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Once there was a king on zee world, Wednesday 22nd December 2021

Once there was a king Wednesday 22 December 2021 update: Seth ji and family head to leave. Bhabis try to stop maa but she doesn’t agree on that. Kunwar watches Lakshraaj with someone while his wife standing alone watching the body language of her husband. Kunwar thinks he can do nothing about Lakshraj.Gayatri walks dizzily towards Rana ji. Rana ji just shifts his place, the other man says he isn’t Rana ji when Gayatri says to him that she wants to say something. Gayatri loses her control, Bhabis hold her. Gayatri tells them her head is banging.

Lakshraj’s wife sends a maid to remind Kunwar he has to introduce her to different people as well. Lakshraj sends the maid angrily. His wife thinks that till the truth was under cover she could protect their respect, but now she will also not do anything about it. A man comes to her, she says she will now enjoy with him and calls for a drink.

Maa calls Gayatri outside the palace, Gayatri doesn’t slip on stairs but loses control on the last one when Bhabis await this. Maa smells Gayatri’s mouth and asks if she is drunk. Gayatri was conciousless. Bhabis try to make an issue of it while Maa stops them saying they will talk about at home.

Lakshraj was still with some other man, his wife playing with the other man. Raaj Mata points at Kokila to keep her daughter in law in respect of family. Kokilla comes to her and sends the man away, she asks if she cares for the name and respect of her this royal family. Raaj Kumari asks if they have kept some limits for their son as well, his stories are really famous all along. Raaj Mata is curt at Kokilla for creating even more drama.

Seth Govind comes out while maa and Gayatri were leaving in the car. He says he will Gayatri with him in the horse cart, but Maa says she is already tired and asleep. The guard tells Seth ji that his cart has been confiscated because only royal people are allowed to ride a six horse cart. He can call him a car. Seth ji shouts that he came on his own and will leave on his own as well, remember Kunwar’s confrontations with him he leaves curtly with his sons. Kokilla shouts in the party that she neither has any shame nor respect. Raaj Kumari says she is helpless as all the shame lies with her son. Rana ji comes to Kokilla and sends her away. He takes the glass from Raaj Kumari’s hand, he asks why is she so upset. She says if women don’t have a right to be upset now? Rana ji says he always wanted a sister, today he thinks if he had a sister it would be just like her. He takes her along arm in arm to talk to her. Raaj Mata nods at Rana ji.

Maa curses Gayatri for ruining all her bringing up. Bhabis taunt at Gayatri that no one was so shameless in their family ever. Gayarti was still smiling, her head banging and she could visibly not understand anything. Seth ji comes home. Gayatri smiles at him.

Seth ji asks when he came home, why didn’t they hear cart’s sound. Her sons tell her that the royal palace confiscated the cart. Maa is worried but Seth ji asks what Gayatri has done. Bhabhi tells him she drank in the royal palace. Gayatri was smiling when Bauji comes to her and asks if she drank in the palace. Gayatri speaks and smelling her mouth Seth ji slaps her hard. He says that Amarkot’s people said that Seth Govind had the best recognition of a diamond, he was wrong that he always considered a piece of glass as diamond. He says that flying in skies need a string support as well, today she broke that limit.

Bauji says that it was his mistake that he didn’t differentiate between a daughter and a son. Gayatri says that mistake was hers, she wants to tell him the truth. She didn’t know what she was drinking. Bhabis say that Gayatri has so much freedom that she can can’t distinguish between right and wrong. Gayatri’s brothers firmly say that she will never leave the house again. Everyone in the family leave. Gayatri sits on the floor, worried.
Raaj Mata gets a letter from the Kinour’s prince, they had written a complaint about Rana ji’s behavior on the party. They had denied from the proposal. Yashoda asks Raaj mata why she is making her read it again and again, Raaj Mata says that it isn’t Kinour’s prince who did the wrong, it was Rana ji. Rana ji comes there, Raaj Mata asks him to read the letter. He says he didn’t know they would mind it so much. Raaj Mata sends Yashoda out. Rana ji says he had already told him that Sharmilla isn’t Surakshna and he will never marry someone else. Surakshna’s name has been imprinted on his heart. Raaj mata shouts at him to stop this, now it is a matter of not only his life but others as well. Rana ji asks what is it about.

Gayatri comes to her maa, Maa was angry and says she could forgive her only if she was her daughter, but she isn’t. She is someone else and asks why she drank in the palace. Gayatri says that she is a shadow of her mother, she hid something from her but will tell her now.

Rana ji asks Raaj Mata why she is so worried, it was just a proposal. Raaj Mata says that his denial put this state in a big trouble. Rana ji makes Raaj Mata sit and says she has taken care of state for last six years, now he is back here. Raaj Mata says that in his childhood he used to become happy with the stories she told him because he didn’t know the truth. But she can’t be happy because she knows all the truth.

She says that this state, this palace and government has been indebted with Govind Seth’s money. Rana ji gets restless at once, he stands and asks why this all status, parties, lifestyle, servants? He asks why they didn’t tell him. Raaj mata says he was so worried already, she didn’t want him to get even more worried. But she always tried, he didn’t agree to increase taxes, nor to marry. This state is being run on Govind Seth’s money, he is loyal to state but is a businessman and wants his money back at any cost.

Gayatri tells her maa that she was happy in her little world, books and dreams. She used to think of dreams that they are seen only during sleep; then she got to know that they can get one sleepless as well. She dreamed for the first time with open eyes when she first saw Rana ji, she heard her heart beat for the first time the day he saved her from water. She couldn’t get it if she had drowned or was drowning.

That day, her ambitions got to fly. He had saved her life so she wanted to meet him, but when she reached the temple it seemed as if God also wanted her to marry him. She made a handkerchief for him, she didn’t think he will ever see it but he was wearing it in the palace. Then he sent that drink for her, she didn’t think what it is and simply drank it. She says it isn’t her mistake, she only loved. Maa stops her at once and asks who gave her the right to love.

The girls in Hindustan aren’t allowed to love, we don’t even have a right to shed tears for ourselves. And she has an age old fight with fate, she has already been accused of being unlucky. She forbids her not to bring this again on her tongue, in front of her Bauji or anyone. She must wipe her dreams with her tears, she must cry tonight as much as she wants to but from tomorrow she won’t bring this on her tongue even.

Next morning, Maa comes to Seth Govind as he was getting ready. Seth ji asks about Gayatri and says he thinks he should talk to her. Maa says he doesn’t need to speak to her, he has given her a lot of freedom and thinks she can dream and do what she wants to. She drank yesterday but she was lost since a long time. She asks him to search a proposal for Gayatri now. Seth ji isn’t ready to marry Gayatri to anyone who isn’t eligible but maa keeps his hand on her head and asks him not to stop her look a proposal for Gayatri.

Gayatri’s maa compels Seth ji not to stop her from looking a proposal for Gayatri. She says if she has any right on her daughter, she asks for it; he won’t stop her for finding a proposal and he won’t reject any proposal she finds. Seth ji thinks about all the words of his household even on drinking of Gayatri. He withdraws his hand from his wife’s, then says alright he will marry Gayatri anywhere she would want.

At the dinner table, Gayatri was upset. Maa speaks to her son Shaam to bring Pandit ji home in the evening. Shaam and his wife asks if there is a pooja at home. Maa says no, we have decided to marry Gayatri as soon as possible.

Their life has no insurance, will Gayatri live with her brother and sister forever. Bhabis cheer. Shaam and the younger brother say that it is difficult to find a guy for Gayatri so soon, and they must not hurry. Maa curtly says that what a good proposal is, a guy should be from a good family and able to earn for himself, what else they would need. Everyone agrees and leaves the table. Gayatri thinks how she can think about two men when her heart only cares for Rana ji.

Rana ji says to Raaj Mata that he can never reside two women in his heart. Deewan ji comes there, Rana ji asks why he never told him about the debt. Deewan ji says he was about to tell him, he says that the expence of palace are 7, 50,000 while our income is only 4, 50,000. Raaj Mata says we are indebted of 59, 00,000. Rana ji is shocked, he says there would be no party again in the royal palace. Raaj Mata says they will leave their influence on the state. She warns Rana ji that whatever he does he cannot collect Seth Govind’s total amount, he has only two ways either to marry Kinour’s princess or agree to Mr. Wilkinson’s offer. Rana ji says agreeing to Mr. Wilkinson’s offer will further ruin their state economy. Raaj Mata says they don’t have much time, he needs to decide soon.

At Seth Govind’s home, Bhabi gets Gayatri ready. The proposal was from the elder Bhabi’s family. Seth Govind questions the young boy what he is doing. He says he studies in the college. Pandit ji corrects him that the proposal if of the elder man, who was the father of this young. Damodar wanted to have a second wife after the death of his first one. He was 56 years of age. The younger Bhabi brings Gayatri downstairs, Damodar’s elder sister introduces herself, Damodar, his son to Gayatri.

Pandit ji asks Gayatri to walk a little so that they can confirm if she has no defects. Gayatri walks looking at her father with tears in eyes. Damodar asks why their girl wasn’t married till yet. Pandit ji says she got engaged and the boy passed away, else there is nothing wrong.

Damodar’s sister asks if she can cook. The younger bhabi says she cooked whatever they are eating. His sister says to Damodar that she likes the girl, Damodar stucks at speech and says he as well. Gayatri is left shocked and looks at Seth ji, as Damodar’s son comes to take her blessings as a mother. Damodar begins to speak about dowry. Maa says they will give them eleven lac of amount and the jewellery as well. Damodar is left shocked, his sister confirms the proposal at once.

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Pandit ji congratulates Seth ji, everyone cheers. Pandit distributes sweets while Gayatri goes to Seth ji and says he can’t do this to her. She accepts that she is unlucky, she also accepts her mistake, she also knows they care about her but she asks him to be true to her if he thinks this would be better for her. If his answer is yes, she is ready to marry this man. He also knows this will ruin her life. Seth ji sits silent, Damodar stands and says this girl has a long tongue. This is her brought up, and complains to Pandit ji if he was marrying this girl.

Damodar’s sister also curses Gayatri, but Seth ji stands in defence of his daughter. He tells her to look at his brother whose son is older than her daughter, he asks them to leave his house at once.Seth Govind is angry, his family relatives said that he should not be so proud because he is the father of a daughter. The men cursed Gayatri that she will never be able to marry. Seth ji shouts that he is still able to feed his daughter. Maa faints behind. The men say to Gayatri’s brother that they have been unable to keep their sister in her limits, Shaan and younger brother apologize them but Damodar’s sister curses Gayatri saying she will never be able to marry any home. They leave, while the family gets to see Maa.
In the palace Raaj Mata asks Yashoda where is Rana ji. She tells Raaj Mata that he left the palace early in the morning. Raaj Mata says she knows where he might have gone. Rana ji was riding horse and tells his associate that he is worried and all the solutions to his worried are with one person. That person is on hunting and he is going to meet him.
At home, Maa comes in consciousness, Seth ji tells her that she fainted so they called the doctor. Gayatri tries to hold her hand but she stops her. Doctor informs them to keep giving her the medicines in time. Maa tells the younger brother Hukum to tell this girl she doesn’t want to talk to her. Gayatri leaves crying.
At the bank of a stream, an old lady sits with her guard dogs sitting beside her chair. Rana ji rides towards them. The dogs bark and goes to get him, the lady sat with her eyes closed, then turns with a smile to look forward her guests. As soon as Rana ji comes in sight, she stands and whistles sweetly. Her dogs run back to her, Rana ji smiles as well. His associate asks whose tents are they, Rana ji doesn’t reply and instead comes to greet Bari Raani Maa. He compliments that she is still the same. Bari Raani Maa says he is also the same, he used to appreciate her before as well, and come to her without informing; he does it today. He says she doesn’t come to royal palace. She says she has heard that in British governance people less than eighteen years aren’t allowed to drive. They both smile. He takes her blessings, she says friends always hug and they hug. Rana ji asks how she is. She says she is fine now.
Bhabi’s discuss with each other that Gayatri will always be a burden on them. Gayatri listened to the conversation. The younger bhabi stops the elder one, Gayatri was crying. Bhabi says to Gayatri that her proposal is really difficult to find, she rejected a good one. Gayatri says if she really thinks she should marry that man. They younger bhabi says that though she might not get a good relation with her husband but the name of her husband. Gayatri says if they ever think that a girl might have dreams. Bhabi’s say that girls don’t dream, they only live with respect. Gayatri says that she always considered herself as a daughter of the house, she didn’t know when she turned to a burden.
Maa lay on the bed while Seth ji was angry at her and says that she doesn’t think like a mother. Maa says she is saying this only because she is a mother. Gayatri comes there and asks Seth ji if she is a burden on them. Seth ji denies. Maa thinks about her daughter in law’s words, she says yes Gayatri is a burden, on society, on them and after them on her brothers. A girls luck is linked to her father or husband. Seth ji says that Gayatri isn’t a burden. Brothers say to Gayatri that they never told her and always loved her but she has a bad omen with her. They say that she can’t always live here as this house… Gayatri completes that this house isn’t hers.
Gayatri says that a girl can not be a burden. She will stand on her own feet.

Gayatri tells her family that her father taught her to read and write, she will write her fate by herself. Gayatri’s brothers shout at her and enforce her that she needs to change her decision now. Maa says this is what she feared, her brothers will go against her. Maa says to Gayatri that she has crossed her limits, even when a stream crosses its limits there is flood. She says that an unmarried girl is a burden on society. Seth ji watches this silently, he stands and says today he has seen the society win; he won’t say anything now. They must do what they want to.
Bari rani maa plays chess with Rana ji, she asks Rana ji’s associate what people say about him. He replies that people think Rana ji must have become a Britisher. She asks if someone goes to a stable does he become a horse, then how can Rana ji become a Britisher. She taunts that those who had to turn British have already turned to them. Rana ji asks if she is talking about Raaj Mata. Bari Rani Maa says she has to fulfil the requirement of her relation of a mother and daughter in law with her, else she also dislikes this. Both smiles. Bari Rani Maa compels Rana ji for a bath as he has arrived from overseas. He agrees for her.
Gayatri writes a letter for Rana ji. She writes that today she is a stranger in her own home, no one is there to listen to her.
Rana ji bathes in the stream, Bari Raani Maa puts a strand around Rana ji’s neck. They both recall the childhood of Rana ji when Bari Raani maa used to get Rana ji memorize past stories of Amerkot and he used to say that they must not remember the past but look forward.
Gayatri writes that Rana ji is in her heart, how she can marry someone else.
Rana ji says to Bari Rani Maa that his past is painful and he is used to live with that pain now. It will remain with him for a lifetime.
Gayatri writes that those who love are never alone. She writes that she is sure that he can be hers, she is writing this letter to take his permission to remember him. She will wait for his reply. In the morning, Gayatri asks Kaka to post this letter. Kaka asks whom she wrote a letter to. Gayatri says Rana ji. Kaka asks what she wrote. Gayatri says there is a request and some questions which only Rana ji can reply. She asks him to send this letter to him, she thinks she is sending her wishes and dreams in her letter to Rana ji.
Bari Raani Maa offers Rana ji a seat on table and says today he will feel to be in India. Rana ji asks what does this mean. Bari Raani Maa that there are three types of British, one who are born to be British, the other who are adopted and the third type of British are those who turn to be British at their own will. His mother is the third type. Rana ji asks if any of her discussion ends without Raaj Mata, she replys she has such a loving relation with her. She serves the plate for Rana ji. He asks why she will start after him, why women are always lagging behind. Bari Raani Maa says that a string always show the path to kite from behind, staying behind isn’t weakness but a symbol of strength and a woman knows to come forward if needed.
Maa prays in the morning, she prays to Goddess that she will not eat until there is a good proposal for Gayatri. Seth ji asks her to eat something, but she says she won’t. Seth ji asks her to come to consciousness, what is the link of her hunger with Gayatri’s proposal. Maa says that today she wants to see Goddess Maa if it is her stubbornness or my breathes that breaks first. Gayatri’s elder brother promises Seth ji that he will find a proposal for her.

Rana ji tells Bari Raani Maa that he needs her help, a lot has happened in the royal palace in his absence. Bari Rani Maa tells him that when she left the palace the matters had got worsen but if he wants her to come back to life she will. Rana ji takes her permission to sell a palace, she says Rana ji has all the permissions to sale any property. Rana ji says he is sorry as he knows she used to go there. Bari Rani Maa says that isn’t my home, my home is where Rana ji live. Rana ji asks her to come back to palace. Bari Rani Maa says that his mother won’t like it, but Rana ji says he would be relaxed to be with them both.
The elder brother comes and announces that they have agreed Damodar to marry Gayatri. Maa says that we must consider it as a blessing at this time, at least when Gayatri will put sindoor she will have a respect of society. Maa says we will give her so much in dowry that they will never be able to raise their voice against Gayatri. The elder brother goes to Gayatri and says he will marry her like no one else in Amarkot must have. The younger one questions Seth ji that where they will arrange so much money. Seth ji says that he will arrange all the gold in the world, if everyone thinks Gayatri will be happy this way.
At night Seth ji comes to Gayatri, he talks to her about her dreams and says that he was the one who gave her all her dreams. He didn’t know that the world would cut her wings one day. Had he stayed with her the whole life he would never have married her to a family she didn’t want to. Gayatri holds his hands crying, asking him not to apologize. Seth ji leaves, Gayatri thinks that her wings have still not been cut.
Rana ji comes to palace excited but stops watching Mr. Wilkinsons. They tell Rana ji that the British government has taken the hold of Simla palace. Rana ji asks the reason. Kunwar tells them that he denied increasing the taxation. Mr. Wilkinsons say that Rana ji is sitting as a king only because the British government has let them, else the government is of British only. Mr. Wilkinsons leave. Kunwar and Raaj Mata feels bad for Bari Rani Maa. Rana ji says they don’t need to worry about her, they told him the bad news and he will now tell them the good news. Bari Rani Maa is coming back home. Kunwar says that this means Rana ji knew about it all. Rana ji says he didn’t but should have it, it seems he isn’t keeping as much eye on his enemies as they are; but his enemies must know he won’t get defeated.
Rana ji speaks to Raaj Mata that he was about to sell the Simla Suriya Palace already. But before this British took it. He says that he suspects Kunwar is also involved in this all. Raaj Mata says she thinks Bari Rani Maa is also involved because she considers her as mean. Rana ji says that Bari Rani Maa loves him well. They think about talking to Seth ji, Rana ji says that there must be something in Amarkot for which Seth Govind might give them more time.
Bhanumati brings the post for Rana ji. Raaj Mata sends him to bring Yashoda inside. Raaj Mata asks Rana ji what he will say to Rana ji that she already talked to Seth Govind, what he will say to him now. Rana ji says that his promise is even stronger than hers. Yashoda comes inside and looks at the letter of Gayatri lying on his tray, she nods at Bhanumati who removes Gayatri’s letter at it was from Seth Govind’s home.


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