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Perfect husband Monday update 15th November 2021 Zeeworld

Perfect husband Monday 15 November 2021 updates: The Episode starts with Meera coming to take Vidhi for shopping. Pushkar asks Vidhi to go, he will be with Rajshri. Rangeela comes to meet Bela. They try to elope by hiding from Maasa. Its morning, Meera packs Vidhi’s bag and puts a dress. Vidhi talks to Nivedita on call. Meera asks them to come downstairs. Rajshri asks Pushkar to take care of Vidhi. He asks her to take care and manage office work. He hugs Rajshri. He gets lists from the family members. Randhir jokes on Charu. Rajshri blesses Vidhi. She asks her to forget everything and spend good time. Vidhi also asks her to forget past, festival comes with new happiness. Pushkar and Vidhi leave. They reach Mumbai. Rang badal badal ke…plays….. they spend time. Maasa looks for Bela. Ashwin and Nivedita try to find her. Maasa recalls and says where is Rangeela. She shouts. Ashwin says how did he come in between. They get shocked reading Bela’s letter. Nivedita says Bela’s clothes and jewelry is missing. Ashwin reads …. I will decide for my life, I m going away by my wish, don’t try to find me. Maasa cries. She asks Ashwin to go to police. He says I will not scold Rangeela. Rangeela and Bela also come to Mumbai. He asks her to walk some more distance. He shows SRK house. Bela gets happy and runs ahead. Pushkar and Vidhi reach the hotel. He sees the same guy who did a drama before. Pushkar doesn’t let Vidhi see that guy. The guy sees Pushkar and smiles. Pushkar goes out to meet him. The guy gets blackmailing him. He asks for ten lakhs. Pushkar suffocates him. Vidhi waits for Pushkar. Pushkar warns the guy and feeds money in his mouth. Vidhi sees Pushkar coming and smiles. They go to the room. She gets amazed seeing the magic of technology. He laughs. She likes the room a lot. She goes and looks at the city view from window. They get close.Pushkar romancing Vidhi. Tera hua….plays… Door bell rings. She laughs. He says this is villain of our love story. He recalls the guy. Pushkar thanks the service guy for luggage and sends him. Vidhi takes her bag to get clothes. Pushkar gets close. Vidhi says not now, we shall go and have a city tour first. Pushkar says fine, I will talk to tour manager. She goes to change. She gets the dress and thinks Pushkar wants her to wear this saree. Rangeela and Bela are on the way. He asks her to walk more. Bela says my legs are paining, I can’t walk more. They argue with a beggar. She runs to samosa stall. They eat samosas. Pushkar comes back. He asks Vidhi to hurry up, the car has come. Vidhi comes out wearing a black short dress. Pushkar gets shocked. She says I thought to wear this dress if you got this with love. He asks did I get it. She says I got this in suitcase, I thought its your surprise. He says you went for shopping with Meera. She thinks of Meera. She says so Meera has kept this, its fine, I will change it. Pushkar says no, its fine if you are comfortable. She thinks maybe he wants me to wear this dress. He says I feel you should wear this dress, I will capture your beauty. She says no. He asks why. He takes her pics and gets angry. She thinks he looks so happy, what proof do I want now. They go out. Pushkar looks around. Bela asks Rangeela to see the toy train. Pushkar and Vidhi also reach there. Vidhi calls Pushkar her perfect husband. Pushkar stares at the driver. Vidhi sees the toy train and runs. Pushkar gets angry. She asks him to come. He goes to get tickets. She misses Bela. She clicks pics to show Bela later. She hears Bela’s voice and thinks I m missing Bela a lot today, don’t know why. Bela gets stomach ache. Rangeela also feels unwell. He buys tickets and goes. Pushkar doesn’t see him. Rangeela and Bela argue. Vidhi gets in the train and sits. She asks is there any special reason for getting me here. He says its a surprise, wait and watch. Train leaves. Pushkar hugs Vidhi. He says I will get special drink for you. She asks drink. He says coconut water. He goes. Some guys see her and try to misbehave. She scolds them. She shouts to Pushkar. A man asks why are you troubling the girl. The guy asks him to see his age. Pushkar runs after the train. The guy asks what will you do now. Vidhi slaps the guys. The couple claps for Vidhi. She threatens of calling police. The guys see Pushkar coming. They get down the train. Pushkar comes to her and asks what happened. She says two goons were teasing me, I have slapped them. He thinks she is different, I thought she will be scared, but she is a tigress.


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