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Perfect husband Monday update 29th November 2021 Zee world

Perfect husband Monday 29 November 2021 updates: The Episode starts with Ashwin coming home. Rajshri says I have realized my wrong decision, I m calling off Pushkar and Vidhi’s marriage. Ashwin gets shocked and asks what’s the matter. She says there is nothing that can change now, Pushkar and Vidhi don’t have any husband and wife’s relation. Ashwin says problems happen in every marriage. Rajshri says Vidhi didn’t live up to my expectations, its all over now. Pushkar says mum has got to know many things, she will decide and end my relation with Vidhi, Ashwin will take her home, everything will get over. He gets an idea and calls Maasa there. Ashwin says I know Vidhi, she can’t do anything such. Rajshri says if you think so, its fine, I have decided to end this relation, you can take Vidhi home. Maasa comes to Pushkar. He tells her everything what Vidhi did. She says you know Ashwin, he will take Vidhi, this relation will end, everything will end, you all have to leave from here. Maasa gets shocked. Ashwin says forgive Vidhi once. Rajshri tells him everything. She says Vidhi was giving medicines to Pushkar, she said that Pushkar is mad, how can he be mad, he has taken care of me and Meera since he was young, he has got you all here and took Bela’s responsibility, is he mad. Ashwin says no, Pushkar is a good man. Rajshri says its good to free them from this relation. He asks can I talk to Vidhi once if you permit. He asks Rangeela where is Vidhi. Rangeela signs that way. Pushkar says Nivedita is pregnant, she shouldn’t bear sorrow, what will she go through if she knows this, if anything wrong happens with her. Maasa says no, nothing can happen to her. He asks her to help. She asks what can I do. He says do something and stop Vidhi from leaving, you all can stay here. She praises him and says I will see how Vidhi goes form here. He thanks her and smiles. Vidhi recalls Rajshri’s slap. Ashwin comes to her. She says Jijusa…. Ashwin stops her. Rangeela comes. Ashwin asks what did you do. She says whatever is told to you is wrong. Rangeela says you mean Pushkar is wrong. Ashwin says let me talk, I know it wasn’t your mistake before, but today you are burning your world, Rajshri has told me everything, how can you make so many mistakes, Rajshri loved you as a daughter, what are you doing, she said she is breaking your marriage, she will separate you both. She gets shocked. Rangeela says she is a fool, Damini has done black magic on her. Ashwin asks who is Damini. Rangeela says she is a psychiatrist. Vidhi asks him to stop nonsense. Rangeela says Pushkar made you a queen, he has saved Bela, he gave me a job, everyone is happy, except you, you called me and asked me to take Bela way, now you are calling your husband mad, what do you want to do. Maasa comes and says she wants to defame Ashwin. She scolds Vidhi. Ashwin says Pushkar didn’t let us complain, why are you doing this. Vidhi says I m doing this for Pushkar, trust me, he is really ill, he has a mental illness, so I was giving him medicines, I have hidden this as I didn’t wish to get him insulted. Rangeela says you mean he is mad, he didn’t harm us. Maasa says you are wrong, it will be good if you come out of this illusion, you don’t value this good relation. Vidhi says I m not playing any game, I respect Pushkar, I care for him a lot, I didn’t imagine to break this relation, believe me, I swear on Ashwin. She cries. Ashwin says fine, I agree that you are making Pushkar fine by giving medicines, do you have any proof to show Rajshri, she has raised Pushkar, she knows her son well. Maasa says Vidhi won’t agree, come with me to talk. Ashwin says you are doing wrong, you still have time, Nivedita will break down knowing this. He goes. Vidhi says proof… Maasa says Ashwin, Nivedita is pregnant, she shouldn’t know this, no need to take Vidhi home. Ashwin says but Rajshri told me, what will I answer her. Pushkar looks on. Maasa says you have your own world, you are going to become a father. Ashwin says Vidhi is also like my daughter. Maasa says what if anything happens to Nivedita, you go and manage your family, I will stay here and see how to solve this. Ashwin agrees. He goes. Pushkar smiles. Maasa goes to Rajshri and says Vidhi isn’t such a bad girl, if she didn’t had to keep relation with Pushkar, she would have not agreed for marriage. Rajshri says you mean Vidhi is right, and Pushkar is wrong. Maasa says no, its their matter, forgive her once.Pushkar going to convince Rajshri. He asks why did you decide to send Vidhi to village. She says this relation is breaking the self esteem, I won’t let this affect you. He says this is the matter, what will people say about us, that marriages don’t sustain in these house. She cries. He says sorry, I didn’t wish to hurt your heart, but this is the truth. He gets dizzy and asks her to forgive Vidhi once again. He asks did I say anything wrong. Maid says Max has come home. Rajshri wipes her tears and goes. Rajshri asks how did you come suddenly. Max says you wanted to meet mom and dad, you didn’t come. Rajshri says sorry, I had imp work, Max is also my son now. Max thanks her. Max says I got some wedding cards design to show. Rajshri asks him to call her mom. Max keeps the cards and goes. Pushkar tears the cards. Rajshri recalls Vidhi’s words. Rangeela comes to her and tells about Vidhi and Damini. Rajshri meets Damini. Damini says so sorry to hide this, we had no other way. Rajshri says I want to know what’s your opinion about Pushkar. Damini says I met Pushkar and understood his problems, I had to meet Pushkar again, I kept party and invited him, his mental condition is such that he is becoming dangerous. Rajshri gets shocked. Pushkar sees Max. Damini says Pushkar has many faces, a very caring and sorted person, he has other face, he punishes people who hurt him. Rangeela says this happened with me, he has laid nails in my entire house. Rajshri says how can this happen, he didn’t slap anyone till now. Damini says this illness made him sharp, he hides his face from you and Meera, he is violent, he can do anything. Pushkar beats up Max. Damini says I noticed Pushkar in party, he has mental disorder. Pushkar says Max is gone, now its your turn Vidhita. She asks Rajshri to recall if she has seen Vidhi’s wounds, the story behind wounds will be a lie. Rajshri recalls Vidhi. Damini says Pushkar has done all this, try to think, a simple and sorted girl like Vidhi, why did she become bad, I m warning you, Pushkar is at second stage, he can take anyone’s life. Pushkar asks Vidhi is she preparing to leave. He scares her. She starts recording his words. He does a drama and mocks her. He says you have failed in every role, you thought you will tell mom and she will agree. Vidhi says I agree I made some mistakes, its true that you have punished me. He says then go and tell everyone, no one will believe. Vidhi says I know, mum and Meera believe you a lot, no one is here, you can accept you did everything, you tried to kill Urvashi, you have thrown that cupboard over Ashwin. He says yes, I have done everything, so that people don’t repeat mistakes. She says but you just punish people by not knowing the truth, this isn’t right. He says I m my own lawyer. She says I won’t do any mistake, I know you well, I will not leave you. He says that’s good. Her phone falls. His recording plays. He gets shocked.



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