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The cost of love on glow tv, July 2021 Teasers

The cost of love on glow tv, July 2021 Teasers: A music director refuses to launch Pankti as he thinks that her image as JD’s mistress will harm his company. Rangoli tells Ahaan that her fame and his talent will bring them success.

Thursday 1st July 2021

Episode 189

Pankti does not find anything on the CCTV footage and realises that the owner removed upon somebody’s instruction.

Episode 190

Pankti tells Reyansh that he should not be helping her as she would get used to his presence every time. Tara helps Sheetal by saving her from the other inmates in jail.

Friday 2nd July 2021

Episode 191

Pankti gives money to the cake shop manager to reveal the identity of the perpetrator who locked her up. Meanwhile, Sheetal gets suspicious when she notices similarities between Reyansh and JD.

Monday 5th July 2021

Episode 192

Reyansh is hell bent on foiling the celebration the family members are holding in honor of Sheetal’s return.

Tuesday 6th July 2021

Episode 193

Reyansh and Virat join hands for their common interest in causing Ahaan and Pankti’s destruction. Meanwhile, Pankti is determined to find out the identity of the hooded man in the cafe.

Wednesday 7th July 2021

Episode 194

Pankti invites the manager of the cake shop to learn about the identity of the hooded man who locked her in the cafe. Reyansh is upset as Ahaan and Pankti get closer to perform a dance.

Episode 195

Ahaan promises Pankti that he will make sure that nothing happens to Poorva. Reyansh thinks Sheetal knows his true identity as she removes the garland from JD’s photo.

Thursday 8th July 2021

Episode 196

Sheetal decides to tell Ahaan and Pankti about Reyansh’s secret. However, Reyansh comes up with a plan that will help him keep the secret of his real identity intact.

Episode 197

JD strongly suspects that Sheetal knows his secret and decides to confront her about it. He threatens to kill all her loved ones if she reveals his identity.

Friday 9th July 2021

Episode 198

Ahaan and his family are shocked with Sheetal’s sudden decision to go to London for a vacation. Pakti decides to meet Sheetal before she departs for London.

Episode 199

Sheetal tries to prevent Reyhaan from pursuing Pankti as she has already chosen Ahaan as her life partner. Pankti feels that someone is trying to keep her away from Sheetal and decides to meet her.

Monday 12th July 2021

Episode 200

Reyansh rejoices as Pankti struggles to understand Sheetal’s message in the park. Later Pankti gets suspicious as Reyansh orders the same food and drink as JD.

Episode 201

Reyansh is upset when Pankti agrees to work with Ahaan on an album. Pankti is suspicious when she overhears Reyansh talk to a gangster and confronts him about it.

Tuesday 13th July 2021

Episode 202

Aparna tells Pankti that Reyansh has left for the airport instead of going to the recording studio. Ahaan and Pankti are shocked when Monty asks Kaira to marry him.

Episode 203

Pankti gets uncomfortable as Reyansh tries to get closer to her during the recording. Reyansh uploads Pankti’s version of the song and excludes Ahaan’s part to cause a rift between them.

Wednesday 14th July 2021

Episode 204

Ahaan and Pankti are angry with each other after finding out about Kaira and Monty.

Episode 205

Pankti becomes suspicious when Reyansh lies and tells her that Ahaan has come for the shoot. She decides to investigate and finds the hoodie and gloves in Reyansh’s cupboard.

Thursday 15th July 2021

Episode 206

Pankti finds a hoodie and a pair of gloves in his cupboard and wonders if he is the attacker.

Episode 207

Pankti overhears Reyansh’s conversation with Ahaan where he tries to instigate him against Pankti. Pankti confides about Reyansh to Aparna and they hatch a plan to expose him in front of everyone.

Friday 16th July 2021

Episode 208

Ahaan decides to expose Reyansh when Pankti informs him of his misdeeds. Uday decodes Sheetal’s message and informs Pankti that Reyhaan is JD. Pankti slips a drug in Reyansh’s drink to expose him.

Episode 209

Reyansh plays with Ahaan’s mind and gets him to doubt her and have misunderstandings. Meanwhile, Pankti ponders over the reasons why Reyansh could be trying to create these rifts.

Monday 19th July 2021

Episode 210

Reyansh tells Pankti that he is waiting for a special girl. Sheetal decodes the message and learns that Reyansh is JD, and Pankti is shocked as well.

Episode 211

Aparna is doubtful that Reyansh is JD and asks Ahaan if he is sure of it. JD wakes up when Pankti attempts to steal the keys from him and escape from the house.

Tuesday 20th July 2021

Episode 212

Reyansh thinks that Pankti has fallen for him and decides to take her with him forever. Ahaan and Pankti hug each other and decide to punish JD for his misdeeds.

Wednesday 21st July 2021

Episode 213

Pankti, who pretends to be in a semi-conscious state, manages to fool Reyansh and escape. Sheetal is shocked as JD tells her that he wants to perform his wife’s final rites before he leaves with Pankti.

Episode 214


Thursday 22nd July 2021

Episode 215

JD hacks Ahaan’s phone and manages to convince Pankti to come to JD’s mansion. Ahaan learns about JD’s plan and calls Pankti to warn her of JD’s presence.

Episode 216

Pankti dances in front of JD to save Ahaan and Sheetal’s life. She is shocked when JD tells her that to save both Sheetal and Ahaan’s life, she will have to be his mistress forever.

Friday 23rd July 2021

Episode 217

Pankti attacks JD during her performance and manages to save Sheetal’s life. JD snatches the revolver from the police and threatens to kill Pankti.

Episode 218

Pankti tells JD that she is not afraid of death as she will never love him. A police officer arrests JD.

Monday 26th July 2021

Episode 219

Ahaan decides to surprise Pankti with flowers and a cake. Meanwhile, Sheetal tells Pankti that she has decided to move to London forever.

Episode 220

Pankti gets emotional as Ahaan fulfils her dream of owning her own house. Anita asks Jasmin to stay away from her and Pankti as she does not want to ruin her marriage.

Tuesday 27th July 2021

Episode 221

Vikram is jealous as the reports ask for Ahaan’s solo picture at his press conference.

Episode 222

Vikram does not accept Ahaan’s proposal to launch Pankti as he thinks that people will doubt her character. Pankti makes a promise to Ahaan that she will change her image in front of the audience.

Wednesday 28th July 2021

Episode 223

Pankti tells Ahaan that she wants to earn fame by being a singer and not a star.

Episode 224

Ahaan tells Vikram about his decision to perform with Pankti at his launch party. Aparna tells Anita that she wants to announce Pankti and Ahaan’s marriage to the media.

Thursday 29th July 2021

Episode 225

Anita threatens to cancel Ahaan and Pankti’s marriage announcement if Manav does not pay her. Ahaan and Pankti are shocked when Vikram launches Rangoli at the press conference.

Episode 226

Aparna asks Anita to stay away from Ahaan and Pankti if she wishes to see them married. Ahaan weeps as Anita takes Pankti away from him and challenges to sell Pankti to someone.

Friday 30th July 2021

Episode 227

Vikram is shocked to receive a sensuous text message from Poorva. To avenge Aparna, Anita plans to sell Pankti to a rich client.

Episode 228

A music director refuses to launch Pankti as he thinks that her image as JD’s mistress will harm his company. Rangoli tells Ahaan that her fame and his talent will bring them success.

All these and more come this July 2021 on the cost of love on glow tv.


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