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The frontliners on Starlife, Sunday 26th September 2021

The frontliners  Sunday 26 September 2021 updates: The Episode starts with Sid and Ishani coming to the hospital to spy. Sid sees Shashank’s pic. He stops and says Papa, I couldn’t call you by name when you were alive, I promise to clear all stains on my name. Ishani takes him. She says Vardaan is much clever. He says I m no less, come. They enter the luxury ward. She shows the cctv. He puts some cloth on the cctv. He says I m sure we will get something here. He finds a door locked and gets some tools to open it. They check some files. Sid says its details of money transfer. She says its huge amount, it means something is wrong. He says look at this. She reads Shashank’s name.



Anjali says I wish I attended dad’s last call. She cries. Vardaan asks her to be strong. He consoles her. She says its not time to cry, I can’t change this, but now I will do something to make dad proud, I know what Sanjivani meant to him, its my responsibility now, I will carry this legacy ahead. Vardaan thinks sorry, Anjali, you can’t head Sanjivani. He says of course, I m with you, you are the legal heir of Shashank, I will talk to board members. They go. Sid says Vardaan had made luxury ward to ruin Shashank, what was his plan. Ishani says we can click pics and think later. He clicks pics and keeps the file back. A doctor comes there. He picks some papers.


Sid and Ishani hide. Doctor gets a call. He keeps the file and goes. Sid asks how did this man came here. She says it means there is some secret door. They check the wall. The secret door opens. Ishani asks where does this go. He says we have to go in, come. She says I m scared. He says I m with you, come on, we got a chance to find out Vardaan’s secret. They get in. The door closes. She says did Vardaan do this to trap us. Sid says no, he doesn’t know we are here. They see another door. They enter and look around the luxury spa. They go ahead. They see CCTV monitors. Ishani says I don’t think its hospital cameras. Sid says its Anjali’s office, its Juhi and Shashank’s cabins. She says its illegal. Sid says I m not surprised, Vardaan can do this.


Vardaan thinks Anjali you want to become CEO, I won’t let this happen, I regret Shashank died, my revenge didn’t get fulfilled, I was after Sid thinking Anjali is an easy target, I will make Anjali out of my way, Sanjivani is just mine. Ishani shows some girl’s pic there. Sid says Vardaan is playing some big game. Vardaan asks the reporter to say, his timing is good. He says I have to give you news about a scandal. He sees Shashank’s pic and says you are smiling, don’t worry, your smile will vanish, I m here, sorry Anjali, I can’t do anything, I like you a lot, but I hate Shashank more, forget Sanjivani, it has to be mine.


Sid and Ishani enter the ward and see pregnant ladies in pain. Ishani says these girls are pregnant, their state isn’t good, how can someone do this. Sid asks what are they doing here, what’s happening here, we have seen their pics on the board, the numbers mean the months of their pregnancy. Vardaan comes there and watches the cctv. He sees screen change. Ishani gives water to a lady. She says we are doctors, but we came here by mistake, what’s all this. The lady asks her to go, they are very dangerous. Ishani says calm down, we won’t go, tell us what’s happening. Sid says we can help you, please tell us.


Vardaan asks did anyone come here, if anyone comes, then he won’t go out at any cost, handle it. The girl says we have given our lives to them for some money, all the girls are pregnant, when we give birth to the child, they take the child and sell it, they don’t let us go away, if we try to run away, they will kill us, they have kept us captive here. Sid and Ishani get shocked. Ishani says Vardaan is using them, how can he fall so low, I can’t believe it. Sid says I knew he is a mean cheap man, I came to know now that he is a devil. Ishani asks since when is this going on. The girl says they got us here since few months, will you save us. Vardaan comes there. Ishani hugs the girl and consoles. She says we will help you. Sid nods. Vardaan enters the door.Vardaan entering the ward. He doesn’t see Sid and Ishani. They hide under the beds. Vardaan says why do I think someone has come here, its my illusion. He looks around. He says there is a good news, you all will get free tomorrow, Anjali you and me aren’t done, I like you, but your dream won’t get fulfilled, when I take over Sanjivani, you will break down, its also part of my revenge. Sid and Ishani leave. Vardaan looks around and goes. Sid says I won’t leave Vardaan, he is after Anjali, she is my sister. Ishani says we will go to the police. Sid says no, she will get trapped being chief of surgery of the luxury ward, we can’t go to police. She says yes, lets do this, we have to save her. Its morning, Anjali sees Sid. Sid says Anjali di… She says Dr. Anjali, after my dad passed away, there is much work to do. She goes.



Ishani says give her some time. Sid says she is my sister. She says yes, she knows this well, give her some time, we have to do something to fix things for Anjali and Sanjivani. Vardaan comes there with the reporter. He says I will give you such a news that will shock everyone, Anjali is behind this scam, I can’t believe it, I will show you the proof, you will know it now, I want you to see it yourself, come, you will be shocked seeing the huge scam. He says look at these poor girls, what’s happening with them. Reporter asks why are you joking, there is nothing here, I can just see an empty room. Vardaan turns and gets shocked.


Ishani asks are you all fine. Rahil says we won’t let anyone come here. Ishani says we have to save them. Vardaan asks how can someone ruin my plan, who can do this, Juhi can’t do this, Anjali is madly in love with me, then who is left. Sid says I know Anjali is upset, but she is my sister, I can’t see anything wrong happening with her, I have to save her. Ishani says we are with you. Vardaan laughs and says Sid and Ishani did this, how could I be so careless, you guys are done. Ishani says Vardaan is too smart, he can attack on us anytime. Rahil says you have uncovered a big thing, please be careful of Vardaan.


Vardaan meets a man. He gives him money. He says you have to kill one of them and frame the other one in the murder charge, if you could do this, I will pay you triple. The man nods and goes. Ishani says Vardaan won’t sit quiet, if he harms us. Sid says we are not alone, we will answer him. They see Anjali. Ishani says all documents are on Anjali’s name, we can’t use it. Sid says I can’t let Vardaan harm Sanjivani or Anjali, I know she won’t trust me, I want to help her and protect her, I never had any sister, now she is in front of me, I wish we knew about this relation before our dad passed, I could have told her Vardaan’s truth. She says we shall tell her the truth, she may not believe us or she may believe us. He asks shall we tell her and see. She says we can take a chance. Sid and Ishani come to Anjali’s cabin.


Anjali asks do you have any work. Sid says I need to talk. Anjali says I m not interested if its about Sid. Sid says listen to us once, then I will not trouble you. Anjali says please leave me alone. Ishani says its about Shashank, but not about your relation, its about his legacy and Sanjivani’s reputation, won’t you listen to us. Anjali stops. Sid says I know Sanjivani matters to you, you should know what’s happening in Sanjivani, wrong things are happening here, Vardaan is behind it. Anjali says you are crossing your limits. Sid says Vardaan was behind whatever happened with me, there is a secret cell in luxury ward, some pregnant girls are imprisoned there. They tell everything. Sid says Vardaan was targeting me as I m Shashank’s son, now he will target you. Anjali recalls Vardaan’s words. She says this is not possible, how can Vardaan do this, he loves me.


She asks what proof do you have. Sid says we don’t have proof, but why would we tell this. Ishani says we have seen it, we don’t know what Vardaan wanted from Shashank, why he wants revenge, he is after you and Sid. Sid says he wants Shashank’s place in Sanjivani, he can go to any extent for this, I have longed to know about my dad always, when I know about him now, I swear on him, I m saying the truth Anjali di, its your wish Dr. Anjali. Anjali cries.Anjali thinking of Vardaan and crying. Vardaan thinks I have played many games with Sid and Ishani, I have to end this game now. He goes to his cabin. He says Sid, Ishani, it will be your last tonight today, once you both are out of my way, I will get rid of Anjali, Sanjivani will be mine. Juhi asks how can this happen, someone has to go for emergency call, I have a surgery, I can’t postpone it. Sid says duty call. Ishani asks shall I go if you want. Juhi says you are recovering, fine you can go. Sid says I will go with Ishani, I know I m suspended, I will just go help, I promise I won’t do anything medically. She gives the address and says patient is critical, maybe a heart attack. She says I miss you Shashank. Vardaan looks on.



Vardaan thinks Sid and Ishani are really so good, they went knowing a patient is dying, that’s why I have thrown this trap, their goodness will kill them. Sid and Ishani find the door locked. Guards help. Sid and Ishani leave. Vardaan thinks you will be coming dead. Sid says I can’t leave you alone knowing Vardaan can do anything. Ishani recalls the staff’s words. She asks how did all the doctors get busy together. Sid says yes, no patient was assigned to you on medical grounds. She says yes, so that I stay free.


They reach the patient’s house. She asks is this Vardaan’s trap. Sid picks sticks. He says just for precaution. They go inside the house and check patient. The man says I m not able to breathe. The man sees them and recalls the pic. Anjali goes to Vardaan. He says I really needed a hug. She stops him and says Sid and Ishani came to me and told a lot about you. She tells everything.


He gets shocked. She asks him is this true. She says you always had issues with dad. Sid and Ishani treat the man. The man gets the gun. He aims at Sid and Ishani. Ishani says you will be fine now. The man says you will get the heart attack doctor. Sid and Ishani get shocked. Sid asks Ishani to bend down. He throws the vessel at the man’s head. Ishani runs to Sid. The man shoots them. Sid screams. Anjali asks what are you doing, answer me.


Vardaan says this is your answer, your love, my loyalty for Sanjivani. He goes. She sees his resignation letter. Sid and Ishani try to run away. Anjali asks Vardaan to listen to her. Vardaan asks why shall I listen to you, you know me, I don’t believe in love and fairy tales, I m a practical man, yes, I wanted to become Sanjivani’s CEO, since Shashank and I had different thinking, I had a healthy competition with him, not with you, its all over now with his death, my love for you ended that competition, you taught me that relations are everything, you know how much I love you, you don’t love me, else you would have answered them, I m going Anjali, Sanjivani, CRO post and everything is yours. She stops him. She says really sorry, dad went away and I misunderstood you, I think Sid and Ishani also misunderstood you. He thinks you are strong, but this is your weakness, I will get the news of Sid and Ishani’s destruction. Ishani says I can’t run more. Sid says he is coming after us. The man shoots at them. They run.


She falls down and gets hurt. Sid says I won’t leave you alone, come on. She faints. Sid fights the man. Ishani hears a gun shot. She gets up and goes to see. Vardaan also comes there. Ishani says where is Sid. She sees Vardaan…. She gets shocked.


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