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Perfect husband Saturday update 20th November 2021 Zee world

Perfect husband Saturday 20 November 2021 updates: The Episode starts with Vidhi scolding Pushkar. She says Ashwin is like my father, your cheap thinking shows how bad you are. He says this is your biggest mistake, I have tolerated your doubts, tantrums, questions, this doesn’t mean that I will tolerate everything. He calms down himself. She gets shocked seeing him. He says I was just joking, I can’t even think of this about you and Ashwin, you know me, it was me who took Ashwin to hospital, I helped him so much, I kept a fast for him, you should have not slapped me, I won’t give any explanation to you. He gets call. He eats chocolates and goes. She cries. She goes to kitchen. Pushkar gets close and shocks her. She drops the juice. She says I feel you were expecting someone else to come. He says don’t get annoyed, I didn’t take tips from Ashwin. She says enough, I know what you are thinking, don’t spoil relations. Rajshri comes and hears Vidhi scolding Pushkar. He defends Vidhi and cleans the juice. Rajshri gets angry and scolds Vidhi. She says I have seen how much Vidhi respects Pushkar, I didn’t expect this from her. He says lets end the matter here, Vidhi will say sorry. He smiles. Nivedita comes and asks what happened. Rajshri goes. Pushkar says everything is fine, we were just talking. Nivedita says I just came to see you. Vidhi says fine, we shall go, come. They leave. Vidhi lies to Nivedita about Rajshri. Ashwin compliments them. Nivedita asks him to say who is more beautiful. He says my wife is the prettiest, but Vidhi is smart. Vidhi thinks of Pushkar’s words. Ashwin asks Vidhi to keep smiling, there will be ups and downs in life. Pushkar says yes, just you can keep her happy, I wish I had such talent too to impress Vidhi. Ashwin says we have given you Vidhi, and about talent, she is very simple. He pulls her cheeks and laughs. She smiles. Pushkar says I got to know this from you today, you know her so much, she stayed with you for many years. Nivedita says we will visit a temple and pray. She asks Vidhi will she come. Vidhi says yes. Pushkar says I have no objection, Vidhi is free to do anything, I don’t interfere, I want to say one thing, Vidhi be with Nivedita, take her carefully. Vidhi prays at the temple and wishes to see the right way. She asks shall I leave from this house. A chunri falls over her. Bela and Nivedita have a talk. Nivedita asks her the matter. Vidhi asks her to think of her coming child. Nivedita says I know you are worried for me and changing the words, always women make the sacrifices. Vidhi thinks maybe this is Mata Rani’s way, she is showing me the right way. Meera and Bela have a talk. Vidhi comes there. Bela asks Meera whom does she love. Vidhi answers Bela’s phone. She talks to Rangeela on video call. He asks where is Bela. Vidhi says you are asking by much rights. He says she is my wife. She says you married her by cheat. He says I have apologized, Bela and I love each other. She says Pushkar saved her from police. He says I won’t let anything happen to her, I realized my mistake. She says then come and take your wife, be a man, learn to manage her, why did you leave her at my Sasural. He says she is your sister. She says I m talking about your wife, come and take her responsibility. He agrees. She says sorry Bela, I don’t want you to get affected by my problems.Pushkar asking Vidhi to leave, if she wants, else he doesn’t have any problem to change in front of her, after all their relation got transparent, nothing is hidden. She runs away. Rangeela comes to meet Bela. Vidhi smiles and takes his side, asking everyone to send Bela with Rangeela. Rangeela says I didn’t come to take Bela, I have to come to stay here, Pushkar has called me here. They get shocked. Pushkar justifies himself. Ashwin and Maasa agree with him. Vidhi gets angered and scolds Rangeela. Pushkar comes to Vidhi and says you have packed your bags, you want to leave me, if you have nothing for me in heart, what’s this mangalsutra doing in your neck. He says wear this when you have love for me in your heart. He breaks it. She gets shocked. Ashwin comes to talk to Vidhi. They have a talk. She looks around for Pushkar. ADVERTISING Pushkar thinks Ashwin and Vidhi are getting close. He goes to Charu and sends them out. Charu shouts what’s happening here. She scolds them for having fun. She says Vidhi doesn’t joke like this with Pushkar, what’s this shamelessness. Rajshri and everyone come. Nivedita asks how did this happen. Charu asks can’t you see the relations spoiling. She scolds Vidhi asking for her mangalsutra. Pushkar comes to defend Vidhi. Rajshri says Charu speaks wrong, Ashwin and Vidhi have a relation like father and daughter. Pushkar says I have the mangalsutra, maybe Vidhi removed it by mistake, I will make her wear it once again. He asks Vidhi to come and clean her clothes. She looks at him. Pushkar asks Ashwin not to go alone, he will come along. Vidhi says I will come along. He says no, you will be tired. Ashwin says yes, we will reach home and call you. Ashwin blesses Vidhi. Pushkar says I will just come. He takes Ashwin and Nivedita in the car. Rajshri asks Vidhi to get ready for the party. Vidhi says I will stay back at home. Charu argues. Rajshri says its fine, you may take rest. Vidhi writes a letter for Rajshri. She feels sorry to break Rajshri’s trust. She writes about Pushkar’s dual face. She removes the mangalsutra. She writes I can’t stay with such a man, I will always remember the love I got from you, sorry I m leaving. She leaves from the house. She reaches the train stattion. Vidhi waits for the train. The train leaves.


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