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The frontliners on Starlife, Friday 8th October 2021

The frontliners  Friday 8 October 2021 updates: The Episode starts with NV seeing Ishani and his pic. He says I m doing all this for you, for us. Bebe comes and says I wish I have taught you to be a bit selfish, you would have not seen this day. She asks him to eat food. He says I do this intentionally so that you feed me food by your hands. She says you don’t tell your feelings to Ishani, tell her the truth, you love her a lot, why do you forget that Sid is her past, she is your present and future, then make this better, respect the marriage. NV says we just took rounds and vows, I can’t bound her, because she is my wife, I don’t know if she believes in this relation. Bebe asks him to give time to the relation.

She says if Ishani didn’t believe in this relation, when why would she listen to you, why would she love me and take care of me, why would she stay here, she has to realize her meaning in your life. She says just you know what to do, there can’t be anything more true than this. He says but I see her tears as well, I had sworn to make her pain away. NV says I see the questions in her eyes, Sid has to recover first, you remember the time when you had to undergo the surgery, none was there to help, Shashank has operated you, I can’t forget that Sid is Shashank’s son, I will be the most happy person if Ishani gets fine, I want to make Sid fine and pay for Shashank’s favor, I know business won’t work in love, love is such a thing where the one who loses gets more profits. Bebe says you have made me speechless.

Ishani looks on and says it will happen as you want, I will go to Sanjivani and meet Sid, to get all my answers and tell my state. He says you know his state. She goes to sleep. NV says stubborn. Bebe says now understand it. Its morning, Rishabh and Rahil discuss Sid’s case. Rahil says Sid shouldn’t get any shock, his mum and Mama are no more. Ishani comes and thinks Sid has to give all my answers. She comes to see Sid. She sees NV and entire staff there. She sees her pics. Sid opens arms for her. Naino ki mat maniyon re….plays….

NV takes Ishani to Sid. Bebe gets sad. NV says you both are in front of each other again. He keeps her hand in Sid’s hand. Sid shows his gift. NV helps him in making her wear the floral tiara. He says nice. Sid says thanks, my hands are bit weak. NV says love is the strength which makes every weakness lose. Sid says I know you have much experience in love dept. NV asks Ishani how did she like Sid’s surprise. Sid says you liked it, right Ishani. Ishani says I have to tell you something. Sid asks her to say, she wants to hear her voice. He says I know you missed me a lot. She asks can I say it. He says yes, don’t get angry with NV saying Sid has planned this surprise for you. Ishani says I need to talk to Sid. NV says keep some patience, then everyone will know why we are here. Bebe prays. Ishani says you got conscious Sid, do you remember… Rahil asks NV to tell Sid why is he here. Ishani says wait Rahil, I have to tell something to Sid. NV says Sid is back, so you will be talking often. He asks Ishani to please don’t damage all this. He says Sid has come back, we know that Sid’s life is Ishani. Sid smiles. Ishani gets shocked. NV says congrats for getting your life back, I called everyone so that we welcome Sanjivani’s fav couple, who stayed separated for 3 years and meeting again, its luck, so congrats. Everyone claps.

Ishani asks Sid to take rest. Sid stops her and holds her hand. She says you just need some rest. Sid asks did I tell you something, what happened. He asks NV to explain Ishani. NV says I can’t see you in this state, it will be tough for her. Sid says I can understand, she would be hurt, but she is innocent, please explain her and get her back, I m here, she can come back to me. NV says I will convince her and take care of her, always, so that she takes care of you. He promises. Sid says Ishani is in my every thought. NV says then she is with you. Sid says she isn’t with me. NV says not even with me, don’t take stress, I will get her. Bebe gets angry. NV smiles and asks her to come.

Rahil sits near Sid. Sid says I don’t want this emotional drama, get me a vadapau, you guys are still here with me, its been 3 years. Rahil says I will get it, take rest now. Ishani goes and thinks of the pics. She eats chillies. Bebe stops her. Ishani says I wanted to tell Sid, NV stopped me. Bebe asks her not to do this. Ishani says NV has put all the pics and gave my hand to Sid, he was clapping there. Bebe hugs her and consoles. NV says I m glad that Sid is out of coma, he is fully conscious, Sid shouldn’t get any bad news, no one should tell him that Ishani is my wife. Rahil says its not easy for you to hide your marriage from Sid, so that Sid doesn’t get any shock, I always misunderstood you, sorry. NV says its fine. Rahil says you are risking your relation for Sid, Ishani doesn’t want to see Sid getting fine, I wish she could get goodness from you. NV says you are misunderstanding her, Sid will be fine soon. Ishani and Bebe hear this. NV sees them and asks Rahil to continue the work.

NV comes home. Ishani gets angry. He asks her to calm down. She says I understood everything after 3 years, your game plan, I told you everything, Sid broke my heart, you should refuse the marriage, Mama and Mami are compelling me, even then you married me, why, you don’t like to hear no, it was your ego that you married me when I refused. She recalls asking NV to refuse for the marriage, she is much heartbroken. Ishani says you always want to make my No a yes, I felt you have some goodness, I was totally wrong, you thought I m helpless, you can never get me, this has hurt you, a lot, but you thought that I will lose courage and then you will use my weakness, even if you have to stay with me under one roof, you did good planning for 3 years. He looks at her. She recalls giving him divorce papers and he refusing to sign it. She says I asked you to make me free from this marriage, you didn’t do this, I was just a charity project, at the price of Sanjivani.


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