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Perfect husband on Zee world, Sunday 19th December 2021

Perfect husband Sunday 19 December 2021 updates: Pari shrugs Kabeer’s hand away. What have you thought about me? He insists he was coming directly to her to Delhi. She reminds him she is not a kid. Is this how a marriage is? Payal was looking for her past or for you? Nature has played a joke with her but you have intentionally played a joke with me! He admits he dint wish to marry in the first place. Everyone was after my life. I had no alternative but you! He holds her hand. I am being honest for the first time. You have been my very good friend always. I never felt that way about you. I don’t trust the word love at all. Inspector locks Pushkar in a cell. You have played enough hide-and-seek with law. His family has told me that he is too smart. He advises constables to not fall in Pushkar’s words. Pushkar is miffed with Payal for putting him behind bars. She got everyone on her side! Pari asks Kabeer if he means what he just said. I can see it in your eyes. Won’t you accept it before your friend? Rajshri stops and overhears their convo. Kabeer accepts he has fallen for Payal. Pushkar decides to get out of jail asap. I wont be able to escape later. Constables taunt him. He tells them to mock him as much as they want to but you all have been fooled. Law gives one chance to everyone. Let me make one call. I will get you proof. They are reluctant but Pushkar requests for a call. Constable allows him. Pushkar thinks he will make arrangement for Payal’s death. Constable hands him a cell phone. Pushkar thinks Payal will be dead by evening. Constables call Pushkar a kid. We see so many like you! Pushkar throws the phone angrily. Pari asks Kabeer if he has told Payal or if he is fooling her too. Kabeer says I don’t wish to put her in any dilemma. Payal is already married. Pari is surprised. Rajshri gets tensed. Vidhi comes to talk to Rajshri. Rajshri tells her that she isn’t sure Meera and Max will love after whatever happened in the house. Vidhi reasons that two lovers shouldn’t sacrifice their love for what Pushkar did. Rajshri asks her why she is sacrificing her love then. I know that you and Kabeer are incomplete without each other. Vidhi goes quiet. Rajshri says I would think you only pretend to call me your mother if you will lie to me. Vidhi says Kabeer is a very nice guy but I am (married). She looks at her wedding photo. I have separated from Pushkar but not from my past. I don’t want to burden Kabeer with me. He too has a life. He has Pari. Let’s end this topic right here. Let him live his life happily. He has made many sacrifices for me. Please let him go. She walks away before Rajshri can do anything. Pushkar is hell bent upon getting out of his cell. He calls a constable closer and lures him for hefty sum. Constable goes and comes back with a plate full of green chillies. You might be very rich but you cannot buy every single person! We ordered this food especially for you. Saying so, he walks away. Pushkar recalls giving it to Vidhi in the past. He chews onto one chilli and throws the plate angrily. Pari suggests playing a game. We have to say a word and the person sitting opposite to us have to revert with the first word that comes to their mind. Rangeela is reluctant but Pari pacifies him. Pari starts with the word fear and he replies with Bela’s mother. The actual game starts. Kabeer and Vidhi get lost for a moment. Rajshri says the word love. Kabeer stops while saying Pa and completes it as Pani (water). Vidhi completes it as Pari. She excuses herself to see if food is ready. Pari takes Kabeer with her. Pari scolds Kabeer for losing the golden chance. It was the perfect time to confess your love. He reminds her that Vidhi is married. What would she and her family have thought if I had said it out loud? Rajshri says her family would have thought exactly what you are thinking. Kabeer and Pari are surprised to see her there. Rajshri says you promised to return Vidhi her happiness. I chose Vidhi for Pushkar. I made her my daughter and promised her she will be happy. Marriage joins two hearts. You have joined Vidhi with Pushkar and Payal has connected you with Pari. If you really wish to see Vidhi happen then admit your love to her. I am giving you this right as her mother. She hands him a rose. Vidhi tells herself to keep her emotions at bay. Kabeer has done a lot for you. He will be happy with Pari only. Kabeer asks her if she will never change. She is surprised to see him there. He asks her if she thinks herself to be the smartest girl in the world who knows everything. She suggests him to be with Pari. He makes her sit down and proposes her with a rose. She asks him what it is. He replies that it is his love. I know you are a dumb, duffer girl! Pari understood, Aunty understood but you are a duffer to not understand how much I love you! She stands up. I am already married. He says I am engaged. I am anyways not asking Vidhi but Payal (holding out her anklet). Do you love me? She looks at the anklet emotionally as he waits for his answer. She remains silent. He tells her he got her answer. He keeps the anklet in her palm and begins to go when Payal calls out to him. What will this lifeless anklet tell you? You should have asked me. He asks her what she means. She calls him a fool. You don’t understand it directly. I love you too. She accepts his rose. Romantic song plays. He holds her hand. They share a hug.Payal and Kabeer look at each other. Kabeer tells Payal she has chosen this body guard for life now. You have to bear me. She tells him the same. He sweetly agrees to change himself a little. She suddenly gets serious and reminds him that she is Vidhi too. We have to do something before taking our relation further. Kabeer brings Payal to Rajshri’s room. He happily tells Rajshri that he got Payal’s nod with Rajshri’s blessings. There is only one concern which only you can clear. Rajshri hugs Payal. I am thrilled to hear your decision. I wanted to see you happy. Payal reminds her she is married to Pushkar. Rajshri tells her not to worry about it. I will manage it. They share a hug. Kabeer asks Payal if she is fine now. Payal excuses herself to talk to someone. Payal meets Pari. Pari asks her if Kabeer confessed his love or not. She goes quiet seeing the rose in her hand. Kabeer joins them. Pari understands everything. I am happy seeing you both together. Payal asks her if she is indeed happy. Pari gets emotional. When you love someone, you only care about the person who you love the most. Love can happen without marriage but a loveless marriage is of no good. She wishes them good luck and turns to go but Kabeer stops her. You are leaving? Pari nods. I thought to take a step back as you love Payal so much. My heart cannot see my Kabeer with anyone else after all. She tells Payal to handle Kabeer now. Kabeer hugs her. Pari cries. Payal gets emotional seeing her leave. She was so brave to say such a big thing so lightly. I hope she finds her happiness soon. Kabeer tells her that all the problems between them are over now. No one can come between us now. Rajshri comes to meet Pushkar in the jail. Pushkar blames Payal and Kabeer for framing him. I knew you would come to take me out of here. No one can separate a mother and son. I will not be able to survive if I stay here for few more days. Please get me out of here. Rajshri looks at Badri who hands over some papers to Pushkar. He hurriedly signs them thinking them to be bail papers. When will I get bail? Rajshri replies that it will never happen. These are divorce papers. Vidhi has gotten rid of you officially now! Pushkar asks her why she cheated him. I would have done anything if you had just asked me. She tells him she does not trust him anymore. Pushkar holds her saree. Don’t you feel bad seeing your own son in pain? Rajshri shrugs his hand away. I would have forgiven you if you had not hurt any innocent but you tortured and hurt innocent people! I should have recognized your real face long ago but I was blinded by my motherly love! Now all the mothers who have sons like you will have to take such stringent steps against their own kids! She leaves. Pushkar thinks everything was fine in my life before you (Vidhi) came in my life. Today my entire family is standing against me. I will never forgive you for this Vidhita! Payal serves tea to everyone. She is glad to see her Jiju, Jiji and nephew. Ashwin shares that they had prayed for something and thought of coming here directly after paying reverence. Rajshri enters. Everyone greets her. Payal asks Rajshri why she seems so tensed. Is everything fine? Rajshri nods. Everything is fine now. I got Pushkar’s signature on divorce papers. Now my daughter shares no relation with that devil! You have been through enough. It is time you get the happiness you deserve. I want you and Kabeer to become one tomorrow. Meera and Max will also be official tomorrow. Meera thanks her mother. Payal is concerned. Isn’t it too early? Kabeer asks her if she is not happy hearing this good news. Look at your face. Rangeela vouches for Kabeer who thanks him in return. Payal smiles. I know you both have bonded well over a bottle (of liquor). Meera teases Payal for pretending to be unhappy. Payal chases him sweetly. Rajshri apologizes to Payal’s sister for taking this decision without her permission. Vidhi’s sister shakes her head. Pushkar thinks even my mother cheated me. That girl has gotten everyone on her side! What have I got? He sits down to think. Constables tell him to stop acting like a mad guy. The verdict will be announced tomorrow. You can take out all your madness then! Pushkar thinks they think they can order me. They don’t understand me till now. I will get out of here very soon. You will then find out if I am mad or not! He notices a pen lying on the floor and gets an idea. It will happen very soon! Meera and Payal are selecting jewellery for themselves. Payal looks at Kabeer for suggestion but Meera tells him not to interfere between them from now onwards. He says I only wish to say that my choice is already so beautiful. Whatever she will choose will be beautiful too. Meera compliments his choice as well. Kabeer offers to make Payal wear it but Payal tells him against it. Pushkar feigns to have trouble breathing and winces in pain. Constable looks closely but refuses to fall in his trap. Pushkar vomits blood. Constable steps in out of concern but Pushkar suffocates him to death. He looks at the bloodied pen. Flashback shows the constables leaving out for a walk. Only one constable is on duty. Pushkar hurts himself in his jaw. Flashback ends. Pushkar covers the dead body using his blanket and locks the cell from outside. He keeps the key on table when the other constables return. He hides. The other constables think that Singh left for home.Payal is getting ready. She smiles recalling the last time when she was getting ready for her wedding with Pushkar. She thinks of her face change. Everything is happening at such a fast pace. I feel as if I have gotten my life back. She prays to Kanha ji to keep Pushkar at bay from her happiness. Pushkar enters in the house in the disguise of a servant. I am here Vidhita! Kabeer comes to meet Payal. I was thinking to make out for the old dues before we start a new relation. You promised to pay me for all the expenses that I have spent on you for your treatment. I don’t want money though. He leans closer for a kiss but she pushes him away. He tells her he is hers now. If you don’t like anything that I do or say, simply walk up to me and tell me. I will change myself. She hugs him. You have proved yourself to me long ago. You have every quality that I always wanted in my husband. The biggest thing is that you are my best friend. He smiles. Inspector asks constables about Constable Singh. One guy says he might have gotten late. They see Pushkar still sleeping. He does not react when they call out to him. Inspector asks constable to open the cell. Meera and Max exchange rings. Constables are stunned to see Constable Singh lying dead in Pushkar’s cell. They remove their caps. Kabeer and Payal also exchange rings. Rajshri receives call from Inspector just then who informs her that Pushkar has escaped from the prison. Lights go off just then. By the time lights come on, Payal is missing. Rajshri tells Kabeer it is Pushkar’s doing. She tells him everything. They hear Payal’s scream and turn. Pushkar points gun at Payal’s head. Kabeer takes a step in his direction but Pushkar warns him against it. Payal hits Pushkar but he ends up hitting her on her head. Kabeer tries again and is shot on his hand. Everyone gets concerned for him but he tells them he is fine. Payal and Pushkar have disappeared by then. Inspector enters just then and informs them that Pushkar must be inside only. We are coming from outside and he wasn’t there. They start looking inside the house. Pushkar takes Payal in a room. Kabeer asks Rajshri where Pushkar could be if he isn’t outside or inside the house. Pushkar drops the gun seeing Payal unconscious and shifts some furniture closer to the door to keep everyone outside. Payal opens her eyes and notices the gun lying on the floor. Rajshri comes to her room and takes her gun. Pushkar turns just when Payal was about to pick the gun. They struggle for the gun. She tells him she wont win this time but he tells her he has a bad habit of winning. A bullet is fired at the roof. Rajshri walks out of her room with the gun. Pushkar manages to win from Payal and aims the gun at her. He tries shooting her but there are no bullets. She runs in another direction. Rajshri heads upstairs. She stops at a window but cannot open it. She picks a show piece kept nearby. Pushkar tells Payal not to escape from death anymore. I will kill you all the more mercilessly if you will try to run harder. She replies that she isn’t that scared Vidhita anymore who will get afraid of him. I am a changed woman, I am Payal now! He wrestles with her as she holds a big stick and tries attacking him. He pushes her away. Changing your face wont change anything. You are destined to die by my hands only! Pushkar is about to hit Payal when Rajshri warns him to stop. He turns and finds his mom pointing a gun at him. Pushkar asks his mother if she will shoot her own son. She replies that he has killed many innocent people just because she was blinded by her motherly love. My hands wont shake today if I have to shoot you! She asks Payal to come towards her but Pushkar keeps the stick pointed at her. He tells his mother these words don’t suit her. I know my mother can never shoot me. She refuses to acknowledge him as her son. You are a devil right now. He says I only thought of your happiness my entire life. How can I be a devil then? I turned into a devil for you only. Dad left you, left us. What was my or Meera’s fault? I had decided then itself that I wont let this spread in my family. I decided I will make my family a perfect family and wont let anyone trespass my rules. Vidhi broke my rules and my family. Rangeela and others try to open the door. Pushkar says this girl dint give me my perfect family. Rajshri negates him. It was okay to leave her if you couldn’t gel with her. There was no point killing her. It is I who is a culprit here who couldn’t recognize her son is a devil! Rangeela and Kabeer try breaking the door. Pushkar asks his mother if she is leaving him for Payal today. She says this is what society has been doing till date but today a mother is supporting a woman. It is important that devils like you die so the women can live peacefully. Pushkar is still certain his mom wont shoot him ever. Vidhi is my prey. Even you wont be able to save her from me today! Rajshri recalls all the moments spent with him and gets emotional. Pushkar lifts the stick to harm Payal when Rajshri shoots him. Pushkar falls down. Rajshri drops the gun and shouts Pushkar’s name. She keeps his head in her lap. Everyone manages to come upstairs by now. Rajshri is in tears. Pushkar tells his mother he loved her the most. Please don’t hate me. I couldn’t become your good son but I love you. He breathes his last. Rajshri cries her heart out. A month later: A diya is lit before Pushkar’s photo. Kabeer and Payal exchange rings in the presence of everyone. They seek Rajshri’s blessings. Rajshri hugs them.


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