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Perfect husband Saturday update 23rd October 2021 Zeeworld

Perfect husband Saturday 23 October 2021 updates: The Episode starts with everyone waiting for Pushkar and Vidhi at home. Pushkar and Vidhi come home. Rajshri asks did you talk to Vidhi. He says yes, we have decided that we accept this alliance. They all smile. Rajshri says I told you everything will get fine. Ashwin says yes. Rajshri does shagun rasam. Vidhi smiles. Its night, Vidhi gets a message that Pushkar is not like he appears, you are doing mistake, refuse for this alliance. Maasa goes to wash face. She gets burnt by hot water and screams. Someone keeps heater connection on. Pushkar recalls switching on the heater, since he has seen Maasa making Vidhi stumble and drop tea. He says I have seen Maasa’s deeds, she lied to me about Vidhi, she got my hand burnt, I keep friendship and enmity with passion, I had to burn Maasa’s hand so that she remembers not to mess with me.Vidhi says I don’t understand, who can sent this message, should I call on this number. Everyone worry for Maasa. Maasa blames Vidhi. Vidhi says I didn’t do anything. Maasa cries. Ashwin defends Vidhi. Maasa insults Vidhi. Vidhi goes to room and thinks of message. She thinks who can switch on heater. She goes to tell Nivedita.Nivedita says don’t think of Maasa, my fate is bad that our parents are no more, else you didn’t need to be with me. Vidhi says I got much love from you, I don’t feel bad of Maasa’s words. Nivedita says I get hurt of her words, you are innocent. She sounds happy about Vidhi’s marriage. Vidhi thinks not to tell Nivedita. She goes and writes her confusion in her blog. Pushkar reads her blog and smiles. He thinks you write such a good blog. He does shayari. He says I like Vidhi, nervousness should be there in every girl, confident girls make things complicated, I want to become your best friend, you are mine now, you are perfect for me. Rajshri comes there. He switches on lights. He asks what happened. She says everything is fine, your doubts got cleared, I want Vidhi’s doubts to get cleared. He asks did she tell you something. She says no, I want her to see her Sasural, I will invite Vidhi and her family home. He says you can do whatever you like, I m with you. She asks can I call them. He says never, they weren’t with us in sorrow, they have no right to be in our happiness, they are strangers. He goes. She gets sad.Vidhi sharing her doubt about message with Suman. Suman asks do you think Pushkar is wrong. Vidhi recalls his words and says no. Suman says maybe many girls like Pushkar, he is like filmi hero, some girl would have sent message to break this alliance, try and think who has trouble with this alliance. Vidhi says Rangeela, he has my number also. Suman says Rangeela is jealous of this alliance. Vidhi says yes, Pushkar said I can share anything with him, I m thinking to tell him what happened two years ago. Suman says don’t worry, this won’t matter to him. She goes. Vidhi prays that Pushkar remains the same always and her family isn’t troubled. Rangeela sees her on the way. She says you would have sent me that message. He says you blocked my number. She says you are jealous of this alliance. He says you don’t know what I know. She says don’t interfere in my life, I m a goon, I have a big heart as I was ready to marry you knowing what happened with you two years before, tell this to Pushkar, if he agrees to marry you, he has a big heart, else what will he do. She says its our personal matter, you mind your own business. She goes. He says who has sent her message.Vidhi comes home and asks Maasa how is her hand now. Maasa scolds her. Bela feeds Maasa. Vidhi goes to Nivedita and says Pushkar should know everything about me. Nivedita says it was a bad dream, what will we get telling this to Pushkar, its useless to catch the past. Vidhi agrees. Pushkar talks to family. Urvashi joins them for dinner. She asks them to try her diet dinner. She teases Pushkar. He gets angry. He asks her to sweets. He gives good news that he is going to marry soon. He feeds her sweets. She gets shocked. He goes. She thinks marriage didn’t happen, just wait and watch.Ashwin and everyone get invite from Rajshri. They prepare to meet Rajshri and family tomorrow. Vidhi gets an envelope from someone. Vidhi gets shocked seeing Pushkar attacking Badri in pic. She sees more pics of violent Pushkar. She thinks why is he beating this man, who is sending me the pics. Ashwin thanks Rajshri on call and says we will surely come. Vidhi goes to Nivedita and shows her pics. Nivedita gets shocked. Vidhi says someone knocked door and left this envelope, someone has sent me message that Pushkar isn’t a good person, if I marry him, my life will be ruined, I wanted to tell you but Maasa’s hand burnt, I thought Rangeela did this, but he doesn’t know Pushkar well, someone else is sending pics, this person wants to show me truth or is intentionally trying to break alliance. Nivedita says Ashwin will break alliance if he sees pics, if the pics are fake, we will lose good relation. Vidhi says we have to know truth. Nivedita asks how can we trust someone. Vidhi asks what shall we do now.Nivedita asking Vidhi to talk to Pushkar about pics, and not tell anything to Ashwin. She sends Vidhi. Its morning, Vidhi sees Ashwin and thinks of Nivedita’s words. He asks what’s the matter. Nivedita says she is going to her Sasural for the first time. He asks her not to worry. Randhir and Charulata come home. They stay outside. Rajshri asks servant to get them in. Servant says maybe they are upset, they didn’t come. Rajshri goes to get them. Rajshri welcomes them. She asks why are you upset. She does tilak to them. Randhir says you didn’t inform me about Pushkar’s marriage. Charu says yes, I had dreams for Pushkar’s marriage. Rajshri says just shagun happened, how can his marriage happen without his Mama and Mami, forgive me. Charu says don’t apologize, we are happy for him. Rajshri asks them to go and meet Pushkar.Bela gets ready and says I m looking good. Maasa scolds her. They leave. Randhir meets Pushkar. Randhir says you didn’t ask me before marriage. Pushkar hugs him. Randhir says I won’t melt today. Pushkar convinces him. Randhir pulls his ears. Pushkar says relax, mom did all this, I didn’t do anything. Randhir says I have seen you many girls, you refused, how did you get this fairy. Pushkar says she is really special, her name is Vidhi, she is from village. Randhir says its a small village, how did Rajshri find a diamond there. Pushkar says you will meet her soon. Urvashi comes and calls him. Pushkar says this is not that girl. Urvashi says a snake got in my house, please help. Pushkar asks what can I do, call fire brigade. Randhir asks him to go and help. Urvashi thanks him. Rajshri asks Pushkar to go. Charu says call me when this gets done, I want a facial. Urvashi takes Pushkar home. She pushes him on couch. She asks why do you ignore me, don’t you like me, aunty and Meera like me, you don’t leave this anger, I m with you, how can you think of someone else, we are modern, young and know each other. Pushkar says beauty isn’t valued if one gets it for less, I don’t like cheap things, so I was ignoring. She asks are you interested in me. He says a lot. She asks your alliance. He says forget that. She says I love you. He says let me see you well. She says I m all yours, do you love me more or yourself. She says both. He says you are manipulating. She says okay, you. He holds her angrily and pushes her. He says I feel girls like you can win a man just on bed, not by heart, so don’t even try, it can be dangerous. He leaves. Ashwin and family comes. Urvashi looks on. Maasa says this would have become your house. Bela asks her to do something. She says I will do anything you say. Maasa says you finally got sense, marriage didn’t happen yet, don’t worry. She tells some plan. Urvashi says I have to see whom did Pushkar accept. Rajshri and Pushkar welcome Vidhi. Pushkar greets everyone. He asks Maasa what happened to her hands. Maasa says I have put hands in hot water, I couldn’t sleep by pain, but I had to come on your invitation. Pushkar’s pics fall. Vidhi picks it up. Pushkar sees the pics and gets shocked. Vidhi goes. Everyone smiles seeing the big house. They talk. Randhir and Charu don’t like the alliance. Rajshri says Vidhi is best choice for Pushkar. She asks them to meet guests. Pushkar recalls pics with Vidhi and sees her. She thinks to ask him about pics.


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