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Perfect husband on Zee world, Saturday 11th December 2021

Perfect husband Saturday 11 December 2021 updates: The Episode starts with Rajshri giving lift to Vidhi. Pushkar meets a man and asks for the details. The man asks for money. He shows the house and says the number is registered to this address. Pushkar says so I have found you blackmailer, I m eager to meet you. He gets inside and sees an old lady sleeping. He talks to the lady and apologizes. Vidhi is on the way and feels sorry to be rude to Kabeer. She cries. Rajshri sees her and pacifies. Nitin and goons attack them. Nitin catches Vidhi. Rajshri asks them to leave her. She asks who are you. Nitin says I know you have no relation with her. Rajshri slaps him and says I have a deep relation with her. Badri fights with the goons. Nitin attacks them with a knife. Badri gets hit by a goon and falls down. Pushkar says how to find that man now. The man says I did my work, give my money. Pushkar angrily bashes him out. Nitin tries to take Vidhi in the jeep. The jeep doesn’t go ahead. They see Kabeer holding the jeep back with a rope. Vidhi says Kabeer…. He says I will talk to you later. Kabeer fights with them. Vidhi hugs him. Nitin hits a knife. Rajshri comes in between and gets hurt. Badri wakes up and beats them. He makes the goons flee. Badri takes them in the car and drives off. They reach home. Vidhi comes in and sees her pic. She gets staring. Rajshri gets treated by doctor. Vidhi comes and apologizes to her. Rajshri asks Kabeer to understand his wife. She asks them to sort their issues. Kabeer asks Vidhi to get her anger out. He says you also take revenge and beat me, you make me lose my memory. She cries and hugs him. She apologizes to him.Mami ji asks Kabeer to fill Vidhi’s hairline with vermilion. She is a married woman yet she is roaming around without vermilion. Kabeer and Vidhi make lame excuses before her so as to avoid the topic. Mami ji gets afraid and mistakenly hits at Kabeer’s hand. The box of vermilion is thrown high in air and spills over Vidhi’s hair. Kabeer and Vidhi are shocked by the incident. Pushkar is trying to figure out what Kabeer and Vidhi are trying to hide from him. They changed the conversation the moment I stepped in the room. They were saying some word that sounded similar to coffee. He fails to figure out what the exact word could be. Kabeer and Vidhi cutely argue over the vermilion incident and what if they end up marrying each other. Kabeer decides to put an end to it by helping her wash it off. They step inside the washroom but the switches are too complicated for them. They end up getting drenched in the shower together. She tries to leave but slips and falls right in Kabeer’s arms. They share an eye lock. Pushkar tries to check Kabeer’s phone for any clues about the mysterious location but Kabeer and Vidhi come out of the washroom just then. He apologizes to them for coming at the wrong time. Kabeer diverts the situation. Pushkar goes. Vidhi wonders why he always comes stealthily in their room. Pushkar jokes that it is actually his house and he can come and go as he pleases. Rangeela and Bela return home after their vacation. They excitedly tell Pushkar about their trip and shopping. Bela notices Vidhi coming downstairs wearing a saree like Vidhi and calls her Vidhi. Pushkar looks up at Vidhi. Kabeer and Vidhi thank Pushkar for his hospitality and talk about leaving. Pushkar asks them where they are off to. Kabeer tells him. Pushkar lies that he is also going in that direction and offers to drop them. Kabeer accepts his offer. Kabeer and Vidhi are in Pushkar’s car. Pushkar keeps looking at Vidhi in the rearview mirror. He even tries to peek at Kabeer’s while asking him where he wants to go. Kabeer takes the name of a sweet shop. Pushkar drops them there but stays back to see where they are exactly off to. He finds them talking to a coffin shop owner. He is reminded of how he had killed Vidhi and had thrown her body away in a coffin. span style=’color: #ff00ff;’>Precap: Rangeela and Kabeer are drinking. Rangeela tells Kabeer how Pushkar hit Vidhi on that unfateful night and then wrapped her in a carpet and threw her in the water. Kabeer adds that a stranger then pulled that lady out of water and got her to a hospital where she was given a new face. Pushkar is overhearing their conversation from the door.



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