani, she has suppressed her pain. NV says we were waiting for this time, she can’t move on this way, Sid will get fine and give her answers, don’t worry. NV asks Ishani to ask Sid, his brain will focus and get conscious.

Rishabh says yes, talk to Sid. Ishani asks what’s your name. Sid says my Ishani. Rishabh says talk to him. Ishani asks who is he. Rahil sees Sid. Sid says Rahil…. Rahil smiles. Ishani asks who is he. Sid says Dr. Rishabh. Ishani asks who is she. Sid says nurse Philo, Vardaan…. the thorn in our way. She gets away and says he remembers Vardaan. NV asks why is he talking about Vardaan. Rahil says leave it, you went to America, right, what happened there. Sid says no, Vardaan…. he is in jail, no one can stop us from uniting forever, right Ishani. He faints. Rishabh says Sid doesn’t remember anything, just that Vardaan is in jail. Ishani recalls her words.

Ishani says I have to tell him what he did with me, he left me alone in the past. She leaves. Sid’s state get bad. NV looks on. Rishabh says his vitals are dropping. Rahil says Ishani will come, control yourself Sid. Sid says Ishani…..

Rishabh says Sid just remembers that Vardaan went to jail, we have to be careful that Sid doesn’t get any shock. Rahil says Sid remembers Ishani and his union, but Ishani left him alone in ICU, his condition got bad again, we injected him and sedated, how long will we do this, when he gets conscious again, will Ishani be there.with Ishani saying don’t make me feel guilty, Rahil knows everything, Sid has to remember his past, its imp that I know why Sid did that with me, he has to give me all the answers, how shall I ask him, he doesn’t remember anything, do you have any cure for this pain. She goes. Rishabh says we will check this case again. NV thinks. He goes to Ishani. She asks him not to stop her. He asks her to write the past and also the future, where she can stay happy, they will together… She looks at him. He says sorry, I meant, I promised you a life with courage and belief.

She asks how shall I write a new story, I thought to ask Sid everything, but fate made everything wrong, whom shall I ask now. He says time, keep some patience, you will get all answers and this perception will change. He says you want me to forget the three years and change my perception, how can this happen, Sid will get fine and show his rights on me, what will I do, I m nothing, I have no confidence, career, friends, or relation, I m getting everyone’s hatred, Sid is getting sympathy, my wish is ruined. She throws water on the glass. She says I have failed. She cries.

She says nothing worked now. He says no, give me some time now. She says I can’t wait for more. I will remind him the past moments until he recalls, and he answers me. She throws a keychain and goes. NV picks it. Sid says Ishani, Maa, Guddu, where is everyone. Rahil asks how are you feeling now, Ishani went for rounds. He asks where are mum and Guddu. Rahil says they had mannat for you and went. He thinks sorry, I can’t tell you now that they have passed away. Sid says ask Ishani to call Maa, I m fine, her mannat completed. Rahil says sorry, you have to wait for more time, you can’t eat vada pau in this state. Sid says call Ishani. Rahil says she will come, control yourself. Rishabh asks what is happening. Rahil says he is sinking.

Rishabh treats him. Rahil says where is Ishani. NV looks on. He takes care of Sid and introduces himself as Sanjivani’s new CFO, Navratan Singh. Sid thanks him. NV says I want you get fine soon, I really want this, so that you resume duty soon, we need good doctors. Sid asks about Anjali. NV says she is in Germany, she is a guest lecturer in an institute, Juhi is busy at camp sites. Sid asks for Ishani, NV smiles. Sid says Rahil… NV says I will tell you, Ishani… I have sent her for a surgery. Sid says you did good, if she sees me this way, she will be worried, since when am I in coma. NV says we can talk later. Sid says you said we should talk straight. NV says I m glad you remember it. He thinks I wish you remember everything. He says sorry, you were in coma since three years. Sid is shocked.

Sid says Ishani is my everything, I didn’t know my dad since childhood, when I got to know about him, he passed away. NV says just think of pleasant things, not stress. Sid says Ishani always supported me, so she has waited for me, this wait is love. NV says your wait is over, you are here in Sanjivani with Ishani. Sid says you said I will get fine soon, I will give her a tight hug and disappear all the pain, did you get such feelings for someone. NV thinks I m also waiting for this love. Sid says Ishani…. He sleeps. NV covers him up with the blanket. Rahil comes. He says I know I misbehaved with you, I did it to make Sid better, you can see, he just takes Ishani’s name, just Ishani can make him fine, you can convince her, I request you. He cries. NV hugs him ad says everything will be fine. NV thinks how would I do this, her past is her wound.


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