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Strange love on star life, Friday 9th July 2021

Strange love,Friday 9th July 2021 update: Niranjan wakes up and saying how can this happen. He gets ready fast and goes downstairs. He is shocked to see Anjali doing the puja. Shlok turns and looks at him. Niranjan folds hands and does Pranaam to the Lord. Everyone see him. Astha and Anjali are shocked seeing him. The pandit says hold Anjali’s hand, she started the puja and now she will end it. Niranjan holds the hand and they do the aarti together. He fumes in anger. The pandit says you are very lucky, your wife did this puja without any halt. He does tilak and Anjali and she does to him.

Niranjan tells Anjali that its good puja happened well. He moves back and leaves. Anjali thinks he is annoyed as I took his place in the puja, I should apologize to him, it’s a big mistake, I insulted him by doing the puja. Niranjan says this should have not happened, I can’t bear this that a woman does the puja. Anjali goes to him. Astha thinks if he beats Anjali today, she will not be quiet. Astha asks Anjali to give the Prasad. Anjali says I will do it later, don’t interfere in other’s life. Anjali says I can take care of myself, don’t worry. She goes.

Astha says Niranjan should not harm her, as its not Anjali’s mistake. Renuka meets a lady on the road. The lady is Payal’s mum. She asks how is that girl, Roshni, did you not meet her, who lives in Sid’s house. Renuka says no, he lives alone. The lady says you will know it soon and leaves. Anjali comes in her room and closes the door. She gives him the stick to beat, saying she did a big mistake, she broke the old rules. Astha tries to peep in. Anjali says what would I do, I tried hard to wake you up, everyone tried, Astha asked you can I sit in the puja, and you said.

She says the pandit too insisted me. Niranjan says is there anything else to say. He takes the stick from her hands. Astha says no Baba, I won’t let you do this today. He throws the stick and says you have stopped a traiditon from breaking. He says I know it’s a mistake and a tradition is broken, but you did this to save the tradition, I m angry on myself, how could I sleep till late, I have to know its reason, till then I can’t punish you, it’s a happy day for you, go and give Prasad to children.

Anjali says yes and leaves. Astha hides. Niranjan stops Anjali and says this puja is for children, and children does not include daughters. Anjali goes downstairs. Astha says Baba, you won’t know the reason for your sleep, every rules will break slowly.

Renuka comes home and says if any girl was here, there has to be some proof. She looks around. She says Sid always told he won’t lie to me. Payal comes and Renuka asks does she like Sid. Payal says yes, he is my fav bhaiya. Renuka asks about Roshni. Payal says yes, she was very nice. Renuka asks where did she go. Payal says everyone knows her, she is pregnant. Renuka is shocked and cries. Sid comes and asks what happened. She does drama and says you made a woman pregnant, what will I do now. He says I did not do this. She asks him the truth, that girl trapped you right, I will save you, come pack the bag.

Sid says let me say first, that girl was in problem, and I helped her. She cries and says people are making stories about you. He says fine, lets talk to Ajju. Anjali prays to Bappa. She gives the Prasad to everyone. Jyoti waits for it and Anjali does not give her. Shlok and Varad see this. Varad says give it to Jyoti also. Anjali says its for our family, I made other Prasad for her. Shlok argues with Anjali. Jyoti says I don’t want. Shlok says if you don’t eat, I will also not eat this. He makes Jyoti eat the Prasad. Anjali leaves.

Ajju tells Renuka that Sid has helped that girl, she was pregnant but he took care of her. Ajju says she stayed with us then. Renuka leaves. Ajju asks till when will Renuka stay here, till when will I hide this. He says you saved me. Ajju says we have to tell her about Jyoti, do you love her. He says yes. She says tell your feelings to your mum. He says first I have to know whats in Jyoti’s heart. Kaka and Astha talk about their plan. Anjali hears them. Kaka is shocked to see her.

Kaka says Astha, see. Astha turns and sees Anjali. Anjali says how to explain you, if you do this, I will be happy. Astha says beat me if you feel I did a mistake. Anjali says I m happy, I don’t want anything, what problem do you have, why do you want to ruin everything. Astha says its necessary, you have to live and celebrate life. Kaka says yes, change has started, we can’t stop it. Anjali says fine, bring change, but remember, my death will come with the change next time. She leaves. Sid comes to talk to Ajju. He looks much happy. Ajju praises him and says will he love Jyoti’s daughter, I will ask him. Sid brings tea for her. Ajju asks him do you like kids. Sid says yes. Ajju says suppose you get married to Jyoti, will you able to take care of her daughter, can you do this. Sid smiles and says I love Jyoti a lot and I will love her daughter even more.

Ajju asks, can you give her good upbringing. Sid says yes. I like girls more than boys. I will keep Jyoti and her daughter happy. I will give my name to her daughter. I will accept Jyoti with her daughter. Ajju thinks he will keep Jyoti happy.
Astha says sorry to Anjali and asks her to promise that she won’t talk about dying. She says, I want to give your respect back to you. I want everyone to love you. They think your heart is like stone, I want to make everyone feel that you are sweet hearted. She says, very soon your life will be full of happiness. I saw tears in your eyes when your kids are in trouble. I couldn’t see you in trouble. Anjali asks her not to do anything which will make her life difficult. Astha promises her that she won’t do anything against her wish. Astha hugs her. Anjali leaves. Astha says, you looks cute when you acts as sasubai.

Shlok gets call from his employee. He asks him not to come to office. Astha comes and says I am getting hot. She asks Shlok to get new AC for cooling. Shlok asks, what is the nonsense. Don’t talk to me. Astha says, I wont talk to you. Astha says, I tried to uplift his mood, but he got upset with me.

Jyoti misses Sid and messages him. Astha comes and sits beside her. She gets angry at Shlok. Shlok tells Varad that Astha is like Radio who keeps on speaking. Varad laughs. Astha tells Jyoti that she talks less and Shlok got angry with her. Jyoti smiles. Astha says, I won’t talk to him anymore. I will put tape on my mouth. Shlok says, I will put tape on her mouth unless she stops her commentary.

Astha says, he will realize my worth when I stop talking to him. Varad asks Shlok to say sorry to Astha. Even Jyoti asks Astha to say sorry to Shlok. Astha keeps on speaking. Varad and Shlok hear her conversation. Astha says, do I speak more. Jyoti says, you are talking much. Astha turns and sees Shlok .

Astha says, ofcourse I know that Shlok was standing. He won’t say sorry to me. Varad asks Shlok to say sorry. Astha goes angrily. Shlok tells Varad that Astha knew everything. She didn’t give me a chance to speak. She has decided that I will say nothing. Jyoti and Varad laugh.

Renuka dreams of Sid getting married to a man. She gets shocked and says Sid is refusing to marry. Is he gay? She asks Sid, are you seeing any girl. Sid says no. Renuka thinks, some girl was living in his house and nothing happened.
Astha looks at the dress kept on the bed and thinks Shlok brought it for her. She says, it is one piece nighty, but it is small.

Shlok comes and closes the door. Astha tries the nighty. Shlok looks at her and closes the lights.
Mahiya……………………………..plays…………………..He takes her in his arms and kisses her. They get romantic. Astha smiles looking at Shlok . She writes I love you on his back.

Sid is going to his office. His mom Renuka follows him. She sees him talking to a man while holding his hands. She faints unable to take it.
Anjali calls Astha. Astha collides with Shlok in a hurry. Shlok holds her and asks for a morning kiss. Astha says, this is not our bedroom. They have an eye lock. Astha and Shlok get closer. Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon plays. Servant comes and smiles seeing them close. Astha goes to Anjali.

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