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Sacred relationships on star life, Wednesday 14th July 2021

Sacred relationships Wednesday 14th July 2021 update: Abir says I will stay happy for Mishti’s sake, I promise. Mishti hides. Yeh rishte…plays…. He keeps Kanha idol and goes. Meenakshi says Mishti, I will never forgive you for this, I had to made Abir cry to explain you. Kuhu says I need to discuss something, don’t react if you find this childish, you remember how Jasmeet made the pregnancy thing a race, if we give a baby to Maa, maybe she relaxes, it can’t be strange than Abir’s second marriage, Mishti is irritating, but I m habitual to her, I can’t handle another sister-in-law, are you angry. Kunal says no, I m glad that you want to help them, but Maa said she wants Abir’s child as heir, give them some time, this time and this way aren’t right to help them.

Abir comes to Mishti and does shayari about his new house. He asks her to say something, did Maa say anything. She thinks you know my silence also, I love you. He says I made you wait, I have a good news, I shortlisted two houses, bad news if the lawns are big, we will race there, we will see who wins, we will invite everyone for barbecue, I won’t lose in the race. She says I won’t let you lose. He asks her to keep smiling, then he will win. He feeds her the icecream cake. Vishwamber and Rajshri worry for Mishti. He says Abir is also with Mishti now.

She says Meenakshi will hurt Mishti, they are under the same roof. He says Mishti and Abir can stay in our house until they find a new house. She agrees. Mishti says everyone wants us to leave this house, what do you think, I can’t become a mum, you can’t become a dad, you didn’t get a chance to express your sorrow, tell me. He says I m fine. She asks why are you hiding the truth, we lost the chance to become parents, you can talk to me, you can tell me what you feel, its not your fault. He says situation is wrong. She says I won’t let anyone snatch the right to share your pain, talk to me. Rajshri asks Vishwamber to talk to Abir. Vishwamber says Abir is also hurt, he needs you, you become his strength. She says yes, I won’t let him fall alone, I will talk to him.

Abir asks what shall I talk, I don’t know how to react, maybe I can’t see my baby’s face, but I can see your lovely face, I will support you, you are my strength, one has to make a compromise in every relation. Mishti recalls Meenakshi’s words. She thinks was Maa right, is our relation a compromise for Abir. He says we have to stay happy in whatever we have. He makes her smile. Its morning, Abir meets Rajshri at the temple. She asks him to share his feelings. He hugs her and cries. He says why is this happening with Mishti. Rajshri says Lord tests strong people. Vishwamber asks Mishti what is she doing. She thinks I can’t lie and you can’t handle truth. She says I m packing my things. He asks her not to put any burden on her heart. Abir says I m losing courage. Rajshri says you both have to become each other’s strength, talk to us, you will find some way. He asks what way. Vishwamber says just pack your things and come home, I want you both to be happy. She says I want to see Abir happy, I m doing right. He says you can never do wrong.

Abir asks did such thing happen with you. Rajshri says when Akshara passed away, life’s meaning ended for Vishwamber and me. Abir says sorry. Rajshri says Lord gives sorrow and solves the problem also, he snatched Akshara and sent Mishti to me, Mishti went through this, her parents left her. Abir says then she got you. She says pain can be bigger, but a happiness comes in our life which makes easy for us to tolerate the pain, Varsha was alone, she got Kuhu, Akshara left and Mishti came. Mishti says I feel pride to be your daughter, thanks, I will talk to you later. Vishwamber smiles. She ends the call. She says I can stop Abir and Maa’s fight, sorry Abir, I have no way. Rajshri says Lord would think of something for you.

Abir thanks her. She says have patience, you will find some happiness. She goes. He prays. Mishti packs her bags and cries. She sees Abir’s pic. She goes to Kuhu. Kuhu reminds childhood mischief. She says I will do makeup to you. Mishti says book a cab for me. Kuhu asks why. Abir gives gifts to staff. He says if everything stays fine, Mishti and I will get our happiness back. He calls an orphanage. He says we spoke about adoption. The man says yes, you will get a child and a child will get a good family, you tell your preference. Abir says we just want a child, I will send my details, start the process, thanks. He calls Mishti.



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