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The cost of love on glow tv, Wednesday 14th July 2021 update

The cost of love on glow tv, Wednesday 14th July 2021 update: Pankti getting angry on Reyansh. Aparna stops her. Reyansh says ego shouldn’t come in between love. Aparna says I want to talk to you about Ahaan, sorry for yesterday, I didn’t like the way Ahaan behaved with you. Aparna asks are you angry, what happened. Pankti asks does Reyansh know Sheetal, I want to talk about him. She tells her everything. Aparna says I also felt strange about him. Reyansh comes and says congrats for international contract. Pankti asks how do you know, I just got the call. Reyansh says our industry is small, my assistant gave your contact details, its an amazing offer, don’t forget Ahaan and me when you become a star. Ahaan says my head is aching, I need rest. Pankti thinks Reyansh is making us away, but why.

Aparna asks Reyansh to come and have

food. Pankti asks him to come. Ahaan recalls Reyansh’s words and worries. Kaira comes to meet Poorva. Poorva thanks her for coming. Kaira says I request you not to waste my time. Poorva says some misunderstanding is created between me and Monty. Kaira says so you mean that’s why, he got close to me, else we had nothing between us, I came here as you are Pankti’s sister, don’t come between us again. She goes. Pankti asks Reyansh to have food and say how is it. Reyansh says it will be good if you have made it. She says I knew it, why did you not call Ahaan for shoot. He says I called him, I told you, Ahaan just listens to you and Sheetal. Aparna says yes, Ahaan always listens to Sheetal. Reyansh starts getting angry. Pankti and Aparna praise Sheetal and pity her for having such a bad husband like JD. Pankti says JD was not suitable for Sheetal. Reyansh angrily throws the class and asks what was wrong with JD and how was Sheetal better than him. They get shocked on his reaction. Pankti asks why, how can you say this with confidence, do you know JD and Sheetal, what are you hiding from us, tell us.
Reyansh says no, everyone knew JD, I was big fan of him, he was an idol for me and many people. He picks the glass pieces. Pankti says it means you didn’t know JD, you knew his image. Reyansh says yes. She says be thankful you didn’t know him in person. He says sorry for glass. Aparna says be careful next time, anger finishes even big people. Reyansh goes to wash hands. Pankti calls Uday and asks him to decode the message fast. She runs out of the house. Aparna worries. Kaira angrily throws her dresses. Richa comes and asks what happened, is it about Poorva. Kaira says why is she coming between us. Richa says I want to tell you something, which you and Poorva don’t know. Vikram comes and excuses Richa. Pankti thinks of Reyansh and tries to know about him. She doesn’t get any info and thinks who is he. Some goes to check at the door.

Ahaan comes and gets angry on Pankti. He scolds her for dreaming big. He hurts her. She cries. He says I promised you I will always be with you and fulfill your every dream, I was wrong, I failed, my promises and I aren’t enough for you. He hurts himself. She says no, you have fulfilled my dreams, I wanted to tell you something. He asks do you want to tell that Reyansh is a liar. She thinks Ahaan will never believe me. He says sorry to behave this way, I should have believed you, I took some time to understand this, love is not love without trust, so sorry, I forgot the world can be wrong, but not you. She cries and hugs him. She says no, you didn’t get angry, Reyansh instigated you. He says no one can between our love, I will always support you, I promise I won’t get angry, we will expose him. She says I have a plan.


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