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Once there was a king on zee world, Thursday 23rd December 2021

Once there was a king Thursday 23 December 2021 update: Gayatri says that she accepts she was mistaken, she hurt her and her maa only wants her happiness, but… Her maa asks but what? Gayatri holds the candle of temple, her maa says one shouldn’t remove a lit candle at temple. Gayatri says that in her heart as well, only the candle of Rana ji’s name will be lit, it won’t go anywhere else. Her maa says that Rana ji is the prince and she is an un-needed one. Her maa tells Gayatri to accept this proposal and get ready as they are coming for engagement today. Gayatri asks maa to stop till she gets a reply from Rana ji as she has written a letter for him. Maa is shocked to hear this.
Yashoda tells Bhanu that this letter is from Govind Seth to Rana ji and every new letter must first get to Raaj Mata first.
Maa tells Gayatri that a prince will never marry a 27 year old unlucky lady. She asks Gayatri to forget Rana ji and the letter and agree to marry Damodar, though he isn’t the one from his dreams but he is definitely not that bad a person.
Yashoda reads Gayatri’s letter to Raaj Mata. Raaj Mata laughs and says the father deters the royal palace and the daughter sends love letters. If she thinks Rana ji loves her but Rana ji doesn’t even know about her. Yashoda tells Raaj Mata that she got information about this girl, her fiancé died in childhood and that is why Gayatri couldn’t be married. Raaj Mata laughs if some prince will come to marry her now, then is lost in thoughts. She tells Yashoda to tell her when Govind Seth comes to meet Rana ji. She says that now the answer to Govind Seth’s letter is in her hand.
Munshi ji shows the legal notice to Seth ji to sign them. Seth ji says that he didn’t file any case till today but if he doesn’t get his money how he will marry Gayatri. Mushi says that Seth ji has done a lot for his daughter. Seth ji says daughters are worth doing a lot, but he couldn’t even find a dream proposal for his daughter. He was about to sign when he gets the message that Rana ji called him today. Seth ji says that whenever he thinks about filing a case, an invitation from palace comes to him.
Maa prepares for engagement. Gayatri asks Kaka if some post came. Kaka says not every letter is lucky enough to get an answer, she must not fight with her luck and agree to her maa’s decision. Gayatri says it is a matter of love.
Seth Govind comes to palace. Raaj Mata stood on the door, Seth ji says Rana ji called him. Raaj Mata says he is a big man and doesn’t come to palace a lot, she had to meet him. He greets her and goes inside.
Raaj Mata comes inside the room where Seth ji waited. She says that cultured people never comes to any home empty handed, he has a gift in his hand. What is it? Govind Seth says that he was going to file a notice against them before invitation from Rana ji came. Raaj Mata says he came so soon to meet Rana ji? She says that Seth ji looks really worried, she tells Govind Seth a story about a magician who can produce anything out of air. Govind Seth says he isn’t a child. Raaj Mata says that is the point, where will he get his money when palace has no money at all. She asks where Rana ji will bring any money to return his debt. She says she can offer him something worth more than this money. Seth ji asks what? Raaj Mata asks him to marry Gayatri to Kunwar Indarvardhan – Rana ji and the prince of Amirkot. His daughter loves Rana ji, she will get her love and respect and in her dowry Seth ji must forgive all the debt of the state. Raaj Mata says she heard there is a long queue of proposals for his daughter. Seth ji says his daughter’s proposal has been fixed, today is her engagement. Rana ji says that his daughter loves Rana ji, she sent a love letter and shows it to Seth Govind. Raaj Mata asks Seth ji to read it, he is shocked to read the letter. She says she has heard he loves his daughter, still Raaj Mata had to tell her heart to him. Seth ji says even if Gayatri loves Rana ji, he will not accept it. She is asking to trade his daughter. Raaj Mata says yes she is saying so, but in this trade all the advantage goes to his daughter. She asks if the man who is marrying Gayatri can give her a future like this, he has to bend in front of Raaj Mata, his daughter will sit in her place. He must think again, his daughter can live as an ordinary girl or can he the queen on Amirkot. Seth ji is lost.

Gayatri waits for Rana ji’s letter, Seth Govind comes home. Gayatri asks if he is really doing her engagement. Seth ji thinks about Raaj Mata’s proposal and heads inside. Gayatri stops Seth ji’s way and asks why he is stealing eyes from her, his eyes tell her he loves her alot. If he thinks that man would keep her happy. Seth ji says yes, if God wants, today her proposal will be fixed. He blesses her by keeping hand on her head.
Pandit ji asks to begin the engagement as it is about time. Damodar’s sister gives Gayatri shagun and says she needs a son next year. She gossips that Gayatri is such a lucky girl else these kind of girls are left unmarried. Seth Govind was watching time continuously. Gayatri looks at him, he thinks about Raaj Mata’s proposal. He had replied to Raaj Mata that she must give his daughter the respect she is talking about, if she comes to their home before engagement he will give her his daughter in marriage, else his daughter will be engaged to someone else. An announcement is made about Raaj Mata’s arrival, the whole family stands in shock. Maa asks Raaj Mata if they did some mistake that she came here. Raaj Mata says that Govind Seth is never mistaken. Damodar’s sister says to Raaj Mata that she didn’t know she comes to Seth Govind’s house like this, her brother was getting engaged to her brother. Raaj Mata says the engagement was taking place, now they will have to leave. Raaj Mata says the one who has been related to royal family can never get engaged somewhere else. Maa cheers. Raaj Mata says that she wants to make her daughter as their daughter in law. Bhabis are left open mouthed, while Gayatri’s brother cheer. Gayatri loses hold. Raaj Mata asks Gayatri if she will marry her son Indravadhan. Maa thanks God in elation. Raaj Mata asks Gayatri if she will accept to be the princess of her Rana ji. Seth Govind and wife share nods. Gayatri is speechless, Seth ji says that accepting this proposal will be their luck. Raaj Mata asks Damodar’s family to leave. Maa says that she herself also considered her daughter as unlucky, but one finds diamond in coal mine. Yashoda brings sweet to Gayatri, she says that everyone dreams of moons and stars but only a few are able to touch those stars. She prays that Gayatri gets strength for that change in her life. Maa asks Gayatri to touch Raaj Mata’s feet. Raaj Mata blesses Gayatri saying when luck is enemy there is always problem, and when luck is friend everything is fine; she hopes luck is always her friend. Gayatri thinks she never thought Rana ji will send such a reply to her letter.
Raaj Mata takes a leave from Seth Govind, she looks back when Seth ji joins her. Raaj Mata murmurs that Raaj Mata did what he had said, now it is his turn. The wedding will be a luxurious one and he will bear the expenses. Seth ji says it is about his daughter, the wedding ceremony will be such that no one must have seen. Raaj Mata tells Seth Govind that the prestige of palace must not be ruined at all. She hands the letter to Seth ji saying she is returning the respect of his daughter. Kaka says to Gayatri that her hopes have come to fulfil. Gayatri runs inside saying to Maa that Rana ji replied to her letter.
In the palace, Rana ji breaks vase in anger asking if Raaj Mata didn’t ask him for this. Raaj Mata says she asked him before and watched the results, this was the best decision for Amirkot. Rana ji says this is his life, he has the right over it. Raaj Mata says that a prince’s life belongs to his subjects. She asks if he is talking to her as a son or a prince. Rana ji asks if she is asking him as a mother or a Raaj Mata. He says if she is a mother, he would say she should accept his choice of life and if she is Raaj Mata then why should he bear the burden of all the loans she has taken. Raaj Mata says that whoever was mistaken in this, the punishment will be given to subjects. She tells Rana ji that she and the big Rana ji weren’t married for love as well, and he has been lucky to get Surakshna’s love. She tells Rana ji that independence movement has been going on, we need to strengthen Amrikot, else Seth ji would go to courts. He has to prove himself as a prince now.Seth ji comes to Gayatri, she touches his feet and he blesses her and asks if she is happy. She says today she has crazy in happiness, she knows that her father wasn’t wrong; he taught her to dream and her dreams were fulfilled as well. Seth ji asks if she isn’t happy to be a princess. She says she did something that he doesn’t know about. Seth ji smiles and hands her the letter saying he knows everything. Gayatri looks at him, he says he promised her that if she desires for moon he will get it. Seth ji leaves, Gayatri says she asked to keep him in memories and he permitted her to love him.
Rana ji writes a letter to Surakshna, he writes they both are being loyal to each other. He is waiting for her till now, but besides a lover he is also a prince and today his position demands a sacrifice of his loyalty and memories with her. He rides towards the bank of river, burns the letter and says he will never be disloyal to her, she was, is and will be his princess and no one will take this place.
There Gayatri sat in front of mirror, covers her head with dupatta and says she will be the princess of Rana ji now.
The younger bhabi cries in front of the elder one that she didn’t know Gayatri will have such good luck that she will get Rana ji as her prince.
The next morning, Pandits of royal family were at Seth ji’s house for matching the birth charts of Rana ji and Gayatri. Gayatri heard this from behind the door, the kids disturb her but she tells them to run away. Seth ji asks Pandit what happened, Pandits say that all the 36 houses match in their birth charts. But either the marriage has to take place in twelve days or to be awaited six months. Seth ji tells them that this marriage will take place in the next twelve days. He tells them all to sweeten the mouths of everyone.
Raaj Mata sat disturbed as she doodled on a paper. She thought about Rana ji’s words that night, and says Rana ji has to agree to marry but he isn’t in the palace. She doesn’t know how to tell him if he doesn’t marry her… Kunwar asks what then? Is she fixing the marriage of Rana ji with that daughter of Seth ji. Raaj Mata says that there are two type of people, if there is fire the ones who try to stop it and the ones who sit back and watch the drama. Kunwar asks if she thinks he is doing nothing, but he knows Rana ji will never agree upon this marriage. Raaj Mata is worried and rocks her chair vigorously.
At Seth Govind’s house, bhabis discuss that how can someone’s fate turn so soon. Gayatri hears this. The elder bhabi was saying if the royal palace didn’t think about the life of Rana ji. Gayatri’s finace died the next day of her engagement, she is an eclipse on the moon. Gayatri is hurt. She comes to Pandit’s and touches their feet. Pandits blesses her. Gayatri asks them if she is lucky for Rana ji? Or is there something in her birth chart due to which Rana ji will have to suffer. Pandit says to Gayatri that luck only depends on ones deeds. He tells Gayatri that after marriage, the two streams spouses meet, it is possible that if one stream isn’t pure it ruins the other one or the pure water washes everything away. He says he is sure that Raaj Mata took the right decision to take her to palace. Seth ji was listening this all, he tells Gayatri not to think about anything but the preparations of her wedding.
Pandit ji tells Raaj Mata that he did what she had said. He told them that 36 houses match in their birth charts, but that isn’t true. There is a fault in Rana ji’s birth chart himself. His wives would die, just like his first one and what if this happens to Gayatri as well. Raaj Mata asks what then? Gayatri’s life has no price in front of Rana ji. Gayatri is just a player in the game of chess to get rid of all the debt. And she doesn’t care about the lives of minor players in a game.


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