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Perfect husband on Zee world, Tuesday 14th December 2021

Perfect husband Tuesday 14 December 2021 updates: Kabeer heaves a sigh of relief. I calmed her down after writing such a long note. What should I do about payal? She has closed the door! Rajshri asks him why he seems worried but he dismisses it. He notices the basket in her hand and takes a rose from it. She tells him that they were taken from the temple. He says it only increases its beauty. She asks him if he is taking it for Payal. He says a very sweet line and offers it to her. She smiles. You really know how to win hearts! Now go and give it to the one you wish to make happy. He thinks that is what he does not know. Vidhi wonders if this anklet can bring her closer to her past. How to use it? Who should I talk to about this? Pushkar switches off the lights of Vidhi’s room. She starts looking around for candles. A shadow appears on the wall. Vidhi lights a candle and shouts noticing the guy in the mirror. She hits Kabeer for troubling her. He tells her not to hit him like this. Who can scare you? I am afraid of you. She asks him if it is true. She notices the flower on the floor. What is it? He picks it up. It was a flower but see what you did to that flower! I thought I will give it to you and apologize but the apology is under your feet now. I only have this half rose. She takes it from him and smells it. Flowers never lose their fragrance even if the petals break. They share an eye lock. He holds her hand. The candle gets tilted by mistake. She screams in pain. He bends down to take care of her wound. She sees some blurry flashes and tells Kabeer that she feels that this has happened with her in the past too. He wipes the wax off her feet. Flashback shows Pushkar stealthily entering inside the room as well when he had switched off the lights. He watches them from behind a drawer. Kabeer tells Vidhi he came here to apologize and she ended up getting hurt instead. I cannot see you in any pain. She holds his hand in return. They look away awkwardly. She asks him if he knows what to do next. He nods. I have a plan. Rajshri enters just before he could say anything. Pushkar hides. Rajshri takes them outside to have dinner. Pushkar thinks I would have known their plan if mom had come after 2 minutes. He begins to go when he notices Vidhi’s anklet on the bed. I got another proof that Vidhi is alive! They know where she is. Try to hide as much as you want but I will find you Vidhita! Next morning, Kabeer greets Vidhi. Where are you off to? She shows him the photo again. It is certain that I am from Jodhpur. That guy who came to hospital proposing to be my father is also from Jodhpur. I want to make pamphlets of his photos and post it everywhere. He reminds her of the condition in which she was found by him. What if it is the same guy who is responsible for it? Realization dawns on her. They start arguing cutely over what they hold true. Rajshri remarks that they are indeed fighting like real husband and wife. She asks Payal if she wants to say something. Vidhi hands her the phone. We are looking for this guy. Rajshri takes them with her. Pushkar says they have Vidhi’s anklet; they came to Jodhpur around the same time and the blackmailer has recently started sending me messages. Rajshri interrupts his thoughts by showing him his photo. Do you recognize him? Pushkar feigns innocence. I am seeing him for the first time. She shares that Kabeer and Payal are looking for this guy. Can you help? He says there will be thousands of such men here in Rajasthan. It is a difficult task but I will still try to find him. Why are you looking for him? Rajshri also asks them. Kabeer lies that he is Payal’s distant relative. We got to know that he is from Jodhpur as well so we thought to meet him. Rajshri assures them that Pushkar will also look from his end. Kabeer decides to send him this photo on phone. Pushkar says you both are strangers here. Leave it on me. I will look for him. Kabeer thanks him. I will also look from my side as it is about Payal. He leaves with Payal. Pushkar asks Rajshri till when they both will stay here. She too is clueless. Why do you say so? Pushkar replies that they went to a coffin shop the other day and are now looking for some guy. She speaks positively about Kabeer and Vidhi. They are nice people. Let them stay here for as long as they wish to and try to find the guy. He nods. Rangeela is waiting impatiently for Pushkar’s reply. He thinks to send another text. Kabeer startles him by walking in suddenly. Rangeela hides the phone behind him. Will you give me heart attack? Are you looking for alcohol again? Kabeer denies. Payal’s words are still echoing in my mind. Kabeer shows him Pushkar’s photo. I have to know who it is. Rangeela asks for some money and agrees to find the guy asap. He asks for 10 lacs. Kabeer reasons that he just has a find a guy. Can you not give me discount? Rangeela narrows down to 2 lacs. Kabeer locks the deal. I will pay you as soon as you will find this man. He sends the photo to Rangeela and leaves. Rangeela sighs in relief. He jumps in joy thinking about the profit he will reap in from both sides. He looks at the photo again. Who is he and why is Kabeer looking for him? Vidhi calls Dr. Bose. She thanks her for clicking that guy’s photo and sending it to them. Why dint you tell him about me? Dr. Bose speaks of rules. We cannot hand over patient’s details to anyone till the time he presents some proof? Vidhi says he might have showed some photo or proof if you had given him a chance. This way we wont be able to figure out anything.Vidhi talking to doctor about knowing her real face. Doctor says it will take time, but we can find your actual face features by tests. Kabeer comes to her. She gets tensed. He says I tried to find that man, you won’t thank me for this. Pushkar comes and thinks it will happen what I want. He says I have found that man, you will get him at this address. Vidhi asks how did you find out so soon. He says Jodhpur is my city, its easy for me to find anyone, you are my guests, tell me are you hiding something, its okay, keep my mom away from this. He goes. Kabeer says I find this man strange, I feel he knows something about your past, its dangerous, I will go alone. Vidhi says no, nothing bad will happen now. He asks her to get the note from his pant. She asks where is it. He says I m already wearing that pant. He locks her in washroom and asks her not to worry, he will get all answers, he can’t put her in risk. She says I have to come along. He goes. She says someone open the door. He comes to the address and thinks its like a godown. He shouts is anyone there. He meets Pushkar in disguise. Pushkar asks where is the girl, where is Vidhita. Kabeer asks what name did you say, tell me. Pushkar thinks Kabeer doesn’t know the story and maybe I m serving him the entire story. He says forgive me, since I lost my daughter, I m finding her. Kabeer asks if she is your daughter, why did you try to kill her. Pushkar thinks he knows everything and tries to run. Kabeer stops him and gets his fake beard in hand. Pushkar bites his hand and runs out. Vidhi tries to get out of the washroom. Kabeer says who can this man be, what relation can he have with Payal. Vidhi faints recalling past. Kabeer comes there and holds her. He takes her to bed and makes her lie down. He asks her to open eyes. She shouts for help. He says calm down, I didn’t wish you to get harmed. She recalls the past and says I felt like I was calling for help and no one heard me. She hugs Kabeer and says I feel scared when you aren’t with me. He says I m always with you, I won’t let you stay in fear ever. She sleeps. Dil se suntiyaan….plays….. She holds him.


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