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Perfect husband on Zee world, Wednesday 8th December 2021

The Episode starts with matron coming to apologize to Vidhi. Vidhi defends Kabeer. Matron fools her and says your past has come back, you will be happy to know this, I have found your husband. Vidhi gets shocked. She asks did you inform Kabeer. Matron says forget Kabeer, your husband Nitin Rana is here. Nitin comes. Matron lies to Vidhi and signs Nitin. Kabeer comes to meet Pari’s mum. He gets scolding from her. He gets sweets for her and convinces her. Pari smiles. Pushkar says who can send this video to me, who can be there at that time, Rangeela is doing this, I have to see him. Meera calls Pushkar to come. He says I have to keep normal expressions and smiles. Badri recalls Vidhi. Rajshri asks Badri is he spying on Pushkar. She says there is something which you know, you aren’t able to say, your eyes are saying a lot, just tell me something. She says if you respect me, then tell me what’s the truth. Badri writes a note and gives her. She reads about Pushkar’s tortures on Vidhi. Rajshri reads the letter and gets shocked. She reads more of Pushkar’s crimes and cries in shock. Nitin lies to Vidhi and asks her to come with him. Vidhi says no, I won’t believe you, what’s the proof that I m your wife. Nitin says I know you will ask me this question, how can I forget you Urmi, we are married since three years. He shows the fake proof. Vidhi says I don’t remember anything. He shows her anklet to her, come with me now. Matron says you got your family, its a miracle. Vidhi gets confused. Matron asks her to get married to Nitin once again if she doesn’t remember him. Nitin and Matron try hard to convince Vidhi. Vidhi feels why isn’t she happy and why is she feeling so odd.with matron getting Vidhi to the temple for marriage. She asks Vidhi to get married to Nitin and go with him. Vidhi says don’t you think that its happening so soon, I don’t remember anything. Matron says I can’t let you stay in hostel, you don’t need to stay there, you got your husband, understand. She takes Vidhi to mandap. Nitin asks Vidhi to see her parents. The couple comes and hugs Vidhi to mislead her. Vidhi doesn’t remember them and asks what’s their relation. They do a drama to convince her. They say your memory will come back with this marriage. Matron says you arranged fake parents also. Nitin says there won’t be any hurdle from marriage to suhaagraat. Pari sees Kabeer and smiles. She talks about their marriage. She says there is no problem now, its good festive of Makar Sankranti. He asks what’s the hurry. Pari says you have to tell me when will you marry me. Her mum asks him does he love Pari. Kabeer says yes, she is my only GF. He shouts out of window to profess love. Pari says if you are serious about me, I don’t want to wait, you have to decide, you have to marry me or not. He acts of stomach ache. He says sorry, I have to go to hospital. Pari stops him and says I will come along. Kabeer says you be at home and enjoy the festive. Pushkar look for his phone. Rajshri asks are you finding this. He gets shocked. She asks him to be careful and keep his phone. He gets selfies with kids. She thinks I didn’t wish he has a devil in him, I don’t know if he is still a devil, I will find the truth of Vidhi’s death. Vidhi sees the people and feels weird. She asks who are they. Nitin says they are my younger brothers. Matron says my work is over, give me money, I will go. Nitin says let marriage happen, you will get money. Vidhi asks what money. She worries and thinks they are hiding something from me. Pandit asks the couple to do kanyadaan. Vidhi stops them and questions about her family. Nitin lies to her. She gets asking more things. Rangeela comes in his room and falls down. Pushkar comes to him and asks how did you fall, are you fine. He asks him about Vidhi. He says I have asked you to keep some dead body to mislead police, I feel you think I killed Vidhi. Rangeela says no. Pushkar says you may leave your loyalty and go against me, you can blackmail me for this secret. Rangeela says I m scared, what will I tell anyone, you told me that you left her in jungle, my life is going good because of you. Pushkar smiles. Rangeela says sorry and goes. Pushkar says if he double crossing me, who is my new enemy, who knows Vidhi’s truth. Vidhi catches the lies of the couple. She asks Nitin about her birthday. Nitin says its our marriage today. She scolds him. She also scolds the matron. She asks matron why did she sell her. He says I have bought you for five lakhs, don’t do drama, you are just my entertainment. She gets shocked. She refuses to do the marriage. The man scolds her. Nitin asks pandit to start pheras fast and get them married.


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